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Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Photos of insects and people from the 2011 gathering in Iowa

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Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies

No Taxon "Symphyta" - Sawflies, Horntails, and Wood Wasps
Family Anaxyelidae - Incense Cedar Wood Wasps
Family Argidae - Argid Sawflies
Genus Arge
No Taxon clavicornis group
Species abdominalis - Arge abdominalis
Species cerulea - Arge cerulea
Species curvaria - Arge curvaria
Species cyra - Arge cyra
Species macleayi - Arge macleayi
Species onerosa - Arge onerosa
Species willi - Arge willi
No Taxon curvaria or sparta
No Taxon pectoralis group
Species pectoralis - Birch Sawfly
Species quidia - Willow Oak Sawfly
Species scapularis - Elm Argid Sawfly
No Taxon quidia or scapularis
No Taxon humeralis group
Species coccinea - Arge coccinea
Species humeralis - Poison Ivy Sawfly
Species illuminata - Arge illuminata
Species spiculata - Arge spiculata
Species ochropus - Rose Sawfly
No Taxon larvae unidentified beyond genus
Genus Atomacera
Species decepta - Hibiscus Sawfly
Species debilis - Atomacera debilis
Subfamily Sterictiphorinae
Genus Aprosthema
Species brunniventre - Aprosthema brunniventre
Genus Neoptilia
Species malvacearum - Hollyhock Sawfly
Species tora - Neoptilia tora
Genus Schizocerella
Species lineata - Schizocerella lineata
Species pilicornis - Purslane sawfly
Genus Sphacophilus
Species cellularis - Sphacophilus (Litocolus) cellularis
No Taxon subgenus Ceocolus
Species apios - Sphacophilus apios
Species nigriceps - Sphacophilus nigriceps
Genus Zynzus
Species bicolor - Zynzus bicolor
Species magnus - Zynzus magnus
Genus Sterictiphora
Species serotina - Sterictiphora serotina
Species cruenta - Sterictiphora cruenta
Family Cephidae - Stem Sawflies
Tribe Cephini
Genus Calameuta
Species middlekauffi - Calameuta middlekauffi
Species clavata - Calameuta clavata
Genus Cephus
Species pygmaeus - European Wheat Stem Sawfly
Species cinctus - Wheat Stem Sawfly
Genus Trachelus
Species tabidus - Black Grain Stem Sawfly
Tribe Hartigiini
Genus Hartigia
Species cowichana - Hartigia cowichana
Species riesi - Hartigia riesi
Species trimaculata - Rose Shoot Sawfly
Genus Janus
Species integer - Currant Stem Girdler
Family Cimbicidae - Cimbicid Sawflies
Genus Abia
Species americana - Abia americana
Species fasciata - Abia fasciata
Species inflata - Abia inflata
Species lonicerae - Abia lonicerae
Genus Cimbex
Species pacifica - Pacific Sawfly
Species americana - Elm Sawfly
No Taxon larvae
Species rubida - Rusty Willow Sawfly
Genus Trichiosoma
Species triangulum - Trichiosoma triangulum
Family Diprionidae - Conifer Sawflies
Genus Diprion
Species similis - Introduced Pine Sawfly
Genus Gilpinia
Species hercyniae - European Spruce Sawfly
Genus Monoctenus
Genus Neodiprion
Species abietis - Balsam Fir Sawfly
Species compar - Neodiprion compar
Species edulicolus - Neodiprion edulicolus
Species lecontei - Red-headed Pine Sawfly
Species mundus - Neodiprion mundus
Species pinetum - White Pine Sawfly
Species sertifer - European Pine Sawfly
Genus Zadiprion
Species townsendi - Zadiprion townsendi
Family Orussidae - Parasitic Wood Wasps
Genus Orussus
Species minutus - Orussus minutus
Species occidentalis - Orussus occidentalis
Species terminalis - Orussus terminalis
Family Pamphiliidae - Webspinning and Leafrolling Sawflies
Genus Acantholyda
Species angulata - Acantholyda angulata
Species atripes - Acantholyda atripes
Species bicolorata - Acantholyda bicolorata
Species circumcincta - Acantholyda circumcincta
Species erythrocephala - Pine False Webworm
Species floridana - Acantholyda floridana
Species maculiventris - Acantholyda maculiventris
Species ochrocera - Acantholyda ochrocera
Species ruficeps - Acantholyda ruficeps
Species verticalis - Acantholyda verticalis
Species balanata - Acantholyda balanata
Genus Cephalcia
Species californica - Cephalcia californica
Species fulviceps - Cephalcia fulviceps
Species frontalis - Cephalcia frontalis
Species semidea - Cephalcia semidea
Genus Neurotoma
Species fasciata - Cherry Webspinning Sawfly
Genus Onycholyda
Species amplecta - Onycholyda amplecta
Species luteicornis - Onycholyda luteicornis
Species rufofasciata - Onycholyda rufofasciata
Species sitkensis - Onycholyda sitkensis
Genus Pamphilius
Species middlekauffi - Pamphilius middlekauffi
Species ochreipes - Pamphilius ochreipes
Species ocreatus - Pamphilius ocreatus
Species phyllisae - Pamphilius phyllisae
Species probably-unnamed - Pamphilius probably-unnamed
Species semicinctus - Pamphilius semicinctus
No Taxon Pamphilius or Onycholyda
No Taxon Cephalcia or Acantholyda
Family Pergidae - Pergid Sawflies
Genus Acordulecera
Species mellina - Acordulecera mellina
Species dorsalis - Acordulecera dorsalis species complex
Species maculata - Acordulecera maculata
Family Siricidae - Horntails
Subfamily Tremecinae
Genus Eriotremex
Species formosanus - Asian horntail
Genus Tremex
Species columba - Pigeon Tremex
Genus Xeris
Species indecisus - Xeris indecisus
Species morrisoni - Xeris morrisoni
Species spectrum - Xeris spectrum
No Taxon caudatus or melancholicus
Subfamily Siricinae
Genus Sirex
Species areolatus - Sirex areolatus
Species cyaneus - Sirex cyaneus
Species longicauda - Sirex longicauda
Species nigricornis - Sirex nigricornis
Genus Urocerus
Species albicornis - Urocerus albicornis
Species californicus - Urocerus californicus
Species flavicornis - Urocerus flavicornis
Species cressoni - Black and Red Horntail
Species gigas - Giant Woodwasp
Subspecies flavicornis - Urocerus gigas flavicornis
Family Tenthredinidae - Common Sawflies
Subfamily Allantinae
Tribe Allantini
Genus Allantus
Species basalis - Allantus basalis
Species cinctus - Curled Rose Sawfly
Species mellipes - Allantus mellipes
Species nigritibialis - Allantus nigritibialis
Species viennensis - Allantus viennensis
Genus Macremphytus
Species lovetti - Macremphytus lovetti
Species semicornis - Macremphytus semicornis
Species tarsatus - Dogwood Sawfly
Species testaceus - Macremphytus testaceus
Genus Taxonus
Species borealis - Taxonus borealis
Species epicera - Taxonus epicera
Species pallicoxus - Taxonus pallicoxus
Species pallidicornis - Taxonus pallidicornis
Species pallipes - Taxonus pallipes
Species rufocinctus - Taxonus rufocinctus
Species spiculatus - Taxonus spiculatus
Species terminalis - Taxonus terminalis
Tribe Empriini
Genus Ametastegia
Species aperta - Ametastegia aperta
Species articulata - Ametastegia articulata
Species equiseti - Ametastegia equiseti
Species glabrata - Dock Sawfly
Species pallipes - Violet Sawfly
Species tenera - Ametastegia tenera
Genus Aphilodyctium
Species fidum - Aphilodyctium fidum
Genus Empria
Species maculata - Empria maculata
Genus Monostegia
Species abdominalis - Monostegia abdominalis
Genus Monsoma
Species pulveratum - Green Alder Sawfly
Genus Phrontosoma
Species belfragei - Phrontosoma belfragei
Tribe Eriocampini
Genus Dimorphopteryx
Species abnormis - Dimorphopteryx abnormis
Species melanognathus - Dimorphopteryx melanognathus
Species virginicus - Dimorphopteryx virginicus
Genus Eriocampa
Species ovata - Alder Sawfly
Species juglandis - Butternut Woollyworm
Genus Pseudosiobla
Species excavata - Pseudosiobla excavata
Subfamily Blennocampinae
Tribe Blennocampini
Genus Apareophora
Species dyari - Apareophora dyari
Genus Eupareophora
Species parca - Eupareophora parca
Genus Monophadnoides
Species osgoodi - Monophadnoides osgoodi
Species pauper - Monophadnoides pauper
Species rubi - Raspberry Sawfly
Genus Periclista
Species albicollis - Periclista albicollis
Species diluta - Periclista diluta
Species major - Periclista major
Species media - Periclista media
Tribe Phymatocerini
Genus Ceratulus
Species spectabilis - Ceratulus spectabilis
Genus Eutomostethus
Species ephippium - Eutomostethus ephippium
Species luteiventris - Eutomostethus luteiventris
Genus Monophadnus
Species aequalis - Monophadnus aequalis
Species pallescens - Monophadnus pallescens
Genus Paracharactus
Species rudis - Paracharactus rudis
Species niger - Paracharactus niger
Genus Phymatocera
Species rusculla - Phymatocera rusculla
Genus Stethomostus
Species fuliginosus - Stethomostus fuliginosus
Genus Rhadinoceraea
Species aldrichi - Rhadinoceraea aldrichi
Species nubilipennis - Rhadinoceraea nubilipennis
Tribe Tomostethini
Genus Tethida
Species barda - Black-headed Ash Sawfly
Genus Tomostethus
Species multicinctus - Brown-headed Ash Sawfly
Tribe Waldheimiini
Genus Halidamia
Species affinis - Halidamia affinis
Genus Waldheimia
Species carbonaria - Waldheimia carbonaria
Subfamily Heterarthrinae
Tribe Caliroini
Genus Caliroa
Species cerasi - Pear Slug
Species lorata - Caliroa lorata
Species nyssae - Caliroa nyssae
Species obsoleta - Caliroa obsoleta
Species quercuscoccinae - Scarlet Oak Sawfly
Genus Endelomyia
Species aethiops - Roseslug
Tribe Fenusini
Genus Fenella
Species nigrita - Fenella nigrita
Genus Fenusa
Species dohrnii - European Alder Leafminer
Species julia - Fenusa julia
Species pumila - Birch Leafminer
Species ulmi - Elm Leafminer
Genus Fenusella
Species nana - Early Birch Leaf Edgeminer
Species populifoliella - Fenusella populifoliella
Genus Metallus
Species capitalis - Metallus capitalis
Species lanceolatus - Metallus lanceolatus
Species ochreus - Metallus ochreus
Species rohweri - Metallus rohweri
Genus Nefusa
Species ambigua - Nefusa ambigua
Genus Profenusa
Species alumna - Profenusa alumna
Species canadensis - Hawthorn Leaf Miner
Species thomsoni - Amber-marked Birch Leaf Miner
Genus Scolioneura
Species vaccinii - Scolioneura vaccinii
Tribe Heterarthrini
Genus Heterarthrus
Species nemoratus - Late Birch Leaf Edgeminer
Subfamily Nematinae
Tribe Cladiini
Genus Cladius
Species difformis - Bristly Rose Slug
Genus Priophorus
Species compressicornis - Priophorus compressicornis
Species brullei - Priophorus brullei
Genus Trichiocampus
Species grandis - Poplar Sawfly
Tribe Nematini
Genus Amauronematus
Genus Anoplonyx
Species canadensis - Anoplonyx canadensis
Genus Craesus
Species castaneae - Craesus castaneae
Species latitarsus - Dusky Birch Sawfly
Genus Craterocercus
Species fraternalis - Craterocercus fraternalis
Genus Euura
Genus Hemichroa
Species crocea - Striped Alder Sawfly
Species militaris - Hemichroa militaris
Genus Hoplocampa
Species halcyon - Hoplocampa halcyon
Species marlatti - Hoplocampa marlatti
Species testudinea - European Apple Sawfly
Genus Nematus - Willow Sawflies
Species abbotii - Nematus abbotii
Species appalachia - Nematus appalachia
Species calais - Nematus calais
Species iridescens - Nematus iridescens
Species lipovskyi - Azalea Sawfly
Species oligospilus - Nematus oligospilus
Species ostryae - Nematus ostryae
Species ribesii - Imported Currantworm
Species tibialis - Locust Sawfly
Species ventralis - Willow Sawfly
Genus Neopareophora
Species litura - Neopareophora litura
Genus Pachynematus
Species aurantiacus - Pachynematus aurantiacus
Species corniger - Pachynematus corniger
Species extensicornis - Pachynematus extensicornis
Genus Phyllocolpa
Species robusta - Phyllocolpa robusta
Species leavitti - Phyllocolpa leavitti
Genus Pikonema
Species alaskense - Yellow-headed Spruce Sawfly
Genus Pontania
Species californica - Willow Apple Gall Sawfly
Genus Pristiphora
Species appendiculata - Pristiphora appendiculata
Species banksi - Pristiphora banksi
Species bivittata - Pristiphora bivittata
Species chlorea - Pristiphora chlorea
Species cincta - Pristiphora cincta
Species erichsonii - Larch Sawfly
Species geniculata - Mountain Ash Sawfly
Species mollis - Pristiphora mollis
Species rufipes - Columbine Sawfly
Tribe Pseudodineurini
Genus Pseudodineura
Species parva - Pseudodineura parva
Subfamily Dolerinae
Genus Dolerus
Species aprilis - Dolerus aprilis
Species elderi - Dolerus elderi
Species illini - Dolerus illini
Species mimus - Dolerus mimus
Species neoagcistus - Dolerus neoagcistus
Species neocollaris - Dolerus neocollaris
Species nitens - Dolerus nitens
Species nortoni - Dolerus nortoni
Species tejoniensis - Dolerus tejoniensis
Species tibialis - Dolerus tibialis
Subspecies conjugatus - Dolerus tibialis conjugatus
Species unicolor - Dolerus unicolor
Species versus - Dolerus versus
No Taxon unidentifiable beyond genus --tmp. page
Subfamily Selandriinae
Tribe Adelestini
Genus Adelesta
Species nova - Adelesta nova
Tribe Aneugmenini
Genus Aneugmenus
Species flavipes - Aneugmenus flavipes
Genus Liliacina
Species diversipes - Liliacina diversipes
Genus Nesoselandria
Species morio - Nesoselandria morio
Tribe Strongylogastrini
Genus Hemitaxonus
Species albidopictus - Hemitaxonus albidopictus
Species dubitatus - Hemitaxonus dubitatus
Genus Strongylogaster
Species distans - Strongylogaster distans
Species impressata - Strongylogaster impressata
Species multicincta - Strongylogaster multicincta
Species soriculatipes - Strongylogaster soriculatipes
Species tacita - Strongylogaster tacita
Species tibialis - Strongylogaster tibialis
Subfamily Tenthredininae
Tribe Macrophyini
Genus Macrophya
Species alba - Macrophya alba
Species bifasciata - Macrophya bifasciata
Species cassandra - Macrophya cassandra
Species cinctula - Macrophya cinctula
Species epinota - Macrophya epinota
Species flavicoxae - Macrophya flavicoxae
Species flavolineata - Macrophya flavolineata
Species flicta - Macrophya flicta
Species formosa - Macrophya formosa
Species fuliginea - Macrophya fuliginea
Species fumator - Macrophya fumator
Species goniphora - Macrophya goniphora
Species macgillivrayi - Macrophya macgillivrayi
Species nigra - Macrophya nigra
Species nigristigma - Macrophya nigristigma
Species oregona - Macrophya oregona
Species pannosa - Macrophya pannosa
Species pulchella - Macrophya pulchella
Species punctumalbum - Privet Sawfly
Species senacca - Macrophya senacca
Species simillima - Macrophya simillima
Species succincta - Macrophya succincta
Species tibiator - Macrophya tibiator
Species trisyllaba - Macrophya trisyllaba
Species varia - Macrophya varia
Species zoe - Macrophya zoe
No Taxon images reviewed by D.R. Smith [unIDable past genus]
Genus Pachyprotasis
Species rapae - Pachyprotasis rapae
Tribe Perineurini
Genus Leucopelmonus
Species annulicornis - Leucopelmonus annulicornis
Tribe Sciapterygini
Genus Filacus
Species pluricinctellus - Filacus pluricinctellus
Genus Zaschizonyx
Species montana - Zaschizonyx montana
Tribe Tenthredinini
Genus Lagium
Species atroviolaceum - Lagium atroviolaceum
Genus Rhogogaster
Species californica - Rhogogaster californica
Species lateraria - Rhogogaster lateraria
Species viridis - Rhogogaster viridis
Genus Tenthredo
Species angulifera - Tenthredo angulifera
No Taxon angulifera group
No Taxon arcuata group
Species basilaris - Tenthredo basilaris
Species erythromera - Tenthredo erythromera
Species eximia - Tenthredo eximia
Species fernaldii - Tenthredo fernaldii
Species grandis - Tenthredo grandis
Species leucostoma - Tenthredo leucostoma
Species lobata - Tenthredo lobata
Species masneri - Tenthredo masneri
Species maxima - Tenthredo maxima
Species mellicoxa - Tenthredo mellicoxa
Species nimbipennis - Tenthredo nimbipennis
Species obscuripennis - Tenthredo obscuripennis
Species ocampa - Tenthredo ocampa
Species ornaticeps - Tenthredo ornaticeps
Species rhammisia - Tenthredo rhammisia
Species rubeola - Tenthredo rubeola
Species rufopecta - Tenthredo rufopecta
Species semirufa - Tenthredo semirufa
Species varipicta - Tenthredo varipicta
Species verticalis - Tenthredo verticalis
Species xantha - Tenthredo xantha
No Taxon images reviewed by D.R. Smith
Tribe Tenthredopsini
Genus Aglaostigma
Species quattuordecimpunctatum - Aglaostigma quattuordecimpunctatum
Species rubens - Aglaostigma rubens
Species semiluteum - Aglaostigma semiluteum
No Taxon Probably/Possibly Macrophya
No Taxon images that Dr Smith was unable to identify past family [tmp.]
