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Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Suborder Archostemata
Family Cupedidae - Reticulated Beetles
Genus Cupes
Species capitatus - Cupes capitatus
Genus Priacma
Species serrata - Priacma serrata
Genus Prolixocupes
Species lobiceps - Prolixocupes lobiceps
Genus Tenomerga
Species cinerea - Tenomerga cinerea
Family Micromalthidae - Telephone-pole Beetles
Genus Micromalthus
Species debilis - Micromalthus debilis
Suborder Myxophaga
Family Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles
Genus Sphaerius
Family Hydroscaphidae - Skiff Beetles
Genus Hydroscapha
Species natans - Hydroscapha natans
Species redfordi - Hydroscapha redfordi
Suborder Adephaga
Family Amphizoidae - Trout-Stream Beetles
Genus Amphizoa
Species striata - Amphizoa striata
Species lecontei - Amphizoa lecontei
Species insolens - Amphizoa insolens
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Brachininae
Genus Brachinus - Bombardier Beetle
No Taxon alternans group
Species alternans - Brachinus alternans
Species rugipennis - Brachinus rugipennis
No Taxon americanus group
Species alexiguus - Brachinus alexiguus
Species americanus - Brachinus americanus
No Taxon cordicollis group
Species cyanochroaticus - Brachinus cyanochroaticus
Species fulminatus - Brachinus fulminatus
Species janthinipennis - Brachinus janthinipennis
Species vulcanoides - Brachinus vulcanoides
No Taxon fumans group
Species cibolensis - Brachinus cibolensis
Species cyanipennis - Brachinus cyanipennis
Species favicollis - Brachinus favicollis
Species fumans - Brachinus fumans
Species imporcitis - Brachinus imporcitis
Species medius - Brachinus medius
Species mexicanus - Brachinus mexicanus
Species patruelis - Brachinus patruelis
Species phaeocerus - Brachinus phaeocerus
Species puberulus - Brachinus puberulus
Species quadripennis - Brachinus quadripennis
Species tenuicollis - Brachinus tenuicollis
No Taxon hirsutus group
Species hirsutus - Brachinus hirsutus
Species pallidus - Brachinus pallidus
No Taxon lateralis group
Species adustipennis - Brachinus adustipennis
Species lateralis - Brachinus lateralis
No Taxon texanus group
Species elongatulus - Brachinus elongatulus
Species geniculatus - Brachinus geniculatus
Species texanus - Brachinus texanus
Species aabaaba - Brachinus aabaaba
Species costipennis - Brachinus costipennis
Subfamily Broscinae
Genus Broscodera
Species insignis - Broscodera insignis
Genus Broscus
Species cephalotes - Broscus cephalotes
Genus Zacotus
Species matthewsii - Zacotus matthewsii
Genus Miscodera
Species arctica - Miscodera arctica
Subfamily Carabinae
Tribe Cychrini
Genus Cychrus - Rare Snail-eating Beetles
Species hemphillii - Cychrus hemphillii
Subspecies hemphillii - Cychrus hemphilli hemphilli
Subspecies rickseckeri - Cychrus hemphillii rickseckeri
Species tuberculatus - Cychrus tuberculatus
Genus Scaphinotus
No Taxon subgenus Scaphinotus
No Taxon elevatus group
Species elevatus - Eastern Snail Eater
Subspecies flammeus - Scaphinotus elevatus flammeus
Subspecies coloradensis - Scaphinotus elevatus coloradensis
Species kelloggi - Scaphinotus kelloggi
Species petersi - Scaphinotus petersi
Subspecies biedermani - Scaphinotus petersi biedermani
Subspecies catalinae - Scaphinotus petersi catalinae
Subspecies corvus - Scaphinotus petersi corvus
Subspecies grahami - Scaphinotus petersi grahami
Subspecies kathleenae - Scaphinotus petersi kathleenae
Subspecies petersi - Scaphinotus petersi petersi
Species snowi - Scaphinotus snowi
Subspecies roeschkei - Scaphinotus snowi roeschkei
Subspecies snowi - Scaphinotus snowi snowi
Species vandykei - Scaphinotus vandykei
No Taxon unicolor group
Species parisiana - Scaphinotus parisiana
Species unicolor - Scaphinotus unicolor
No Taxon subgenus Irichroa
Species irregularis - Scaphinotus irregularis
Species viduus - Scaphinotus viduus
Species webbi - Scaphinotus webbi
No Taxon subgenus Nomaretus
Species bilobus - Scaphinotus bilobus
Species cavicollis - Scaphinotus cavicollis
Species fissicollis - Scaphinotus fissicollis
Species infletus - Scaphinotus infletus
Species liebecki - Scaphinotus liebecki
No Taxon subgenus Maronetus
Species debilis - Scaphinotus debilis
Species hoffmani - Scaphinotus hoffmani
Species hubbardi - Scaphinotus hubbardi
Species imperfectus - Scaphinotus imperfectus
Species incompletus - Scaphinotus incompletus
Species schwarzi - Scaphinotus schwarzi
Species tenuis - Scaphinotus tenuis
Species unistriatus - Scaphinotus unistriatus
No Taxon subgenus Steniridia
Species andrewsii - Scaphinotus andrewsii
Species guyotii - Scaphinotus guyotii
Species ridingsii - Scaphinotus ridingsii
Subspecies monongahelae - Scaphinotus ridingsii monongahelae
Species aeneicollis - Scaphinotus aeneicollis
Species violaceus - Scaphinotus violaceus
Species tricarinatus - Scaphinotus tricarinatus
No Taxon subgenus Pseudonomaretus
Species relictus - Scaphinotus relictus
No Taxon subgenus Stenocantharus
Species angusticollis - Scaphinotus angusticollis
Species johnsoni - Scaphinotus johnsoni
Species velutinus - Scaphinotus velutinus
No Taxon subgenus Brennus
Species bullatus - Scaphinotus bullatus
Species cordatus - Scaphinotus cordatus
Species crenatus - Scaphinotus crenatus
Species cristatus - Scaphinotus cristatus
Species interruptus - Scaphinotus interruptus
Species marginatus - Scaphinotus marginatus
Species obliquus - Scaphinotus obliquus
Species oreophilus - Scaphinotus oreophilus
Species punctatus - Scaphinotus punctatus
Species riversi - Scaphinotus riversi
Species rugiceps - Scaphinotus rugiceps
Subspecies incipiens - Scaphinotus rugiceps incipiens
Species striatopunctatus - Scaphinotus striatopunctatus
Species subtilis - Scaphinotus subtilis
Species ventricosus - Scaphinotus ventricosus
No Taxon subgenus Neocychrus
Species angulatus - Scaphinotus angulatus
Species behrensi - Scaphinotus behrensi
Species longiceps - Humboldt Ground Beetle
Genus Sphaeroderus - Small Snail Eating Beetles
Species bicarinatus - Sphaeroderus bicarinatus
Species canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis
Subspecies lengi - Sphaeroderus canadensis lengi
Subspecies canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis canadensis
Species indianae - Sphaeroderus indianae
Species nitidicollis - Sphaeroderus nitidicollis
Species schaumii - Sphaeroderus schaumii
Species stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus
Subspecies lecontei - Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei
Subspecies stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus stenostomus
Tribe Carabini
Genus Calosoma - Caterpillar Hunter Beetles
No Taxon Subgenus Blaptosoma
Species haydeni - Calosoma haydeni
No Taxon Subgenus Callistenia
Species latipenne - Calosoma latipenne
Species luxatum - Calosoma luxatum
Species moniliatum - Calosoma moniliatum
Species subaeneum - Calosoma subaeneum
Species monticola - Calosoma monticola
No Taxon Subgenus Callitropa
Species externum - Narrow Searcher
Species macrum - Calosoma macrum
Species protractum - Calosoma protractum
No Taxon Subgenus Calodrepa
Species aurocinctum - Calosoma aurocinctum
Species scrutator - Fiery Searcher
Species splendidum - Calosoma splendidum
Species wilcoxi - Calosoma wilcoxi
No Taxon Subgenus Calosoma
Species frigidum - Calosoma frigidum
