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ID Request

If you have an image of something from North America, north of Mexico that you would like identified, you may add the image to this page. You must be logged in for the add image link to appear. Your image will eventually be moved to the Guide or, if it does not warrant inclusion there, it will be moved to Frass.

If you recognize something here, please add a comment to the image with details about what you think it might be. Feel free to include links to the guide or to other sites on the web for verification.

chrysalis casing Egg Sac? Cocoon? Mystery critter Unknown Possible Egg Case Cocoon Cocoon Cocoon Unknown Arthropod or Gastropod spider527 Lepidopteran Pupa? bagworm case Mud tubes by wasp or bee? Mud tubes by wasp or bee? Cocoon Cocoon? Pupal Case? Engytatus modestus? Fly larva Fly larva Fly larva Fly larva Fly larva Coleophoridae Case-bearer larvae? Leaf Cone - Caloptilia sp.?