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Suborder Integripalpia

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Trichoptera - Caddisflies
Suborder Integripalpia

Superfamily Glossosomatoidea
Family Glossosomatidae - Saddle Case-Maker Caddisflies
Genus Agapetus
Species rossi - Agapetus rossi
Subfamily Glossosomatinae
Genus Anagapetus
Species bernea - Anagapetus bernea
Genus Glossosoma
Species nigrior - Glossosoma nigrior
Subfamily Protoptilinae
Genus Culoptila
Genus Protoptila
Superfamily Hydroptiloidea
Family Hydroptilidae - Microcaddisflies
Subfamily Hydroptilinae
Genus Agraylea
Species multipunctata - Salt and Pepper Microcaddisfly
Genus Hydroptila
Species arctia - Hydroptila arctia
Species armata - Hydroptila armata
Species callia - Hydroptila callia
Species grandiosa - Hydroptila grandiosa
Species icona - Hydroptila icona
Species rono - Hydroptila rono
Species waubesiana - Hydroptila waubesiana
Genus Oxyethira
Species forcipata - Oxyethira forcipata
Species pallida - Oxyethira pallida
Species serrata - Oxyethira serrata
Species zeronia - Oxyethira zeronia
Subfamily Leucotrichiinae
Genus Leucotrichia - Ring-horn Microcaddisflies
Subfamily Neotrichiinae
Genus Mayatrichia
Species ayama - Mayatrichia ayama
Genus Neotrichia
Subfamily Ochrotrichiinae
Genus Dibusa
Species angata - Dibusa angata
Genus Metrichia
Genus Ochrotrichia
Species tenuata - Ochrotrichia tenuata
Subfamily Orthotrichiinae
Genus Ithytrichia
Genus Nothotrichia
Species shasta - Nothotrichia shasta
Genus Orthotrichia
Species aegerfasciella - Orthotrichia aegerfasciella
Subfamily Stactobiinae
Family Ptilocolepidae
Superfamily Rhyacophiloidea
Family Hydrobiosidae
Genus Atopsyche
Species erigia - Atopsyche erigia
Family Rhyacophilidae - Free-living Caddisflies
Genus Rhyacophila - Green Sedges
Species acutiloba - Rhyacophila acutiloba
Species angelita - Rhyacophila angelita
Species carolina - Rhyacophila carolina
Species carpenteri - Rhyacophila carpenteri
Species formosa - Rhyacophila formosa
Species fuscula - Rhyacophila fuscula
Species grandis - Rhyacophila grandis
Species manistee - Rhyacophila manistee
Species nigrita - Rhyacophila nigrita
Species oreta - Rhyacophila oreta
Genus Himalopsyche
Species phryganea - Himalopsyche phryganea
Infraorder Brevitentoria
Superfamily Leptoceroidea
Family Calamoceratidae
Genus Anisocentropus
Species pyraloides - Anisocentropus pyraloides
Genus Heteroplectron
Species californicum - Heteroplectron californicum
Genus Phylloicus
Species aeneus - Phylloicus aeneus
Species mexicanus - Phylloicus mexicanus
Family Leptoceridae - Long-horned Caddisflies
Genus Ceraclea
Species cancellata - Ceraclea cancellata
Species enodis - Ceraclea enodis
Species maculata - Ceraclea maculata
Species resurgens - Ceraclea resurgens
Species punctata - Ceraclea punctata
Species slossonae - Ceraclea slossonae
Species tarsipunctata - Ceraclea tarsipunctata
Species transversa - Ceraclea transversa
Genus Leptocerus
Species americanus - Leptocerus americanus
Genus Mystacides
Species alafimbriatus - Mystacides alafimbriatus
Species interjectus - Mystacides interjectus
Species sepulchralis - Black Dancer Caddisfly
Genus Nectopsyche - White Miller Caddisflies
Species albida - Nectopsyche albida
Species candida - Nectopsyche candida
Species diarina - Nectopsyche diarina
Species exquisita - Nectopsyche exquisita
Species pavida - Nectopsyche pavida
Genus Oecetis
Species osteni - Oecetis osteni
Species cinerascens - Oecetis cinerascens
Species inconspicua - Oecetis inconspicua
Genus Setodes
Species incertus - Setodes incertus
Genus Triaenodes