Family Xiphydriidae - Xiphydriid Wood Wasps
Genus Xiphydria
Species abdominalis - Xiphydria abdominalis
Species canadensis - Canada Xiphydria
Species maculata - Xiphydria maculata
Species mellipes - Xiphydria mellipes
Species polia - Xiphydria polia
Species tibialis - Xiphydria tibialis
No Taxon champlaini or scafa
Family Xyelidae - Xyelid Sawflies
Subfamily Xyelinae
Genus Pleroneura
Species bruneicornis - Balsam Shootboring Sawfly
Genus Xyela
Species bakeri - Xyela bakeri
Species middlekauffi - Xyela middlekauffi
No Taxon minor-group
Species minor - Xyela minor
No Taxon styrax-group
Subfamily Macroxyelinae
Genus Macroxyela
Species ferruginea - Macroxyela ferruginea
Genus Megaxyela
Species major - Megaxyela major
Species tricolor - Megaxyela tricolor
No Taxon Unidentified Sawfly Larvae
No Taxon snippets -tmp
No Taxon "Parasitica" (parasitic Apocrita)
Superfamily Ceraphronoidea - Ceraphronids and Megaspilids
Family Ceraphronidae
Genus Aphanogmus
Genus Ceraphron
Family Megaspilidae
Genus Lagynodes
Subfamily Megaspilinae
Genus Conostigmus
Species erythrothorax - Conostigmus erythrothorax
Genus Dendrocerus
Species conwentziae - Dendrocerus conwentziae
Genus Trichosteresis
Species glabra - Trichosteresis glabra
Genus Megaspilus
Superfamily Chalcidoidea - Chalcid Wasps
Family Agaonidae - Fig wasps
Subfamily Agaoninae
Genus Pegoscapus
Genus Pleistodontes
Species imperialis - Pleistodontes imperialis
Family Aphelinidae
Subfamily Eretmocerinae
Subfamily Aphelininae
Genus Aphelinus
Species mali - Woolly Apple Aphid parasitoid
Genus Aphytis
Genus Centrodora
Genus Marietta
Species timberlakei - Marietta timberlakei
Subfamily Coccophaginae
Genus Coccobius
Species fulvus - Coccobius fulvus
Genus Coccophagus
Species lycimnia - Coccophagus lycimnia
Genus Encarsia
Species citrina - Encarsia citrina
Species formosa - Encarsia formosa
Species lanceolata - Encarsia lanceolata
Species nigricephala - Encarsia nigricephala
Family Azotidae
Genus Ablerus
Family Chalcididae - Chalcidid Wasps
Subfamily Chalcidinae
Genus Acanthochalcis
Species nigricans - Acanthochalcis nigricans
Species unispinosa - Acanthochalcis unispinosa
Genus Brachymeria
Species hammari - Brachymeria hammari
Species ovata - Brachymeria ovata
Species podagrica - Brachymeria podagrica
Species tegularis - Brachymeria tegularis
Genus Chalcis
Genus Conura
Species amoena - Conura amoena
Species dema - Conura dema
Species igneoides - Conura igneoides
Species lasnierii - Conura lasnierii
Species maria - Conura maria
Species melana - Conura melana
Species nigricornis - Conura nigricornis
Species side - Conura side
Genus Phasgonophora
Species sulcata - Phasgonophora sulcata
Genus Trigonura
Species californica - Trigonura californica
Species algerti - Trigonura algerti
Subfamily Dirhininae
Genus Dirhinus
Subfamily Epitraninae
Genus Epitranus
Species clavatus - Epitranus clavatus
Subfamily Haltichellinae
Genus Haltichella
Species onatas - Haltichella onatas
Species rhyacioniae - Haltichella rhyacioniae
Species xanticles - Haltichella xanticles
Genus Hockeria
Species bicolor - Hockeria bicolor
Species burksi - Hockeria burksi
Species eriensis - Hockeria eriensis
Species hainesi - Hockeria hainesi
Species micra - Hockeria micra
Species rubra - Hockeria rubra
Species tenuicornis - Hockeria tenuicornis
Species unipunctatipennis - Hockeria unipunctatipennis
Genus Psilochalcis
Genus Schwarzella
Species arizonensis - Schwarzella arizonensis
Family Encyrtidae - Encyrtids
Subfamily Encyrtinae
Genus Acerophagus
Genus Ageniaspis
Species bicoloripes - Ageniaspis bicoloripes
Genus Anicetus
Genus Aphycus
Genus Blastothrix
Genus Bothriothorax
Genus Cerapterocerus
Genus Cerchysius
Genus Epitetracnemus
Genus Ceraptroceroideus
Genus Cerchysiella
Species scutellata - Cerchysiella scutellata
Genus Cheiloneurus
Genus Comperiella
Species bifasciata - Comperiella bifasciata
Genus Copidosoma
Species bucculatricis - Copidosoma bucculatricis
Species floridanum - Copidosoma floridanum
Species lymani - Copidosoma lymani
Species pyralidis - Copidosoma pyralidis
Genus Discodes
Genus Diversinervus
Genus Encyrtus
Species aurantii - Encyrtus aurantii
Species infelix - Encyrtus infelix
Genus Eusemion
Genus Habrolepis
Genus Hexacladia
Species hilaris - Hexacladia hilaris
Genus Homalotylus
Genus Isodromus
Genus Meromyzobia
Genus Metanotalia
Species maderensis - Metanotalia maderensis
Genus Metaphycus
Genus Microterys
Genus Oobius
Species agrili - Oobius agrili
Genus Ooencyrtus
Species kuvanae - Ooencyrtus kuvanae
Genus Parablastothrix
Species nearctica - Parablastothrix nearctica
Genus Pentelicus
Genus Prionomitus
Genus Prochiloneurus
Genus Psyllaephagus
Species bliteus - Psyllaephagus bliteus
Genus Rhytidothorax
Genus Stemmatosteres
Genus Syrphophagus
Genus Tachinaephagus
Species zealandicus - Tachinaephagus zealandicus
Genus Trjapitzinellus
Subfamily Tetracneminae
Genus Aenasius
Genus Anagyrus
Species aper - Anagyrus aper
Species californicus - Anagyrus californicus
Species paralia - Anagyrus paralia
Species pulchricornis - Anagyrus pulchricornis
Genus Chrysoplatycerus
Species splendens - Chrysoplatycerus splendens
Genus Ectromatopsis
Species americana - Ectromatopsis americana
Genus Ericydnus
Genus Gyranusoidea
Genus Holcencyrtus
Genus Neodusmetia
Species sangwani - Neodusmetia sangwani
Genus Pseudleptomastix
Genus Tetracnemoidea
Species sydneyensis - Tetracnemoidea sydneyensis
Genus Tetracnemus
Genus Zarhopalus
Family Eucharitidae
Subfamily Eucharitinae
Genus Kapala
Species floridana - Kapala floridana
Genus Obeza
Species floridana - Obeza floridana
Genus Pseudochalcura
Species gibbosa - Pseudochalcura gibbosa
Genus Pseudometagea
Species schwarzii - Pseudometagea schwarzii
Genus Orasema
Species occidentalis - Orasema occidentalis
Family Eulophidae
Subfamily Entedoninae
Tribe Entedonini
Genus Achrysocharoides
Species tetrapunctatus - Achrysocharoides tetrapunctatus
Genus Chrysocharis
Species clarkae - Chrysocharis clarkae
Species occidentalis - Chrysocharis occidentalis
Species wahli - Chrysocharis wahli
Species walleyi - Chrysocharis walleyi
Genus Closterocerus
Species cinctipennis - Closterocerus cinctipennis
Species damastes - Closterocerus damastes
Species trifasciatus - Closterocerus trifasciatus
Species utahensis - Closterocerus utahensis
Genus Derostenus
Species freemani - Derostenus freemani
Genus Eprhopalotus
Species hansoni - Eprhopalotus hansoni
Genus Horismenus
Species fraternus - Horismenus fraternus
Genus Neochrysocharis
Species arizonensis - Neochrysocharis arizonensis
Species diastatae - Neochrysocharis diastatae
Genus Omphale
Genus Pediobius
Species aphidiphagus - Pediobius aphidiphagus
Genus Proacrias
Tribe Euderomphalini
Subfamily Entiinae
Genus Euderus
Subfamily Eulophinae
Tribe Cirrospilini
Genus Cirrospilus
Genus Diglyphus
Species pulchripes - Diglyphus pulchripes
Genus Zagrammosoma
Species americanum - Zagrammosoma americanum
Species centrolineatum - Zagrammosoma centrolineatum
Species mirum - Zagrammosoma mirum
Species multilineatum - Zagrammosoma multilineatum
Species velerii - Zagrammosoma velerii
Tribe Elasmini
Genus Elasmus
Species polistis - Elasmus polistis
Tribe Eulophini
Genus Elachertus
Species cacoeciae - Elachertus cacoeciae
Species cidariae - Elachertus cidariae
Species harrisinae - Elachertus harrisinae
Genus Eulophus
Species anomocerus - Eulophus anomocerus
Genus Euplectrus
Species platyhypenae - Euplectrus platyhypenae
Species comstockii - Euplectrus comstockii
Genus Hemiptarsenus
Genus Pnigalio
Species coloni - Pnigalio coloni
Species flavipes - Pnigalio flavipes
Species maculipes - Pnigalio maculipes
Species minio - Pnigalio minio
Species pallipes - Pnigalio pallipes
Species uroplatae - Pnigalio uroplatae
Species species-one - Pnigalio species-one
Species species-two - Pnigalio species-two
Genus Sympiesis
Species sericeicornis - Sympiesis sericeicornis
Species argenticoxae - Sympiesis argenticoxae
Subfamily Opheliminae
Genus Ophelimus
Species maskelli - Eucalyptus Gall Wasp
Subfamily Tetrastichinae
Genus Aprostocetus
Genus Baryscapus
Genus Galeopsomyia
Genus Henryana
Genus Leptocybe
Species invasa - Blue Gum Chalcid
Genus Melittobia
Genus Minotetrastichus
Species frontalis - Minotetrastichus frontalis
Genus Quadrastichus
Genus Tetrastichus
Family Eupelmidae
Subfamily Calosotinae
Genus Balcha
Species indica - Balcha indica
Genus Calosota
Genus Eusandalum
Genus Licrooides
Species umbilicatus - Licrooides umbilicatus
Subfamily Eupelminae
Genus Anastatus
Species mirabilis - Anastatus mirabilis
Species semiflavidus - Anastatus semiflavidus
Genus Arachnophaga
No Taxon subgenus Brasemopsis
No Taxon subgenus Shedocremna
Species ferruginea - Arachnophaga ferruginea
Genus Brasema
Species allynii - Brasema allynii
Species gemmarii - Brasema gemmarii
Species rhadinosa - Brasema rhadinosa
Species leucothysana - Brasema leucothysana
Genus Eupelmus
Species cushmani - Eupelmus cushmani
Species cyaniceps - Eupelmus cyaniceps
Species cynipidis - Eupelmus cynipidis
Species dryohizoxeni - Eupelmus dryohizoxeni
Species epicaste - Eupelmus epicaste
Species meteori - Eupelmus meteori
Species vesicularis - Eupelmus vesicularis
Genus Lecaniobius
Genus Reikosiella
Genus Zaischnopsis
Species bouceki - Zaischnopsis bouceki
Species coenotea - Zaischnopsis coenotea
Genus Metapelma
Species schwarzi - Metapelma schwarzi
Species spectabile - Metapelma spectabile
Family Eurytomidae
Subfamily Eurytominae
Genus Axima
Species zabriskiei - Axima zabriskiei
Genus Eurytoma
Species discordans - Eurytoma discordans
Species gigantea - Eurytoma gigantea
Species longavena - Eurytoma longavena
Species obtusiventris - Eurytoma obtusiventris
Genus Isosomodes
Genus Philolema
Species latrodecti - Philolema latrodecti
Genus Sycophila
Genus Tenuipetiolus
Species ruber - Tenuipetiolus ruber
Genus Tetramesa
Subfamily Heimbrinae
Genus Heimbra
Species opaca - Heimbra opaca
Subfamily Rileyinae
Genus Neorileya
Genus Rileya
Family Leucospidae
Genus Leucospis
Species affinis - Leucospis affinis
Subspecies floridana - Leucospis affinis floridana
Species slossonae - Leucospis slossonae
Family Mymaridae - Fairyflies
Genus Acmopolynema
Genus Alaptus
Genus Anaphes
Genus Anagrus
Genus Camptoptera
Genus Cleruchus
Genus Dicopomorpha
Genus Litus
Species cynipseus - Litus cynipseus
Genus Lymaenon
Genus Mymar
Species taprobanicum - Mymar taprobanicum
Genus Neomymar
Genus Ooctonus
Genus Palaeoneura
Genus Polynema
Tribe Gonatocerini
Genus Cosmocomoidea
Species ashmeadi - Cosmocomoidea ashmeadi
Species capitata - Cosmocomoidea capitata
Species morrilli - Cosmocomoidea morrilli
Genus Gonatocerus
Species rivalis - Gonatocerus rivalis
Family Ormyridae
Genus Ormyrus
Species vacciniicola - Ormyrus vacciniicola
Species venustus - Ormyrus venustus
Family Perilampidae
Genus Euperilampus
Species triangularis - Euperilampus triangularis
Genus Perilampus
No Taxon canadensis group
No Taxon fulvicornis group
No Taxon platigaster group
Species hyalinus - Perilampus hyalinus
Family Pteromalidae - Pteromalids
Subfamily Asaphinae
Genus Asaphes
Species suspensus - Asaphes suspensus
Subfamily Cleonyminae
Genus Chalcedectus
Species caelata - Chalcedectus caelata
Species hyalinipennis - Chalcedectus hyalinipennis
Species maculipennis - Chalcedectus maculipennis
Species texanus - Chalcedectus texanus
Genus Cleonymus
Species californicus - Cleonymus californicus
Genus Epistenia
Genus Notanisus
Species sexramosus - Notanisus sexramosus
Genus Oodera
Subfamily Diparinae
Genus Alloterra
Species trilineatus - Alloterra trilineatus
Genus Dipara
Genus Lelaps
Subfamily Eutrichosomatinae
Genus Eutrichosoma
Species mirabile - Eutrichosoma mirabile
Subfamily Miscogastrinae
Genus Halticoptera
Genus Merismus
Species megapterus - Merismus megapterus
Subfamily Ormocerinae
Genus Hemadas
Species nubilipennis - Blueberry Stem Gall Wasp
Genus Ormocerus
Subfamily Pireninae
Subfamily Pteromalinae
Genus Brachycaudonia
Species californica - Brachycaudonia californica
Genus Callitula
Genus Cratomus
Species megacephalus - Cratomus megacephalus
Genus Eurydinoteloides
Genus Heteroschema
Genus Homoporus
Genus Jaliscoa
Species hunteri - Jaliscoa hunteri
Genus Lyrcus
Species nigroaeneus - Lyrcus nigroaeneus
Genus Mesopolobus
Genus Nasonia
Species vitripennis - Nasonia vitripennis
Genus Ogloblinisca
Species americana - Ogloblinisca americana
Genus Oxysychus
Genus Pachyneuron
Genus Pteromalus
Species cassotis - Pteromalus cassotis
Genus Trichomalus
Subfamily Spalangiinae
Genus Spalangia
Species drosophilae - Spalangia drosophilae
Species cameroni - Spalangia cameroni
Subfamily Sycoryctinae
Family Signiphoridae
Genus Signiphora
Species merceti - Signiphora merceti
Genus Chartocerus
Family Tanaostigmatidae
Genus Tanaostigmodes
Species albiclavus - Tanaostigmodes albiclavus
Family Tetracampidae
Family Torymidae
Genus Megastigmus
Species transvaalensis - Brazilian Peppertree Seed Chalcid
Species spermotrophus - Douglas-fir Seed Chalcid
Subfamily Toryminae
Genus Erimerus
Genus Monodontomerus
Genus Platykula
Genus Podagrion
Genus Torymus
Species zabriskii - Torymus zabriskii
No Taxon advenus species group
Species advenus - Torymus advenus
Species californicus - Oak Gall Chalcid
Species racemariae - Torymus racemariae
Species umbilicatus - Torymus umbilicatus
No Taxon bedeguaris species group
Species atriplicis - Torymus atriplicis
Species bedeguaris - Torymus bedeguaris
Species flavicoxa - Torymus flavicoxa
Species rugglesi - Torymus rugglesi
Species solitarius - Torymus solitarius
No Taxon fullawayi species group
Species fullawayi - Torymus fullawayi
No Taxon tubicola species group
Species koebelei - Torymus koebelei
Species longior - Torymus longior
Species tubicola - Torymus tubicola
No Taxon varians species group
Species fagopirum - Torymus fagopirum
Family Trichogrammatidae
No Taxon Chalcidoidea & allies: The stats
Superfamily Cynipoidea
Family Cynipidae - Gall Wasps
Tribe Aulacideini
Genus Antistrophus
Species laciniatus - Antistrophus laciniatus
Species lygodesmiaepisum - Antistrophus lygodesmiaepisum
Species silphii - Rosinweed Stem Wasp
Genus Aulacidea
Genus Liposthenes
Species glechomae - Liposthenes glechomae
Tribe Ceroptresini
Genus Ceroptres
Tribe Cynipini
Genus Acraspis
Species erinacei - Hedgehog Gall Wasp
Species insolens - Acraspis insolens
Species macrocarpae - Jewel Oak Gall Wasp
Species patelloides - Acraspis patelloides
Species pezomachoides - Oak Pea Gall Wasp
Species villosa - Acraspis villosa
Genus Amphibolips
Species acuminata - Amphibolips acuminata
Species confluenta - Spongy Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species cookii - Amphibolips cookii
Species gainesi - Amphibolips gainesi
Species globulus - Amphibolips globulus
Species murata - Amphibolips murata
Species nubilipennis - Translucent Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercusinanis - Larger Empty Oak Apple Wasp
Species quercusjuglans - Acorn Plum Gall Wasp
Species quercusspongifica - Amphibolips quercusspongifica
Species spinosa - Amphibolips spinosa
No Taxon confluenta or quercusspongifica
Genus Andricus
Species sessilum - Andricus sessilum
Species atrimentus - Striped Volcano Gall Wasp
Species bakkeri - Andricus bakkeri
Species brunneus - Clustered Gall Wasp
Species burnetti - Andricus burnetti
Species chinquapin - Small Oak Spindle Gall Wasp
Species chrysolepidicola - Irregular Spindle Gall Wasp
Species confertus - Convoluted Gall Wasp
Species coortus - Club Gall Wasp
Species coquilletti - Little Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species crystallinus - Crystalline Gall Wasp
Species dimorphus - Clustered Midrib Gall Wasp
Species flavohirtus - Andricus flavohirtus
Species foliaformis - Andricus foliaformis
Species fullawayi - Andricus fullawayi
Species gigas - Saucer Gall Wasp
Species ignotus - Andricus ignotus
Species incertus - Andricus incertus
Species kingi - Red Cone Gall Wasp
Species lasius - Hairy Gall Wasp
Species nigricens - Andricus nigricens
Species opertus - Fimbriate Gall Wasp
Species parmula - Disc Gall Wasp
Species pattersonae - Plate Gall Wasp
Species pattoni - Andricus pattoni
Species pedicellatus - Hair Stalk Gall Wasp
Species quercuscalifornicus - California Gall Wasp
Species quercusflocci - Andricus quercusflocci
Species quercusfoliatus - Leafy Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercuslanigera - Wool-bearing Gall Wasp
Species quercusostensackenii - Andricus quercusostensackenii
Species quercuspetiolicola - Oak Petiole Gall Wasp
Species quercussingularis - Small Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species quercusstrobilanus - Andricus quercusstrobilanus
Species splendens - Andricus splendens
Species stellaris - Sunburst Gall Wasp
Species stellulus - Stellar Gall Wasp
Species sulfureus - Andricus sulfureus
Species vacciniifoliae - Oak Apple Wasp
Genus Atrusca
Species aggregata - Atrusca aggregata
Species carolina - Atrusca carolina
Species clavuloides - Club Gall Wasp
Species quercuscentricola - Spotted Oak Apple Gall Wasp
Species trimaculosa - Woollybear Gall Wasp
Genus Belonocnema
Species treatae - Belonocnema treatae
No Taxon quercusvirens or treatae
Genus Callirhytis
Species clavula - White Oak Club Gall Wasp
Species congregata - Sausage Flower Gall Wasp
Species cornigera - Horned Oak Gall Wasp
Species favosa - Honeycomb Leaf Gall Wasp
Species flavipes - Callirhytis flavipes
Species frequens - Callirhytis frequens
Species fructuosa - Callirhytis fructuosa
Species furva - Callirhytis furva
Species lanata - Callirhytis lanata
Species perdens - Ruptured Twig Gall Wasp
Species perfoveata - Ball Gall Wasp
Species piperoides - Callirhytis piperoides
Species pulchra - Oak Flower Gall Wasp
Species quercusagrifoliae - Live Oak Bud Gall Wasp
Species quercusbatatoides - Southern Live Oak Stem Gall Wasp
Species quercusgemmaria - Callirhytis quercusgemmaria
Species quercusmodesta - Callirhytis quercusmodesta
Species quercusoperator - Woolly Catkin Gall Wasp
Species quercuspomiformis - Live Oak Gallfly
Species quercuspunctata - Gouty Oak Gall Wasp
Species quercussimilis - Callirhytis quercussimilis
Species quercussuttoni - Gouty Stem Gall Wasp
Species seminator - Wool Sower
Species seminosa - Callirhytis seminosa
Species serricornis - Kernel Flower Gall Wasp
Species tumifica - Callirhytis tumifica
Genus Cynips
Species conspicuus - Round Gall Wasp
Species douglasii - Spined Turbaned Gall Wasp
Species mirabilis - Speckled Gall Wasp
Species multipunctatus - Gray Midrib Gall Wasp
Species quercusechinus - Urchin Gall Wasp
Species quercusnubila - Cynips quercusnubila
Genus Disholcaspis
Species bassetti - Disholcaspis bassetti
Species cinerosa - Mealy Oak Gall Wasp
Species canescens - Round Honeydew Gall Wasp
Species corallina - Coral Gall Wasp
Species eldoradensis - Honeydew Gall Wasp
Species pedunculoides - Disholcaspis pedunculoides
Species plumbella - Beaked Twig Gall Wasp
Species prehensa - Clasping Twig Gall Wasp
Species quercusglobulus - Round Bullet Gall Wasp
Species quercusmamma - Oak Rough Bulletgall Wasp
Species quercusvirens - Disholcaspis quercusvirens
Species simulata - Dried Peach Gall Wasp
Species washingtonensis - Fuzzy Gall Wasp
Genus Dryocosmus
Species asymmetricus - Split Twig Gall Wasp
Species deciduus - Dryocosmus deciduus
Species dubiosus - Two-horned Gall Wasp
Species floridensis - Dryocosmus floridensis
Species imbricariae - Banded Bullet Gall Wasp
Species minusculus - Pumpkin Gall Wasp
Species quercuspalustris - Succulent Oak Gall Wasp
Species rileyi - Dryocosmus rileyi
Genus Heteroecus
Species dasydactyli - Woolly Gall Wasp
Species lyoni - Lyon's Gall Wasp
Species melanoderma - Golden Gall Wasp
Species pacificus - Beaked Spindle Gall Wasp
Species sanctaeclarae - Mushroom Gall Wasp
Genus Neuroterus
Species anthracinus - Oyster Gall Wasp
Species fragilis - Succulent Gall Wasp
Species quercusmajalis - Neuroterus quercusmajalis
Species quercusverrucarum - Neuroterus quercusverrucarum
Species saltarius - Neuroterus saltarius
Species saltatorius - California Jumping Gall Wasp
Species tantulus - Neuroterus tantulus
Genus Philonix
Species nigra - Philonix nigra
Genus Phylloteras
Species cupella - Urn Gall Wasp
Species poculum - Phylloteras poculum
Species sigma - Phylloteras sigma
Species volutellae - Phylloteras volutellae
Genus Trigonaspis
Species polita - Trigonaspis polita
Species quercusforticorne - Oak Fig Gall Wasp
Species radicola - Fig Root Gall Wasp
Species teres - Ball-tipped Gall Wasp
Genus Xanthoteras
Species teres - Ball-tipped Gall Wasp
Species politum - Xanthoteras politum
Genus Zapatella
Species davisae - Zapatella davisae
Genus Zopheroteras
Species compressum - Zopheroteras compressum
Species guttatum - Zopheroteras guttatum
Species sphaerula - Zopheroteras sphaerula
No Taxon Wingless adults: Acraspis, Philonix, Phylloteras, or Trigonaspis
Tribe Diastrophini
Genus Diastrophus
Species cuscutaeformis - Blackberry Seed Gall Wasp
Species kincaidii - Diastrophus kincaidii
Species nebulosus - Blackberry Knot Gall Wasp
Species potentillae - Diastrophus potentillae
Genus Periclistus
Tribe Diplolepidini
Genus Diplolepis
Species bicolor - Spiny Rose Gall Wasp
Species gracilis - Regal Rose Gall Wasp
Species polita - Spiny Leaf Gall Wasp
Species rosae - Mossy Rose Gall Wasp
Species rosaefolii - Diplolepis rosaefolii
Species spinosa - Diplolepis spinosa
Tribe Synergini
Genus Saphonecrus
Genus Synergus
No Taxon Unidentified gall on water oak
No Taxon Unidentified fuzzy gall on midrib of leaves in the red oak group
No Taxon Unidentified gall on hawthorn
No Taxon Unidentified little round galls on white oak leaf veins
Family Figitidae
Subfamily Anacharitinae
Subfamily Aspiceratinae
Subfamily Charipinae
Subfamily Eucoilinae
Genus Agrostocynips
Species robusta - Agrostocynips robusta
Genus Ganaspis
Genus Ganaspidium
Genus Gronotoma
Genus Striatovertex
Genus Hexacola
Species neoscatellae - Hexacola neoscatellae
Family Ibaliidae - Ibaliid Wasps
Genus Ibalia
Species anceps - Ibalia anceps
Species leucospoides - Ibalia leucospoides
Superfamily Diaprioidea
Family Diapriidae
Subfamily Ambositrinae
Genus Propsilomma
Species columbianum - Propsilomma columbianum
Subfamily Belytinae
Genus Camptopsilus
Genus Lyteba
Genus Pamis
Genus Polypeza
Genus Scorpioteleia
Tribe Belytini
Genus Aclista
Genus Belyta
Genus Cinetus
Genus Miota
Genus Pantoclis
Genus Zygota
Tribe Oxylabini
Tribe Pantolytini
Genus Acanosema
Genus Acropiesta
Subfamily Diapriinae
Genus Aneurhynchus
Tribe Diapriini
Genus Apopria
Species coveri - Apropria coveri
Genus Basalys
Genus Diapria
Genus Platymischus
Genus Trichopria
Tribe Psilini
Genus Coptera
Genus Psilus
Tribe Spilomicrini
Genus Entomacis
Genus Paramesius
Genus Pentapria
Genus Spilomicrus
Superfamily Evanioidea - Aulacids, Ensigns, and Gasteruptiids
Family Aulacidae
Genus Aulacus
Species burquei - Aulacus burquei
Species dispilis - Aulacus dispilis
Genus Pristaulacus
Species editus - Pristaulacus editus
Species fasciatus - Pristaulacus fasciatus
Species flavicrurus - Pristaulacus flavicrurus
Species foxleei - Pristaulacus foxleei
Species melleus - Pristaulacus melleus
Species minor - Pristaulacus minor
Species montanus - Pristaulacus montanus
Species niger - Pristaulacus niger
Species occidentalis - Pristaulacus occidentalis
Species stigmaticus - Pristaulacus stigmaticus
Species strangaliae - Pristaulacus strangaliae
Species rufitarsis - Pristaulacus rufitarsis
Species resutorivorus - Pristaulacus resutorivorus
Family Evaniidae - Ensign Wasps
Genus Evania
Species appendigaster - Cockroach Egg Parasitoid Wasp
Genus Evaniella
Species californica - Evaniella californica
Species semaeoda - Evaniella semaeoda
Genus Hyptia
Species floridana - Hyptia floridana
Species harpyoides - Hyptia harpyoides
No Taxon Prosevania or Evaniella
Family Gasteruptiidae - Carrot Wasps
Genus Gasteruption
Species assectator - Gasteruption assectator
Species kaweahense - Gasteruption kaweahense
Species striatum - Gasteruption striatum
Species visaliae - Gasteruption visaliae
No Taxon assectator or kirbii
Superfamily Ichneumonoidea - Braconids and Ichneumons
Family Braconidae - Braconid Wasps
Subfamily Acampsohelconinae
Subfamily Agathidinae
Genus Aerophilus
Genus Agathirsia
Genus Agathis
Species longipalpus - Agathis longipalpus
Species malvacearum - Burdock Seedhead Moth Parasite
Genus Alabagrus
Species stigma - Alabagrus stigma
Species texanus - Alabagrus texanus
Genus Bassus
Species annulipes - Bassus annulipes
Genus Coccygidium
Genus Crassomicrodus
Species clypealis - Crassomicrodus clypealis
Genus Earinus
Species limitaris - Earinus limitaris
Genus Cremnops
Species ashmeadi - Cremnops ashmeadi
Species comstocki - Cremnops comstocki
Species crassifemur - Cremnops crassifemur
Species desertor - Cremnops desertor
Species haematodes - Cremnops haematodes
Genus Lytopylus
Genus Neothlipsis
Species agilis - Neothlipsis agilis
No Taxon new species?
