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Trirhabda schwarzi Blake - Trirhabda schwarzi

Trirhabda schwarzi Blake - Trirhabda schwarzi
US Hwy 67, ~41 mi. N. of Alpine, (just N. of rest stop), Pecos County, Texas, USA
October 13, 2011
Trirhabda schwarzi Blake
Det. E. G. Riley, 2011

Collected by sweeping R.O.W. Brickellia that recently received rain.
Spmn in the TAMUIC

I'm probably missing something simple...
...but I'm wondering what you mean by sweeping "ROW" Brickellia?

(BTW, lovely larvae photos!)

ROW = Right of Way

OK, I get it now
...i.e. found on Brickellia bushes bordering the road near the rest stop. Thanks for clarifying, Mike.
(I had thought ROW might be a mysterious new adjective for a plant, rather than for the location.)

Anyway, great to have images of larvae of Trirhabda schwarzi. Now we just need to get in situ shots of eggs for members of this genus :-)