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Utah Fly - Orthonevra bellula

Utah Fly - Orthonevra bellula
City Creek Canyon, Salt Lake City., Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
October 10, 2011
Size: 6mm
Found on Ericameria nauseosa flowers. Suggestions appreciated.

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Utah Fly - Orthonevra bellula Utah Fly - Orthonevra bellula


What distinguishes
bellula from the rest of the "bellula species group"?

Simpler eye markings, less ornamented thorax, long second antenna segment (about as long as third), face with hairs instead of scales, and range. There is one Eastern species, three Southwestern, and one more broadly distributed in the West. See reference on species group info page.

Probably Orthonevra bellula
Probably Orthonevra bellula.

Moved tentatively
Moved from Flies.

Pretty sure this is right, but consider the move tentative, pending expert confirmation.