Species sycophanta - Caterpillar Searcher
No Taxon Subgenus Camegonia
Species marginale - Calosoma marginale
Species parvicolle - Calosoma parvicolle
Species prominens - Calosoma prominens
No Taxon Subgenus Carabosoma
Species angulatum - Calosoma angulatum
Species eremicola - Calosoma eremicola
Species peregrinator - Calosoma peregrinator
Species sponsa - Calosoma sponsa
No Taxon Subgenus Castrida
Species sayi - Black Caterpillar Hunter Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysostigma
Species affine - Calosoma affine
Species calidum - Fiery Hunter
Species cancellatum - Calosoma cancellatum
Species lepidum - Calosoma lepidum
Species obsoletum - Calosoma obsoletum
Species semilaeve - Calosoma semilaeve
Species simplex - Calosoma simplex
Species tepidum - Calosoma tepidum
Genus Carabus
Species auratus - Carabus auratus
Species chamissonis - Carabus chamissonis
Species maeander - Carabus maeander
Subspecies maeander - Carabus maeander maeander
Species nemoralis - European Ground Beetle
Species serratus - Carabus serratus
Species truncaticollis - Carabus truncaticollis
Species vietinghoffii - Carabus vietinghoffii
No Taxon subgenus Carabus
Species goryi - Carabus goryi
Species granulatus - Granulated Carabid
Species vinctus - Carabus vinctus
No Taxon subgenus Tanaocarabus
Species finitimus - Carabus finitimus
Species forreri - Carabus forreri
Species sylvosus - Woodland Ground Beetle
Species taedatus - Carabus taedatus
Subspecies agassii - Carabus taedatus agassii
Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles
Tribe Amblycheilini - Blunt-lipped Tiger Beetles
Genus Amblycheila - Giant Tiger Beetles
Species baroni - Montane Giant Tiger Beetle
Species cylindriformis - Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle
Species hoversoni - South Texas Giant Tiger Beetle
Species katzi - Trans-Pecos Giant Tiger Beetle
Species picolominii - Plateau Giant Tiger Beetle
Species schwarzi - Mojave Giant Tiger Beetle
Genus Omus - Night-stalking Tiger Beetles
Species audouini - Audouin's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species californicus - California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies angustocylindricus - Omus californicus angustocylindricus
Subspecies californicus - Omus californicus californicus
Subspecies intermedius - Omus californicus intermedius
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subcylindricus - Omus californicus subcylindricus
Species cazieri - Cazier's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species dejeanii - Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species laevis - Smooth Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species sequoiarum - Big Trees Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species submetallicus - Lustrous Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Tribe Megacephalini - Big-headed Tiger Beetles
Genus Tetracha - Metallic Tiger Beetles
Species carolina - Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Florida Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species impressa - Upland Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species virginica - Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle
Tribe Cicindelini - Flashy Tiger Beetles
Genus Apterodela - Leaf Litter Tiger Beetles
Species unipunctata - One-spotted Tiger Beetle
Genus Brasiella - Little Tiger Beetles
Species viridisticta - Pygmy Tiger Beetle
Species wickhami - Sonoran Tiger Beetle
Genus Cicindela - Temperate Tiger Beetles
Species albissima - Coral Pink Sand Dune Tiger Beetle
Species amargosae - Great Basin Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nyensis - Cicindelidia amargosae nyensis
Species ancocisconensis - Appalachian Tiger Beetle
Species arenicola - St. Anthony Dune Tiger Beetle
Species bellissima - Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle
Species columbica - Columbia River Tiger Beetle
Species decemnotata - Badlands Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bonnevillensis - Cicindela decemnotata bonnevillensis
Subspecies decemnotata - Cicindela decemnotata decemnotata
Subspecies meriwetheri - Cicindela decemnotata meriwetheri
Subspecies montevolans - Cicindela decemnotata montevolans
Species denikei - Laurentian Tiger Beetle
Species denverensis - Green Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species depressula - Dispirited Tiger Beetle
Subspecies depressula - Cicindela depressula depressula
Species duodecimguttata - Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species formosa - Big Sand Tiger Beetle
Subspecies generosa - Cicindela formosa generosa
Subspecies formosa - Cicindela formosa formosa
Subspecies gibsoni - Cicindela formosa gibsoni
Subspecies rutilovirescens - Cicindela formosa rutilovirescens
Subspecies pigmentosignata - Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata
Species fulgida - Crimson Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fulgida - Cicindela fulgida fulgida
Species hirticollis - Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rhodensis - Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis
Subspecies gravida - Cicindela hirticollis gravida
Subspecies shelfordi - Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi
Subspecies siuslawensis - Northwest Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Species latesignata - Western Beach Tiger Beetle
Species lengi - Blowout Tiger Beetle
Subspecies jordai - Cicindela lengi jordai
Subspecies lengi - Cicindela lengi lengi
Subspecies versuta - Cicindela lengi versuta
Species limbalis - Common Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species limbata - Sandy Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hyperborea - Hyperboreal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies limbata - Cicindela limbata limbata
Subspecies nogahabarensis - Cicindela limbata nogahabarensis
Subspecies nympha - Cicindela limbata nympha
Species longilabris - Boreal Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies laurentii - Cicindela longilabris laurentii
Subspecies perviridis - Cicindela longilabris perviridis
Subspecies longilabris - Cicindela longilabris longilabris
Species nebraskana - Prairie Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Species nigrior - Autumn Tiger Beetle
Species ohlone - Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Species oregona - Western Tiger Beetle
Subspecies guttifera - Cicindela oregona guttifera
Subspecies maricopa - Cicindela oregona maricopa
Subspecies oregona - Cicindela oregona oregona
Species parowana - Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies parowana - Cicindela parowana parowana
Subspecies platti - Cicindela parowana platti
Subspecies wallisi - Cicindela parowana wallisi
Species patruela - Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Subspecies consentanea - Cicindela patruela consentanea
Subspecies huberi - Cicindela patruela huberi
Subspecies patruela - Cicindela patruela patruela
Species pimeriana - Cochise Tiger Beetle
Species plutonica - Alpine Tiger Beetle
Species pugetana - Sagebrush Tiger Beetle
Species pulchra - Beautiful Tiger Beetle
Subspecies dorothea - Cicindela pulchra dorothea
Subspecies pulchra - Cicindela pulchra pulchra
Species purpurea - Cow Path Tiger Beetle
Subspecies audubonii - Cicindela purpurea audubonii
