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Unknown moth - Amphipyra pyramidoides

Unknown moth - Amphipyra pyramidoides
Alachua County, Florida, USA
June 20, 2006
Size: 30mm head to wingtip
I didn't get a shot of the hindwings but when I saw this in flight they looked as if they were a similar brown to the forewings. After browsing through the guide, I'm thinking perhaps this is an Acronicta. If so, is A. americana the only one this big (wingspan would be about 60mm)?

Copper Underwing - Hodges#963
Copper Underwing - Hodges#9638 (Amphipyra pyramidoides)

Thanks, Tony!
I don't know why I bother even trying to guess at the moths - I'm nearly always wrong!

It takes a while
to get a 'feeling' for genera and then species. How long? I've studied moths in NA for 42 years! To a trained eye your moth looks nothing like an Acronicta.