Species cincta - Neothlipsis cincta
Species parysae - Neothlipsis parysae
Genus Therophilus
Genus Zelomorpha
Species arizonensis - Zelomorpha arizonensis
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Agathidinae"
Subfamily Alysiinae
Tribe Alysiini
Genus Alysia
Genus Alysiasta
Genus Aphaereta
Genus Asobara
Genus Chasmodon
Genus Dapsilarthra
Genus Dinotrema
Genus Mesocrina
Genus Oenonogastra
Genus Orthostigma
Genus Pentapleura
Genus Phaenocarpa
Tribe Dacnusini
Genus Chorebus
Genus Trachionus
Genus Coelinius - Coelinius Nees
Subfamily Aphidiinae
Genus Adialytus
Genus Aphidius
Species ervi - Aphidius ervi
Genus Boreogalba
Species gladifer - Boreogalba gladifer
Genus Diaeretiella
Genus Ephedrus
Genus Lysiphlebus
Genus Monoctonus
Genus Praon
Genus Trioxys
Subfamily Brachistinae
Tribe Brachistini
Genus Aliolus
Genus Eubazus
Genus Nealiolus
Genus Schizoprymnus
Genus Triaspis
Tribe Blacini
Genus Blacus
Tribe Diospilini
Genus Diospilus
Subfamily Braconinae
Genus Atanycolus
Species cappaerti - Atanycolus cappaerti
Species longicauda - Atanycolus longicauda
Genus Bracon
Species mellitor - Bracon mellitor
Genus Compsobracon
Genus Compsobraconoides
Genus Iphiaulax
Genus Digonogastra
Genus Habrobracon
Species hebetor - Habrobracon hebetor
Genus Myosoma
Genus Vipio
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Braconinae"
Subfamily Cardiochilinae
Subfamily Cenocoeliinae
Subfamily Charmontinae
Genus Charmon
Subfamily Cheloninae
Genus Adelius
Species coloradensis - Adelius coloradensis
Species fasciipennis - Adelius fasciipennis
Genus Ascogaster
Genus Chelonus
Genus Phanerotoma
Subfamily Doryctinae
Genus Doryctes
Genus Doryctinus
Genus Glyptocolastes
Species texanus - Glyptocolastes texanus
Genus Heterospilus
Species eurostae - Heterospilus eurostae
Genus Odontobracon
Genus Spathius
Species elegans - Spathius elegans
Genus Monolexis
Genus Rhaconotus
No Taxon potential new genus, wingless
Subfamily Euphorinae
Genus Aridelus
Species nigrithorax - Aridelus nigrithorax
Genus Chrysopophthorus
Species americanus - Chrysopophthorus americanus
Genus Cryptoxilos
Genus Dinocampus
Species coccinellae - Dinocampus coccinellae
Genus Elasmosoma
Species schwarzi - Elasmosoma schwarzi
Genus Euphoriella
Genus Leiophron
Genus Microctonus
Species pilatus - Microctonus pilatus
Genus Neoneurus
Genus Peristenus
Genus Pygostolus
Genus Syntretus
Genus Townesilitus
Subfamily Exothecinae-or-hormiinae - Exothecinae/Hormiinae
Genus Colastes
Genus Hormius
Genus Rhysipolis
Genus Xenarcha
Genus Shawiana
Subfamily Gnamptodontinae
Subfamily Helconinae
Genus Eumacrocentrus
Species similis - Eumacrocentrus similis
Species americanus - Eumacrocentrus americanus
Genus Helcon
Genus Wroughtonia
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Helconinae"
No Taxon Aliodes or Triaspis
Subfamily Histeromerinae
Genus Histeromerus
Species canadensis - Histeromerus canadensis
Subfamily Homolobinae
Genus Homolobus
Species truncator - Homolobus truncator
Subfamily Ichneutinae
Genus Ichneutes
Genus Oligoneurus
Genus Lispixys
Genus Paroligoneurus
Genus Proterops
Subfamily Macrocentrinae
Genus Austrozele
Genus Macrocentrus
Species aegeriae - Macrocentrus aegeriae
Species nigridorsis - Macrocentrus nigridorsis
Genus Hymenochaonia
Species delicata - Hymenochaonia delicata (Cresson 1872)
Subfamily Mendesellinae
Subfamily Meteorinae
Genus Meteorus
Subfamily Microgastrinae
Genus Alphomelon
Genus Apanteles
Genus Cotesia
Species flaviconchae - Cotesia flaviconchae
Species empretiae - Cotesia empretiae
Species congregata - Cotesia congregata
Genus Dolichogenidea
Genus Diolcogaster
Genus Glyptapanteles
Genus Hypomicrogaster
Genus Illidops
Genus Microgaster
Genus Microplitis
Genus Pholetesor
Species ornigis - Pholetesor ornigis
Genus Promicrogaster
Genus Protapanteles
Genus Rhygoplitis
Genus Sathon
Subfamily Miracinae
Genus Mirax
Subfamily Opiinae
Genus Biosteres
Genus Diachasmimorpha
Species longicaudata - Diachasmimorpha longicaudata
Genus Opius
Genus Utetes
Subfamily Orgilinae
Genus Orgilus
Subfamily Rogadinae
Genus Aleiodes - Mummy-wasps
Species aciculatus - Aleiodes aciculatus
Species burrus - Aleiodes burrus
Species circumscriptus-gastritor-species-group - Aleiodes circumscriptus/gastritor sibling-species group
Species granulatus - Granular mummy-wasp
Species graphicus - Aleiodes graphicus
Species laphygmae - Armyworm mummy wasp
Species malacosomatos - Tent caterpillar mummy-wasp
Species medicinebowensis - Aleiodes medicinebowensis
Species molestus - Aleiodes molestus
Species nolophanae - Appleworm mummy wasp
Species politiceps - Aleiodes politiceps
Species parasiticus - Parasitic mummy-wasp
Species sanctihyacinthi - Saint Hyacinth mummy-wasp
Species scrutator - Aleiodes scrutator
Species smithi - Aleiodes smithi
Species stigmator - Stigmata mummy-wasp
Species terminalis - Aleiodes terminalis
Species texanus - Aleiodes texanus
Genus Aleiodes-subgenus-tetrasphaeropyx - Tetrasphaeropyx
Species kisomm - Aleiodes-subgenus-tetrasphaeropyx kisomm
Species accohannocki - Aleiodes-subgenus-tetrasphaeropyx accohannocki
Genus Choreborogas
Genus Polystenidea
Genus Rogas
Genus Stiropius
Genus Yelicones
Species delicatus - Yelicones delicatus
Species nigromarginatus - Yelicones nigromarginatus
No Taxon images IDed by Dr Marsh as "possibly Rogadinae"
Subfamily Sigalphinae
No Taxon Braconinae or Doryctinae
No Taxon Macrocentrinae or Homolobinae (Paul Marsh det.)
No Taxon Opiinae or Alysiinae (Paul Marsh det.)
No Taxon Cocoons and larvae
No Taxon tmp page: family expert-verified, further placement uncertain
Family Ichneumonidae - Ichneumon Wasps
Subfamily Acaenitinae
Genus Arotes
Species amoenus - Arotes amoenus
Species decorus - Arotes decorus
Genus Coleocentrus
Species flavipes - Coleocentrus flavipes
Species rufus - Coleocentrus rufus
Genus Spilopteron
Species formosum - Spilopteron formosum
Species franclemonti - Spilopteron franclemonti
Species vicinum - Spilopteron vicinum
No Taxon Atypical
Species occiputale - Spilopteron occiputale
Subfamily Adelognathinae
Subfamily Anomaloninae
Genus Anomalon
Species ejuncidum - Anomalon ejuncidum
Species picticornis - Anomalon picticornis
Tribe Gravenhorstiini
Genus Agrypon
Species prismaticum - Agrypon prismaticum
Species flaveolatum - Agrypon flaveolatum
Genus Aphanistes
Species rheumapterae - Aphanistes rheumapterae
Genus Barylypa
Genus Erigorgus
Genus Ophionellus
Species texanus - Ophionellus texanus
Genus Ophiopterus
Species cincticornis - Ophiopterus cincticornis
Subspecies cincticornis - Ophiopterus cincticornis cincticornis
Genus Therion
Species morio - Therion morio
Species petiolatum - Therion petiolatum
Genus Trichomma
Species maceratum - Trichomma maceratum
Subfamily Banchinae
Tribe Atrophini
Genus Arenetra
Species rufipes - Arenetra rufipes
Species nigrita - Arenetra nigrita
Genus Cryptopimpla
Species quadrilineata - Cryptopimpla quadrilineata
Subspecies jocosa - Cryptopimpla quadrilineata jocosa
Genus Diradops
Species bethunei - Diradops bethunei
Genus Lissonota
Species rubrica - Lissonota rubrica
Tribe Banchini
Genus Agathilla
Species bradleyi - Agathilla bradleyi
Genus Banchus
Species inermis - Banchus inermis
Species polychromus - Banchus polychromus
Species pallescens - Banchus pallescens
Genus Ceratogastra
Species ornata - Ceratogastra ornata
Genus Exetastes
Species angustoralis - Exetastes angustoralis
Species bituminosus - Exetastes bituminosus
Species fornicator - Exetastes fornicator
Subspecies rufofemoratus - Exetastes fornicator rufofemoratus
Subspecies nervulus - Exetastes fornicator nervulus
Species obscurus - Exetastes obscurus
Species suaveolens - Exetastes suaveolens
Tribe Glyptini
Genus Glypta
Species fumiferanae - Glypta fumiferanae
Genus Sphelodon
Species phoxopteridis - Sphelodon phoxopteridis
Subfamily Brachycyrtinae
Genus Brachycyrtus
Species pretiosus - Brachycyrtus pretiosus
Subfamily Campopleginae
Genus Bathyplectes
Species infernalis - Bathyplectes infernalis
Species curculionis - Bathyplectes curculionis
Genus Casinaria
Genus Campoctonus
Genus Campoletis
Species sonorensis - Campoletis sonorensis
Genus Campoplex
Species frustranae - Campoplex frustranae
Genus Charops
Species annulipes - Charops annulipes
Genus Cymodusa
Species distincta - Cymodusa distincta
Genus Diadegma
Genus Dusona
Genus Enytus
Genus Eriborus
Species terebrans - Eriborus terebrans
Genus Hyposoter
Species fugitivus - Hyposoter fugitivus
Genus Lathrostizus
Genus Lemophagus
Species curtus - Lemophagus curtus
Genus Olesicampe
Species benefactor - Olesicampe benefactor
Genus Phobocampe
Species geometrae - Phobocampe geometrae
Species unicincta - Phobocampe unicincta
Genus Sesioplex
Species depressus - Sesioplex depressus
Genus Sinophorus
Genus Synetaeris
Genus Tranosema
Genus Venturia
Species canescens - Venturia canescens
Subfamily Collyriinae
Genus Collyria
Species coxator - Collyria coxator
Subfamily Cremastinae
Genus Cremastus
Genus Eiphosoma
Genus Nothocremastus
Species mellipes - Nothocremastus mellipes
Genus Pristomerus
Species euryptychiae - Pristomerus euryptychiae
Genus Tanychela
Genus Temelucha
Species ferruginea - Temelucha ferruginea
Species interruptor - Temelucha interruptor
Genus Trathala
Species extensor - Trathala extensor
Species rostrata - Trathala rostrata
Genus Xiphosomella
Species dubia - Xiphosomella dubia
Subfamily Cryptinae
Tribe Cryptini
Genus Agonocryptus
Species discoidaloides - Agonocryptus discoidaloides
Genus Baryceros
Species audax - Baryceros audax
Species fortis - Baryceros fortis
Species texanus - Baryceros texanus
Genus Sphecophaga
Species vesparum - Sphecophaga vesparum
Subtribe Cryptina
Genus Buathra
Species laborator - Buathra laborator
Species perplexa - Buathra perplexa
Genus Compsocryptus
Species calipterus - Compsocryptus calipterus
Species texensis - Compsocryptus texensis
Genus Cryptus
Species albitarsis - Cryptus albitarsis
Genus Ischnus
Species cinctipes - Ischnus cinctipes
Species inquisitorius - Ischnus inquisitorius
Subspecies atricollaris - Ischnus inquisitorius atricollaris
Species sparsus - Ischnus sparsus
Genus Lanugo
Species retentor - Lanugo retentor
Subtribe Goryphina
Subtribe Lymeonina
Genus Lymeon
Species orbus - Lymeon orbus
Genus Pachysomoides
Species fulvus - Pachysomoides fulvus
Species stupidus - Pachysomoides stupidus
Subtribe Agrothereutina
Genus Agrothereutes
Species abbreviatus - Agrothereutes abbreviatus
Subspecies iridescens - Agrothereutes abbreviatus iridescens
Subspecies rufopectus - Agrothereutes abbreviatus rufopectus
Species cimbcivorus - Agrothereutes cimbcivorus
Species lophyri - Agrothereutes lophyri
Genus Apsilops
Species hirtifrons - Apsilops hirtifrons
Genus Aritranis
Species director - Aritranis director
Genus Gambrus
Species amoenus - Gambrus amoenus
Species canadensis - Gambrus canadensis
Species polyphemi - Gambrus polyphemi
Species ultimus - Gambrus ultimus
Genus Hoplocryptus
Species notatus - Hoplocryptus notatus
Subspecies notatus - Hoplocryptus notatus notatus
Genus Idiolispa
Species aestivalis - Idiolispa aestivalis
Species analis - Idiolispa analis
Subspecies analis - Idiolispa analis analis
Genus Trychosis
Species sulcata - Trychosis sulcata
Species similis - Trychosis similis
Subtribe Osprynchotina
Genus Acroricnus
Species stylator - Acroricnus stylator
Subspecies niger - Acroricnus stylator niger
Subspecies aequatus - Acroricnus stylator aequatus
Genus Messatoporus
Species discoidalis - Messatoporus discoidalis
Species rufiventris - Messatoporus rufiventris
Species compressicornis - Messatoporus compressicornis
Subtribe Mesostenina
Genus Cryptanura
Species septentrionalis - Cryptanura septentrionalis
Species banchiformis - Cryptanura banchiformis
Genus Mesostenus
Species gracilis - Mesostenus gracilis
Species thoracicus - Mesostenus thoracicus
Genus Polycyrtus
Species neglectus - Polycyrtus neglectus
Tribe Hemigastrini
Genus Cubocephalus
Species atriclunis - Cubocephalus atriclunis
Genus Echthrus
Species adillae - Echthrus adillae
Species niger - Echthrus niger
Genus Giraudia
Genus Megaplectes
Species monticola - Megaplectes monticola
Subspecies blakei - Megaplectes monticola blakei
Genus Oresbius
Species fulvibasis - Oresbius fulvibasis
Genus Pleolophus
Species basizonus - Pleolophus basizonus
No Taxon Anomalous male
Species indistinctus - Pleolophus indistinctus
Genus Polytribax
Species contiguus - Polytribax contiguus
Species pallescens - Polytribax pallescens
Tribe Phygadeuontini
Genus Bathythrix
Species triangularis - Bathythrix triangularis
Genus Chirotica
No Taxon Presumptive New Genus
No Taxon Probable New Genus
Subtribe Gelina
Genus Dichrogaster
Genus Gelis
Species tenellus - Gelis tenellus
Subtribe Phygadeuontina
Genus Orthizema
Genus Phygadeuon
Genus Sulcarius
Subtribe Acrolytina
Genus Diaglyptidea
Genus Isdromas
Species lycaenae - Isdromas lycaenae
Genus Lysibia
Species mandibularis - Lysibia mandibularis
Subtribe Mastrina
Genus Helcostizus
Species tibialis - Helcostizus tibialis
Genus Mastrus
Species smithii - Mastrus smithii
Genus Pygocryptus
Species brevicornis - Pygocryptus brevicornis
Subspecies echthroides - Pygocryptus brevicornis echthroides
Subtribe Hemitelina
Genus Polyaulon
Species erythropa - Polyaulon erythropa
Species canadensis - Polyaulon canadensis
Subtribe Endaseina
Genus Endasys
Species subclavatus - Endasys subclavatus
Genus Glyphicnemis
Species mandibularis - Glyphicnemis mandibularis
Species vulgaris - Glyphicnemis vulgaris
Genus Medophron
Subtribe Stilpnina
Genus Atractodes
Subfamily Ctenopelmatinae
Tribe Ctenoplematini
Genus Xenoschesis
Genus Homaspis
Genus Notopygus
Species virginiensis - Notopygus virginiensis
Tribe Euryproctini
Tribe Mesoleiini
Genus Alexeter
Genus Barytarbes
Genus Mesoleius
Species tenthredinis - Mesoleius tenthredinis
Genus Otlophorus
Genus Scopesis
Genus Saotis
Tribe Perilissini
Genus Lathrolestes
Genus Opheltes
Species glaucopterus - Opheltes glaucopterus
Subspecies barberi - Opheltes glaucopterus barberi
Genus Perilissus
Genus Trematopygodes
Genus Zaplethocornia
No Taxon Unrecognized Genus
Tribe Pionini
Genus Rhorus
Tribe Scolobatini
Genus Scolobates
Species auriculatus - Scolobates auriculatus
Subfamily Cylloceriinae
Genus Cylloceria
Subfamily Diplazontinae
Genus Enizemum
Species petiolatum - Enizemum petiolatum
Genus Diplazon
Species deletus - Diplazon deletus
Species laetatorius - Hover fly parasite
Genus Promethes
Species sulcator - Promethes sulcator
Genus Sussaba
Species pulchella - Sussaba pulchella
Genus Syrphoctonus
Genus Woldstedtius
Species flavolineatus - Woldstedtius flavolineatus
Subfamily Eucerotinae
Genus Euceros
Subfamily Hybrizontinae
Genus Hybrizon
Species flavocinctus - Hybrizon flavocinctus
Subfamily Ichneumoninae
Tribe Heresiarchini
Subtribe Protichneumonina
Genus Coelichneumon
Species azotus - Coelichneumon azotus
Species barnstoni - Coelichneumon barnstoni
Species deliratorius - Coelichneumon deliratorius
Subspecies cinctitarsis - Coelichneumon deliratorius cinctitarsis
Species eximius - Coelichneumon eximius
Species navus - Coelichneumon navus
Species vitalis - Coelichneumon vitalis
Species sassacus - Coelichneumon sassacus
Species viola - Coelichneumon viola
Genus Protichneumon
Species grandis - Protichneumon grandis
No Taxon Callajoppa Genus Group
Genus Conocalama
Species canadensis - Conocalama canadensis
Genus Gnamptopelta
Species obsidianator - Gnamptopelta obsidianator
No Taxon Trogus Subgroup
Genus Trogus
Species edwardsii - Trogus edwardsii
Species flavipennis - Trogus flavipennis
Species fulvipes - Trogus fulvipes
Species lapidator - Trogus lapidator
Species pennator - Trogus pennator
Genus Saranaca
Species apicalis - Saranaca apicalis
Species elegans - Saranaca elegans
Genus Tmetogaster
Species nubilipennis - Tmetogaster nubilipennis
Tribe Ichneumonini
Genus Aoplus
Species pseudovelox - Aoplus pseudovelox
Species velox - Aoplus velox
Species thujarum - Aoplus thujarum
Species confirmatus - Aoplus confirmatus
Genus Barichneumon
Species sorex - Barichneumon sorex
Genus Cratichneumon
Species annulatipes - Cratichneumon annulatipes
Species facetus - Cratichneumon facetus
Species paratus - Cratichneumon paratus
Species pteridis - Cratichneumon pteridis
Species subfilatus - Cratichneumon subfilatus
Species sublatus - Cratichneumon sublatus
Species tyloidifer - Cratichneumon tyloidifer
Species unifasciatorius - Cratichneumon unifasciatorius
Species vescus - Cratichneumon vescus
Species viator - Cratichneumon viator
Subspecies acerbus - Cratichneumon viator acerbus
Species vinnulus - Cratichneumon vinnulus
Species w-album - Cratichneumon w-album
No Taxon Anomalous Female
Genus Ctenichneumon
Species semicaeruleus - Ctenichneumon semicaeruleus
Species minor - Ctenichneumon minor
Genus Diphyus
Genus Ectopimorpha
Species wilsoni - Ectopimorpha wilsoni
Genus Eutanyacra
Species improvisa - Eutanyacra improvisa
Species suturalis - Eutanyacra suturalis
Species vilissima - Eutanyacra vilissima
Genus Homotherus
Species porcelariae - Homotherus porcelariae
Genus Hoplismenus
Species morulus - Hoplismenus morulus
Subspecies morulus - Hoplismenus morulus morulus
Subspecies pacificus - Hoplismenus morulus pacificus
Species rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus
Subspecies rutilus - Hoplismenus rutilus rutilus
Genus Ichneumon
Species ambulatorius - Ichneumon ambulatorius
Species annulatorius - Ichneumon annulatorius
Species centrator - Ichneumon centrator
Species chasmodops - Ichneumon chasmodops
Species clasma - Ichneumon clasma
Species devinctor - Ichneumon devinctor
Species feralis - Ichneumon feralis
Species feriens - Ichneumon feriens
Species lacrymans - Ichneumon lacrymans
Species laetus - Ichneumon laetus
Species mendax - Ichneumon mendax
Species nigrovariegatus - Ichneumon nigrovariegatus
Species subdolus - Ichneumon subdolus
Species ultimus - Ichneumon ultimus
Genus Limerodops
Species belangeri - Limerodops belangeri
Species mariannae - Limerodops mariannae
Genus Limonethe
Species maurator - Limonethe maurator
Genus Melanichneumon
Species disparilis - Melanichneumon disparilis
Species honestus - Melanichneumon honestus
Species leviculops - Melanichneumon leviculops
Species pluto - Melanichneumon pluto
Genus Menkokia
Species blandii - Menkokia blandii
Genus Neamblymorpha
Species milva - Neamblymorpha milva
Genus Orgichneumon
Species calcatorius - Orgichneumon calcatorius
Genus Patrocloides
Species montanus - Patrocloides montanus
Genus Rubicundiella
Species mucronata - Rubicundiella mucronata
Genus Setanta
Species compta - Setanta compta
Genus Spilichneumon
Genus Stenichneumon
Species culpator - Stenichneumon culpator
Subspecies cincticornis - Stenichneumon culpator cincticornis
Genus Stenobarichneumon
Species pygmaeops - Stenobarichneumon pygmaeops
Species pergracilis - Stenobarichneumon pergracilis
Genus Thyrateles
Species lugubrator - Thyrateles lugubrator
Genus Trogomorpha
Species arrogans - Trogomorpha arrogans
Species trogiformis - Trogomorpha trogiformis
Genus Virgichneumon
Species subcyaneus - Virgichneumon subcyaneus
Genus Vulgichneumon
Species brevicinctor - Vulgichneumon brevicinctor
Tribe Joppocryptini
Genus Pseudoplatylabus
Species new-species - Pseudoplatylabus new-species
Tribe Listrodromini
Genus Anisobas
Genus Neotypus
Species nobilitator - Neotypus nobilitator
Tribe Phaeogenini
Genus Centeterus
Genus Dicaelotus
Genus Eparces
Species quadriceps - Eparces quadriceps
Genus Jesthura
Species pyriformis - Jesthura pyriformis
Genus Phaeogenes
Species nigridens - Phaeogenes nigridens
Species hebrus - Phaeogenes hebrus
Genus Tycherus
Species ater - Tycherus ater
Tribe Platylabini
Genus Asthenolabus
Species canadensis - Asthenolabus canadensis
Species scutellatus - Asthenolabus scutellatus
Genus Linycus
Species exhortator - Linycus exhortator
Subspecies thoracicus - Linycus exhortator thoracicus
Genus Platylabus
Species opaculus - Platylabus opaculus
Subspecies americanus - Platylabus opaculus americanus
Species clarus - Platylabus clarus
Species ornatus - Platylabus ornatus
Genus Ambloplisus
Species ornatus - Ambloplisus ornatus
Subfamily Labeninae
Genus Grotea
Species californica - Grotea californica
Species anguina - Grotea anguina
Genus Labena
Species tinctipennis - Labena tinctipennis
Species grallator - Labena grallator
Subfamily Lycorininae
Genus Lycorina
Species apicalis - Lycorina apicalis
Species glaucomata - Lycorina glaucomata
Species scitula - Lycorina scitula
Subfamily Mesochorinae
Genus Astiphromma
Species splenium - Astiphromma splenium
Genus Cidaphus
Species paniscoides - Cidaphus paniscoides
Genus Mesochorus
Species americanus - Mesochorus americanus
Species discitergus - Mesochorus discitergus
Species giberius - Mesochorus giberius
Species uniformis - Mesochorus uniformis
Subfamily Metopiinae
Genus Chorinaeus
Species aequalis - Chorinaeus aequalis
Species longicalcar - Chorinaeus longicalcar
Genus Colpotrochia
Species crassipes - Colpotrochia crassipes
Species fultoni - Colpotrochia fultoni
Species trifasciata - Colpotrochia trifasciata
Species texana - Colpotrochia texana
Genus Exochus
Species decoratus - Exochus decoratus
Species albifrons - Exochus albifrons
Species spilotus - Exochus spilotus
Species nigripalpis - Exochus nigripalpis
Subspecies tectulum - Exochus nigripalpis tectulum
Species rutilatus - Exochus rutilatus
Species semirufus - Exochus semirufus
Genus Hypsicera
Genus Leurus
Species caeruliventris - Leurus caeruliventris
Genus Metopius
Species pollinctorius - Metopius pollinctorius
Genus Seticornuta
Genus Triclistus
Species emarginalus - Triclistus emarginalus
Species podagricus - Triclistus podagricus
Species pallipes - Triclistus pallipes
Genus Trieces
Species integer - Trieces integer
Subfamily Neorhacodinae
Genus Neorhacodes
Species brevicauda - Neorhacodes brevicauda
Subfamily Ophioninae
Genus Enicospilus
Species purgatus - Enicospilus purgatus
Genus Eremotylus
Genus Ophion - Short-tailed Ichneumon Wasps
Species idoneus - Ophion idoneus
Genus Rhynchophion
Species flammipennis - Rhynchophion flammipennis
Genus Thyreodon
Species atricolor - Thyreodon atricolor
Subfamily Orthocentrinae
Genus Aperileptus
Genus Eusterinx
Genus Neurateles
Genus Orthocentrus
Genus Proclitus
Genus Stenomacrus
Subfamily Orthopelmatinae
Genus Orthopelma
Subfamily Oxytorinae
Genus Oxytorus
Subfamily Pimplinae
Tribe Delomeristini
Genus Delomerista
Genus Perithous
Species scurra - Perithous scurra
Subspecies neomexicanus - Perithous scurra neomexicanus
Subspecies pleuralis - Perithous scurra pleuralis
Tribe Ephialtini
No Taxon Polysphincta Genus Group
Genus Acrotaphus