Subspecies cimarrona - Cimarron Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hatchi - Cicindela purpurea hatchi
Subspecies purpurea - Cicindela purpurea purpurea
Species repanda - Bronzed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies novascotiae - Cicindela repanda novascotiae
Subspecies repanda - Cicindela repanda repanda
Subspecies tanneri - Cicindela repanda tanneri
Species scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies flavoviridis - Chartreuse Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rugata - Rugate Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rugifrons - Wrinkle-fronted Tiger Beetle
Subspecies scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies unicolor - Unicolored Tiger Beetle
Subspecies yampae - Yampa Tiger Beetle
Species senilis - Senile Tiger Beetle
Species sexguttata - Six-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species splendida - Splendid Tiger Beetle
Species tenuicincta - Short-legged Tiger Beetle
Species theatina - Colorado Dune Tiger Beetle
Species tranquebarica - Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arida - Cicindela tranquebarica arida
Subspecies diffracta - Cicindela tranquebarica diffracta
Subspecies inyo - Cicindela tranquebarica inyo
Subspecies joaquinensis - Cicindela tranquebarica joaquinensis
Subspecies kirbyi - Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi
Subspecies parallelonota - Cicindela tranquebarica parallelonota
Subspecies sierra - Cicindela tranquebarica sierra
Subspecies tranquebarica - Cicindela tranquebarica tranquebarica
Subspecies vibex - Cicindela tranquebarica vibex
Subspecies viridissima - Cicindela tranquebarica viridissima
Species waynei - Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle
Species willistoni - Williston's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies praedicta - Cicindelidia willistoni praedicta
Subspecies pseudosenilis - Cicindelidia willistoni pseudosenilis
Subspecies sulphontis - Cicindelidia willistoni sulphontis
Subspecies hirtifrons - Cicindelidia willistoni hirtifrons
Subspecies willistoni - Cicindelidia willistoni willistoni
Subspecies echo - Cicindelidia willistoni echo
Subspecies estancia - Cicindelidia willistoni estancia
Genus Cicindelidia - American Tiger Beetles
Species abdominalis - Eastern Pinebarrens Tiger Beetle
Species cazieri - Cazier's Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Miami tiger beetle
Species haemorrhagica - Wetsalts Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arizonae - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica arizonae
Subspecies haemorrhagica - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica haemorrhagica
Species highlandensis - Highlands Tiger Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Tiger Beetle
Species marginipennis - Cobblestone Tiger Beetle
Species melissa - Melissa's Tiger Beetle
Species nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bowditchi - Cicindelidia nigrocoerulea bowditchi
Subspecies nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subtropica - Subtropical Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Species obsoleta - Large Grassland Tiger Beetle
Subspecies neojuvenilis - Cicindelidia obsoleta neojuvenilis
Subspecies obsoleta - Cicindelidia obsoleta obsoleta
Subspecies santaclarae - Cicindelidia obsoleta santaclarae
Subspecies vulturina - Prairie Tiger Beetle
Species ocellata - Ocellated Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ocellata - Cicindelidia ocellata ocellata
Species politula - Limestone Tiger Beetle
Subspecies petrophila - Cicindelidia politula petrophila
Subspecies politula - Cicindelidia politula politula
Subspecies viridimonticola - Cicindelidia politula viridimonticola
Species punctulata - Punctured Tiger Beetle
Subspecies punctulata - Cicindelidia punctulata punctulata
Subspecies chihuahuae - Cicindelidia punctulata chihuahuae
Species rufiventris - Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cumatilis - Cicindelidia rufiventris cumatilis
Subspecies hentzii - Cicindelidia rufiventris hentzii
Subspecies rufiventris - Cicindelidia rufiventris rufiventris
Species scabrosa - Scabrous Tiger Beetle
Species schauppii - Schaupp's Tiger Beetle
Species sedecimpunctata - Western Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Species tenuisignata - Thin-lined Tiger Beetle
Species trifasciata - S-banded Tiger Beetle
Subspecies sigmoidea - Cicindelidia trifasciata sigmoidea
Subspecies ascendens - Cicindelidia trifasciata ascendens
Genus Dromochorus - Dromo Tiger Beetles
Species belfragei - Loamy-ground Tiger Beetle
Species knisleyi - Juniper Grove Tiger Beetle 0
Species pilatei - Cajun Tiger Beetle
Species pruininus - Frosted Dromo Tiger Beetle
Species velutinigrens - Velvet Tiger Beetle
Species welderensis - Gulf Prairie Tiger Beetle
Genus Ellipsoptera - Ellipsed-winged Tiger Beetles
Species blanda - Sandbar Tiger Beetle
Species cuprascens - Coppery Tiger Beetle
Species gratiosa - Whitish Tiger Beetle
Species hamata - Coastal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies monti - Ellipsoptera hamata monti
Species hirtilabris - Moustached Tiger Beetle
Species lepida - Ghost Tiger Beetle
Species macra - Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fluviatilis - Ellipsoptera macra fluviatilis
Species marginata - Margined Tiger Beetle
Species marutha - Aridland Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Nevada Tiger Beetle
Subspecies citata - Ellipsoptera nevadica citata
Subspecies knausi - Ellipsoptera nevadica knausi
Subspecies lincolniana - Salt Creek Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nevadica - Ellipsoptera nevadica nevadica
Subspecies olmosa - Ellipsoptera nevadica olmosa
Subspecies playa - Ellipsoptera nevadica playa
Species puritana - Puritan Tiger Beetle
Species sperata - Rio Grande Tiger Beetle
Subspecies inquisitor - Ellipsoptera sperata inquisitor
Subspecies sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata sperata
Species wapleri - White Sand Tiger Beetle
Genus Eunota - Saline Tiger Beetles
Species californica - California Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pseudoerronea - Eunota californica pseudoerronea
Species circumpicta - Cream-edged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies circumpicta - Eunota circumpicta circumpicta
Subspecies johnsonii - Eunota circumpicta johnsonii
Subspecies pembina - Eunota circumpicta pembina
Species fulgoris - Glittering Tiger Beetle
Subspecies erronea - Eunota fulgoris erronea
Species gabbi - Western Tidal Flat Tiger Beetle
Species pamphila - Gulfshore Tiger Beetle
Species praetextata - Riparian Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pallidofemora - Eunota praetextata pallidofemora
Subspecies praetextata - Eunota praetextata praetextata
Species severa - Saltmarsh Tiger Beetle
Species striga - Elusive Tiger Beetle
Species togata - White-cloaked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies togata - Eunota togata togata
Subspecies fascinans - Eunota togata fascinans
Genus Habroscelimorpha - Habro Tiger Beetles
Species dorsalis - Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Subspecies dorsalis - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis dorsalis
Subspecies venusta - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis venusta
