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Emerald at lights - Synchlora aerata

Emerald at lights - Synchlora aerata
Near Ruraldale, Upshur County, West Virginia, USA
August 11, 2006
Size: 19.4 mm wingspan
Synchlora aerata?

yes, Synchlora aerata - Hodges #7058
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Synchlora frondaria is the other similar species that has the white mid-dorsal stripe, but the transverse lines are much more irregular.

The little "oscillation" in the PM near the FW coasta looks good for a Wavy. The smoothness on the HW doesn't have that "pulsating DC wave" look of other Wavy Emeralds. Still, I don't know any other choices.

If this isn't a Wavy, it has to be a close relative. Either way, there appears to be an emerald shortage in West Virginia. And yes, I've logged more than a few hours on an o'scope :)

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