Species fuscipennis - Acrotaphus fuscipennis
Species wiltii - Acrotaphus wiltii
Genus Eruga
Species lineata - Eruga lineata
Genus Oxyrrhexis
Species carbonator - Oxyrrhexis carbonator
Subspecies texana - Oxyrrhexis carbonator texana
Genus Sinarachna
Species pallipes - Sinarachna pallipes
Subspecies strigis - Sinarachna pallipes strigis
Genus Zatypota
Species alborhombarta - Zatypota alborhombarta
Genus Schizopyga
Species frigida - Schizopyga frigida
No Taxon Tromatobia genus-group
Genus Clistopyga
Species recurva - Clistopyga recurva
Genus Iseropus
Species stercorator - Iseropus stercorator
Subspecies orgyiae - Iseropus stercorator orgyiae
Species coelebs - Iseropus coelebs
Genus Tromatobia
Species notator - Tromatobia notator
Species ovivora - Tromatobia ovivora
Species rufopectus - Tromatobia rufopectus
Species zonata - Tromatobia zonata
Genus Zaglyptus
Species pictilis - Zaglyptus pictilis
Species varipes - Zaglyptus varipes
Subspecies incompletus - Zaglyptus varipes incompletus
No Taxon Dolichomitus genus-group
Genus Acropimpla
Species alboricta - Acropimpla alboricta
Genus Calliephialtes
Species ferrugineus - Calliephialtes ferrugineus
Species notandus - Calliephialtes notandus
Genus Dolichomitus
Species irritator - Dolichomitus irritator
Species pygmaeus - Dolichomitus pygmaeus
Species pterelas - Dolichomitus pterelas
Genus Endromopoda
Species producta - Endromopoda producta
Genus Ephialtes
Genus Exeristes
Species comstockii - Exeristes comstockii
Genus Scambus
Species hispae - Scambus hispae
Species tecumseh - Scambus tecumseh
Species vesicarius - Scambus vesicarius
Species pterophori - Scambus pterophori
Tribe Pimplini
No Taxon Theronia genus-group
Genus Theronia
Species atalantae - Theronia atalantae
Subspecies fulvescens - Theronia atalantae fulvescens
Species hilaris - Theronia hilaris
Genus Neotheronia
Species bicincta - Neotheronia bicincta
Subspecies floridana - Neotheronia bicincta floridana
Species septentrionalis - Neotheronia septentrionalis
No Taxon Pimpla genus-group
Genus Apechthis
Species annulicornis - Apechthis annulicornis
Species ontario - Apechthis ontario
Genus Itoplectis
Species conquisitor - Itoplectis conquisitor
Genus Pimpla
Species aequalis - Pimpla aequalis
Species annulipes - Pimpla annulipes
Species aquilonia - Pimpla aquilonia
Species instigator - Pimpla instigator
Species marginella - Pimpla marginella
Species maura - Pimpla maura
Species pedalis - Pimpla pedalis
Species punicipes - Pimpla punicipes
Species sanguinipes - Pimpla sanguinipes
Subspecies erythropus - Pimpla sanguinipes erythropus
Subspecies sanguinipes - Pimpla sanguinipes sanguinipes
Species sodalis - Pimpla sodalis
Subspecies longigenalis - Pimpla sodalis longigenalis
Species turionellae - Pimpla turionellae
Subfamily Poemeniinae
Genus Neoxorides
Species caryae - Neoxorides caryae
Genus Podoschistus
Species vittifrons - Podoschistus vittifrons
Genus Poemenia
Subfamily Rhyssinae
Genus Megarhyssa - Giant Ichneumons
Species atrata - Megarhyssa atrata
Species greenei - Megarhyssa greenei
Species macrurus - Megarhyssa macrurus
Species nortoni - Megarhyssa nortoni
Genus Rhyssella
Species nitida - Rhyssella nitida
Species humida - Rhyssella humida
Genus Rhyssa
Species alaskensis - Rhyssa alaskensis
Species lineolata - Rhyssa lineolata
Species persuasoria - Rhyssa persuasoria
Subfamily Tersilochinae
Genus Allophroides
Genus Allophrys
Species divaricata - Allophrys divaricata
Genus Barycnemis
Subfamily Tryphoninae
Tribe Exenterini
Genus Exenterus
Species canadensis - Exenterus canadensis
Species amictorius - Exenterus amictorius
Genus Eridolius
Genus Smicroplectrus
Species walleyi - Smicroplectrus walleyi
Genus Cteniscus
Genus Exyston
Species variatum - Exyston variatum
Species maculosum - Exyston maculosum
Tribe Oedemopsini
Genus Zagryphus
Species nasutus - Zagryphus nasutus
Genus Oedemopsis
Species davisi - Oedemopsis davisi
Genus Hercus
Species fontinalis - Hercus fontinalis
Tribe Phytodietini
Genus Netelia
Species leo - Netelia leo
Genus Phytodietus
Species burgessi - Phytodietus burgessi
Tribe Tryphonini
Genus Boethus
Genus Cosmoconus
Species petiolatus - Cosmoconus petiolatus
Genus Polyblastus
Species tibialis - Polyblastus tibialis
Species fulvilinealis - Polyblastus fulvilinealis
Species stenocentrus - Polyblastus stenocentrus
Genus Tryphon
No Taxon Subgenus Symboethus
Species seminiger - Tryphon seminiger
Subfamily Xoridinae
Genus Aplomerus
Genus Odontocolon
Species albotibiale - Odontocolon albotibiale
Species ochropus - Odontocolon ochropus
Genus Xorides
Species albopictus - Xorides albopictus
Species calidus - Xorides calidus
Species cincticornis - Xorides cincticornis
Species stigmapterus - Xorides stigmapterus
Species humeralis - Xorides humeralis
Superfamily Platygastroidea
Family Platygastridae
Subfamily Platygastrinae
Genus Inostemma
Genus Iphitrachelus
Genus Leptacis
Genus Metaclisis
Species floridana - Metaclisis floridana
Genus Metanopedias
Species eupatorii - Metanopedias eupatorii
Genus Platygaster
Species munita - Platygaster munita
Species pruni - Platygaster pruni
Species rubi - Platygaster rubi
Species tephrosiae - Platygaster tephrosiae
Species uvulariae - Platygaster uvulariae
Species vaccinii - Platygaster vaccinii
Species vitisiellae - Platygaster vitisiellae
Genus Synopeas
Species hopkinsi - Synopeas hopkinsi
Genus Trichacis
Species virginiensis - Trichacis virginiensis
Subfamily Sceliotrachelinae
Genus Amitus
Subfamily Scelioninae
Genus Baeus
Genus Calliscelio
Species rubiclavus - Calliscelio rubiclavus
Genus Calotelea
Genus Ceratobaeus
Genus Dyscritobaeus
Genus Embidobia
Genus Gryon
Genus Idris
Genus Macroteleia
Species carinata - Macroteleia carinata
Genus Odontacolus
Genus Oethecoctonus
Species oecanthi - Oethecoctonus oecanthi
Genus Scelio
Species floridanus - Scelio floridanus
Genus Sparasion
No Taxon Anteris or Psilanteris
Subfamily Teleasinae
Genus Trisacantha
Genus Trimorus
Subfamily Telenominae
Genus Eumicrosoma
Genus Telenomus
Species calvus - Telenomus calvus
Species podisi - Telenomus podisi
Genus Trissolcus
No Taxon flavipes species group
Species brochymenae - Trissolcus brochymenae
Species edessae - Trissolcus edessae
Species euschisti - Trissolcus euschisti
No Taxon Phanuromyia or Telenomus
Superfamily Proctotrupoidea
Family Heloridae
Genus Helorus
Species anomalipes - Helorus anomalipes
Family Pelecinidae - Pelecinids
Genus Pelecinus
Species polyturator - Pelecinid Wasp
Family Proctotrupidae
Genus Brachyserphus
Genus Cryptoserphus
Genus Disogmus
Genus Exallonyx
Species grandis - Exallonyx grandis
Genus Hormoserphus
Species clypeatus - Hormoserphus clypeatus
Genus Mischoserphus
Genus Proctotrupes
Species caudatus - Proctotrupes caudatus
Species gravidator - Proctotrupes gravidator
Species pallidus - Proctotrupes pallidus
Species terminalis - Proctotrupes terminalis
Genus Pschornia
Species striata - Pschornia striata
Genus Tretoserphus
Family Roproniidae
Genus Ropronia
Species garmani - Ropronia garmani
Family Vanhorniidae
Genus Vanhornia
Species eucnemidarum - Vanhornia eucnemidarum
Superfamily Stephanoidea
Family Stephanidae - Stephanid Wasps
Genus Megischus
Species bicolor - Crown-of-thorns Wasp
Species californicus - Megischus californicus
Species texanus - Megischus texanus
Genus Schlettererius
Species cinctipes - Schlettererius cinctipes
Superfamily Trigonaloidea
Family Trigonalidae
Genus Lycogaster
Species pullata - Lycogaster pullata
Genus Orthogonalys
Species pulchella - Orthogonalys pulchella
Genus Taeniogonalos
Species gundlachii - Taeniogonalos gundlachii
Family Mymarommatidae
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
No Taxon Anthophila (Apoidea) - Bees
Family Andrenidae - Mining Bees
Subfamily Andreninae - Mining Bees
Genus Ancylandrena
Species rozeni - Ancylandrena rozeni
Species atoposoma - Ancylandrena atoposoma
Species larreae - Creosote Bush Ancylandrena
Genus Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Andrena
Species clarkella - Clark's Andrena
Species cornelli - Azalea Miner
Species frigida - Frigid Miner
Species milwaukeensis - Milwaukee Andrena
Species perarmata - Well-armed Andrena
No Taxon resembles Andrena mandibularis
Species rufosignata - Andrena rufosignata
No Taxon Subgenus Archiandrena
Species banksi - Banks' Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Belandrena
Species palpalis - Andrena palpalis
Species sphaeralceae - Globemallow Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Callandrena
Species accepta - Andrena accepta
Species brooksi - Brooks' Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Callandrena sensu lato
Species asteris - Aster Miner
Species biscutellata - Andrena biscutellata
Species haynesi - Haynes' Andrena
Species helianthi - Sunflower Andrena
Species krigiana - Dwarf-dandelion Andrena
Species melliventris - Honey-bellied Andrena
No Taxon placata or simplex
Species fulvipennis - Andrena fulvipennis
Species aliciae - Andrena aliciae
Species rudbeckiae - Coneflower Miner
No Taxon Subgenus Cnemidandrena
Species canadensis - Canada Andrena
Species hirticincta - Hairy-banded Andrena
Species mentzeliae - Blazing-star Andrena
Species nubecula - Andrena nubecula
Species apacheorum - Apache Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Conandrena
Species bradleyi - Bradley's Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Dactylandrena
No Taxon Subgenus Diandrena, Two-celled Andrena
Species olivacea - Olivaceous Andrena
Species submoesta - Andrena submoesta
Species anatolis - Andrena anatolis
Species malacothricidis - Desert-dandelion Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Erandrena
Species principalis - Andrena principalis
No Taxon Subgenus Euandrena
Species auricoma - Andrena auricoma
Species geranii - Waterleaf Miner
Species nigrocaerulea - Blue-and-black Andrena
Species astragali - Death Camas Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Gonandrena, Dogwood Andrena
Species fragilis - Fragile Dogwood Andrena
Species integra - Short-haired Dogwood Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Hesperandrena, Vernal Pool Andrena
Species pulverea - Andrena pulverea
Species lativentris - Andrena lativentris
No Taxon Subgenus Holandrena
Species cressonii - Cresson's Andrena
Subspecies kansensis - Andrena cressonii kansensis
Subspecies cressonii - Andrena cressonii cressonii
No Taxon Subgenus Larandrena
Species miserabilis - Miserable Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Leucandrena
Species erythronii - Trout-lily Andrena
Species barbilabris - Long-lipped Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Melandrena
Species barbara - Barbara's Miner
Species carlini - Carlin's Miner
Species cerasifolii - Cherry Plum Miner
Species confederata - Southern Miner
Species crinita - Southwestern Hairy Miner
Species dunningi - Dunning's Miner
Species impolita - Unpolished Miner
Species nivalis - Snowy Miner
Species obscuripennis - Dark-winged Miner
Species pertristis - Mournful Miner
Subspecies carliniformis - Andrena pertristis carliniformis
Subspecies pertristis - Black Mournful Miner
Species pruni - Cherry Miner
Species regularis - Regular Miner
Species sola - Lonely Miner
Species transnigra - Black-banded Miner
Species vicina - Neighborly Miner
No Taxon carlini or regularis
No Taxon dunningi or pruni
No Taxon impolita or cerasifolii
No Taxon resembles commoda
No Taxon Subgenus Micrandrena
Species ziziae - Golden-Alexanders Andrena
Species piperi - Andrena piperi
No Taxon Subgenus Plastandrena
Species argemonis - Prickly-poppy Andrena
Species crataegi - Hawthorn Andrena
Species prunorum - Prunus Miner
No Taxon Andrena fracta or prunorum
No Taxon Subgenus Ptilandrena
Species erigeniae - Spring Beauty Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Rhacandrena
Species brevipalpis - Andrena brevipalpis
No Taxon Subgenus Rhaphandrena
Species prima - Andrena prima
No Taxon Subgenus Scrapteropsis
Species imitatrix - Andrena imitatrix
Species alleghaniensis - Alleghany Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Simandrena
Species pallidifovea - Pale-fovea Andrena
Species nasonii - Nason's Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Taeniandrena
Species wilkella - Andrena wilkella
No Taxon Subgenus Thysandrena
Species bisalicis - Andrena bisalicis
Species livida - Andrena livida
No Taxon Subgenus Trachandrena
Species cleodora - Andrena cleodora
Subspecies melanodora - Andrena cleodora melanodora
Species fuscicauda - Dark-tailed Andrena
Species hippotes - Andrena hippotes
Species nuda - Nude Andrena
Species rugosa - Rugose Andrena
Species sigmundi - Sigmund's Andrena
Species virginiana - Virginia Andrena
No Taxon cleodora cleodora or cupreotincta
Species forbesii - Forbes' Andrena
No Taxon resembles miranda
No Taxon Subgenus Tylandrena
Species erythrogaster - Red-tailed Andrena
Species jessicae - Jessica's Andrena
Species scotoptera - Andrena scotoptera
No Taxon resembles perplexa
No Taxon Subgenus Melandrena or Tylandrena
No Taxon Subgenus Oligandrena
Species nigripes - Big-headed Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Onagrandrena, Evening Primrose Andrena
No Taxon Subgenus Uncertain
Species levipes - Andrena levipes
Genus Megandrena
Species enceliae - Encelia Megandrena
Subfamily Oxaeinae
Genus Protoxaea
Species gloriosa - Glorious Protoxaea
Subfamily Panurginae
Tribe Calliopsini
Genus Calliopsis
No Taxon Subgenus Calliopsima
Species pugionis - Calliopsis pugionis
No Taxon Subgenus Calliopsis
Species andreniformis - Calliopsis andreniformis
Species rhodophila - Calliopsis rhodophila
No Taxon Subgenus Hypomacrotera
Species subalpina - Calliopsis subalpina
No Taxon callops or persimilis
No Taxon Subgenus Nomadopsis sensu lato
Species barbata - Bearded Nomadopsis
Species filiorum - Calliopsis filiorum
Species fracta - Calliopsis fracta
Species helianthi - Euphorbia Nomadopsis
Species hesperia - Calliopsis hesperia
Species linsleyi - Linsley's Nomadopsis
Species obscurella - Calliopsis obscurella
Species puellae - Desert-dandelion Nomadopsis
Species scitula - Calliopsis scitula
Species scutellaris - Calliopsis scutellaris
Species zebrata - Calliopsis zebrata
Subspecies bobbae - Calliopsis zebrata bobbae
Species zonalis - Calliopsis zonalis
No Taxon Micronomadopsis
No Taxon Subgenus Verbenapis
Species nebraskensis - Nebraska Calliopsis
No Taxon Subgenus Perissander
Species anomoptera - Strange-winged Calliopsis
Tribe Panurgini
Subtribe Panurginina
Genus Panurginus
Species occidentalis - Panurginus occidentalis
No Taxon Panurginus cressoniellus or ineptus
Subtribe Perditina
Genus Macrotera
Species opuntiae - Sandstone Mining Bee
Species texana - Texas Macrotera
Species latior - Macrotera latior
Species echinocacti - Barrel Cactus Macrotera
Genus Perdita
No Taxon Subgenus Cockerellia
Species bequaerti - Bequaert's Perdita
Species albipennis - White-winged Perdita
Species coreopsidis - Tickseed Perdita
No Taxon Subgenus Hexaperdita
No Taxon Subgenus Perdita
No Taxon sphaeralceae species group
Species koebelei - Perdita koebelei
Subspecies koebelei - Perdita koebelei koebelei
Subspecies concinna - Perdita koebelei concinna
Species punctosignata - Perdita punctosignata
No Taxon halictoides species group
Species sexmaculata - Six-spotted Perdita
Subspecies sexmaculata - Six-spotted Perdita
Species halictoides - Ground-cherry Perdita
No Taxon ventralis species group
Species kiowi - Kiowa Perdita
Species rhois - Perdita rhois
Species bicuspidariae - Perdita bicuspidariae
No Taxon octomaculata species group
Species octomaculata - Eight-spotted Perdita
Species perpallida - All-pale Perdita
Species gerhardi - Perdita gerhardi
No Taxon undescribed species
No Taxon zonalis species group
Species rivalis - Perdita rivalis
Species ericameriae - Perdita ericameriae
No Taxon Subgenus Perditella
Species larreae - Perdita larreae
Species marcialis - Perdita marcialis
Species minima - Perdita minima
Species cladothricis - Perdita cladothricis
No Taxon Subgenus Pygoperdita
Species californica - Perdita californica
Species calochorti - Perdita calochorti
Species distropica - Perdita distropica
Species interrupta - Perdita interrupta
Subspecies interrupta - Perdita interrupta interrupta
Species fallugiae - Perdita fallugiae
No Taxon Subgenus Xerophasma
Species bequaertiana - Perdita bequaertiana
No Taxon Subgenus Glossoperdita
Species pelargoides - Perdita pelargoides
Tribe Protandrenini
Genus Anthemurgus
Species passiflorae - Anthemurgus passiflorae
Genus Protandrena
Species cockerelli - Protandrena cockerelli
Species mexicanorum - Protandrena mexicanorum
Genus Pseudopanurgus - Pseudopanurgus sensu lato
Species parvus - Pseudopanurgus parvus
No Taxon Pseudopanurgus sensu stricto
Species aethiops - Pseudopanurgus aethiops
Species fraterculus - Pseudopanurgus fraterculus
Subspecies timberlakei - Pseudopanurgus fraterculus timberlakei
No Taxon rudbeckiae species group/Pterosarus
Species albitarsis - Pseudopanurgus albitarsis
Species compositarum - Pseudopanurgus compositarum
Species atricornis - Pseudopanurgus atricornis
Species andrenoides - Pseudopanurgus andrenoides
Family Apidae - Cuckoo, Carpenter, Digger, Bumble, and Honey Bees
Subfamily Apinae - Honey, Bumble, Long-horned, Orchid, and Digger Bees
Tribe Anthophorini - Digger Bees
Genus Anthophora - Diggers
No Taxon Subgenus Anthophora
Species villosula - Asian Shaggy Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Anthophoroides
Species californica - California Digger
Species pueblo - Pueblo Sandstone-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Clisodon
Species terminalis - Orange-tipped Wood-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Heliophila
Species curta - Short Sun-digger
No Taxon Subgenus Lophanthophora
Species fedorica - Fedor Digger
Species ursina - Ursine Digger
Species pacifica - Pacific Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Melea
No Taxon Subgenus Mystacanthophora
Species montana - Rocky Mountain Digger
Species urbana - Urbane Digger
Species walshii - Walsh's Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Paramegilla
Species centriformis - Centriform Digger
No Taxon Subgenus Pyganthophora
Species crotchii - Crotch's Digger
No Taxon bomboides or terminalis
No Taxon Subgenus Lophanthophora or Pyganthophora
Genus Habropoda - Mountain-Diggers
Species depressa - California Mountain-Digger
Species laboriosa - Blueberry Digger
Species tristissima - Dimorphic Mountain-Digger
Species pallida - Pallid Dune-Digger
Tribe Apini - Honey Bees
Genus Apis
Species mellifera - Western Honey Bee
Subspecies carnica - Carniolan Honeybee
Subspecies ligustica - Italian Honeybee
Subspecies mellifera - Black Honeybee
Subspecies scutellata - African Honeybee
Tribe Bombini - Bumble Bees
Genus Bombus - Bumble Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Alpinobombus
Species kirbiellus - Golden-belted Bumble Bee
Species natvigi - High Nearctic Bumble Bee
Species neoboreus - Bombus neoboreus
Species polaris - Polar Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Bombias
Species auricomus - Black-and-gold Bumble Bee
Species nevadensis - Nevada Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Bombus
Species affinis - Rusty-patched Bumble Bee
Species cryptarum - Cryptic Bumble Bee
Species franklini - Franklin's Bumble Bee
Species occidentalis - Western Bumble Bee
Species terricola - Yellow-banded Bumble Bee
Subspecies occidentalis - Western Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Cullumanobombus
Species crotchii - Crotch's Bumble Bee
Species fraternus - Southern Plains Bumble Bee
Species griseocollis - Brown-belted Bumble Bee
Species morrisoni - Morrison's Bumble Bee
Species rufocinctus - Red-belted Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Psithyrus
Species citrinus - Lemon Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species fernaldae - Fernald's Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species insularis - Indiscriminate Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species suckleyi - Suckley's Cuckoo Bumble Bee
Species variabilis - Variable Cuckoo Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Pyrobombus
Species bifarius - Black-notched Bumble Bee
Species bimaculatus - Two-spotted Bumble Bee
Species caliginosus - Fog-belt Bumble Bee
Species centralis - Great Basin Bumble Bee
Species cockerelli - Cockerell's Bumble Bee
Species flavifrons - Yellow-fronted Bumble Bee
Species frigidus - Frigid Bumble Bee
Species huntii - Hunt's Bumble Bee
Species impatiens - Common Eastern Bumble Bee
Species melanopygus - Black-tailed Bumble Bee
Species mixtus - Fuzzy-horned Bumble Bee
Species perplexus - Perplexing Bumble Bee
Species sandersoni - Sanderson's Bumble Bee
Species sitkensis - Sitka Bumble Bee
Species sylvicola - Forest Bumble Bee
Species ternarius - Tricolored Bumble Bee
Species vagans - Half-black Bumble Bee
Subspecies vagans - Bombus vagans vagans
Subspecies bolsteri - Bombus vagans bolsteri
Species vandykei - Van Dyke's Bumble Bee
Species vosnesenskii - Yellow-faced Bumble Bee
No Taxon resembles jonellus
No Taxon bifarius or huntii
No Taxon bifarius or ternarius
No Taxon bimaculatus or impatiens
No Taxon bimaculatus or perplexus
No Taxon bimaculatus, perplexus, sandersoni, or vagans
No Taxon caliginosus or vosnesenskii
No Taxon centralis or flavifrons
No Taxon centralis or vandykei
No Taxon flavifrons or sitkensis
No Taxon flavifrons or vandykei
No Taxon frigidus or mixtus
No Taxon huntii or ternarius
No Taxon melanopygus or mixtus
No Taxon melanopygus or sylvicola
No Taxon mixtus or sitkensis
No Taxon vagans, perplexus, or sandersoni
No Taxon vagans or sandersoni
No Taxon Subgenus Subterraneobombus
Species appositus - White-shouldered Bumble Bee
Species borealis - Northern Amber Bumble Bee
Species distinguendus - Great Yellow Bumble Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Thoracobombus
Species californicus - California Bumble Bee
Species fervidus - Golden Northern Bumble Bee
Species pensylvanicus - American Bumble Bee
Species sonorus - Sonoran Bumble Bee
Tribe Centridini - Centridine Bees
Genus Centris - Centris Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Centris, Nominate Centris Bees
Species errans - Wandering Centris
No Taxon Subgenus Heterocentris
Species nitida - Centris nitida
No Taxon Subgenus Paracentris
Species caesalpiniae - Centris caesalpiniae
Species cockerelli - Centris cockerelli
Species pallida - Pallid Bee
Species rhodopus - Red-legged Centris
No Taxon pallida or tiburonensis
Species atripes - Centris atripes
Species hoffmanseggiae - Centris hoffmanseggiae
