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Baetidae: Callibaetis? - Callibaetis skokianus

Baetidae: Callibaetis? - Callibaetis skokianus
Grand Forks, Grand Forks County, North Dakota, USA
October 13, 2011
Size: Length ~ 10-12 mm
Roger, could this specimen be one of the small minnow mayflies?

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Callibaetis skokianus
Hi Carl-

Yes, it is a Callibaetis female imago, probably C. skokianus.

Thanks, Roger!
Great! Thanks for the ID, Roger. This seems to be THE mayfly just now. ;-)

Yes, Carl, Callibaetis are polyvoltine, which means that they have more than one generation per year. The female imago in your photo would have been conceived about 2.5 months ago. Its offspring will overwinter as nymphs, and emerge in the spring. And, their offspring will emerge during the summer.

Thanks, Roger!
Fascinating! I look forward to collecting images (and specimens) of mayflies next season, Roger. I reckon we're a couple of weeks from our 6-7 month winter weather here in the hinterlands of North Dakota, and so my photographic efforts with our local insects is coming to an abrupt close for 2011. Thank you for identifying our local mayflies, Roger. Most of these local mayflies are archived as digital video clips on my 'searchable' (by family and genus) YouTube channel 'Lucretius41'. Have a good off-season! ;-)

My pleasure, Carl.
My pleasure, Carl.