Subspecies saulcyi - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis saulcyi
Subspecies media - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis media
Genus Microthylax - Coral Beach Tiger Beetles
Species olivacea - Olive Tiger Beetle
Genus Opilidia - Opilid Tiger Beetles
Species chlorocephala - Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies smythi - Smyth’s Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Genus Parvindela - American Diminutive Tiger Beetles
Species celeripes - Swift Tiger Beetle
Species cursitans - Ant-like Tiger Beetle
Species debilis - Grass-runner Tiger Beetle
Species lemniscata - White-striped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lemniscata - Cylindera lemniscata lemniscata
Subspecies rebaptisata - Cylindera lemniscata rebaptisata
Species lunalonga - Meadow Tiger Beetle
Species terricola - Variable Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cinctipennis - Belted-winged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies continua - Cylindera terricola continua
Subspecies imperfecta - Cylindera terricola imperfecta
Subspecies kaibabensis - Cylindera terricola kaibabensis
Subspecies susanagreae - Cylindera terricola susanagreae
Subspecies terricola - Cylindera terricola terricola
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae & Pupae
Subfamily Elaphrinae
Genus Blethisa
Species catenaria - Blethisa catenaria
Species hudsonica - Blethisa hudsonica
Species julii - Blethisa julii
Species multipunctata - Blethisa multipunctata aurata
Species oregonensis - Blethisa oregonensis
Species quadricollis - Blethisa quadricollis
Genus Elaphrus - Marsh Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Neoelaphrus
No Taxon fuliginosus group
Species cicatricosus - Elaphrus cicatricosus
Species lindrothi - Elaphrus lindrothi
No Taxon clairvillei group
Species clairvillei - Elaphrus clairvillei
Species olivaceus - Elaphrus olivaceus
No Taxon subgenus Arctelaphrus
Species lapponicus - Elaphrus lapponicus
No Taxon subgenus Elaphroterus
Species purpurans - Elaphrus purpurans
No Taxon subgenus Elaphrus
Species americanus - Elaphrus americanus
Subspecies americanus - Elaphrus americanus americanus
Species californicus - Elaphrus californicus
Species finitimus - Elaphrus finitimus
Species lecontei - Elaphrus lecontei
Species ruscarius - Elaphrus ruscarius
Species trossulus - Elaphrus trossulus
Species tuberculatus - Elaphrus tuberculatus
Species viridis - Delta green ground beetle
Genus Diacheila
Species arctica - Diacheila arctica
Species polita - Diacheila polita
Subfamily Gehringiinae
Genus Gehringia
Species olympica - Gehringia olympica
Subfamily Harpalinae
Supertribe Pterostichitae
Tribe Morionini
Genus Morion
Species aridus - Morion aridus
Species monilicornis - Morion monilicornis
Tribe Abacetini
Genus Loxandrus - move pics delete page
Genus Oxycrepis
No Taxon subgenus Loxandrus
Species brevicollis - Oxycrepis brevicollis
Species celeris - Oxycrepis celeris
Species erratica - Oxycrepis erratica
Species icarus - Oxycrepis icarus
Species floridana - Oxycrepis floridana
Species recta - Oxycrepis recta
Species saphyrina - Oxycrepis saphyrina
Species velocipes - Oxycrepis velocipes
No Taxon subgenus Stolonis
Species intercepta - Oxycrepis intercepta
No Taxon incertae sedis
Species crenata - Oxycrepis crenata
Species duryi - Oxycrepis duryi
Species rectangula - Oxycrepis rectangula
Species sculptilis - Oxycrepis sculptilis
Species vulneratus - Oxycrepis vulneratus
Tribe Pterostichini - Woodland Ground Beetles
Genus Abaris
Species splendidula - Abaris splendidula
Genus Abax
Species parallelepipedus - Abax parallelepipedus
Genus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon approximatus group
Species approximatus - Cyclotrachelus approximatus
Species freitagi - Cyclotrachelus freitagi
Species iuvenis - Cyclotrachelus iuvenis
No Taxon faber group
Species faber - Cyclotrachelus faber
No Taxon laevipennis group
Species dejeanellus - Cyclotrachelus dejeanellus
Species hernandensis - Cyclotrachelus hernandensis
Species laevipennis - Cyclotrachelus laevipennis
No Taxon spoliatus group
Species brevoorti - Cyclotrachelus brevoorti
Species fucatus - Cyclotrachelus fucatus
Species unicolor - Cyclotrachelus unicolor
Species spoliatus - Cyclotrachelus spoliatus
No Taxon Subgenus Evarthrus
Species blatchleyi - Cyclotrachelus blatchleyi
No Taxon seximpressus group
Species engelmani - Cyclotrachelus engelmani
Species seximpressus - Cyclotrachelus seximpressus
No Taxon sigillatus group
Species convivus - Cyclotrachelus convivus
Species sigillatus - Cyclotrachelus sigillatus
No Taxon sodalis group
Species alternans - Cyclotrachelus alternans
Species furtivus - Cyclotrachelus furtivus
Species sodalis - Cyclotrachelus sodalis
No Taxon substriatus group
Species substriatus - Cyclotrachelus substriatus
No Taxon incisus group
Species incisus - Cyclotrachelus incisus
Species whitcombi - Cyclotrachelus whitcombi
No Taxon torvus group
Species torvus - Cyclotrachelus torvus
Genus Gastrellarius
Species blanchardi - Gastrellarius blanchardi
Species honestus - Gastrellarius honestus
Species unicarum - Gastrellarius unicarum
Genus Hybothecus
Species flohri - Hybothecus flohri
Genus Lophoglossus
Species gravis - Lophoglossus gravis
Species haldemanni - Lophoglossus haldemanni
Species scrutator - Lophoglossus scrutator
Species substrenuus - Lophoglossus substrenuus
Species tartaricus - Lophoglossus tartaricus
Species vernix - Lophoglossus vernix
Genus Myas
Species coracinus - Myas coracinus
Species cyanescens - Myas cyanescens
Genus Piesmus
Species submarginatus - Piesmus submarginatus
Genus Poecilus
Species cyanicolor - Poecilus cyanicolor
No Taxon chalcites group
Species chalcites - Poecilus chalcites
Species diplophryus - Poecilus diplophryus
Species scitulus - Poecilus scitulus
No Taxon lucublandus group
Species corvus - Poecilus corvus
Species laetulus - Poecilus laetulus
Species lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus
Subspecies lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus lucublandus
Genus Pterostichus
No Taxon Subgenus Argutor
Species commutabilis - Pterostichus commutabilis
Species vernalis - Pterostichus vernalis
Species praetermissus - Pterostichus praetermissus
No Taxon Subgenus Phonias
Species femoralis - Pterostichus femoralis
Species patruelis - Pterostichus patruelis
Species strenuus - Pterostichus strenuus
No Taxon Subgenus Bothriopterus
No Taxon adstrictus group
Species adstrictus - Pterostichus adstrictus
Species oregonus - Pterostichus oregonus
Species pensylvanicus - Pterostichus pensylvanicus
No Taxon mutus group
Species lustrans - Pterostichus lustrans
Species mutus - Pterostichus mutus
Species trinarius - Pterostichus trinarius
No Taxon Subgenus Melanius
Species castor - Pterostichus castor
Species corvinus - Pterostichus corvinus
Species ebeninus - Pterostichus ebeninus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudomaseus
Species luctuosus - Pterostichus luctuosus
Species tenuis - Pterostichus tenuis
No Taxon Subgenus Feronina
Species palmi - Pterostichus palmi
Species barri - Pterostichus barri
No Taxon subgenus Paraferonia
Species lubricus - Pterostichus lubricus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoferonina
Species amadeus - Pterostichus amadeus