Species lanosa - Centris lanosa
Tribe Emphorini - Chimney Bees
Genus Ancyloscelis
Genus Diadasia
No Taxon Subgenus Dasiapis
Species ochracea - Ochraceous Chimney Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Diadasia
Species enavata - Sunflower Chimney Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Coquillettapis
Species bituberculata - Diadasia bituberculata
Species diminuta - Diadasia diminuta
Species rinconis - Diadasia rinconis
No Taxon australis species group
Species australis - Diadasia australis
Subspecies californica - Diadasia australis californica
No Taxon mallow-visiting group of subgenus Coquillettapis
Genus Melitoma
Species marginella - Melitoma marginella
Species taurea - Melitoma taurea
Genus Ptilothrix
Species bombiformis - Hibiscus Bee
No Taxon undescribed species near sumichrasti
Tribe Ericrocidini - Centris-cuckoos
Genus Mesoplia
Species dugesi - Mesoplia dugesi
Genus Ericrocis
Species pintada - Ericrocis pintada
Species lata - Ericrocis lata
Tribe Eucerini - Long-horned Bees
Genus Cemolobus
Species ipomoeae - Cemolobus ipomoeae
Genus Eucera
No Taxon Subgenus Synhalonia
Species actuosa - Eucera actuosa
Species cordleyi - Eucera cordleyi
Species edwardsii - Eucera edwardsii
Species frater - Eucera frater
Subspecies albopilosa - Eucera frater albopilosa
Species hamata - Eucera hamata
Species rosae - Eucera rosae
No Taxon atriventris or dubitata
Species fulvitarsis - Eucera fulvitarsis
Subspecies fulvitarsis - Eucera fulvitarsis fulvitarsis
Genus Florilegus
Species condignus - Florilegus condignus
Genus Martinapis
Species luteicornis - Yellow-horned Morning Long-horned Bee
Species occidentalis - Western Morning Long-horned Bee
Genus Melissodes
No Taxon Subgenus Callimelissodes
Species stearnsi - Melissodes stearnsi
No Taxon Subgenus Eumelissodes, True Melissodes Bees
Species agilis - Agile Long-horned Bee
Species denticulatus - Melissodes denticulatus
Species dentiventris - Melissodes dentiventris
Species druriellus - Melissodes druriellus
Species illatus - Melissodes illatus
Species pallidisignatus - Melissodes pallidisignatus coastal form
Species robustior - Robust Long-horned Bee
Species subillatus - Melissodes subillatus
Species trinodis - Melissodes trinodis
Species tristis - Melissodes tristis
No Taxon agilis or trinodis
No Taxon resembles confusus
No Taxon Subgenus Heliomelissodes
Species desponsus - Thistle Long-horned Bee
Species rivalis - Melissodes rivalis
No Taxon Subgenus Melissodes, Nominate Melissodes Bees
Species bimaculatus - Two-spotted Longhorn
Species communis - Common Long-horned Bee
Subspecies alopex - Melissodes communis alopex
Subspecies communis - Melissodes communis communis
Species comptoides - Brown-winged Long-horned Bee
Species paroselae - Parosela Long-horned Bee
Species tepaneca - Tepanec Long-horned Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Apomelissodes
Species apicatus - Melissodes apicatus
Genus Peponapis - Squash Bees
Species pruinosa - Pruinose Squash Bee
Genus Simanthedon
Species linsleyi - Simanthedon linsleyi
Genus Svastra
Species duplocincta - Svastra (Idiomelissodes) duplocincta
No Taxon Subgenus Epimelissodes
Species aegis - Svastra aegis
Species atripes - Svastra atripes
Subspecies atripes - Svastra atripes atripes
Species machaerantherae - Svastra machaerantherae
Species obliqua - Svastra (Epimelissodes) obliqua
Subspecies caliginosa - Svastra obliqua caliginosa
Subspecies expurgata - Svastra obliqua expurgata
Subspecies obliqua - Svastra obliqua obliqua
Species petulca - Svastra petulca
Subspecies petulca - Svastra petulca petulca
Species sabinensis - Svastra sabinensis
Subspecies sabinensis - Svastra sabinensis sabinensis
No Taxon petulca or sabinensis
Species texana - Svastra texana
Genus Syntrichalonia - Exquisite Long-horned Bee
Species exquisita - Exquisite Long-horned Bee
Genus Tetraloniella
Species eriocarpi - Tetraloniella eriocarpi
Species lippiae - Tetraloniella lippiae
Species pomonae - Tetraloniella pomonae
Species albata - Tetraloniella albata
Genus Xenoglossa - Large Squash Bee
Species kansensis - Kansas Squash Bee
Species strenua - Xenoglossa (Eoxenoglossa) strenua
No Taxon (Xenoglossa) angustior or patricia
No Taxon Melissodes or Tetraloniella
No Taxon Melissodes or Svastra
Tribe Euglossini - Orchid Bees
Genus Euglossa - Typical Orchid Bees
Species dilemma - Dilemma Orchid Bee
Tribe Exomalopsini
Genus Exomalopsis
Species solani - Solanum Exomalopsis
Species mellipes - Exomalopsis mellipes
Genus Anthophorula
Species albicans - Anthophorula albicans
Species completa - Anthophorula completa
Species palmarum - Anthophorula palmarum
Tribe Melectini - digger-bee-cuckoos
Genus Melecta
Species edwardsii - Edward's Melecta
Species separata - Melecta separata
Subspecies callura - Melecta separata callura
No Taxon pacifica fulvida or thoracica
No Taxon Subgenus Melecta undetermined
Species pacifica - Melecta pacifica
Subspecies atlantica - Melecta pacifica atlantica
Genus Xeromelecta
Species larreae - Larrea Xeromelecta
No Taxon Subgenus Melectomorpha
Species interrupta - Interrupted Xeromelecta
Species californica - California Xeromelecta
Genus Zacosmia
Species maculata - Zacosmia maculata
Tribe Osirini
Genus Epeoloides
Species pilosulus - Epeoloides pilosulus
Tribe Protepeolini
Genus Leiopodus
Species singularis - Singular Chimney-bee-cuckoo
Subfamily Nomadinae - Cuckoo Bees
Tribe Ammobatini
Genus Oreopasites
Species barbarae - Barbara's Oreopasites
Tribe Ammobatoidini
Genus Holcopasites
Species calliopsidis - Holcopasites calliopsidis
Species stevensi - Holcopasites stevensi
No Taxon heliopsis or pulchellus
Species minimus - Holcopasites minimus
Tribe Biastini
Genus Neopasites
Species mojavensis - Neopasites mojavensis
Species fulviventris - Neopasites fulviventris
Genus Rhopalolemma
Species rotundiceps - Rhopalolemma rotundiceps
Tribe Brachynomadini
Genus Brachynomada
Species annectens - Brachynomada annectens
Species margaretae - Brachynomada margaretae
Genus Paranomada
Species velutina - Paranomada velutina
Genus Triopasites
Species penniger - Triopasites penniger
Tribe Epeolini
Genus Triepeolus
Species brittaini - Triepeolus brittaini
Species concavus - Triepeolus concavus
Species distinctus - Triepeolus distinctus
Species donatus - Triepeolus donatus
Species grandis - Triepeolus grandis
Species grindeliae - Triepeolus grindeliae
Species intrepidus - Triepeolus intrepidus
Species kathrynae - Triepeolus kathrynae
Species loomisorum - Triepeolus loomisorum
Species lunatus - Triepeolus lunatus
Species martini - Triepeolus martini
Species mexicanus - Triepeolus mexicanus
Species pectoralis - Triepeolus pectoralis
Species remigatus - Triepeolus remigatus
Species rufithorax - Triepeolus rufithorax
Species simplex - Triepeolus simplex
Species verbesinae - Triepeolus verbesinae
No Taxon verbesinae species group
Species eliseae - Triepeolus eliseae
Genus Epeolus
Species autumnalis - Epeolus autumnalis
Species canadensis - Epeolus canadensis
Species bifasciatus - Epeolus bifasciatus
Species compactus - Epeolus compactus
Species glabratus - Epeolus glabratus
Species mesillae - Epeolus mesillae
Species pusillus - Epeolus pusillus
Species scutellaris - Epeolus scutellaris
Species zonatus - Epeolus zonatus
Species lectoides - Epeolus lectoides
Species carolinus - Epeolus carolinus
Species howardi - Howard's Cellophane-cuckoo
Species olympiellus - Epeolus olympiellus
Tribe Hexepeolini
Genus Hexepeolus
Species rhodogyne - Hexepeolus rhodogyne
Tribe Neolarrini
Genus Neolarra
Species vigilans - Neolarra vigilans
Species californica - Neolarra californica
Species verbesinae - Neolarra verbesinae
Tribe Nomadini - Nomad Bees
Genus Nomada - Nomad Bees
No Taxon edwardsii species group
Species edwardsii - Edwards' Nomad Bee
Species hemphilli - Nomada hemphilli
Species superba - Superb Nomada
Species affabilis - Nomada affabilis
No Taxon resembles affabilis
No Taxon erigeronis species group
Species articulata - Nomada articulata
Species crotchii - Nomada crotchii
Species erigeronis - Nomada erigeronis
Species australis - Nomada australis
No Taxon roberjeotiana species group
Species placida - Nomada placida
Species verecunda - Nomada verecunda
No Taxon ruficornis species group, Typical Nomad Bees
Species armatella - Nomada armatella
Species bella - Nomada bella
Species bethunei - Nomada bethunei
Species cressonii - Cresson's Nomad Bee
Species cuneata - Cuneate Nomada
Species denticulata - Nomada denticulata
Species electa - Nomada electa
Species gracilis - Slender Nomad Bee
Species imbricata - Nomada imbricata
Species luteoloides - Nomada luteoloides
Species maculata - Spotted Nomad Bee
Species pygmaea - Pygmy Nomad Bee
Species vicina - Nomada vicina
No Taxon luteola subgroup aka Heminomada, e.g., luteoloides & imbricata
No Taxon cf depressa
No Taxon valida and relatives including lehighensis
No Taxon Gnathias i.e. toothed species
Species obliterata - Nomada obliterata
No Taxon vegana species group
Species fervida - Nomada fervida
Species suavis - Nomada suavis
Species texana - Texas Nomad
Species tiftonensis - Nomada tiftonensis
Species vegana - Nomada vegana
No Taxon vincta species group
Species utahensis - Utah Nomada
Species vincta - Nomada vincta
Tribe Townsendiellini
Genus Townsendiella
Species pulchra - Beautiful Townsendiella
Species rufiventris - Red-bellied Townsendiella
Subfamily Xylocopinae - Carpenter Bees
Genus Ceratina - Small Carpenter Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Calloceratina - Beautiful Ceratina
Species cobaltina - Cobalt Ceratina
No Taxon Subgenus Ceratinula
Species arizonensis - Arizona Ceratina
Species cockerelli - Cockerell's Ceratina
No Taxon Subgenus Zadontomerus
Species acantha - Prickly Ceratina
Species calcarata - Spurred Ceratina
Species dupla - Doubled Ceratina
Species floridana - Florida Ceratina
Species nanula - Dwarf Ceratina
Species sequoiae - Ceratina sequoiae
Species strenua - Nimble Ceratina
No Taxon calcarata, dupla, or mikmaqi
No Taxon calcarata or strenua
No Taxon duple or mikmaqi
Species mikmaqi - Mikmaq Ceratina
No Taxon subgenus Euceratina - True Ceratina
Species dallatorreana - Dalla Torre's Ceratina
Genus Xylocopa - Large Carpenter Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Neoxylocopa
Species mexicanorum - Xylocopa mexicanorum
Species varipuncta - Valley Carpenter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Notoxylocopa
Species tabaniformis - Horsefly-like Carpenter Bee
Subspecies orpifex - Xylocopa tabaniformis orpifex
Subspecies parkinsoniae - Xylocopa tabaniformis parkinsoniae
Subspecies androleuca - Xylocopa tabaniformis androleuca
No Taxon Subgenus Schonnherria
Species micans - Southern Carpenter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Stenoxylocopa
Species micheneri - Michener's Carpenter Bee
Species strandi - Strand's Carpenter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Xylocopoides
Species californica - Western Carpenter Bee
Subspecies diamesa - Xylocopa californica diamesa
Subspecies californica - California Carpenter Bee
Subspecies arizonensis - Arizona Carpenter Bee
Species virginica - Eastern Carpenter Bee
Subspecies krombeini - Xylocopa virginica krombeini
Subspecies texana - Texas Carpenter Bee
Subspecies virginica - Xylocopa virginica virginica
No Taxon Subgenus Alloxylocopa
Species appendiculata - Xylocopa appendiculata
Family Colletidae - Cellophane or Plasterer, Masked, and Fork-tongued Bees
Subfamily Diphaglossinae - Diphaglossinae, Fork- and Feather-tongued Bees
Genus Caupolicana - Fork-tongued Bees
Species ocellata - Ocellate Fork-tongue
Species yarrowi - Yarrow's Fork-tongue
Genus Ptiloglossa - Feather-tongued Bees
Species mexicana - Mexican Feather-tongue
Genus Zikanapis - Zikan's Feather-tongued Bees
Species elegans - Elegant Feather-tongue
Genus Colletes - Cellophane bees
No Taxon americanus species group
No Taxon simulans species group
Species aberrans - Aberrant Cellophane Bee
Species bryanti - Bryant's Cellophane Bee
Species compactus - Aster Cellophane Bee
Subspecies compactus - Colletes compactus compactus
Species fulgidus - Glittering Cellophane Bee
Subspecies longiplumosus - Long-plumed Cellophane Bee
Species kincaidii - Kincaid's Cellophane Bee
Species howardi - Howard's Cellophane Bee
Species hyalinus - Hyaline Cellophane Bee
Subspecies gaudialis - Colletes hyalinus gaudialis
Species inaequalis - Unequal Cellophane Bee
Species latitarsis - Broad-footed Cellophane Bee
Species longifacies - Long-faced Cellophane Bee
Species phaceliae - Phacelia Cellophane Bee
Species ochraceus - Ochraceous Cellophane Bee
Species simulans - Spine-shouldered Cellophane Bee
Subspecies armatus - Eastern Spine-shouldered Cellophane Bee
Subspecies nevadensis - Nevada Spine-shouldered Cellophane Bee
Species slevini - Slevin's Cellophane Bee
Species solidaginis - Goldenrod Cellophane Bee
Species susannae - Susanna's Cellophane Bee
Species tectiventris - Hairy-tailed Cellophane Bee
Species thoracicus - Rufous-chested Cellophane Bee
Species ultravalidus - Sandhills Cellophane Bee
Species validus - Blueberry Cellophane Bee
No Taxon resembling Colletes louisae
No Taxon resembling Colletes skinneri
No Taxon resembling Colletes eulophi
No Taxon inaequalis or validus
No Taxon resembling Colletes paniscus paniscus
Genus Hylaeus - Masked Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Cephalylaeus, Large-headed Masked Bees
Species basalis - Cinquefoil Masked Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Hylaeus, Nominate Masked Bees
Species annulatus - Annulate Masked Bee
Species leptocephalus - Slender-faced Masked Bee
Species mesillae - Mesilla Masked Bee
Subspecies cressoni - Cresson's Masked Bee
Species verticalis - Vertical Masked Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Paraprosopis
Species calvus - Yerba Santa Masked Bee
Species polifolii - Buckwheat Masked Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Prosopis
Species affinis - Eastern Masked Bee
Species episcopalis - Episcopal Masked Bee
Subspecies coquilletti - Coquillett's Masked Bee
Species modestus - Modest Masked Bee
Subspecies modestus - Eastern Modest Masked Bee
Subspecies citrinifrons - Lemon-fronted Masked Bee
Species ornatus - Ornate Masked Bee
Species schwarzii - Schwarz's Masked Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Spatulariella, Spatulate-Masked Bees
Species hyalinatus - Hyaline Spatulate-Masked Bee
Species punctatus - Punctate Spatulate-Masked Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Hylaeana
Species panamensis - Panama Masked Bee
Species graenicheri - Graenicher's Masked Bee
Family Halictidae - Sweat Bees
Subfamily Halictinae
Tribe Augochlorini
Genus Augochlora
Species pura - Pure Green Augochlora
Subspecies mosieri - Augochlora pura mosieri
Species azteca - Aztec Augochlora
Genus Augochlorella
Species aurata - Augochlorella aurata
Species neglectula - Augochlorella neglectula
Species pomoniella - Augochlorella pomoniella
No Taxon neglectula or pomoniella
Genus Augochloropsis
Species anonyma - Augochloropsis anonyma
Species metallica - Augochloropsis metallica
Species sumptuosa - Augochloropsis sumptuosa
No Taxon Augochlorella or Augochlora pura
Tribe Halictini
Genus Agapostemon - Striped-Sweat bees
No Taxon Subgenus Agapostemon
Species angelicus - Angeles Striped-Sweat bee
Species coloradinus - Colorado Striped-Sweat bee
Species femoratus - Agapostemon femoratus
Species melliventris - Honey-tailed Striped-Sweat bee
Species obliquus - Agapostemon obliquus
Species sericeus - Silky Striped-Sweat bee
Species splendens - Brown-winged Striped-Sweat bee
Species texanus - Texas Striped-Sweat bee
Species tyleri - Tyler's Striped-Sweat bee
Species virescens - Bicolored Striped-Sweat bee
No Taxon Subgenus Notagapostemon
Species nasutus - Agapostemon nasutus
No Taxon angelicus or texanus
No Taxon coloradinus or virescens
Genus Halictus - Furrow Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Vestitohalictus
Species tectus - Halictus (Vestitohalictus) tectus
No Taxon Subgenus Halictus sensu lato
Species farinosus - Brown-winged Furrow Bee, Halictus (Nealictus) farinosus
Species parallelus - Parallel Furrow Bee, Halictus (Nealictus) parallelus
Species ligatus - Ligated Furrow Bee, Halictus (Odontalictus) ligatus
Species poeyi - Poey's Furrow Bee, Halictus (Odontalictus) poeyi
Species rubicundus - Orange-legged Furrow Bee, Halictus (Protohalictus) rubicundus
No Taxon ligatus or poeyi
No Taxon farinosus or rubicundus
No Taxon Subgenus Seladonia
Species confusus - Confusing metallic-Furrow bee
Subspecies arapahonum - Arapaho Metallic-Furrow bee
Species tripartitus - Halictus (Seladonia) tripartitus
Species virgatellus - Halictus virgatellus
Genus Lasioglossum
No Taxon Subgenus Dialictus, Metallic-Sweat Bees
No Taxon pilosum species group
No Taxon tegulare species group
Species actinosum - Lasioglossum actinosum
Species albipenne - White-winged Metallic-Sweat Bee
Species anomalum - Anomalous Metallic-Sweat Bee
Species atwoodi - Atwood's Dialictus
Species bruneri - Bruner's Dialictus
Species coeruleum - Lasioglossum coeruleum
Species coreopsis - Lasioglossum coreopsis
Species cressonii - Cresson's Dialictus
Species floridanum - Florida Dialictus
Species gotham - Lasioglossum gotham
Species imbrex - Lasioglossum imbrex
Species imitatum - Lasioglossum imitatum
Species lepidii - Lasioglossum lepidii
Species leucocomum - Lasioglossum leucocomum
Species nigroviride - Black-and-Green Dialictus Sweat Bee
Species nymphale - Lasioglossum nymphale
Species oblongum - Lasioglossum oblongum
Species oceanicum - Lasioglossum oceanicum
Species petrellum - Lasioglossum petrellum
Species pictum - Lasioglossum pictum
Species pilosum - Lasioglossum pilosum
Species pruinosum - Pruinose Metallic-Sweat Bee
Species reticulatum - Reticulate Dialictus
Species semicaeruleum - Lasioglossum semicaeruleum
Species subviridatum - Lasioglossum subviridatum
Species tarponense - Lasioglossum tarponense
Species tegulare - Epaulette Metallic-Sweat Bee
Species tuolumnense - Tuolumne Dialictus
Species versatum - Lasioglossum versatum
Species vierecki - Viereck's Dialictus
Species zephyrum - Zephyr Dialictus
No Taxon cressonii or bruneri
No Taxon pale-winged Dialictus
No Taxon resembling true L. versatum (=rohweri)
No Taxon red-tailed Dialictus such as L. pictum
No Taxon resembles L. incompletum
No Taxon resembles L. laevissimum
No Taxon resembles pilosum group and actinosum, from Pacific states
No Taxon resembles L. versans
No Taxon socially parasitic Paralictus
Species lionotum - Lasioglossum lionotum
Species michiganense - Lasioglossum michiganense
No Taxon tegulare or ellisiae
Species marinum - Marine Metallic-Sweat Bee
Species lineatulum - Lineated Metallic-Sweat Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Evylaeus sensu lato
Species cinctipes - Lasioglossum cinctipes
No Taxon resembles cinctipes
No Taxon cinctipes or truncatum
No Taxon Subgenus Lasioglossum (Lasioglossum sensu McGinley, 1986)
Species coriaceum - Lasioglossum coriaceum
Species fuscipenne - Lasioglossum fuscipenne
Species pavonotum - Lasioglossum pavonotum
Species sisymbrii - Lasioglossum sisymbrii
Species olympiae - Lasioglossum olympiae
Species pacificum - Lasioglossum pacificum
Species mellipes - Lasioglossum mellipes
Species titusi - Titus' Lasioglossum
No Taxon Subgenus Leuchalictus
Species leucozonium - Lasioglossum leucozonium
Species zonulum - Lasioglossum zonulum
No Taxon Weak-veined species, i. e. Hemihalictus series
No Taxon Subgenus Hemihalictus sensu lato
Species ovaliceps - Oval-headed Sweat Bee
Species pectinatum - Lasioglossum pectinatum
Species pectorale - Lasioglossum pectorale
Species pectoraloides - Lasioglossum pectoraloides
Species macoupinense - Lasioglossum macoupinense
No Taxon Subgenus Sphecodogastra sensu lato
Species oenotherae - Lasioglossum oenotherae
Species quebecense - Lasioglossum quebecense
No Taxon Subgenus Sphecodogastra sensu stricto, Nocturnal Sweat Bees
Species texanum - Texas Nocturnal Sweat Bee
Genus Mexalictus
Species arizonensis - Arizona Mexalictus
Genus Sphecodes
Species aroniae - Sphecodes aroniae
Species confertus - Sphecodes confertus
Species davisii - Sphecodes davisii
Species heraclei - Sphecodes heraclei
Subspecies ignitus - Sphecodes heraclei ignitus
Subspecies heraclei - Sphecodes heraclei heraclei
Species johnsonii - Johnson's Sphecodes
Species mandibularis - Sphecodes mandibularis
Species ranunculi - Sphecodes ranunculi
No Taxon ranunculi or aroniae
Species solonis - Sphecodes solonis
No Taxon resembles S. minor
Subfamily Nomiinae
Genus Dieunomia
No Taxon Subgenus Epinomia
Species nevadensis - Nevada Nomia
Subspecies arizonensis - Dieunomia nevadensis arizonensis
Subspecies bakeri - Dieunomia nevadensis bakeri
Species triangulifera - Prairie Nomia
No Taxon Subgenus Dieunomia
Species heteropoda - Dieunomia heteropoda
Genus Nomia
Species melanderi - Alkali Bee
Species nortoni - Norton's Nomia
Species tetrazonata - Four-banded Nomia
Subfamily Rophitinae
Genus Conanthalictus
Species bakeri - Conanthalictus bakeri
Species macrops - Conanthalictus macrops
Genus Dufourea
Species echinocacti - Barrel Cactus Dufourea
Species marginata - Dufourea marginata
Species monardae - Monarda Dufourea
No Taxon probably mulleri
Species versatilis - Dufourea versatilis
Species maura - Dufourea maura
Genus Micralictoides
Species ruficaudus - Micralictoides ruficaudus
Genus Protodufourea
Species eickworti - Protodufourea eickworti
Genus Sphecodosoma
No Taxon Subgenus Sphecodosoma
Species dicksoni - Sphecodosoma dicksoni
Genus Xeralictus
Species biscuspidariae - Xeralictus biscuspidariae
Species timberlakei - Xeralictus timberlakei
Family Megachilidae - Leafcutter, Mason, and Resin Bees, and allies
Subfamily Lithurginae - Woodborer Bees
Genus Lithurgopsis - Northern Cactus Woodborers
Species apicalis - Orange-tipped Woodborer
Species gibbosa - Southeastern Woodborer
Species echinocacti - Barrel Cactus Woodborer
Genus Lithurgus
No Taxon Subgenus Lithurgus
Species chrysurus - Mediterranean Wood-boring Bee
Subfamily Megachilinae
Tribe Anthidiini
Genus Anthidiellum - Rotund Resin Bees
Species ehrhorni - Ehrhorn's Rotund-Resin Bee
Species notatum - Northern Rotund-Resin Bee
Subspecies robertsoni - California Rotund-Resin Bee
Subspecies rufimaculatum - Florida Rotund-Resin Bee
Subspecies notatum - Eastern Rotund-Resin Bee
Subspecies gilense - Gila Rotund-Resin Bee
Species perplexum - Perplexing Rotund-Resin Bee
Genus Anthidium - Wool-carder Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Anthidium, Typical Wool-carder Bees
