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Exoprosopa? - Exoprosopa meigenii

Exoprosopa? - Exoprosopa meigenii
Ozark Mountains, Searcy County, Arkansas, USA
June 18, 2006
Size: 14-16mm
I thought the body shape, wing shape/pattern and hair behind the head matched those in the genus Exoprosopa, but I couldn't find any matching color pattern. Lots of images to view in Tachinid Flies, though. Thanks for any help with this ID.

Taken mid-day ... on the mulch in a garden bed.

Moved from Exoprosopa.

ID - Exoprosopa meigenii
This is the S Eastern E. meigenii.
Editor: We need a new page for this species.

Yes, this is a bee fly in genus Exoprosopa (I couldn't find an exact species match in the guide but I think it most closely resembles Exoprosopa fascipennis, although the wing patterns and abdominal banding/color differ somewhat from yours).