No Taxon Subgenus Gastrosticta
Species obesulus - Pterostichus obesulus
Species punctiventris - Pterostichus punctiventris
Species putus - Pterostichus putus
Species sayanus - Pterostichus sayanus
Species subacutus - Pterostichus subacutus
Species tumescens - Pterostichus tumescens
Species ventralis - Pterostichus ventralis
No Taxon Subgenus Morphnosoma
Species melanarius - Pterostichus melanarius
No Taxon Subgenus Euferonia
Species lachrymosus - Pterostichus lachrymosus
No Taxon stygicus group
Species coracinus - Pterostichus coracinus
Species novus - Pterostichus novus
Species relictus - Pterostichus relictus
Species stygicus - Pterostichus stygicus
No Taxon Subgenus Lenapterus
Species agonus - Pterostichus agonus
Species costatus - Pterostichus costatus
Species punctatissimus - Pterostichus punctatissimus
Species vermiculosus - Pterostichus vermiculosus
No Taxon Subgenus Metallophilus
Species sublaevis - Pterostichus sublaevis
No Taxon Subgenus Abacidus
Species atratus - Pterostichus atratus
Species permundus - Pterostichus permundus
Species sculptus - Pterostichus sculptus
No Taxon Subgenus Orsonjohnsonus
Species johnsoni - Pterostichus johnsoni
No Taxon Subgenus Lamenius
Species caudicalis - Pterostichus caudicalis
No Taxon Subgenus Eosteropus
Species circulosus - Pterostichus circulosus
Species moestus - Pterostichus moestus
Species superciliosus - Pterostichus superciliosus
No Taxon Subgenus Monoferonia
Species diligendus - Pterostichus diligendus
Species mancus - Pterostichus mancus
No Taxon Subgenus Cylindrocharis
Species acutipes - Pterostichus acutipes
Species rostratus - Pterostichus rostratus
Species hypogeus - Pterostichus hypogeus
No Taxon Subgenus Leptoferonia
Species angustus - Pterostichus angustus
Species caligans - Pterostichus caligans
Species fuchsi - Pterostichus fuchsi
Species inanis - Pterostichus inanis
Species pumilus - Pterostichus pumilus
Species sphodrinus - Pterostichus sphodrinus
No Taxon Subgenus Anilloferonia
Species diana - Pterostichus diana
No Taxon Subgenus Hypherpes
Species amethystinus - Pterostichus amethystinus
Species castaneus - Pterostichus castaneus
Species illustris - Pterostichus illustris
Species inermis - Pterostichus inermis
Species lama - Pterostichus lama
Species menetriesii - Pterostichus menetriesii
Species morionides - Pterostichus morionides
Species nigrocaeruleus - Pterostichus nigrocaeruleus
Species restrictus - Pterostichus restrictus
Species tarsalis - Pterostichus tarsalis
No Taxon adoxus group
Species adoxus - Pterostichus adoxus
Species tristis - Pterostichus tristis
No Taxon congestus group
Species congestus - Pterostichus congestus
Species crenicollis - Pterostichus crenicollis
No Taxon herculaneus group
Species herculaneus - Pterostichus herculaneus
Species neobrunneus - Pterostichus neobrunneus
Species planctus - Pterostichus planctus
Species protractus - Pterostichus protractus
No Taxon isabellae-jacobinus group
No Taxon vicinus group
Species algidus - Pterostichus algidus
Species californicus - Pterostichus californicus
Species ordinarius - Pterostichus ordinarius
Species vicinus - Pterostichus vicinus
No Taxon Subgenus Cryobius
No Taxon brevicornis group
Species brevicornis - Pterostichus brevicornis
Species empetricola - Pterostichus empetricola
No Taxon pinguedineus group
Species barryorum - Pterostichus barryorum
Species kotzebuei - Pterostichus kotzebuei
Species parasimilis - Pterostichus parasimilis
Species pinguedineus - Pterostichus pinguedineus
Species similis - Pterostichus similis
Species surgens - Pterostichus surgens
No Taxon ventricosus group
Species caribou - Pterostichus caribou
Species riparius - Pterostichus riparius
Species ventricosus - Pterostichus ventricosus
Genus Stereocerus
Species haematopus - Stereocerus haematopus
Species rubripes - Stereocerus rubripes
Genus Stomis
Species pumicatus - Stomis pumicatus
Species termitiformis - Stomis termitiformis
Tribe Zabrini - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
Genus Pseudamara
Species arenaria - Pseudamara arenaria
Genus Amara - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Curtonotus
Species alpina - Amara alpina
Species aulica - Amara aulica
Species blanchardi - Amara blanchardi
Species bokori - Amara bokori
Species carinata - Amara carinata
Species deparca - Amara deparca
Species hyperborea - Amara hyperborea
Species lacustris - Amara lacustris
Species pennsylvanica - Amara pennsylvanica
Species torrida - Amara torrida
No Taxon subgenus Bradytus
Species insignis - Amara insignis
No Taxon fulva group
Species apricaria - Amara apricaria
Species avida - Amara avida
Species browni - Amara browni
Species exarata - Amara exarata
Species fulva - Amara fulva
Species glacialis - Amara glacialis
Species latior - Amara latior
Species lindrothi - Amara lindrothi
No Taxon subgenus Percosia
Species obesa - Amara obesa
No Taxon subgenus Xenocelia
Species apachensis - Amara apachensis
Species chalcea - Amara chalcea
Species discors - Amara discors
Species gibba - Amara gibba
Species hicksi - Amara hicksi
Species merula - Amara merula
Species rectangula - Amara rectangula
Species spuria - Amara spuria
No Taxon subgenus Reductocelia
Species colvillensis - Amara colvillensis
No Taxon subgenus Celia
Species aurata - Amara aurata
Species bifrons - Amara bifrons
Species brunnea - Amara brunnea
Species californica - Amara californica
Species exlineae - Amara exlineae
Species harpalina - Amara harpalina
Species idahoana - Amara idahoana
Species musculis - Amara musculis
Species pseudobrunnea - Amara pseudobrunnea
Species rubrica - Amara rubrica
Species sinuosa - Amara sinuosa
No Taxon subgenus Amarocelia
Species ellipsis - Amara ellipsis
Species erratica - Amara erratica
Species farcta - Amara farcta
Species interstitialis - Amara interstitialis
Species laevipennis - Amara laevipennis
Species patruelis - Amara patruelis
Species tenebrionella - Amara tenebrionella
Species transberingiensis - Amara transberingiensis
Species sodalicia - Amara sodalicia
No Taxon subgenus Amara
Species aenea - Common Sun Beetle
Species aeneopolita - Amara aeneopolita
Species anthobia - Amara anthobia
Species coelebs - Amara coelebs
Species communis - Amara communis
Species conflata - Amara conflata
Species confusa - Amara confusa
Species convexa - Amara convexa
Species emancipata - Amara emancipata
Species eurynota - Amara eurynota
Species familiaris - Amara familiaris
Species lunicollis - Amara lunicollis
Species pomona - Amara pomona
Species sanjuanensis - Amara sanjuanensis
No Taxon cupreolata group
Species crassispina - Amara crassispina
Species cupreolata - Amara cupreolata
Species neoscotica - Amara neoscotica
No Taxon impuncticollis group
Species impuncticollis - Amara impuncticollis
Species littoralis - Amara littoralis
Species otiosa - Amara otiosa
Species ovata - Amara ovata
Species turbata - Amara turbata
No Taxon subgenus Paracelia
Species quenseli - Amara quenseli
No Taxon subgenus Zezea
No Taxon angustata group
Species angustata - Amara angustata
Species angustatoides - Amara angustatoides
Species flebilis - Amara flebilis
Species longula - Amara longula
No Taxon scitula group
Species pallipes - Amara pallipes
Species scitula - Amara scitula
Tribe Oodini
Genus Anatrichis
Species minuta - Anatrichis minuta
Species oblonga - Anatrichis oblonga