Species edwardsii - Edwards' Wool-carder Bee
Species emarginatum - Emarginate Wool-carder Bee
Species illustre - Anthidium illustre
Species maculifrons - Spot-fronted Wool-carder Bee
Species maculosum - Anthidium maculosum
Species manicatum - European Woolcarder
Species palliventre - Pacific Wool-carder Bee
Species porterae - Porter's Wool-carder Bee
Species psoraleae - Anthidium psoraleae
Species utahense - Utah Wool-carder Bee
No Taxon Former subgenus Callanthidium, i.e. A. formosum or A. illustre
No Taxon Subgenus Proanthidium
Species oblongatum - Oblong Woolcarder
Genus Dianthidium
Species curvatum - Dianthidium curvatum
Subspecies sayi - Dianthidium curvatum sayi
Species floridiense - Dianthidium floridiense
Species simile - Dianthidium simile
Genus Paranthidium
Species jugatorium - Paranthidium jugatorium
Subspecies lepidum - Paranthidium jugatorium lepidum
Subspecies perpictum - Paranthidium jugatorium perpictum
Subspecies jugatorium - Paranthidium jugatorium jugatorium
Genus Pseudoanthidium
Species nanum - Pseudoanthidium nanum
Genus Stelis
No Taxon Subgenus Stelis
Species coarctatus - Stelis coarctatus
Species diversicolor - Stelis diversicolor
Species interrupta - Stelis interrupta
Species lateralis - Stelis lateralis
Species melanotricha - Stelis melanotricha
No Taxon Subgenus Dolichostelis
Species costalis - Stelis costalis
Species laticincta - Stelis laticincta
Species louisae - Stelis louisae
Species rudbeckiarum - Stelis rudbeckiarum
Species perpulchra - Stelis perpulchra
No Taxon Subgenus Heterostelis
Genus Trachusa
No Taxon Subgenus Ulanthidium
Species manni - Trachusa manni
No Taxon Subgenus Trachusomimus
Species perdita - Trachusa perdita
No Taxon Subgenus Heteranthidium
Species zebrata - Trachusa zebrata
Species cordaticeps - Trachusa cordaticeps
Species dorsalis - Trachusa dorsalis
Species fontemvitae - Trachusa fontemvitae
Species timberlakei - Trachusa timberlakei
Species larreae - Trachusa larreae
Tribe Dioxyini
Genus Dioxys
Species productus - Dioxys productus
Tribe Megachilini
Genus Megachile - Leafcutter, Resin, and Mortar Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Acentron, Large-toothed Leafcutters
Species albitarsis - White-footed Leafcutter
No Taxon Subgenus Argyropile, Bent-tailed Leaf-cutter Bees
Species parallela - Parallel Leaf-cutter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Callomegachile, Giant Resin Bees
Species sculpturalis - Sculptured Resin Bee
Species umbripennis - Shadow-winged Resin Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Chelostomoides
Species angelarum - Megachile angelarum
Species campanulae - Bellflower Resin Bee
Species davidsoni - Golden-eardrops Resin Bee
Species chilopsidis - Desert-willow Resin Bee
Species discorhina - Megachile discorhina
Species exilis - Slender Resin Bee
Species prosopidis - Megachile prosopidis
No Taxon Subgenus Eutricharaea, Small Leaf-cutter Bees
Species apicalis - Apical Leafcutter Bee
Species rotundata - Alfalfa Leafcutter
Species pusilla - Megachile pusilla
No Taxon Subgenus Leptorachis
Species petulans - Petulant Leaf-cutter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Litomegachile
Species brevis - Common Little Leaf-cutter Bee
Species gentilis - Megachile gentilis
Species mendica - Flat-tailed Leaf-cutter Bee
Species onobrychidis - Western Little Leaf-cutter Bee
Species pseudobrevis - Southeastern Little Leaf-cutter Bee
Species texana - Texas Leaf-cutter Bee
No Taxon Resembles lippiae
No Taxon lippiae or texana
No Taxon Subgenus Megachile
Species centuncularis - Linnean Leafcutter
Species inermis - Unarmed Leafcutter
Species montivaga - Silver-tailed Petalcutter
Species nivalis - Snowy Leafcutter
Species relativa - Golden-tailed Leafcutter
No Taxon Subgenus Megachiloides
No Taxon Subgenus Melanosarus, Black Leaf-cutter Bees
Species bahamensis - Bahama Leaf-cutter Bee
Species xylocopoides - Carpenter-mimic Leaf-cutter Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudocentron
Species pruina - Hoary Leaf-cutter Bee
Subspecies nigropinguis - Megachile pruina nigropinguis
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudomegachile
Species lanata - Woolly Wall Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Sayapis
Species fidelis - Horn-faced Leaf-cutter Bee
Species inimica - Hostile Leaf-cutter Bee
Subspecies inimica - Megachile inimica inimica
Subspecies sayi - Megachile inimica sayi
Species newberryae - Newberry's leaf-cutter Bee
Species policaris - Megachile policaris
Species pugnata - Pugnacious Leaf-cutter Bee
Subspecies pugnata - Megachile pugnata pugnata
Subspecies pomonae - Megachile pugnata pomonae
Species zaptlana - Megachile zaptlana
Species frugalis - Megachile frugalis
No Taxon resembles inimica jacumbensis
No Taxon Subgenus Xanthosarus
Species addenda - Megachile addenda
Species comata - Megachile comata
Species frigida - Frigid Leafcutter
Species gemula - Small-handed Leaf-cutter Bee
Species latimanus - Broad-handed Leafcutter
Species melanophaea - Black-and-gray Leafcutter
Species perihirta - Western Leafcutter
No Taxon gemula or mucida
No Taxon melanophaea or mucida
No Taxon Subgenus Megachiloides, Phaenosarus, or Xanthosarus
No Taxon Subgenus Litomegachile or Megachile
No Taxon Subgenus Phaenosarus
Species fortis - Megachile fortis
No Taxon Megachile leaf damage
Genus Coelioxys - Cuckoo-leaf-cutter Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Acrocoelioxys, now included in subgenus Neocoelioxys
Species dolichos - Carpenter-mimic Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
No Taxon Subgenus Allocoelioxys
Species coturnix - Red-tipped Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
No Taxon Subgenus Boreocoelioxys, Northern Cuckoo-leaf-cutter Bees
Species banksi - Coelioxys banksi
Species octodentatus - Eight-toothed Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Species porterae - Porter's Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Species rufitarsis - Red-footed Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Species sayi - Say's Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
No Taxon Subgenus Cyrtocoelioxys
Species modestus - Modest Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
No Taxon Subgenus Haplocoelioxys, now included in subgenus Glyptocoelioxys
Species mexicanus - Mexican Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
No Taxon Subgenus Synocoelioxys
Species alternatus - Alternate Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Species hunteri - Hunter's Cuckoo-leaf-cutter
Species texanus - Coelioxys texana
No Taxon Subgenus Glyptocoelioxys
Species germanus - Coelioxys germanus
No Taxon Subgenus Xerocoelioxys
Species immaculatus - Coelioxys immaculatus
No Taxon Subgenus Neocoelioxys
Species slossoni - Coelioxys slossoni
Subspecies arenicola - Coelioxys slossoni arenicola
Subspecies slossoni - Coelioxys slossoni slossoni
Species menthae - Coelioxys menthae
Tribe Osmiini
Genus Ashmeadiella
No Taxon Subgenus Arogochila
Species eurynorhyncha
No Taxon Subgenus Cubitognatha
Species xenomastax - Ashmeadiella xenomastax
No Taxon Subgenus Isosmia
Species rubrella - Ashmeadiella rubrella
No Taxon Subgenus Ashmeadiella
Species bigeloviae - Ashmeadiella bigeloviae
Genus Chelostoma
No Taxon Subgenus Foveosmia
Species californicum - Chelostoma californicum
Species campanularum - Chelostoma campanularum
No Taxon Subgenus Prochelostoma
Species philadelphi - Chelostoma philadelphi
No Taxon Subgenus Gyrodromella
Species rapunculi - Chelostoma rapunculi
Genus Heriades
Species carinata - Heriades carinata
Species leavitti - Heriades leavitti
Genus Hoplitis
No Taxon Subgenus Alcidamea sensu stricto
Species elongaticeps - Hoplitis elongaticeps
Species producta - Hoplitis producta
No Taxon producta or pilosifrons
No Taxon Former subgenus Cyrtosmia, now subgenus Alcidamea in part
Species hypocrita - Hoplitis hypocrita
No Taxon Former subgenus Monumetha, now subgenus Alcidamea in part
Species albifrons - Hoplitis albifrons
Subspecies maura - Hoplitis albifrons maura
Subspecies argentifrons - Hoplitis albifrons argentifrons
Species fulgida - Hoplitis fulgida
Subspecies fulgida - Hoplitis fulgida fulgida
Subspecies platyura - Hoplitis fulgida platyura
Species spoliata - Hoplitis spoliata
No Taxon Subgenus Proteriades
Species bunocephala - Hoplitis bunocephala
Species incanescens - Hoplitis incanescens
Species bullifacies - Hoplitis bullifacies
No Taxon Subgenus Hoplitis
Species anthocopoides - Hoplitis anthocopoides
No Taxon Former subgenus Dasyosmia, now subgenus Alcidamea in part
Species biscutellae - Hoplitis biscutellae
Genus Osmia - Mason Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Cephalosmia
Species montana - Osmia montana
Subspecies quadriceps - Osmia montana quadriceps
No Taxon Subgenus Diceratosmia
Species botitena - Osmia botitena
Species subfasciata - Osmia subfasciata
No Taxon Subgenus Euthosmia
Species glauca - Osmia glauca
No Taxon Subgenus Helicosmia
Species caerulescens - Osmia caerulescens
Species chalybea - Osmia chalybea
Species coloradensis - Colorado Osmia
Species georgica - Osmia georgica
Species texana - Texas Osmia
No Taxon Subgenus Melanosmia
Species aglaia - Osmia aglaia
Species integra - Osmia integra
Species bucephala - Bufflehead Mason Bee
Species calaminthae - Calamintha Osmia
Species clarescens - Osmia clarescens
Species cyanella - Osmia cyanella
Species dakotensis - Osmia dakotensis
Species distincta - Osmia distincta
Species foxi - Osmia foxi
Species pumila - Osmia pumila
Species rawlinsi - Osmia rawlinsi
Species simillima - Osmia simillima
Species longula - Osmia longula
No Taxon Chenosmia group including metallic green or blue Osmia
No Taxon likely Nothosmia Group II sensu Sinha
No Taxon resembles nemoris
No Taxon resembles proxima
No Taxon Subgenus Osmia
Species cornifrons - Hornfaced Bee
Species lignaria - Blue Orchard Bee
Subspecies lignaria - Osmia lignaria lignaria
Subspecies propinqua - Osmia lignaria propinqua
Species ribifloris - Osmia ribifloris
Subspecies ribifloris - Osmia ribifloris ribifloris
Subspecies biedermannii - Osmia ribifloris biedermannii
Species taurus - Osmia taurus
No Taxon cornifrons or taurus
Genus Protosmia - Subgenus Chelostomopsis
Species rubifloris - Protosmia rubifloris
No Taxon Ashmeadiella or Hoplitis
No Taxon Hoplitis or Osmia
Family Melittidae - Melittid Bees
Subfamily Dasypodainae - Hairy-footed Bees
Tribe Hesperapini
Genus Hesperapis - Hesperapis, Evening Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Carinapis, Carinate Evening Bees
Species oraria - Gulf Coast Evening Bee
No Taxon Resembles fulvipes, Tawny-footed Evening Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Panurgomia, Panurgus-like Evening Bees
Species regularis - Hesperapis regularis, Clarkia Evening Bee
No Taxon Subgenus Xeralictoides, Blazing Star Evening Bees
No Taxon Subgenus Zacesta, Hugelia Evening Bees
Species rufipes - Hesperapis rufipes, Hugelia Evening Bee
No Taxon undescribed species oligolectic on Sphaeralcea
Subfamily Melittinae
Tribe Melittini
Genus Melitta
Species eickworti - Deerberry Melitta
Tribe Macropidini
Genus Macropis - Macropis, Yellow Loosestrife Bees
Species nuda - Macropis nuda, Nude Yellow Loosestrife Bee
No Taxon unidentified Nests, Nest Sites, and Immatures
No Taxon Apoid Wasps (Apoidea)- traditional Sphecidae
Family Ampulicidae - Cockroach Wasps
Genus Dolichurus
Species greenei - Dolichurus greenei
Genus Ampulex
Species canaliculata - Ampulex canaliculata
Species ferruginea - Ampulex ferruginea
Family Crabronidae
Subfamily Astatinae
Genus Astata
Species bicolor - Astata bicolor
Species occidentalis - Astata occidentalis
Species unicolor - Astata unicolor
Genus Diploplectron
Species ferrugineum - Diploplectron ferrugineum
Genus Dryudella
Species caerulea - Dryudella caerulea
Subfamily Bembicinae
Tribe Alyssontini
Genus Alysson
Species guignardi - Alysson guignardi
Species melleus - Alysson melleus
Species oppositus - Alysson oppositus
Species triangulifer - Alysson triangulifer
Genus Didineis
Species latimana - Didineis latimana
Species nodosa - Didineis nodosa
Species peculiaris - Didineis peculiaris
Tribe Bembicini - Sand Wasps
Subtribe Bembicina
Genus Bembix
Species americana - Bembix americana
Subspecies comata - Bembix americana comata
Subspecies spinolae - Bembix americana spinolae
Species amoena - Bembix amoena
Species occidentalis - Bembix occidentalis
Species sayi - Bembix sayi
Species texana - Bembix texana
Genus Bicyrtes
Species capnopterus - Bicyrtes capnopterus
Species insidiatrix - Bicyrtes insidiatrix
Species quadrifasciatus - Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus
Species variegatus - Bicyrtes variegatus
Species ventralis - Bicyrtes ventralis
Species viduatus - Bicyrtes viduatus
Genus Microbembex
Species monodonta - Microbembex monodonta
Species californica - Microbembex californica
Genus Stictia
Species carolina - Horse Guard Wasp
Subtribe Exeirina
Genus Argogorytes
Species nigrifrons - Argogorytes nigrifrons
Genus Clitemnestra
Species bipunctata - Clitemnestra bipunctata
Subtribe Gorytina
Genus Gorytes
Species atricornis - Gorytes atricornis
Species dorothyae - Gorytes dorothyae
Subspecies russeolus - Gorytes dorothyae russeolus
Species simillimus - Gorytes simillimus
Species willcoxi - Gorytes willcoxi
Genus Hoplisoides
Species costalis - Hoplisoides costalis
Species hamatus - Hoplisoides hamatus
Species nebulosus - Hoplisoides nebulosus
Subspecies spilopterus - Hoplisoides nebulosus spilopterus
Species punctifrons - Hoplisoides punctifrons
Species semipunctatus - Hoplisoides semipunctatus
Species tricolor - Hoplisoides tricolor
Genus Psammaletes
Species mexicanus - Psammaletes mexicanus
Genus Saygorytes
Species phaleratus - Saygorytes phaleratus
Genus Lestiphorus
Species cockerelli - Lestiphorus cockerelli
Genus Harpactus
Subtribe Spheciina
Genus Sphecius - Cicada Killers
Species convallis - Pacific Cicada Killer
Species grandis - Western Cicada Killer
Species hogardii - Caribbean Cicada Killer
Species speciosus - Eastern Cicada Killer
Subtribe Stizina
Genus Bembecinus
Species floridanus - Bembecinus floridanus
Species neglectus - Bembecinus neglectus
Species quinquespinosus - Bembecinus quinquespinosus
Genus Stizoides
Species foxi - Fox's Stizoides
Species renicinctus - Stizoides renicinctus
Genus Stizus
No Taxon brevipennis or texanus
Species occidentalis - Western Stizus
Species brevipennis - Eastern Stizus
Subtribe Stictiellina
Genus Glenostictia
Species pictifrons - Glenostictia pictifrons
Genus Steniolia
Species scolopacea - Steniolia scolopacea
Species eremica - Steniolia eremica
Species elegans - Steniolia elegans
Genus Stictiella
Species emarginata - Stictiella emarginata
Species villegasi - Algodones Sand Wasp
Species formosa - Stictiella formosa
Tribe Nyssonini
Genus Epinysson
Species basilaris - Epinysson basilaris
Species mellipes - Epinysson mellipes
Species tuberculatus - Epinysson tuberculatus
Genus Foxia
Species navajo - Foxia navajo
Genus Nysson
No Taxon "Synnevrus"
Species aequalis - Nysson aequalis
Species freyigessneri - Nysson freyigessneri
Species plagiatus - Nysson plagiatus
Species lateralis - Nysson lateralis
Species recticornis - Nysson recticornis
Species rusticus - Nysson rusticus
Species subtilis - Nysson subtilis
Species tristis - Nysson tristis
Genus Zanysson
Subfamily Crabroninae - Square-headed Wasps
Tribe Crabronini
Subtribe Anacrabronina
Genus Anacrabro
Species ocellatus - Anacrabro ocellatus
Subtribe Crabronina - Squareheads
Genus Crabro - Shield-handed Squareheads
Species argusinus - Crabro argusinus
Species cingulatus - Crabro cingulatus
Species latipes - Crabro latipes
Species snowii - Crabro snowii
Species tumidus - Crabro tumidus
Species villosus - Crabro villosus
Genus Crossocerus - Equilateral Squareheads
No Taxon subgenus Blepharipus
Species nitidiventris - Crossocerus nitidiventris
Species impressifrons - Crossocerus impressifrons
Genus Ectemnius
No Taxon Subgenus Clytochrysus
Species lapidarius - Ectemnius lapidarius
Species ruficornis - Ectemnius ruficornis
No Taxon Subgenus Ectemnius
Species dives - Ectemnius dives
No Taxon Subgenus Hypocrabro
Species arcuatus - Ectemnius arcuatus
Species centralis - Ectemnius centralis
Species continuus - Ectemnius continuus
Species decemmaculatus - Ectemnius decemmaculatus
Species rufipes - Ectemnius rufipes
Species scaber - Ectemnius scaber
Species sonorensis - Ectemnius sonorensis
Species stirpicola - Ectemnius stirpicola
No Taxon Subgenus Metacrabro
Species cephalotes - Ectemnius cephalotes
Species maculosus - Ectemnius maculosus
No Taxon Subgenus Protothyreopus
Species rufifemur - Ectemnius rufifemur
Genus Lestica
Species producticollis - Lestica producticollis
Species confluenta - Lestica confluenta
Genus Moniaecera
Genus Rhopalum
Species clavipes - Rhopalum clavipes
Tribe Larrini
Subtribe Larrina
Genus Larra - Mole Cricket Hunters
Species analis - Larra analis
Species bicolor - Larra bicolor
Genus Liris
Species partitus - Liris (Leptolarra) partitus
Species argentatus - Liris (Leptolarra) argentatus
Subtribe Gastrosericina
Genus Larropsis
Species distincta - Larropsis (Ancistromma) distincta
Genus Tachysphex
Species similis - Tachysphex similis
No Taxon terminatus group
Species pompiliformis - Tachysphex pompiliformis
Genus Tachytes
Species aurulentus - Tachytes aurulentus
Species crassus - Tachytes crassus
Species distinctus - Tachytes distinctus
Species grisselli - Tachytes grisselli
Species guatemalensis - Tachytes guatemalensis
Species validus - Tachytes validus
Species abdominalis - Tachytes abdominalis
Species pennsylvanicus - Tachytes pennsylvanicus
Species desertus - Tachytes desertus
Species intermedius - Tachytes intermedius
No Taxon abdominalis-group
No Taxon pepticus-group
Tribe Miscophini
Genus Lyroda
Species subita - Lyroda subita
Genus Miscophus
Species americanus - Miscophus (Miscophus) americanus
Genus Plenoculus
Species davisi - Plenoculus davisi
Genus Solierella
Tribe Oxybelini
Genus Belomicrus
Genus Oxybelus - Prong-backed flyhunters
Species cressonii - Oxybelus cressonii
Species emarginatus - Oxybelus emarginatus
Species uniglumis - Oxybelus uniglumis
Species bipunctatus - Oxybelus bipunctatus
Tribe Trypoxylini
Genus Pison
Species koreense - Pison koreense
Genus Pisonopsis
Species birkmanni - Pisonopsis birkmanni
Genus Trypoxylon
No Taxon Subgenus Trypargilum
Species clavatum - Trypoxylon clavatum
Species collinum - Trypoxylon collinum
Species lactitarse - Trypoxylon lactitarse
Species politum - Pipe Organ Mud Dauber
No Taxon Subgenus Trypoxylon
Species frigidum - Trypoxylon frigidum
Subfamily Mellininae
Genus Mellinus
Species bimaculatus - Mellinus bimaculatus
Species imperialis - Mellinus imperialis
Species rufinodus - Mellinus rufinodus
Subfamily Pemphredoninae - Aphid Wasps
Tribe Pemphredonini
Subtribe Stigmina
Genus Stigmus
Species americanus - Stigmus americanus
Subtribe Spilomenina
Genus Spilomena
Species occidentalis - Spilomena occidentalis
Species hainesi - Spilomena hainesi
Subtribe Pemphredonina
Genus Diodontus
Genus Passaloecus
Species cuspidatus - Passaloecus cuspidatus
Genus Pemphredon
Species inornata - Pemphredon (Cemonus) inornata
Subtribe Ammoplanina
Genus Ammoplanops
Species vierecki - Ammoplanops vierecki
Genus Ammoplanus
Species chemehuevi - Ammoplanus chemehuevi
Species quabajai - Ammoplanus quabajai
Genus Parammoplanus
Species apache - Parammoplanus apache
Genus Pulverro
Species costano - Pulverro costano
Genus Timberlakena
Species yucaipa - Timberlakena yucaipa
Tribe Psenini
Genus Mimesa
Genus Mimumesa
Genus Psen
Species erythropoda - Psen erythropoda
Species monticola - Psen monticola
Genus Psenulus
Genus Pseneo
Species punctatus - Pseneo punctatus
Subfamily Philanthinae
Tribe Aphilanthopini
Genus Aphilanthops - Ant Queen Kidnapping Wasps
Species frigidus - Eastern Ant-queen Kidnapper
Species hispidus - Aphilanthops hispidus
Species subfrigidus - Western Ant-queen Kidnapper
Genus Clypeadon
Tribe Cercerini
Genus Cerceris
Species arelate - Cerceris arelate
Species atramontensis - Cerceris atramontensis
Species bicornuta - Cerceris bicornuta
Species californica - Cerceris californica
Species clypeata - Cerceris clypeata
Species frontata - Cerceris frontata
Species fumipennis - Cerceris fumipennis
Species halone - Cerceris halone
Species insolita - Cerceris insolita
Species kennicottii - Cerceris kennicottii
Species nigrescens - Cerceris nigrescens
Species rufopicta - Cerceris rufopicta
Species sextoides - Cerceris sextoides
Species tolteca - Cerceris tolteca
Genus Eucerceris
Species arenaria - Eucerceris arenaria
Species flavocincta - Eucerceris flavocincta
Species provancheri - Eucerceris provancheri
Species superba - Eucerceris superba
Species canaliculata - Eucerceris canaliculata
Tribe Philanthini
Genus Philanthus - Beewolves
Species bicinctus - Bumble bee wolf
Species bilunatus - Philanthus bilunatus
Species crabroniformis - Philanthus crabroniformis
Species gibbosus - Philanthus gibbosus
Species lepidus - Philanthus lepidus
Species multimaculatus - Philanthus multimaculatus
Species nasalis - Philanthus nasalis
Species pacificus - Philanthus pacificus
Species politus - Philanthus politus
Species ventilabris - Philanthus ventilabris
Species sanbornii - Philanthus sanbornii
Species solivagus - Philanthus solivagus
Genus Trachypus
Species mexicanus - Trachypus mexicanus
Family Sphecidae - Thread-waisted Wasps
Subfamily Chloriontinae
Genus Chlorion
Species aerarium - Steel-blue Cricket Hunter
Species cyaneum - Chlorion cyaneum
Subfamily Ammophilinae
Genus Ammophila
Species aberti - Ammophila aberti
Species aphrodite - Ammophila aphrodite
Species azteca - Ammophila azteca
Species femurrubra - Ammophila femurrubra
Species ferruginosa - Ammophila ferruginosa
Species juncea - Ammophila juncea
Species nigricans - Ammophila nigricans
Species pictipennis - Ammophila pictipennis
Species placida - Ammophila placida
Species procera - Ammophila procera
Species wrightii - Ammophila wrightii
No Taxon resembles wrightii
No Taxon pictipennis or placida
Genus Eremnophila
Species aureonotata - Eremnophila aureonotata
Genus Podalonia - Cutworm Wasps
Species argentifrons - Podalonia argentifrons
Species luctuosa - Podalonia luctuosa
Species robusta - Podalonia robusta
Subfamily Sphecinae
Tribe Prionychini
Genus Palmodes
Species dimidiatus - Palmodes dimidiatus
Species praestans - Palmodes praestans
Genus Prionyx
Species atratus - Prionyx atratus
Species canadensis - Prionyx canadensis
Species foxi - Prionyx foxi
Species parkeri - Prionyx parkeri
Species fervens - Prionyx fervens
