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Superfamily Limnephiloidea

Caddisfly - Apatania incerta Caddisfly - Apatania caddisfly - Apatania Apatania incerta Pedomoecus sierra head showing spines - Pedomoecus sierra Apatania pupae and pupal cases - voucher specimens, in alcohol - Apatania Apatania larvae - Apatania Apatania larvae - Apatania

Goeridae larva Goera fuscula Goera fuscula Goera fuscula Goera fuscula Goera calcarata Goera fuscula Goera - female

Caddisfly - Lenarchus rillus - female Giant Orange Sedge (Dicosmoecus?) - Dicosmoecus atripes - male 1000 - Limnephilus IMG_7164 - Platycentropus Bug - Nemotaulius hostilis caddisfly larva - Onocosmoecus unicolor Nemotaulius hostilis Nemotaulius hostilis? - Nemotaulius hostilis

caddisfly - Neophylax Neophylax mitchelli Neophylax consimilis Caddisfly - Neophylax Autumn Mottled Sedge - Neophylax caddisfly - Neophylax Orange-streaked caddisfly - Neophylax Neophylax - Neophylax rickeri - male

Farula? Farula pupa? Farula Farula Farula