Genus Dercylinus
Species impressus - Dercylinus impressus
Genus Evolenes
Species exarata - Evolenes exarata
Genus Lachnocrepis
Species parallela - Lachnocrepis parallela
Genus Oodes
Species amaroides - Oodes amaroides
Species brevis - Oodes brevis
Species fluvialis - Oodes fluvialis
Genus Oodinus
Species alutaceus - Oodinus alutaceus
Species pseudopiceus - Oodinus pseudopiceus
Genus Stenocrepis
Species cuprea - Stenocrepis cuprea
Species duodecimstriata - Stenocrepis duodecimstriata
Species elegans - Stenocrepis elegans
Species mexicana - Stenocrepis mexicana
Species tibialis - Stenocrepis tibialis
Tribe Panagaeini - Hairy Ground Beetles
Genus Micrixys
Species distincta - Micrixys distincta
Genus Panagaeus
Species crucigerus - Panagaeus crucigerus
Species fasciatus - Panagaeus fasciatus
Species sallei - Panagaeus sallei
Tribe Chlaeniini
Genus Chlaenius - Vivid Metallic Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Pseudanomoglossus
Species maxillosus - Chlaenius maxillosus
No Taxon subgenus Eurydactylus
Species pimalicus - Chlaenius pimalicus
Species tomentosus - Chlaenius tomentosus
No Taxon subgenus Anomoglossus
Species amoenus - Chlaenius amoenus
Species emarginatus - Chlaenius emarginatus
Species pusillus - Chlaenius pusillus
No Taxon subgenus Chlaenius
Species sericeus - Chlaenius sericeus
No Taxon laticollis group
Species erythropus - Chlaenius erythropus
Species fuscicornis - Chlaenius fuscicornis
Species laticollis - Chlaenius laticollis
Species orbus - Chlaenius orbus
No Taxon aestivus group
Species aestivus - Chlaenius aestivus
Species augustus - Chlaenius augustus
Species platyderus - Chlaenius platyderus
Species viduus - Chlaenius viduus
No Taxon cursor group
Species cumatilis - Chlaenius cumatilis
Species chaudoiri - Chlaenius chaudoiri
No Taxon subgenus Lithochlaenius
Species cordicollis - Chlaenius cordicollis
Species leucoscelis - Chlaenius leucoscelis
Subspecies monachus - Chlaenius leucoscelis monachus
Species prasinus - Chlaenius prasinus
Species purpureus - Chlaenius purpureus
Species solitarius - Chlaenius solitarius
No Taxon subgenus Chlaeniellus
Species circumcinctus - Chlaenius circumcinctus
Species impunctifrons - Chlaenius impunctifrons
Species obsoletus - Chlaenius obsoletus
Species variabilipes - Chlaenius variabilipes
No Taxon glaucus group
Species glaucus - Chlaenius glaucus
Species simillimus - Chlaenius simillimus
No Taxon nemoralis group
Species brevilabris - Chlaenius brevilabris
Species nemoralis - Chlaenius nemoralis
Species oxygonus - Chlaenius oxygonus
Species tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor
Subspecies tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor tricolor
Subspecies vigilans - Chlaenius tricolor vigilans
No Taxon pennsylvanicus group
Species flaccidus - Chlaenius flaccidus
Species floridanus - Chlaenius floridanus
Species nebraskensis - Chlaenius nebraskensis
Species pennsylvanicus - Say's Ground Beetle
Subspecies blanditus - Chlaenius pennsylvanicus blanditus
Subspecies pennsylvanicus - Chlaenius pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicus
No Taxon vafer group
Species texanus - Chlaenius texanus
Species vafer - Chlaenius vafer
No Taxon subgenus Callistometus
Species ruficauda - Chlaenius ruficauda
No Taxon subgenus Brachylobus
Species lithophilus - Chlaenius lithophilus
No Taxon subgenus Agostenus
Species alternatus - Chlaenius alternatus
Species harpalinus - Chlaenius harpalinus
Species interruptus - Chlaenius interruptus
Species niger - Chlaenius niger
No Taxon subgenus Randallius
Species purpuricollis - Chlaenius purpuricollis
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Supertribe Harpalitae
Tribe Atranini
Genus Atranus
Species pubescens - Atranus pubescens
Tribe Ctenodactylini
Genus Leptotrachelus
Species depressus - Leptotrachelus depressus
Species dorsalis - Leptotrachelus dorsalis
Tribe Cyclosomini
Genus Tetragonoderus
Species pallidus - Tetragonoderus pallidus
Species intersectus - Tetragonoderus intersectus
Species fasciatus - Tetragonoderus fasciatus
Species laevigatus - Tetragonoderus laevigatus
Species latipennis - Tetragonoderus latipennis
Tribe Galeritini
Genus Galerita - False Bombardier Beetles
Species aequinoctialis - Galerita (Galerita) aequinoctialis
No Taxon subgenus Progaleritina
Species atripes - Galerita atripes
Species bicolor - Galerita bicolor
Species forreri - Galerita forreri
Species janus - Galerita janus
Species lecontei - Galerita lecontei
Species mexicana - Galerita mexicana
Species reichardti - Galerita reichardti
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Harpalini
Subtribe Anisodactylina
Genus Amphasia
Species interstitialis - Amphasia interstitialis
Species sericea - Amphasia sericea
Genus Anisodactylus
No Taxon Subgenus Anisodactylus
No Taxon binotatus group
Species binotatus - Anisodactylus binotatus
Species consobrinus - Anisodactylus consobrinus
No Taxon californicus group
Species californicus - Anisodactylus californicus
Species furvus - Anisodactylus furvus
Species similis - Anisodactylus similis
No Taxon carbonarius group
Species carbonarius - Anisodactylus carbonarius
Species harrisii - Anisodactylus harrisii
Species lodingi - Anisodactylus lodingi
Species nigerrimus - Anisodactylus nigerrimus
No Taxon melanopus group
Species agricola - Anisodactylus agricola
Species melanopus - Anisodactylus melanopus
No Taxon nigrita group
Species kirbyi - Anisodactylus kirbyi
Species nigrita - Anisodactylus nigrita
No Taxon Subgenus Gynandrotarsus
No Taxon dulcicollis group
Species dulcicollis - Anisodactylus dulcicollis
Species harpaloides - Anisodactylus harpaloides
Species opaculus - Anisodactylus opaculus
Species texanus - Anisodactylus texanus
No Taxon rusticus group
Species anthracinus - Anisodactylus anthracinus
Species haplomus - Anisodactylus haplomus
Species merula - Anisodactylus merula
Species ovularis - Anisodactylus ovularis
Species rusticus - Anisodactylus rusticus
No Taxon Subgenus Anadaptus
Species alternans - Anisodactylus alternans
Species discoideus - Anisodactylus discoideus
Species pitychrous - Anisodactylus pitychrous
Species porosus - Anisodactylus porosus
Species sanctaecrucis - Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis
Species verticalis - Anisodactylus (Spongopus) verticalis
No Taxon Subgenus Aplocentrus
Species caenus - Anisodactylus caenus
Species laetus - Anisodactylus (Pseudaplocentrus) laetus
Genus Dicheirus
Species dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus
Subspecies dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus dilatatus
Species piceus - Dicheirus piceus
Species strenuus - Dicheirus strenuus
Genus Geopinus
Species incrassatus - Geopinus incrassatus
Genus Notiobia
Species brevicollis - Notiobia brevicollis
Species cephala - Notiobia cephala
Species cyanippa - Notiobia cyanippa
Species maculicornis - Notiobia maculicornis
Species mexicana - Notiobia mexicana
Species nitidipennis - Notiobia nitidipennis
Species purpurascens - Notiobia purpurascens
Species sayi - Notiobia sayi
Species terminata - Notiobia terminata
Genus Xestonotus
Species lugubris - Xestonotus lugubris
Subtribe Harpalina
Genus Amblygnathus
Species interior - Amblygnathus interior
Species iripennis - Amblygnathus iripennis
Species mexicanus - Amblygnathus mexicanus