Tribe Sphecini
Genus Isodontia - Grass-carrying Wasps
Species apicalis - Isodontia apicalis
Species auripes - Brown-legged Grass-carrier
Species elegans - Isodontia elegans
Species exornata - Isodontia exornata
Species mexicana - Isodontia mexicana
Species philadelphica - Isodontia philadelphica
No Taxon apicalis or mexicana
Genus Sphex
Species ashmeadi - Sphex ashmeadi
Species dorsalis - Sphex dorsalis
Species flavovestitus - Sphex flavovestitus
Species habenus - Sphex habenus
Species ichneumoneus - Great Golden Digger Wasp
Species jamaicensis - Sphex jamaicensis
Species lucae - Sphex (Fernaldina) lucae
Species nudus - Katydid Wasp
Species pensylvanicus - Great Black Wasp
Species tepanecus - Sphex tepanecus
Species texanus - Sphex texanus
Subfamily Sceliphrinae
Tribe Sceliphrini
Genus Chalybion - Blue Mud Wasps
Species californicum - Blue Mud Wasp
Species zimmermanni - Zimmermann's Mud Wasp
Subspecies aztecum - Aztec Mud Wasp
Genus Sceliphron
Species assimile - Sceliphron assimile
Species caementarium - Black and Yellow Mud Dauber
Species curvatum-or-deforme - Sceliphron curvatum or deforme
Tribe Podiini
Genus Podium
Species luctuosum - Podium luctuosum
Species rufipes - Podium rufipes
Superfamily Chrysidoidea - Cuckoo Wasps and Allies
Family Bethylidae
Subfamily Bethylinae
Genus Bethylus
Species amoenus - Bethylus amoenus
Species decipiens - Bethylus decipiens
Genus Goniozus
Species asperulus - Goniozus asperulus
Species legneri - Goniozus Navel Orangeworm Wasp
Subfamily Epyrinae
Tribe Epyrini
Genus Anisepyris
Species occidentalis - Anisepyris occidentalis
Species williamsi - Anisepyris williamsi
Genus Chlorepyris - Chlorepyris 0
Genus Epyris
Species californicus - Epyris californicus
Species rufipes - Epyris rufipes
Genus Holepyris
Species graminis - Holepyris graminis
Species micidus - Holepyris micidus
Species subtilis - Holepyris subtilis
Genus Laelius
Species pedatus - Laelius pedatus
Tribe Cephalonomiini
Genus Cephalonomia
Species waterstoni - Parasitic Grain Wasp
Tribe Sclerodermini
Subfamily Pristocerinae
Genus Apenesia
Genus Acrepyris
Genus Dissomphalus
Genus Pristocera
Species fraterna - Pristocera fraterna
Species armifera - Pristocera armifera
Genus Pseudisobrachium
Species carbonarium - Pseudisobrachium carbonarium
Species prolongatum - Pseudisobrachium prolongatum
Family Chrysididae - Cuckoo Wasps
Subfamily Amiseginae
Genus Amisega
Species kahlii - Amisega kahlii
Subfamily Chrysidinae
Tribe Chrysidini
Genus Argochrysis
Species armilla - Argochrysis armilla
Genus Caenochrysis
Species doriae - Caenochrysis doriae
No Taxon carinata or tridens
Species deversor - Caenochrysis deversor
Genus Ceratochrysis
Genus Chrysis
Species angolensis - Chrysis angolensis
Species aridula - Chrysis aridula
Species conica - Chrysis conica
No Taxon smaragdula species-group
Species inaequidens - Chrysis inaequidens
Species smaragdula - Chrysis smaragdula
No Taxon succincta species-group
Species provancheri - Chrysis provancheri
No Taxon ignita species-group
Species cessata - Chrysis cessata
Species nitidula-complex - Chrysis nitidula-complex
Genus Chrysura
Species inusitata - Chrysura inusitata
Species sagmatis - Chrysura sagmatis
Genus Exochrysis
Species alabamensis - Exochrysis alabamensis
Genus Chrysurissa
Species densa - Chrysurissa densa
Tribe Parnopini
Genus Parnopes
Species chrysoprasinus - Parnopes chrysoprasinus
Species edwardsii - Parnopes edwardsii
Species fulvicornis - Parnopes fulvicornis
Tribe Elampini
Genus Elampus
Genus Hedychridium
Species dimidiatum - Hedychridium dimidiatum
Genus Hedychrum
Species violaceum - Hedychrum violaceum
Species cupricolle - Hedychrum cupricolle
Genus Holopyga
Species ventralis - Holopyga ventralis
Genus Microchridium
Species minutum - Microchridium minutum
Genus Muesebeckidium
Species obsoletum - Muesebeckidium obsoletum
Genus Omalus
Species iridescens - Omalus iridescens
Genus Philoctetes
Species variatus - Philoctetes variatus
Genus Pseudomalus
Species purpuratus - Pseudomalus purpuratus
Species auratus - Pseudomalus auratus
Subfamily Cleptinae
Genus Cleptes
Species alienus - Cleptes alienus
Species purpuratus - Cleptes purpuratus
Family Dryinidae - Dryinids
Subfamily Anteoninae
Genus Anteon
Species masoni - Anteon masoni
Species rugosiceps - Anteon rugosiceps
Genus Deinodryinus
Species paradoxus - Deinodryinus paradoxus
Species atriventris - Deinodryinus atriventris
Genus Lonchodryinus
Species flavus - Lonchodryinus flavus
Subfamily Aphelopinae
Genus Aphelopus
Species albopictus - Aphelopus albopictus
Species varicornis - Aphelopus varicornis
Genus Crovettia
Species theliae - Crovettia theliae
Subfamily Bocchinae
Genus Bocchus
Species flavipes - Bocchus flavipes
Species hainesi - Bocchus hainesi
Subfamily Dryininae
Genus Dryinus
Species alatus - Dryinus alatus
Species crawfordi - Dryinus crawfordi
Species halsteadi - Dryinus halsteadi
Subfamily Gonatopodinae
Genus Apterodryinus
Species torvus - Apterodryinus torvus
Genus Dicondylus
Species americanus - Dicondylus americanus
Genus Esagonatopus
Species niger - Esagonatopus niger
Genus Gonatopus
Species paraleptias - Gonatopus paraleptias
Genus Pseudogonatopus
Species herbarum - Gonatopus herbarum
Species mimoides - Gonatopus mimoides
No Taxon Larvae of Dryinidae
Family Sclerogibbidae
Genus Sclerogibba
Species talpiformis - Sclerogibba talpiformis
Genus Probethylus
Species callani - Probethylus callani
Family Embolemidae
Genus Ampulichomorpha
Species confusa - Ampulichomorpha confusa
Genus Embolemus
Species nearcticus - Embolemus nearcticus
Superfamily Formicoidea - Ants
Family Formicidae - Ants
Subfamily Amblyoponinae - Dracula Ants
Genus Stigmatomma
Species oregonense - Stigmatomma oregonense
Species pallipes - Stigmatomma pallipes
Subfamily Dorylinae
Tribe Ecitonini - Army Ants
Genus Labidus
Species coecus - Labidus coecus
Genus Neivamyrmex - Legionary Ants
Species kiowapache - Neivamyrmex kiowapache
Species mandibula - Neivamyrmex mandibula
Species nigrescens - Neivamyrmex nigrescens
Species opacithorax - Neivamyrmex opacithorax
Species pilosus - Neivamyrmex pilosus
Species swainsonii - Neivamyrmex swainsonii
Species texanus - Neivamyrmex texanus
Genus Nomamyrmex
Genus Cerapachys
Species augustae - Cerapachys augustae
Genus Acanthostichus
Subfamily Dolichoderinae - Odorous Ants
Genus Dolichoderus
Species mariae - Dolichoderus mariae
Species plagiatus - Dolichoderus plagiatus
Species pustulatus - Dolichoderus pustulatus
Species taschenbergi - Dolichoderus taschenbergi
Tribe Leptomyrmecini
Genus Dorymyrmex - Pyramid Ants
Species smithi - Dorymyrmex smithi
Species bicolor - Bi-colored Pyramid Ant
Species bureni - Dorymyrmex bureni
Species flavus - Dorymyrmex flavus
Species insanus - Dorymyrmex insanus
Genus Forelius
Species pruinosus - Forelius pruinosus
Species mccooki - Forelius mccooki
Genus Linepithema
Species humile - Argentine Ant
Tribe Tapinomini
Genus Liometopum - Velvety Tree Ants
Species apiculatum - Liometopum apiculatum
Species luctuosum - Liometopum luctuosum
Species occidentale - Velvety Tree Ant
Genus Tapinoma
Species melanocephalum - Ghost Ant
Species sessile - Odorous House Ant
Species litorale - Tapinoma litorale
Genus Technomyrmex
Species difficilis - White-Footed Ant
Subfamily Ectatomminae
Genus Gnamptogenys
Species triangularis - Gnamptogenys triangularis
Species hartmani - Gnamptogenys hartmani
Subfamily Formicinae
Tribe Camponotini
Genus Camponotus - Carpenter Ants
No Taxon Subgenus Camponotus
Species americanus - Camponotus americanus
Species chromaiodes - ferruginous carpenter ant
Species herculeanus - Camponotus herculeanus
Species laevigatus - Camponotus laevigatus
Species modoc - (Western) black carpenter ant
Species novaeboracensis - New York Carpenter Ant
Species pennsylvanicus - (Eastern) black carpenter ant
Species schaefferi - Camponotus schaefferi
Species quercicola - Camponotus quercicola
No Taxon Subgenus Myrmentoma
Species anthrax - Camponotus anthrax
Species clarithorax - Camponotus clarithorax
Species decipiens - Camponotus decipiens
Species discolor - Camponotus discolor
Species hyatti - Camponotus hyatti
Species nearcticus - Camponotus nearcticus
Species sayi - Camponotus sayi
Species snellingi - Camponotus snellingi
Species subbarbatus - Camponotus subbarbatus
Species texanus - Camponotus texanus
Species essigi - Camponotus essigi
No Taxon Subgenus Myrmobrachys
Species planatus - Compact Carpenter Ant
Species mina - Camponotus mina
No Taxon Subgenus Myrmothrix
Species atriceps - Florida Carpenter Ant
Species floridanus - Florida Carpenter Ant
Species sexguttatus - Camponotus sexguttatus
No Taxon Subgenus Tanaemyrmex
Species castaneus - Camponotus castaneus
Species dumetorum - Camponotus dumetorum
Species fragilis - Camponotus fragilis
Species ocreatus - Camponotus ocreatus
Species semitestaceus - Camponotus semitestaceus
Species socius - Camponotus socius
Species tortuganus - Camponotus tortuganus
Species vicinus - Camponotus vicinus
Species absquatulator - Camponotus absquatulator
Species sansabeanus - Camponotus sansabeanus
Species festinatus - Camponotus festinatus
Species microps - Camponotus microps
No Taxon Male carpenter ants
Genus Colobopsis
Species hunteri - Colobopsis hunteri
Species impressa - Colobopsis impressa
Species mississippiensis - Colobopsis mississippiensis
Species obliqua - Colobopsis obliqua
Tribe Formicini
Genus Formica - Wood ants, mound ants, & field ants
No Taxon exsecta group
Species exsectoides - Allegheny Mound Ant
Species ulkei - Formica ulkei
No Taxon fusca group
Species aerata - grey field ant
Species argentea - Formica argentea
Species francoeuri - Formica francoeuri
Species glacialis - Formica glacialis
Species gnava - Formica gnava
Species moki - Formica moki
Species montana - Formica montana
Species neorufibarbis - Formica neorufibarbis
Species podzolica - Formica podzolica
Species subsericea - Formica subsericea
Species xerophila - Formica xerophila
Species pacifica - Formica pacifica
Species accreta - Formica accreta
Species neoclara - Formica neoclara
Species fusca - Formica fusca
Species microphthalma - Formica microphthalma
Species sibylla - Formica sibylla
Species gagatoides - Formica gagatoides
Species subaenescens - Formica subaenescens
Species subpolita - Formica subpolita
No Taxon microgyna group
Species difficilis - Formica difficilis
Species querquetulana - Formica querquetulana
Species nepticula - Formica nepticula
Species densiventris - Formica densiventris
No Taxon neogagates group
Species perpilosa - Formica perpilosa
Species lasioides - Formica lasioides
Species neogagates - Formica neogagates
Species bradleyi - Formica bradleyi
Species limata - Formica limata
Species manni - Formica manni
Species oregonensis - Formica oregonensis
No Taxon pallidefulva group
Species archboldi - Formica archboldi
Species biophilica - Formica biophilica
Species dolosa - Formica dolosa
Species incerta - Formica incerta
Species pallidefulva - Formica pallidefulva
No Taxon rufa group
Species integra - Formica integra
Species obscuripes - Thatching ant
Species obscuriventris - Formica obscuriventris
Species dakotensis - Formica dakotensis
Species fossaceps - Formica fossaceps
Species comata - Formica comata
Species ravida - Formica ravida
Species integroides - Formica integroides
Species haemorrhoidalis - Formica haemorrhoidalis
Species oreas - Formica oreas
Species propinqua - Formica propinqua
No Taxon sanguinea group
Species aserva - Formica aserva
Species creightoni - Formica creightoni
Species gynocrates - Formica gynocrates
Species pergandei - Formica pergandei
Species puberula - Formica puberula
Species rubicunda - Formica rubicunda
Species subintegra - Formica subintegra
Species wheeleri - Formica wheeleri
No Taxon incertae sedis
Species obtusopilosa - Formica obtusopilosa
Genus Polyergus - Amazon Ants
No Taxon lucidus species group
Species montivagus - Foothills Amazon ant
Species lucidus - Shining Amazon ant
Species oligergus - Florida Amazon ant
Species sanwaldi - Sanwald's Amazon ant
Species longicornis - Long-horned Amazon ant
Species ruber - Ruby amazon ant
No Taxon breviceps species group
Species mexicanus - Western Amazon ant
Species vinosus - Wine-red Amazon ant
Species breviceps - Broad-headed Amazon ant
Species bicolor - Bicolored Amazon ant
Species topoffi - Topoff's Amazon ant
Tribe Lasiini
Genus Lasius - cornfield ants, citronella ants
No Taxon Subgenus Acanthomyops
Species claviger - Smaller Yellow Ant
Species interjectus - Lasius interjectus
Species latipes - Lasius latipes
Species murphyi - Lasius murphyi
Species arizonicus - Lasius arizonicus
No Taxon Subgenus Cautolasius
Species flavus - Lasius flavus
Species nearcticus - Lasius nearcticus
No Taxon Subgenus Chthonolasius
Species umbratus - Lasius umbratus
Species subumbratus - Lasius subumbratus
Species speculiventris - Lasius speculiventris
No Taxon Subgenus Lasius
Species alienus - Lasius alienus
Species crypticus - Lasius crypticus
Species neoniger - Cornfield ant
Species pallitarsis - Lasius pallitarsis
Species niger - (Common) black ant
Species emarginatus - Lasius emarginatus
Genus Myrmecocystus - Honeypot Ants
Species mimicus - Myrmecocystus mimicus
Species wheeleri - Myrmecocystus wheeleri
Species testaceus - Myrmecocystus testaceus
Species kennedyi - Myrmecocystus kennedyi
Species mexicanus - Myrmecocystus mexicanus
Species semirufus - Myrmecocystus semirufus
Species mendax - Myrmecocystus mendax
Species placodops - Myrmecocystus placodops
Genus Nylanderia - Crazy ants
Species faisonensis - Nylanderia faisonensis
Species flavipes - Nylanderia flavipes
Species pubens - Caribbean Crazy Ant
Species fulva - Tawny Crazy Ant
Species terricola - Nylanderia terricola
Species vividula - Nylanderia vividula
Species bourbonica - Nylanderia bourbonica
Species steinheili - Nylanderia steinheili
Species parvula - Nylanderia parvula
Species phantasma - Nylanderia phantasma
Genus Paratrechina
Species longicornis - Longhorn Crazy Ant
Genus Prenolepis - False Honey Ants
Species imparis - False Honey Ant
Tribe Myrmelachistini
Genus Brachymyrmex - Rover ants
Species brevicornis - Brachymyrmex brevicornis
Species depilis - Brachymyrmex depilis
Species minutus - Brachymyrmex minutus
Species musculus - Brachymyrmex musculus
Species obscurior - Brachymyrmex obscurior
Species patagonicus - Brachymyrmex patagonicus
Subfamily Myrmeciinae
Subfamily Myrmicinae
Tribe Attini - "Higher" myrmicines - no group name
Genus Acromyrmex - Leaf-cutting Ants
Species versicolor - Acromyrmex versicolor
Genus Atta - Leaf-cutting Ants
Species mexicana - Atta mexicana
Species texana - Texas Leaf Cutting Ant
Genus Cephalotes - Turtle Ants
Species rohweri - Arizona turtle ant
Species texanus - Cephalotes texanus
Genus Cyphomyrmex
Species flavidus - Cyphomyrmex flavidus
Species wheeleri - Cyphomyrmex wheeleri
Species rimosus - Cyphomyrmex rimosus
Genus Pheidole - Big-headed Ants
Species crassicornis - Pheidole crassicornis
Species dentata - Pheidole dentata
Species metallescens - Pheidole metallescens
Species megacephala - Big-headed Ant
Species moerens - Pheidole moerens
Species morrisii - Pheidole morrisii
Species obscurithorax - Pheidole obscurithorax
Species pilifera - Pheidole pilifera
Species rhea - Pheidole rhea
Species tysoni - Pheidole tysoni
Species vistana - Pheidole vistana
Species xerophila - Pheidole xerophila
Species pelor - Pheidole pelor
Species elecebra - Pheidole elecebra
Species hyatti - Pheidole hyatti
Species bicarinata - Pheidole bicarinata
Species californica - Pheidole californica
Species dentigula - Pheidole dentigula
Species obtusospinosa - Pheidole obtusospinosa
Species cerebrosior - Pheidole cerebrosior
Genus Strumigenys - Miniature Trap-jaw Ants
Species arizonica - Strumigenys arizonica
Species louisianae - Strumigenys louisianae
Species ornata - Strumigenys ornata
Species rostrata - Strumigenys rostrata
Species clypeata - Strumigenys clypeata
Species pergandei - Strumigenys pergandei
Species chiricahua - Strumigenys chiricahua
Species membranifera - Strumigenys membranifera
Species pilinasis - Strumigenys pilinasis
Species eggersi - Strumigenys eggersi
Genus Trachymyrmex
Species septentrionalis - Northern Fungus Farming Ant
Species nogalensis - Trachymyrmex nogalensis
Species turrifex - Trachymyrmex turrifex
Genus Wasmannia
Species auropunctata - Little Fire Ant
Tribe Crematogastrini
Genus Anergates
Species atratulus - Anergates atratulus
Genus Cardiocondyla
Species emeryi - Cardiocondyla emeryi
Subspecies obscurior - Cardiocondyla emeryi obscurior
Species obscurior - Cardiocondyla obscurior
Species mauritanica - Cardiocondyla mauritanica
Genus Carebara
Species longii - Carebara longii
Genus Crematogaster - Acrobat Ants
Species ashmeadi - Crematogaster ashmeadi
Species atkinsoni - Crematogaster atkinsoni
Species cerasi - Crematogaster cerasi
Species emeryana - Crematogaster emeryana
Species hespera - Crematogaster hespera
Species laeviuscula - Crematogaster laeviuscula
Species lineolata - Crematogaster lineolata
Species marioni - Crematogaster marioni
Species missuriensis - Crematogaster missuriensis
Species mutans - Crematogaster mutans
Species pilosa - Crematogaster pilosa
Species punctulata - Crematogaster punctulata
Species torosa - Crematogaster torosa
Genus Formicoxenus
Genus Harpagoxenus
Genus Leptothorax
Species muscorum - Leptothorax muscorum
Species acervorum - Leptothorax acervorum
Species crassipilis - Leptothorax crassipilis
Genus Myrmecina
Species americana - Myrmecina americana
Genus Protomognathus
Species americanus - Protomognathus americanus
Genus Temnothorax - Acorn Ants
Species ambiguus - Temnothorax ambiguus
Species curvispinosus - Temnothorax curvispinosus
Species gallae - Temnothorax gallae
Species longispinosus - Temnothorax longispinosus
Species nevadensis - Temnothorax nevadensis
Species pergandei - Temnothorax pergandei
Species schaumii - Temnothorax schaumii
Species texanus - Temnothorax texanus
Species obliquicanthus - Temnothorax obliquicanthus
Species tricarinatus - Temnothorax tricarinatus
Species quasimodo - Temnothorax quasimodo
Species rugatulus - Temnothorax rugatulus
Species andrei - Temnothorax andrei
Species caguatan - Temnothorax caguatan
Genus Tetramorium
Species bicarinatum - Tramp Ant
Species immigrans - (Immigrant) Pavement Ant
Species tsushimae - Japanese Pavement Ant
Species hispidum - Tetramorium hispidum
Genus Xenomyrmex
Species floridanus - Xenomyrmex floridanus
Tribe Myrmicini
Genus Manica
Species hunteri - Manica hunteri
Species invidia - Manica invidia
Genus Myrmica
Species incompleta - Myrmica incompleta
Species rubra - European fire ant
Species brevispinosa - Myrmica brevispinosa
Species spatulata - Myrmica spatulata
Species pinetorum - Myrmica pinetorum
Species detritinodis - Myrmica detritinodis
Species americana - Myrmica americana
Species rugiventris - Myrmica rugiventris
Species specioides - Myrmica specioides
Species punctiventris - Myrmica punctiventris
Species fracticornis - Myrmica fracticornis
Tribe Pogonomyrmecini
Genus Pogonomyrmex - Harvester Ants
Species anzensis - Anza Desert Harvester
Species badius - Florida Harvester Ant
Species barbatus - Red Harvester Ant
Species bicolor - Bicolored Harvester Ant
Species bigbendensis - Pogonomyrmex bigbendensis
Species californicus - California Harvester Ant
Subspecies subnitidus - Pogonomyrmex californicus subnitidus
Species comanche - Pogonomyrmex comanche
Species desertorum - Large Seed Harvesting Ant
Species imberbiculus - Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus
Species maricopa - Maricopa Harvester Ant
Species occidentalis - Western Harvester Ant
Species rugosus - Rough Harvester Ant
Species salinus - Pogonomyrmex salinus
Species subdentatus - Pogonomyrmex subdentatus
Species subnitidus - Pogonomyrmex subnitidus
Species apache - Pogonomyrmex apache
Tribe Solenopsidini
Genus Monomorium
Species emarginatum - Monomorium emarginatum
Species ergatogyna - Monomorium ergatogyna
Species floricola - Monomorium floricola
Species minimum - Little Black Ant
Species pharaonis - Monomorium pharaonis
Species viridum - Monomorium viridum
Species trageri - Monomorium trageri
Genus Solenopsis - Fire Ants and Thief Ants
Species carolinensis - Solenopsis carolinensis
Species texana - Thief ant (but one of several)
No Taxon fire ants
Species amblychila - Solenopsis amblychila
Species geminata - Solenopsis geminata
Species invicta - Red Imported Fire Ant
Species richteri - Black Imported Fire Ant
Species xyloni - Southern Fire Ant
No Taxon invicta X richteri
Species aurea - Solenopsis aurea
No Taxon Diplorhoptrum - Thief ants (fugax group)
Species molesta - Thief Ant
Species tennesseensis - Solenopsis tennesseensis
Tribe Stenammini
Genus Aphaenogaster - Spine-waisted Ants
Species fulva - Aphaenogaster fulva
Species lamellidens - Aphaenogaster lamellidens
Species mariae - Aphaenogaster mariae
Species occidentalis - Aphaenogaster occidentalis
Species picea - Aphaenogaster picea
Species rudis - Aphaenogaster rudis
Species tennesseensis - Aphaenogaster tennesseensis
Species umphreyi - Aphaenogaster umphreyi
Species floridana - Aphaenogaster floridana
Species texana - Aphaenogaster texana
Species carolinensis - Aphaenogaster carolinensis
Species uinta - Aphaenogaster uinta
Species huachucana - Aphaenogaster huachucana
Species megommata - Aphaenogaster megommata
Species patruelis - Aphaenogaster patruelis
Genus Novomessor
Species albisetosus - Novomessor albisetosus
Species cockerelli - Novomessor cockerelli
Genus Stenamma
Species diecki - Stenamma diecki
Species chiricahua - Stenamma chiricahua
Species schmitti - Stenamma schmitti
Species brevicorne - Stenamma brevicorne
Species snellingi - Stenamma snellingi
Species meridionale - Stenamma meridionale
Species impar - Stenamma impar
Genus Veromessor - Smooth Harvester Ants
Species andrei - Messor andrei
Species lariversi - Messor lariversi
Species pergandei - Messor pergandei
Genus Vollenhovia
Species emeryi - Vollenhovia emeryi
Tribe Xxxformicoxenini - DELETE PAGE
Subfamily Ponerinae
Tribe Platythyreini
Genus Platythyrea
Species punctata - Platythyrea punctata
Tribe Ponerini
Genus Brachyponera
Species chinensis - Asian Needle Ant
Genus Hypoponera
Species punctatissima - Hypoponera punctatissima
Species opaciceps - Hypoponera opaciceps
Species opacior - Hypoponera opacior
Genus Leptogenys
Species manni - Leptogenys manni
Species elongata - Leptogenys elongata
Genus Neoponera
Species villosa - Hairy Panther Ant
Genus Odontomachus - Trap-jaw Ants
Species brunneus - Odontomachus brunneus
