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Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa

Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa
Whitepath Road area, Gilmer County, Georgia, USA
October 25, 2011
Size: 8mm body length
Found in dark with head-lamp in leaf litter in mostly deciduous forest in north Georgia mountains at 1600'.
Legs appear distinctly banded or striped.
Looks VERY similar to Wolf Spider #1 photographed about 20 minutes earlier about 50 meters away:

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Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa Wolf Spider # 2 - Gladicosa

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I'd guess they are Pardosa, but I'm not sure. These are great shots and I'd think the right person could ID them to species. That might take a while though.

I looked through
the entire Lycosidae section of the guide, and I do not think I saw anything that fit the markings well (that are fairly distinct and consistent on both spiders). I thought about Pardosa too, but I was more unsure than usual. Thanks Lynette!

There are a lot of wolf spiders, many of which we may not have images of... and if we do.. it's likely we haven't placed them yet. This is a tough family. What we really need is a bunch of voucher specimens so we can start sorting all these out.