Species aba - Triaenodes aba
Species baris - Triaenodes baris
Species dipsia - Triaenodes nr. dipsia
Species flavescens - Triaenodes flavescens
Species injusta - Triaenodes injusta
Species marginata - Triaenodes marginata
Species reuteri - Triaenodes reuteri
Species tardus - Triaenodes tardus
Family Molannidae - Hood Casemaker Caddisflies
Genus Molanna
Species blenda - Molanna blenda
Species flavicornis - Molanna flavicornis
Species uniophila - Molanna uniophila
Species ulmerina - Molanna ulmerina
Family Odontoceridae - Mortarjoint Casemaker Caddisflies
Genus Namamyia
Species plutonis - Namamyia plutonis
Genus Psilotreta
Species frontalis - Psilotreta frontalis
Species indecisa - Psilotreta indecisa
Species labida - Psilotreta labida
Species rufa - Psilotreta rufa
Genus Nerophilus
Species californicus - Nerophilus californicus
Genus Marilia
Species flexuosa - Marilia flexuosa
Superfamily Sericostomatoidea
Family Helicopsychidae - Snail-case Caddisflies
Genus Helicopsyche - Snail-case Caddisflies
Species borealis - Helicopsyche borealis
Family Sericostomatidae - Bushtailed Caddisflies
Genus Gumaga
Species griseola - Gumaga griseola
Genus Agarodes
Infraorder Plenitentoria
Superfamily Limnephiloidea
Family Apataniidae - Early Smoky Wing Sedges
Genus Pedomoecus
Species sierra - Pedomoecus sierra
Genus Apatania
Species incerta - Apatania incerta
Family Goeridae
Genus Goera - Little Gray Sedges
Species calcarata - Goera calcarata
Species fuscula - Goera fuscula
Family Limnephilidae - Northern Caddisflies
Genus Pseudostenophylax
Species edwardsi - Pseudostenophylax edwardsi
Species sparsus - Pseudostenophylax sparsus
Species uniformis - Pseudostenophylax uniformis
Subfamily Dicosmoecinae
Genus Dicosmoecus - October Caddisflies
Species atripes - Dicosmoecus atripes
Species pallicornis - Dicosmoecus pallicornis
Species gilvipes - Dicosmoecus gilvipes
Genus Ironoquia
Species parvula - Ironoquia parvula
Species punctatissima - Ironoquia punctatissima
Species lyrata - Eastern Boxed-wing Sedge
Genus Onocosmoecus
Species unicolor - Onocosmoecus unicolor
Subfamily Limnephilinae
Tribe Stenophylacini
Genus Clostoeca
Species disjuncta - Clostoeca disjuncta
Genus Hydatophylax
Species argus - Hydatophylax argus
Species hesperus - Hydatophylax hesperus
Genus Pycnopsyche
Species antica - Pycnopsyche antica
Species circularis - Pycnopsyche circularis
Species gentilis - Pycnopsyche gentilis
Species guttifera - Pycnopsyche guttifera
Species lepida - Pycnopsyche lepida group
Species limbata - Pycnopsyche limbata
Species scabripennis - Giant Red Sedge
Species indiana - Pycnopsyche indiana
Species luculenta - Pycnopsyche luculenta
Species virginica - Pycnopsyche virginica
Genus Philocasca
Tribe Chilostigmini
Genus Chilostigma
Species itascae - Headwaters Chilostigman Caddisfly
Genus Chilostigmodes
Species areolatus - Chilostigmodes areolatus
Genus Desmona
Species bethula - Desmona bethula
Genus Frenesia
Species difficilis - Frenesia difficilis
Species missa - Frenesia missa
Genus Glyphopsyche
Species irrorata - Glyphopsyche irrorata
Genus Homophylax
Species insulas - Homophylax insulas
Genus Phanocelia
Species canadensis - Phanocelia canadensis
Genus Psychoglypha
Species avigo - Psychoglypha avigo
Species bella - Psychoglypha bella
Species subborealis - Psychoglypha subborealis
Tribe Limnephilini
Genus Anabolia
Species bimaculata - Anabolia bimaculata
Species consocia - Anabolia consocia
Genus Asynarchus
Genus Clistoronia
Species magnifica - Clistoronia magnifica
Genus Grammotaulius
Species bettenii - Grammotaulius bettenii
Genus Halesochila