Species subtinctus - Amblygnathus subtinctus
Genus Athrostictus
Species punctatulus - Athrostictus punctatulus
Genus Aztecarpalus
Species schaefferi - Aztecarpalus schaefferi
Genus Cratacanthus
Species dubius - Cratacanthus dubius
Genus Discoderus
Species aequalis - Discoderus aequalis
Species amoenus - Discoderus amoenus
Species congruens - Discoderus congruens
Species cordicollis - Discoderus (Senalius) cordicollis
Species crassicollis - Discoderus crassicollis
Species discoderoides - Discoderus discoderoides
Species impotens - Discoderus impotens
Species obsidianus - Discoderus obsidianus
Species parallelus - Discoderus parallelus
Species pinguis - Discoderus pinguis
Species robustus - Discoderus robustus
Genus Euryderus
Species grossus - Euryderus grossus
Genus Harpalobrachys
Species leiroides - Harpalobrachys leiroides
Genus Harpalus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoophonus
No Taxon rufipes group
Species faunus - Harpalus faunus
Species rufipes - Strawberry Seed Beetle
No Taxon compar group
Species actiosus - Harpalus actiosus
Species compar - Harpalus compar
Species erythropus - Harpalus erythropus
Species paratus - Harpalus paratus
Species vagans - Harpalus vagans
No Taxon pensylvanicus group
Species pensylvanicus - Pennsylvania Dingy Ground Beetle
Species protractus - Harpalus protractus
Species texanus - Harpalus texanus
No Taxon Subgenus Megapangus
Species caliginosus - Murky Ground Beetle
Species katiae - Harpalus katiae
No Taxon Subgenus Plectralidus
Species erraticus - Harpalus erraticus
Species retractus - Harpalus retractus
No Taxon move pix del page
No Taxon Harpalus group
No Taxon subgenus Platyharpalus
Species ventralis - Harpalus ventralis
No Taxon subgenus Harpalus
Species affinis - Harpalus affinis
Species amputatus - Harpalus amputatus
No Taxon Hyloharpalus Subgroup
No Taxon subgenus Macroharpalus
Species animosus - Harpalus animosus
Species laticeps - Harpalus laticeps
Species providens - Harpalus providens
No Taxon subgenus Hyloharpalus 0
No Taxon subgenus Meroharpalus
Species fulvilabris - Harpalus fulvilabris
Species megacephalus - Harpalus megacephalus 0
No Taxon subgenus Ameroharpalus
Species spadiceus - Harpalus spadiceus
No Taxon subgenus Cordoharpalus
Species cordifer - Harpalus cordifer
No Taxon subgenus Euharpalops
Species fraternus - Harpalus fraternus
Species reversus - Harpalus reversus
No Taxon Harpalobius Subgroup
No Taxon subgenus Bactroharpalus
Species ellipsis - Harpalus ellipsis
Species obnixus - Harpalus obnixus
Species opacipennis - Harpalus opacipennis
Species plenalis - Harpalus plenalis
No Taxon subgenus Diaharpalus
Species innocuus - Harpalus innocuus
No Taxon subgenus Harpalobius
Species fuscipalpis - Harpalus fuscipalpis
No Taxon subgenus Anamblystus
Species atrichatus - Harpalus atrichatus
Species herbivagus - Harpalus herbivagus
Species nigritarsis - Harpalus nigritarsis
Species rubripes - Harpalus rubripes
Species solitaris - Harpalus solitaris
Species somnulentus - Harpalus somnulentus
No Taxon subgenus Brachyharpalus
Species desertus - Harpalus desertus
No Taxon subgenus Pharalus
Species gravis - Harpalus gravis
Species indianus - Harpalus indianus
No Taxon Glanodes Group
No Taxon Subgenus Glanodes
Species cohni - Harpalus cohni
Species puncticeps - Harpalus puncticeps
No Taxon Subgenus Opadius
Species cordatus - Harpalus cordatus
Genus Hartonymus
Species hoodi - Hartonymus hoodi
Species alternatus - Hartonymus alternatus
Genus Ophonus
Species puncticeps - Ophonus puncticeps
Species rufibarbis - Ophonus rufibarbis
Genus Piosoma
Species setosum - Piosoma setosum
Genus Selenophorus
Species breviusculus - Selenophorus breviusculus
No Taxon subgenus Celiamorphus
Species discopunctatus - Selenophorus discopunctatus
Species ellipticus - Selenophorus ellipticus
Species fossulatus - Selenophorus fossulatus
Species granarius - Selenophorus granarius
Species nonellipticus - Selenophorus nonellipticus
Species seriatoporus - Selenophorus seriatoporus
No Taxon subgenus Selenophorus
Species aeneopiceus - Selenophorus aeneopiceus
Species aequinoctialis - Selenophorus aequinoctialis
Species balli - Selenophorus balli
Species chaparralus - Selenophorus chaparralus
Species concinnus - Selenophorus concinnus
Species elytrostictus - Selenophorus elytrostictus
Species fabricii - Selenophorus fabricii
Species fatuus - Selenophorus fatuus
Species gagatinus - Selenophorus gagatinus
Species hylacis - Selenophorus hylacis
Species maritimus - Selenophorus maritimus
Species mexicanus - Selenophorus mexicanus
Species opalinus - Selenophorus opalinus
Species neoruficollis - Selenophorus neoruficollis
Species palliatus - Selenophorus palliatus
Species parumpunctatus - Selenophorus parumpunctatus
Species pedicularius - Selenophorus pedicularius
Species planipennis - Selenophorus planipennis
Species rileyi - Selenophorus rileyi
Species semirufus - Selenophorus semirufus
Species sinuaticollis - Selenophorus sinuaticollis
Species striatopunctatus - Selenophorus striatopunctatus
Species undatus - Selenophorus undatus
Genus Stenomorphus
Species sinaloae - Stenomorphus sinaloae
Species californicus - Stenomorphus californicus
Subspecies rufipes - Stenomorphus californicus rufipes
Species convexior - Stenomorphus convexior
Genus Trichotichnus
No Taxon subgenus Iridessus
Species autumnalis - Trichotichnus autumnalis
Species fulgens - Trichotichnus fulgens
No Taxon subgenus Trichotichnus
Species dichrous - Trichotichnus dichrous
Species vulpeculus - Trichotichnus vulpeculus
Subtribe Pelmatellina
Genus Pelmatellus
Species obtusus - Pelmatellus obtusus
Subtribe Stenolophina
Genus Acupalpus
No Taxon subgenus Acupalpus
Species canadensis - Acupalpus canadensis
Species carus - Acupalpus carus
Species hydropicus - Acupalpus hydropicus
Species meridianus - Acupalpus meridianus
Species nanellus - Acupalpus nanellus
Species pumilus - Acupalpus pumilus
No Taxon subgenus Tachistodes
Species indistinctus - Acupalpus indistinctus
Species partiarius - Acupalpus partiarius
Species pauperculus - Acupalpus pauperculus
Species testaceus - Acupalpus testaceus
No Taxon subgenus Anthracus
Species punctulatus - Acupalpus punctulatus
Species tener - Acupalpus tener
Genus Agonoleptus
Species conjunctus - Agonoleptus conjunctus
Species convexulus - Agonoleptus convexulus
Species rotundatus - Agonoleptus rotundatus
Species rotundicollis - Agonoleptus rotundicollis
Species thoracicus - Agonoleptus thoracicus
Genus Amerinus
Species linearis - Amerinus linearis
Genus Bradycellus
No Taxon subgenus Bradycellus
Species harpalinus - Bradycellus harpalinus
Species fenderi - Bradycellus fenderi
No Taxon subgenus Catharellus
Species lecontei - Bradycellus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Liocellus
Species nitidus - Bradycellus nitidus
Species politus - Bradycellus politus
No Taxon subgenus Lipalocellus
Species nigrinus - Bradycellus nigrinus
Species semipubescens - Bradycellus semipubescens
No Taxon subgenus Stenocellus
Species decorus - Bradycellus decorus
Species festinans - Bradycellus festinans
Species lineatus - Bradycellus lineatus
Species montanus - Bradycellus montanus
Species veronianus - Bradycellus veronianus
No Taxon nigriceps group
Species insulsus - Bradycellus insulsus
Species neglectus - Bradycellus neglectus
Species nigriceps - Bradycellus nigriceps
