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Mayfly - Paraleptophlebia - female

Mayfly - Paraleptophlebia - Female
Big Basin Redwoods State Park, HQ area, Santa Cruz County, California, USA
November 20, 2011
I can't place what this is.
Maybe 15 mm overall length as I recall, size recall is strange after looking through 2-3X magnification.
On a redwood post, if flittered over the mosses, and then into the sedge/grass field.

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Mayfly - Paraleptophlebia - female Mayfly - Paraleptophlebia - female Mayfly - Paraleptophlebia - female

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Very nice photos. It's a female subimago of genus Paraleptophlebia.

Thank You!
I've updated the three photos to reflect Female Mayfly.

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Mayfly Someone else should be able to narrow it down more.

So much.....
So much for it being a "May Fly", Ca. seems to be in a contest with Virginia to see who gets the December one, and has all 12 months filled in.
Thanks for the ID, with that head I wast sure it was a fly.