Species taylori - Halesochila taylori
Genus Hesperophylax
Species magnus - Hesperophylax magnus
Species designatus - Silver-striped Sedge
Genus Lenarchus
Species vastus - Lenarchus vastus
Species rho - Lenarchus rho
Species rillus - Lenarchus rillus
Genus Limnephilus
Species ademus - Limnephilus ademus
Species concolor - Limnephilus concolor
Species externus - Limnephilus externus
Species fagus - Limnephilus fagus
Species flavastellus - Limnephilus flavastellus
Species harrimani - Limnephilus harrimani
Species hyalinus - Limnephilus hyalinus
Species indivisus - Limnephilus indivisus
Species kalama - Limnephilus kalama
Species moestus - Limnephilus moestus
Species morrisoni - Limnephilus morrisoni
Species nogus - Limnephilus nogus
Species occidentalis - Limnephilus occidentalis
Species ornatus - Limnephilus ornatus
Species parvulus - Limnephilus parvulus
Species rhombicus - Limnephilus rhombicus
Species spinatus - Limnephilus spinatus
Species submonilifer - Limnephilus submonilifer
No Taxon sericeus group
Species sericeus - Limnephilus sericeus
Genus Nemotaulius
Species hostilis - Nemotaulius hostilis
Genus Platycentropus
Species radiatus - Chocolate and Cream Sedge
Family Thremmatidae
Genus Neophylax - Autumn Mottled Sedges
Species aniqua - Neophylax aniqua
Species concinnus - Neophylax concinnus
Species consimilis - Neophylax consimilis
Species fuscus - Neophylax fuscus
Species kolodskii - Kolodski's Caddisfly
Species mitchelli - Neophylax mitchelli
Species oligius - Autumn Sedge
Species splendens - Neophylax splendens
Species rickeri - Neophylax rickeri
Genus Oligophlebodes
Family Uenoidae - Stonecase Caddisflies
Genus Farula
Genus Neothremma
Species alicia - Neothremma alicia
Superfamily Phryganeoidea
Family Brachycentridae - Humpless Casemaker Caddisflies
Genus Adicrophleps
Species hitchcocki - Adicrophleps hitchcocki
Genus Amiocentrus
Species aspilus - Amiocentrus aspilus
Genus Brachycentrus
Species americanus - Brachycentrus (Oligoplectrodes) americanus
No Taxon subgenus Sphinctogaster
Species appalachia - Brachycentrus appalachia
Species incanus - Brachycentrus incanus
Species lateralis - Brachycentrus lateralis
Species numerosus - Brachycentrus numerosus
Species occidentalis - Brachycentrus occidentalis
Genus Micrasema
Species bactro - Micrasema bactro
Species charonis - Micrasema charonis
Species rusticum - Micrasema rusticum
Species wataga - Micrasema wataga
Family Lepidostomatidae - Bizarre Caddisflies
Genus Lepidostoma
Species cascadense - Lepidostoma cascadense
Species cinereum - Lepidostoma cinereum
Species griseum - Lepidostoma griseum
Species hoodi - Lepidostoma hoodi
Species jewetti - Lepidostoma jewetti
Species podagrum - Lepidostoma podagrum
Species reosum - Lepidostoma reosum
Species sommermanae - Lepidostoma sommermanae
Species togatum - Lepidostoma togatum
Species vernale - Lepidostoma vernale
Species stigma - Lepidostoma stigma
Family Phryganeidae - Giant Casemaker Caddisflies
Genus Agrypnia
Species glacialis - Agrypnia glacialis
Species macdunnoughi - Agrypnia macdunnoughi
Species vestita - Agrypnia vestita
Genus Banksiola
Species concatenata - Banksiola concatenata
Species crotchi - Banksiola crotchi
Species dossuaria - Banksiola dossuaria
Genus Oligostomis
Species ocelligera - Oligostomis ocelligera
Species pardalis - Oligostomis pardalis
Genus Phryganea
Species cinerea - Phryganea cinerea
Species sayi - Phryganea sayi
Genus Ptilostomis
Species angustipennis - Ptilostomis angustipennis
Species ocellifera - Ptilostomis ocellifera
Species postica - Ptilostomis postica
Species semifasciata - Ptilostomis semifasciata