Species clarus - Odontomachus clarus
Species relictus - Odontomachus relictus
Species ruginodis - Rough-node Snapping Ant
Genus Pachycondyla - Panther Ants
Species harpax - Rapacious Panther Ant
Genus Ponera
Species pennsylvanica - Ponera pennsylvanica
Species exotica - Ponera exotica
Genus Pseudoponera
Species stigma - Pan-tropical Panther Ant
Subfamily Proceratiinae
Genus Proceratium
Species crassicorne - Proceratium crassicorne
Species croceum - Proceratium croceum
Species silaceum - Proceratium silaceum
Species pergandei - Proceratium pergandei
Genus Discothyrea
Species testacea - Discothyrea testacea
Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae
Genus Pseudomyrmex
Species apache - Pseudomyrmex apache
Species cubaensis - Pseudomyrmex cubaensis
Species ejectus - Pseudomyrmex ejectus
Species elongatus - Pseudomyrmex elongatus
Species gracilis - Graceful Twig Ant
Species pallidus - Pseudomyrmex pallidus
Species seminole - Pseudomyrmex seminole
Species simplex - Pseudomyrmex simplex
Superfamily Pompiloidea - Spider Wasps, Velvet Ants and allies
Family Mutillidae - Velvet Ants
Genus Acrophotopsis
Species eurygnatha - Acrophotopsis eurygnatha
Genus Dasymutilla
Species angulata - Dasymutilla angulata
Species archboldi - Dasymutilla archboldi
Species arenivaga - Dasymutilla arenivaga
Species asopus - Dasymutilla asopus
Species asteria - Dasymutilla asteria
Species atricauda - Dasymutilla atricauda
Species aureola - Dasymutilla aureola
Subspecies pacifica - Dasymutilla aureola pacifica
Species bioculata - Dasymutilla bioculata
Species birkmani - Dasymutilla birkmani
Species californica - Dasymutilla californica
Species calorata - Dasymutilla calorata
Species canella - Dasymutilla canella
Species chattahoochei - Dasymutilla chattahoochei
Species chisos - Dasymutilla chisos
Species clotho - Dasymutilla clotho
Species coccineohirta - Dasymutilla coccineohirta
Species creon - Dasymutilla creon
Species dilucida - Dasymutilla dilucida
Species eminentia - Dasymutilla eminentia
Species erythrina - Dasymutilla erythrina
Species flammifera - Dasymutilla flammifera
Species foxi - Dasymutilla foxi
Species gibbosa - Dasymutilla gibbosa
Species gloriosa - Thistledown Velvet Ant
Species gorgon - Dasymutilla gorgon
Species heliophila - Dasymutilla heliophila
Species klugii - Dasymutilla klugii
Species leda - Dasymutilla leda
Species macilenta - Dasymutilla macilenta
Species magna - Dasymutilla magna
Species magnifica - Dasymutilla magnifica
Species meracula - Dasymutilla meracula
Species monticola - Dasymutilla monticola
Species nigricauda - Dasymutilla nigricauda
Species nigripes - Dasymutilla nigripes
Species nocturna - Dasymutilla nocturna
Species nogalensis - Dasymutilla nogalensis
Species occidentalis - Cow Killer
Species parksi - Dasymutilla parksi
Species quadriguttata - Dasymutilla quadriguttata
Species sackenii - Dasymutilla sackenii
Species saetigera - Dasymutilla saetigera
Species satanas - Dasymutilla satanas
Species scaevola - Dasymutilla scaevola
Species scitula - Dasymutilla scitula
Species sicheliana - Dasymutilla sicheliana
Species snoworum - Dasymutilla snoworum
Species stevensi - Dasymutilla stevensi
Species texanella - Dasymutilla texanella
Species thetis - Dasymutilla thetis
Species vesta - Dasymutilla vesta
Species vestita - Dasymutilla vestita
No Taxon zelaya form
Species waco - Dasymutilla waco
Genus Dilophotopsis
Species concolor - Dilophotopsis concolor
Species stenognatha - Dilophotopsis stenognatha
Genus Ephuta
Species argenticeps - Ephuta argenticeps
Species floridiana - Ephuta floridiana
Species pauxilla - Ephuta pauxilla
Species spinifera - Ephuta spinifera
Species stenognatha - Ephuta stenognatha
Genus Lomachaeta
Species cirrhomeris - Lomachaeta cirrhomeris
Species hicksi - Lomachaeta hicksi
Genus Myrmilloides
Species grandiceps - Myrmilloides grandiceps
Genus Odontophotopsis
Species arcuata - Odontophotopsis arcuata
Species aufidia - Odontophotopsis aufidia
Species brunnea - Odontophotopsis brunnea
Species inconspicua - Odontophotopsis inconspicua
Species melicausa - Odontophotopsis melicausa
Species microdonta - Odontophotopsis microdonta
Species setifera - Odontophotopsis setifera
Species unicornis - Odontophotopsis unicornis
Species venusta - Odontophotopsis venusta
Genus Photomorphus
Species archboldi - Photomorphus archboldi
Species obscurus - Photomorphus obscurus
Species paulus - Photomorphus paulus
Species spinci - Photomorphus spinci
Genus Protophotopsis
Species venenaria - Protophotopsis venenaria
Genus Pseudomethoca
Species anthracina - Pseudomethoca anthracina
Species athamas - Pseudomethoca athamas
Species bequaerti - Pseudomethoca bequaerti
Species brazoria - Pseudomethoca brazoria
Species contumax - Pseudomethoca contumax
Species donaeanae - Pseudomethoca donaeanae
Species flammigera - Pseudomethoca flammigera
Species frigida - Pseudomethoca frigida
Species oceola - Pseudomethoca oceola
Species oculata - Pseudomethoca oculata
Species paludata - Pseudomethoca paludata
Species praeclara - Pseudomethoca praeclara
Species propinqua - Pseudomethoca propinqua
Species quadrinotata - Pseudomethoca quadrinotata
Species sanbornii - Pseudomethoca sanbornii
Species simillima - Pseudomethoca simillima
Species torrida - Pseudomethoca torrida
Species vanduzei - Pseudomethoca vanduzei
Genus Sphaeropthalma
Species amphion - Sphaeropthalma amphion
Species arota - Sphaeropthalma arota
Species auripilis - Sphaeropthalma auripilis
Species blakeii - Sphaeropthalma blakeii
Species coaequalis - Sphaeropthalma coaequalis
Species difficilis - Sphaeropthalma difficilis
Species edwardsii - Sphaeropthalma edwardsii
Species helicaon - Sphaeropthalma helicaon
Species imperialis - Sphaeropthalma imperialis
Species luiseno - Sphaeropthalma luiseno
Species macswaini - Sphaeropthalma macswaini
Species marpesia - Sphaeropthalma marpesia
Species megagnathos - Sphaeropthalma megagnathos
Species noctivaga - Sphaeropthalma noctivaga
Species orestes - Sphaeropthalma orestes
Species parapenalis - Sphaeropthalma parapenalis
Species pensylvanica - Sphaeropthalma pensylvanica
Subspecies scaeva - Sphaeropthalma pensylvanica scaeva
Species triangularis - Sphaeropthalma triangularis
Species unicolor - Sphaeropthalma unicolor
Genus Timulla
Species barbata - Timulla barbata
Species barbigera - Timulla barbigera
Species compressicornis - Timulla compressicornis
Species contigua - Timulla contigua
Species dubitata - Timulla dubitata
Species dubitatiformis - Timulla dubitatiformis
Species euterpe - Timulla euterpe
Species ferrugata - Timulla ferrugata
Species floridensis - Timulla floridensis
Species grotei - Timulla grotei
Species leona - Timulla leona
Species navasota - Timulla navasota
Species oajaca - Timulla oajaca
Species ornatipennis - Timulla ornatipennis
Species suspensa - Timulla suspensa
Species vagans - Timulla vagans
No Taxon nocturnal Sphaeropthalminae
Family Myrmosidae - Myrmosid Wasps
Genus Myrmosa
Species unicolor - Myrmosa unicolor
Genus Myrmosula
Species rutilans - Myrmosula rutilans
Family Pompilidae - Spider Wasps
Subfamily Notocyphinae
Genus Notocyphus
Species dorsalis - Notocyphus dorsalis
Subspecies arizonicus - Notocyphus dorsalis arizonicus
Subfamily Ceropalinae
Genus Ceropales
Species bipunctata - Ceropales bipunctata
Species elegans - Ceropales elegans
Subspecies elegans - Ceropales elegans elegans
Subspecies quaintancei - Ceropales elegans quaintancei
Species longipes - Ceropales longipes
Species maculata - Ceropales maculata
Subspecies fraterna - Ceropales maculata fraterna
Subspecies rhodomerus - Ceropales maculata rhodomerus
Species nigripes - Ceropales nigripes
Species pacifica - Ceropales pacifica
Species robinsonii - Ceropales robinsonii
Species rugata - Ceropales rugata
Subfamily Pepsinae
Tribe Ageniellini
Genus Ageniella
Species accepta - Ageniella accepta
Species agenioides - Ageniella agenioides
Species arcuata - Ageniella arcuata
Species conflicta - Ageniella conflicta
Species coronata - Ageniella coronata
Species cupida - Ageniella cupida
Species euphorbiae - Ageniella euphorbiae
Species faceta - Ageniella faceta
Species fulgifrons - Ageniella fulgifrons
Species longula - Ageniella longula
Species mintaka - Ageniella mintaka
Species placita - Ageniella placita
Species reynoldsi - Ageniella reynoldsi
Species salti - Ageniella salti
Species semitincta - Ageniella semitincta
Genus Auplopus
Species architectus - Auplopus architectus
Subspecies metallicus - Auplopus architectus metallicus
Species caerulescens - Auplopus caerulescens
Species carbonarius - Auplopus carbonarius
Species mellipes - Auplopus mellipes
Subspecies variitarsus - Auplopus mellipes variitarsus
Subspecies mellipes - Auplopus mellipes mellipes
Species mollis - Auplopus mollis
Species nigrellus - Auplopus nigrellus
Species adjunctus - Auplopus adjunctus
Genus Eragenia
Genus Phanagenia
Species bombycina - Phanagenia bombycina
Tribe Pepsini
Genus Caliadurgus
Species fasciatellus - Caliadurgus fasciatellus
Genus Calopompilus
Species albopilosus - Calopompilus albopilosus
Species feroculis - Calopompilus feroculis
Species fortis - Calopompilus fortis
Species maculipennis - Calopompilus maculipennis
Species pyrrhomelas - Calopompilus pyrrhomelas
Species validus - Calopompilus validus
Genus Cryptocheilus
Species attenuatum - Cryptocheilus attenuatum
Species hesperus - Cryptocheilus hesperus
Species idoneum - Cryptocheilus idoneum
Species pallidipenne - Cryptocheilus pallidipenne
Species severini - Cryptocheilus severini
Species terminatus - Cryptocheilus terminatus
Genus Dipogon
No Taxon Deuteragenia
Species calipterus - Dipogon calipterus
Subspecies nubifer - Dipogon calipterus nubifer
Species papago - Dipogon papago
Species pulchripennis - Dipogon pulchripennis
Species sayi - Dipogon sayi
No Taxon Dipogon
Species brevis - Dipogon brevis
Species graenicheri - Dipogon graenicheri
Subspecies atratus - Dipogon graenicheri atratus
Subspecies graenicheri - Dipogon graenicheri graenicheri
No Taxon Winnemanella
No Taxon undescribed species
Species fulleri
Genus Entypus
Species aratus - Entypus aratus
Species fulvicornis - Entypus fulvicornis
Species unifasciatus - Entypus unifasciatus
Subspecies californicus - Entypus unifasciatus californicus
Genus Epipompilus
Species aztecus - Epipompilus aztecus
Genus Hemipepsis - Tarantula Hawks
Species toussainti - Hemipepsis toussainti
Species ustulata - Hemipepsis ustulata
Genus Minagenia
Genus Pepsis - Tarantula Hawks
Species basifusca - Pepsis basifusca
Species chrysothemis - Pepsis chrysothemis
Species grossa - Pepsis grossa
Species menechma - Pepsis menechma
Species mexicana - Pepsis mexicana
Species mildei - Pepsis mildei
Species pallidolimbata - Pepsis pallidolimbata
Species thisbe - Pepsis thisbe
Genus Priocnemis
Species cornica - Priocnemis cornica
Species hestia - Priocnemis hestia
Species germana - Priocnemis germana
Species minorata - Priocnemis minorata
Species minuscula - Priocnemis minuscula
Species nigripes - Priocnemis nigripes
Species notha - Priocnemis notha
Subspecies occidentis - Priocnemis notha occidentis
Subspecies notha - Priocnemis notha notha
Species oregona - Priocnemis oregona
Species scitula - Priocnemis scitula
Genus Priocnessus
Species nebulosus - Priocnessus nebulosus
Species nuperus - Priocnessus nuperus
Subfamily Pompilinae
Tribe Aporini
Genus Allaporus
Species smithianus - Allaporus smithianus
Species pulchellus - Allaporus pulchellus
Genus Aporus
Species hirsutus - Aporus hirsutus
Species luxus - Aporus luxus
Subspecies assimilis - Aporus luxus assimilis
Species niger - Aporus niger
Genus Chelaporus
Genus Psorthaspis
Species brimleyi - Psorthaspis brimleyi
Species formosa - Psorthaspis formosa
Species legata - Psorthaspis legata
Species luctuosa - Psorthaspis luctuosa
Species mariae - Psorthaspis mariae
Species planata - Psorthaspis planata
Species portiae - Psorthaspis portiae
Species sanguinea - Psorthaspis sanguinea
Tribe Pompilini
Genus Agenioideus
Species birkmanni - Agenioideus birkmanni
Species humilis - Agenioideus humilis
Genus Allochares
Species azureus - Allochares azureus
Genus Ammosphex
Species michiganensis - Ammosphex michiganensis
Species angularis - Ammosphex angularis
Species wasbaueri - Ammosphex wasbaueri
Species solonus - Ammosphex solonus
Genus Anoplius - Blue-Black Spider Wasps
No Taxon Subgenus Anopliodes
No Taxon Subgenus Anoplius
Species depressipes - Anoplius depressipes
Species fulgidus - Anoplius fulgidus
Species illinoensis - Anoplius illinoensis
Species ithaca - Anoplius ithaca
Species virginiensis - Anoplius virginiensis
No Taxon Subgenus Arachnophroctonus
Species americanus - Anoplius americanus
Subspecies ambiguus - Anoplius americanus ambiguus
Subspecies americanus - Anoplius americanus americanus
Subspecies trifasciatus - Anoplius americanus trifasciatus
Species apiculatus - Anoplius apiculatus
Species nigritus - Anoplius nigritus
Species semicinctus - Anoplius semicinctus
Species semirufus - Anoplius semirufus
No Taxon Subgenus Lophopompilus
Species aethiops - Anoplius aethiops
Species atrox - Anoplius atrox
Species bengtssoni - Anoplius bengtssoni
Species carolinus - Anoplius carolinus
Species cleora - Anoplius cleora
No Taxon Subgenus Notiochares
Species lepidus - Anoplius lepidus
Subspecies atramentarius - Anoplius lepidus atramentarius
No Taxon Subgenus Pompilinus
Species brevihirta - Anoplius brevihirta
Species insolens - Anoplius insolens
Species splendens - Anoplius splendens
Species subcylindricus - Anoplius subcylindricus
Genus Anoplochares
Species apicata - Anoplochares apicata
Species similaris - Anoplochares similaris
Genus Aporinellus
Species basalis - Aporinellus basalis
Species completus - Aporinellus completus
Species fasciatus - Aporinellus fasciatus
Species medianus - Aporinellus medianus
Species taeniatus - Aporinellus taeniatus
Species wheeleri - Aporinellus wheeleri
Species yucatanensis - Aporinellus yucatanensis
Genus Arachnospila
Species fumipennis - Arachnospila fumipennis
Species scelestus - Arachnospila scelestus
Species arcta - Arachnospila arcta
Genus Chalcochares
Genus Episyron
Species biguttatus - Episyron biguttatus
Species conterminus - Episyron conterminus
Subspecies posterus - Episyron conterminus posterus
Species quinquenotatus - Episyron quinquenotatus
Species snowi - Episyron snowi
Genus Evagetes
Species hyacinthus - Evagetes hyacinthus
Species ingenuus - Evagetes ingenuus
Species mohave - Evagetes mohave
Species padrinus - Evagetes padrinus
Subspecies minusculus - Evagetes padrinus minusculus
Species parvus - Evagetes parvus
Genus Hesperopompilus
Genus Paracyphononyx
Species funereus - Paracyphononyx funereus
Genus Perissopompilus
Species phoenix - Perissopompilus phoenix
Genus Poecilopompilus
Species algidus - Poecilopompilus algidus
Species interruptus - Poecilopompilus interruptus
Genus Tachypompilus
Species ferrugineus - Tachypompilus ferrugineus
Subspecies annexus - Tachypompilus ferrugineus annexus
Subspecies ferrugineus - Tachypompilus ferrugineus ferrugineus
Subspecies nigrescens - Tachypompilus ferrugineus nigrescens
Species unicolor - Tachypompilus unicolor
Genus Tastiotenia
Genus Xenopompilus
Genus Xerochares
Species expulsus - Xerochares expulsus
Tribe Sericopompilini
Genus Sericopompilus
Species angustatus - Sericopompilus angustatus
Species apicalis - Sericopompilus apicalis
Species neotropicalis - Sericopompilus neotropicalis
Family Sapygidae - Sapygid Wasps
Genus Eusapyga
Species rubripes - Eusapyga rubripes
Species verticalis - Eusapyga verticalis
Genus Krombeinopyga
Species aculeata - Krombeinopyga aculeata
Species pumila - Krombeinopyga pumila
Genus Polochrum
Species elegans - Polochrum elegans
Genus Sapyga
Species centrata - Sapyga centrata
Species angustata - Sapyga angustata
Species louisi - Sapyga louisi
Species martini - Sapyga martini
Superfamily Scolioidea
Family Scoliidae - Scoliid Wasps
Subfamily Scoliinae
Genus Scolia
Species bicincta - Double-banded Scoliid
Species dubia - Blue-winged Wasp
Subspecies haematodes - Scolia dubia haematodes
Species guttata - Scolia guttata
Species mexicana - Scolia mexicana
Species nobilitata - Scolia nobilitata
Genus Triscolia
Species ardens - Triscolia ardens
Subfamily Campsomerinae
Genus Campsomeris
Species completa - Campsomeris completa
Species dorsata - Campsomeris dorsata
Species ephippium - Campsomeris ephippium
Species fulvohirta - Campsomeris fulvohirta
Species hesterae - Campsomeris hesterae
Species limosa - Campsomeris limosa
Species pilipes - Campsomeris pilipes
Species plumipes - Campsomeris plumipes
Species quadrimaculata - Campsomeris quadrimaculata
Species tolteca - Campsomeris tolteca
Species trifasciata - Campsomeris trifasciata
Genus Crioscolia
Species alcione - Crioscolia alcione
Species flammicoma - Crioscolia flammicoma
Genus Trielis
Species pollenifera - Trielis pollenifera
Species octomaculata - Trielis octomaculata
Superfamily Thynnoidea
Family Chyphotidae - Chyphotid Wasps
Genus Chyphotes
Species aenigmus - Chyphotes aenigmus
Genus Typhoctes
Species peculiaris - Typhoctes peculiaris
Family Thynnidae - Thynnid Wasps
Subfamily Anthoboscinae
Genus Lalapa
Species lusa - Lalapa lusa
Subfamily Methochinae
Genus Pterombrus
Species rufiventris - Pterombrus rufiventris
Genus Methocha
Subfamily Myzininae
Genus Myzinum
Species carolinianum - Myzinum carolinianum
Species dubiosum - Myzinum dubiosum
Species frontalis - Myzinum frontalis
Species maculatum - Myzinum maculatum
Species obscurum - Myzinum obscurum
Species quinquecinctum - Five-banded Thynnid Wasp
No Taxon carolinianum or obscurum
No Taxon males unidentifiable from images alone
Superfamily Tiphioidea
Family Sierolomorphidae - Sierolomorphid Wasps
Genus Sierolomorpha
Species canadensis - Sierolomorpha canadensis
Species nigrescens - Sierolomorpha nigrescens
Family Tiphiidae - Tiphiid Wasps
Subfamily Brachycistidinae
Genus Acanthetropis
Genus Brachycistis
Genus Colocistis
Species castanea - Colocistis castanea
Species crassa - Colocistis crassa
Subfamily Tiphiinae
Genus Epomidiopteron
Species julii - Epomidiopteron julii
Genus Paratiphia
Species robusta - Paratiphia robusta
Genus Tiphia
Species vernalis - Spring Tiphia
Superfamily Vespoidea - Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps and allies
Family Rhopalosomatidae - Rhopalosomatid Wasps
Genus Liosphex
Species varius - Liosphex varius
Genus Olixon
Species melinsula - Olixon melinsula
Species banksii - Olixon banksii
Genus Rhopalosoma
Species nearcticum - Rhopalosoma nearcticum
Family Vespidae - Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps
Subfamily Euparagiinae
Genus Euparagia
Species scutellaris - Euparagia scutellaris
Subfamily Masarinae - Pollen Wasps
Genus Pseudomasaris
Species basirufus - Pseudomasaris basirufus
Species coquilletti - Pseudomasaris coquilletti
Species edwardsii - Pseudomasaris edwardsii
Species maculifrons - Pseudomasaris maculifrons
Species marginalis - Pseudomasaris marginalis
Species occidentalis - Pseudomasaris occidentalis
Species phaceliae - Pseudomasaris phaceliae
Species texanus - Pseudomasaris texanus
Species vespoides - Pseudomasaris vespoides
Species wheeleri - Pseudomasaris wheeleri
Species zonalis - Pseudomasaris zonalis
Subfamily Eumeninae - Potter and Mason Wasps
Genus Ancistrocerus
Species adiabatus - Ancistrocerus adiabatus
Subspecies cytainus - Ancistrocerus adiabatus cytainus
Species albolacteus - Ancistrocerus albolacteus
Species albophaleratus - Ancistrocerus albophaleratus
Species antilope - Ancistrocerus antilope
Species bustamente - Ancistrocerus bustamente
Species campestris - Ancistrocerus campestris
Species catskill - Ancistrocerus catskill
Species gazella - Ancistrocerus gazella
Species lineativentris - Ancistrocerus lineativentris
Species lutonidus - Ancistrocerus lutonidus
Species parietum - Ancistrocerus parietum
Species spilopterus - Ancistrocerus spilopterus
Species spinolae - Ancistrocerus spinolae
Species tuberculocephalus - Ancistrocerus tuberculocephalus
Species unifasciatus - Ancistrocerus unifasciatus
Species waldenii - Ancistrocerus waldenii
Species undescribed-a - Ancistrocerus undescribed species A
Species undescribed-b - Ancistrocerus undescribed species B
No Taxon lineativentris or tuberculocephalus
Genus Cephalodynerus
Species deformiceps - Cephalodynerus deformiceps
Species russipes - Cephalodynerus russipes
Genus Delta
Species rendalli - Delta rendalli
Genus Dolichodynerus
Species tanynotus - Dolichodynerus tanynotus
Species vandykei - Dolichodynerus vandykei
Species turgiceps - Dolichodynerus turgiceps
Genus Eumenes
Species aureus - Eumenes aureus
Species bollii - Eumenes bollii
Species consobrinus - Eumenes consobrinus
Species crucifera - Eumenes crucifera
Species fraternus - Eumenes fraternus
Species smithii - Eumenes smithii
Species verticalis - Eumenes verticalis
No Taxon nests
Genus Euodynerus
Species alvarado - Euodynerus alvarado
Species annectens - Euodynerus annectens
Species annulatus - Euodynerus annulatus
Subspecies imperialis - Euodynerus annulatus imperialis
Species apopkensis - Euodynerus apopkensis
Species auranus - Euodynerus auranus
Subspecies azotopus - Euodynerus auranus azotopus
Species barberi - Euodynerus barberi
Species bidens - Euodynerus bidens
Species blakeanus - Euodynerus blakeanus
Species boscii - Euodynerus boscii
Subspecies boharti - Euodynerus boscii boharti
Species castigatus - Euodynerus castigatus
Subspecies castigatus - Euodynerus castigatus castigatus
Subspecies rubrivestis - Euodynerus castigatus rubrivestis
Species crypticus - Euodynerus crypticus
Species exoglyphus - Euodynerus exoglyphus
Species fedoris - Euodynerus fedoris
Species foraminatus - Euodynerus foraminatus
No Taxon foraminatus-group
Species guerrero - Euodynerus guerrero
Species hidalgo - Euodynerus hidalgo
Subspecies boreoorientalis - Euodynerus hidalgo boreoorientalis
Subspecies hidalgo - Euodynerus hidalgo hidalgo
Subspecies viereckii - Euodynerus hidalgo viereckii
Species leucomelas - Euodynerus leucomelas
Species megaera - Euodynerus megaera
Species planitarsis - Euodynerus planitarsis
Species pratensis - Euodynerus pratensis
Species schwarzi - Euodynerus schwarzi
Species undescribed-f - Euodynerus undescribed species F
Species undescribed-g - Euodynerus undescribed species G
No Taxon aequalis or scutellaris
No Taxon leucomelas or planitarsis
Genus Gastrodynerus
Species vanduzeei - Gastrodynerus vanduzeei
Genus Leptochiloides
Genus Leptochilus
Species acolhuus - Leptochilus acolhuus
Species bellulus - Leptochilus bellulus
Species republicanus - Leptochilus republicanus