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Beefly - Systoechus candidulus - male

Beefly - Systoechus candidulus - Male
Savannas Preserve SP (south), Martin County, Florida, USA
June 25, 2006

Moved from Systoechus.

This is definetely in genus Bombylius, though I couldn't seem to find an exact match in the guide. Since the wings on yours lacks markings, bombylius major can be ruled out. The closest match I could find is to this image, but unfortunately, it hasn't been ID'd to a species as of yet.

What do you think of this one, from the same park?:

Bee Fly
Appears to be identical to yours. Hopefully an expert will be able to ID these to a species.

Might have found a match...
Check out the pictures of Systoechus solitus on this website (they look very similar to yours).

Looks very similar. Thanks!!
If we're wrong, maybe someone will let us know.