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Eudonia spenceri

Eudonia spenceri
In Westwood by outdoor night light; elevation 5100ft, Lassen County, California, USA
July 31, 2007
ID provided by BOLD Systems; DNA sequence for this specimen is a 100% match with species Eudonia spenceri.

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Eudonia spenceri Eudonia spenceri

Two ID's!
I have just noticed that I overlooked this specimen as being originally posted as Species Eudonia spaldingalis - Hodges#4729 - here: (1). It represented a new species for the Guide at the time. An additional Image has been placed under Eudonia spaldingalis since the original posting of my specimen. Now, based on the DNA results from BOLD I would say that Eudonia spenceri is the correct species for this specimen of mine. I have frassed the original images.