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Is this a Chalcid wasp? If so, which species? - Podagrion

Is this a Chalcid wasp? If so, which species? - Podagrion
Escondido, San Diego County, California, USA
November 20, 2011
This tiny wasp was on a Mantis egg sac along Lake Hodges trail.

Genus confirmed by friend who is a torymid specialist, but he is unable to identify the species.

Moved from "Parasitica" (parasitic Apocrita).

Thank you
Thanks for looking into it Bob! I really appreciate it :) The Genus is good enough for me!

Moved for expert attention
Moved from ID Request.

Podagrion, perhaps?

They are parasitoids of mantid oothecae.

Can't see some of the critical features in this image of a female, but the extended ovipositor, distinctive parapsidal sutures, toothed hind femora, and coincidental presence on a mantid egg case do suggest this genus. Only six known species that are mostly found in the southern half of the US. Nice find.

See reference here.

Thank you
Thanks for the info Ross. I was bummed the images didn't turn out well but as you know, they're rather small and it was a windy and rainy day.