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Tribe Paralimnini

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Cicadomorpha - Cicadas, Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, and Treehoppers
Superfamily Membracoidea - Leafhoppers and Treehoppers
Family Cicadellidae - Typical Leafhoppers
Subfamily Deltocephalinae
Tribe Paralimnini

Subtribe Paralimnina
Genus Aflexia
Species rubranura - Red-tailed Leafhopper
Genus Alapus
Species elongatus - Alapus elongatus
Genus Arthaldeus
Species pascuellus - Arthaldeus pascuellus
Genus Auridius
Species auratus - Auridius auratus
Species cosmeticus - Auridius cosmeticus
Species helvus - Auridius helvus
Species ordinatus - Auridius ordinatus
Subspecies crocatus - Auridius ordinatus crocatus
Species safra - Auridius safra
Species sandaraca - Auridius sandaraca
Species thapsinus - Auridius thapsinus
Genus Cazenus
Species funestus - Cazenus funestus
Genus Commellus
Species cedilla - Commellus cedilla
Species comma - Commellus comma
Species hyphen - Commellus hyphen
Species semicolon - Commellus semicolon
Species sexvittatus - Commellus sexvittatus
Genus Cosmotettix
Species beirnei - Cosmotettix beirnei
Species bilineatus - Cosmotettix bilineatus
Species delector - Cosmotettix delector
Species luteocephalus - Cosmotettix luteocephalus
Species paludosus - Cosmotettix paludosus
Species unica - Cosmotettix unica
Genus Cribrus
Species concinnus - Cribrus concinnus
Species shingwauki - Cribrus shingwauki
Species micmac - Cribrus micmac
Genus Diplocolenus
No Taxon subgenus Diplocolenus
Species configuratus - Diplocolenus configuratus
Subspecies configuratus - Diplocolenus configuratus configuratus
Subspecies bicolor - Diplocolenus configuratus bicolor
No Taxon subgenus Verdanus
Species abdominalis - Diplocolenus abdominalis
Species evansi - Diplocolenus evansi
No Taxon sugenus Incertae sedis
Species aquilonius - Diplocolenus aquilonius
Species brevior - Diplocolenus brevior
Genus Errastunus
Species ocellaris - Errastunus ocellaris
Species sobrinus - Errastunus sobrinus
Genus Flexamia
Species abbreviata - Flexamia abbreviata
Species albida - Flexamia albida
Species areolata - Flexamia areolata
Species arizonensis - Flexamia arizonensis
Species atlantica - Flexamia atlantica
Species clayi - Flexamia clayi
Species curvata - Flexamia curvata
Species doeringae - Flexamia doeringae
Species huroni - Flexamia huroni
Species pyrops - Flexamia pyrops
Species sandersi - Flexamia sandersi
Species satilla - Flexamia satilla
Species stylata - Flexamia stylata
Genus Giprus
Genus Hebecephalus
Species abies - Hebecephalus abies
Species chandleri - Hebecephalus chandleri
Species creinus - Hebecephalus creinus
Species crenulatus - Hebecephalus crenulatus
Species discessus - Hebecephalus discessus
Species ferrumequinum - Hebecephalus ferrumequinum
Species occidentalis - Hebecephalus occidentalis
Species picea - Hebecephalus picea
Species planaria - Hebecephalus planaria
Species pugnus - Hebecephalus pugnus
Species signatifrons - Hebecephalus signatifrons
Species veretillum - Hebecephalus veretillum
Genus Henschia
Species quinquespina - Henschia quinquespina
Species caprilla - Henschia caprilla
Subspecies anfracta - Henschia caprilla anfracta
Species americana - Henschia americana
Genus Laevicephalus
Species acus - Laevicephalus acus
Species bison - Laevicephalus bison
Species melsheimerii - Laevicephalus melsheimerii
Species minimus - Laevicephalus minimus
Species peronatus - Laevicephalus peronatus
Species pravus - Laevicephalus pravus
Species pupa - Laevicephalus pupa
Species saskatchewanensis - Laevicephalus saskatchewanensis
Species sylvestris - Laevicephalus sylvestris
Species unicoloratus - Laevicephalus unicoloratus
Genus Latalus
Species histrionicus - Latalus histrionicus
Species personatus - Latalus personatus
Species remotus - Latalus remotus
Species sayii - Latalus sayii
Genus Lebradea
Species helvina - Lebradea helvina
Species flavovirens - Lebradea flavovirens
Genus Paralimnus
Species phragmitis - Paralimnus phragmitis
Genus Paramesus
Species major - Paramesus major
Genus Pasaremus
Species concentricus - Pasaremus concentricus
Genus Peconus
Species scriptanus - Peconus scriptanus
Genus Pinumius
Species sexmaculatus - Pinumius sexmaculatus
Genus Psammotettix
Species beirnei - Psammotettix beirnei
Species cahuilla - Psammotettix cahuilla
Species dentatus - Psammotettix dentatus
Species lividellus - Psammotettix lividellus
Species nesiotus - Psammotettix nesiotus
Genus Rosenus
Species abiskoensis - Rosenus abiskoensis
Species cruciatus - Rosenus cruciatus
Species decurvus - Rosenus decurvus
Species pendulus - Rosenus pendulus
Genus Sorhoanus
Species involutus - Sorhoanus involutus
Species lenis - Sorhoanus lenis
Species orientalis - Sorhoanus orientalis
Species virilis - Sorhoanus virilis
Species xanthoneurus - Sorhoanus xanthoneurus
Species xiphosura - Sorhoanus xiphosura
Genus Spartopyge
Species miranda - Spartopyge miranda