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Unknown - Peltastica tuberculata

Unknown - Peltastica tuberculata
Port Moody, Bert Flinn Park, British Columbia, Canada
May 28, 2011
Size: 4 mm
Not sure what this is...a trogossitid of some sort? Taken by beating a fallen, dead branch of hardwood (alder/cottonwood) origin.

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Unknown - Peltastica tuberculata Unknown - Peltastica tuberculata

Thanks! Derodontidae never crossed my mind...a strange beetle to say the least...Now we have a complete set of genera for the family!

Looks like Peltastica tuberculata, family Derodontidae. New genus for the guide if I'm not mistaken.

Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles??
It remains me of several of the Latridiidaes but don't see any like it in BG.

Tim you are having quite the summer up north, I see lots and lots of new posting from you. This is quite an unique beetle...

The season started abit later than normal as we had a cooler and wetter spring and early summer than average. Also I hadn't had as much time to head out into the field this year compared to last year due to grad school so I had to make full use of the weekend trips.

looks like a synchitine colydiinae (Zopheridae)
but cant find quite a match in the Guide.

that's what I thought of too, but can't find a match on the Zopherid website..Have you had the chance to take a look at the clickers I recently posted? Or are you waiting for the shipment to come in? These ones will be part of the to say.. :)