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Caterpillar -? - Zerene cesonia

Caterpillar -? - Zerene cesonia
8 miles North of Texhoma, Texas County, Oklahoma, USA
September 24, 2008
?? Looks like Photo#578009, Prickly-pear borer ??


I think it is Zerene cesonia
with the black reduced. Looks like it's on a Senna of some sort too? (a Legume anyway) It is a common species most years in Oklahoma.

The only other option I think would be Phoebis (mostly likely P. sennae so far north), but I don't think that is as good of a match.

It doesn't look like a borer to me.

Thanks Dave and John and Jane Balaban,
Could be, maybe I'll come cross another, if it rains.

Our first thought is a butterfly in the Pieridae
but we didn't find a match. Wonder if it is a relative of Zerene

Maybe a stretch,
?? Looks like Photo#578009, Prickly-pear borer ??