No Taxon rupestris group
Species congener - Bradycellus congener
Species nigerrimus - Bradycellus nigerrimus
Species nubifer - Bradycellus nubifer
Species rupestris - Bradycellus rupestris
No Taxon tantillus group
Species californicus - Bradycellus californicus
Species rivalis - Bradycellus rivalis
Species tantillus - Bradycellus tantillus
No Taxon subgenus Triliarthrus
Species atrimedeus - Bradycellus atrimedeus
Species badipennis - Bradycellus badipennis
Species conformis - Bradycellus conformis
Species kirbyi - Bradycellus kirbyi
Species lugubris - Bradycellus lugubris
Genus Dicheirotrichus
Species cognatus - Dicheirotrichus cognatus
Species mannerheimii - Dicheirotrichus (Oreoxenus) mannerheimii
Genus Philodes
Species alternans - Philodes (s.str.) alternans
No Taxon subgenus Goniolophus
Species flavilimbus - Philodes flavilimbus
Species longulus - Philodes longulus
Species rectangulus - Philodes rectangulus
Genus Pogonodaptus
Species mexicanus - Pogonodaptus mexicanus
Genus Polpochila
Species capitata - Polpochila capitata
Species erro - Polpochila erro
Genus Stenolophus - Seedcorn Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Agonoderus
Species binotatus - Stenolophus binotatus
Species comma - Stenolophus comma
Species infuscatus - Stenolophus infuscatus
Species lecontei - LeConte's Seedcorn Beetle
Species lineola - Stenolophus lineola
Species rugicollis - Stenolophus rugicollis
Species maculatus - Stenolophus maculatus
No Taxon subgenus Stenolophus
Species anceps - Stenolophus anceps
Species carbo - Stenolophus carbo
Species cincticollis - Stenolophus cincticollis
Species dissimilis - Stenolophus dissimilis
Species flavipes - Stenolophus flavipes
Species fuliginosus - Stenolophus fuliginosus
Species fuscatus - Stenolophus fuscatus
Species humidus - Stenolophus humidus
Species incultus - Stenolophus incultus
Species limbalis - Stenolophus limbalis
Species ochropezus - Stenolophus ochropezus
Species plebejus - Stenolophus plebejus
Species spretus - Stenolophus spretus
Tribe Helluonini - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Genus Helluomorphoides - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Species clairvillei - Helluomorphoides clairvillei
Species ferrugineus - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus
Species latitarsis - Helluomorphoides latitarsis
Species nigripennis - Helluomorphoides nigripennis
Species papago - Helluomorphoides papago
Species praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus
Subspecies bicolor - Helluomorphoides praeustus bicolor
Subspecies praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus praeustus
Species texanus - Helluomorphoides texanus
Tribe Lachnophorini
Genus Anchonoderus
Species horni - Anchonoderus horni
Species quadrinotatus - Anchonoderus quadrinotatus
Species schaefferi - Anchonoderus schaefferi
Genus Ega
Species laetula - Ega laetula
Species sallei - Ega sallei
Genus Euphorticus
Species pubescens - Euphorticus pubescens
Genus Eucaerus
Species varicornis - Eucaerus varicornis
Genus Lachnophorus
Species elegantulus - Lachnophorus elegantulus
Tribe Lebiini
Subtribe Pericalina
Genus Mochtherus
Species tetraspilotus - Mochtherus tetraspilotus
Genus Phloeoxena
Species signata - Phloeoxena signata
Genus Eucheila
Species boyeri - Eucheila boyeri
Genus Somotrichus
Species unifasciatus - Somotrichus unifasciatus
Genus Coptodera
Species nitidula - Coptodera nitidula
Species aerata - Coptodera aerata
Genus Cymindis
No Taxon Subgenus Tarulus
Species americana - Cymindis americana
Species arizonensis - Cymindis arizonensis
Species borealis - Cymindis borealis
Species cribricollis - Cymindis cribricollis
Species elegans - Cymindis elegans
Species evanescens - Cymindis evanescens
Species laticollis-or-interior - Cymindis laticollis-or-interior
Species neglecta - Cymindis neglecta
Species pilosa - Cymindis pilosa
Species seriata - Cymindis seriata
Species planipennis - Cymindis planipennis
Species unicolor - Cymindis unicolor
Species uniseriata - Cymindis uniseriata
Species vaporariorum - Cymindis vaporariorum
No Taxon Subgenus Pinacodera
Species complanata - Cymindis complanata
Species limbata - Cymindis limbata
Species platicollis - Cymindis platicollis
Subspecies platicollis - Cymindis platicollis platicollis
Subspecies atripennis - Cymindis platicollis atripennis
Species punctifera - Cymindis punctifera
Species punctigera - Cymindis punctigera
Species rufostigma - Cymindis rufostigma
Genus Apenes
Species angustata - Apenes angustata
Species coriacea - Apenes coriacea
Species hilariola - Apenes hilariola
Species lucidula - Apenes lucidula
Subspecies lucidula - Apenes lucidula lucidula
Species nebulosa - Apenes nebulosa
Species parallela - Apenes parallela
Species sinuata - Apenes sinuata
No Taxon Apenes of southmost TX
Subtribe Dromiusina
Genus Dromius
Species fenestratus - Dromius fenestratus
Species piceus - Dromius piceus
Subspecies quadricollis - Dromius piceus quadricollis
Genus Philorhizus
Species atriceps - Philorhizus atriceps
Species melanocephalus - Philorhizus melanocephalus
Genus Microlestes
Species curtipennis - Microlestes curtipennis
Species linearis - Microlestes linearis
Genus Apristus
Species latens - Apristus latens
Species laticollis - Apristus laticollis
Species constrictus - Apristus constrictus
Species subdeletus - Apristus subdeletus
Species subsulcatus - Apristus subsulcatus
Genus Syntomus
Species americanus - Syntomus americanus
Genus Axinopalpus
Species biplagiatus - Axinopalpus biplagiatus
Species denticulatus - Axinopalpus denticulatus
Species fusciceps - Axinopalpus fusciceps
Species illectus - Axinopalpus illectus
Species vittatus - Axinopalpus vittatus
Species pratti - Axinopalpus pratti
Subtribe Lebiina
Genus Lebia - Colorful Foliage Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Chelonodema
Species balli - Lebia balli
No Taxon subgenus Lamprias
Species divisa - Lebia divisa
No Taxon subgenus Lebia
Species analis - Lebia analis
Species bitaeniata - Lebia bitaeniata
No Taxon bivittata group
Species abdominalis - Lebia abdominalis
Species bilineata - Lebia bilineata
Species bivittata - Lebia bivittata
Species collaris - Lebia collaris
No Taxon fuscata group
Species abdita - Lebia abdita
Species calliope - Lebia calliope
Species esurialis - Lebia esurialis
Species fuscata - Lebia fuscata
Species guttula - Lebia guttula
Species insulata - Lebia insulata
Species lobulata - Lebia lobulata
Species ornata - Lebia ornata
Species subrugosa - Lebia subrugosa
Species bumeliae - Lebia bumeliae
Species pulchella - Beautiful Banded Lebia
Species pumila - Lebia pumila
Species rugatifrons - Lebia rugatifrons
Species scalpta - Lebia scalpta
Species scapula - Lebia scapula
Species variegata - Lebia variegata
Species viridipennis - Green-winged Lebia
No Taxon viridis group
Species arizonica - Lebia arizonica
Species cyanipennis - Lebia cyanipennis
Species marginicollis - Lebia marginicollis
Species moesta - Lebia moesta
Species perita - Lebia perita
Species pleuritica - Lebia pleuritica
Species rufopleura - Lebia rufopleura
Species tuckeri - Lebia tuckeri
Species viridis - Lebia viridis
No Taxon vittata group
Species histrionica - Lebia histrionica
Species miranda - Lebia miranda
Species pectita - Lebia pectita
Species solea - Lebia solea
Species vittata - Lebia vittata
No Taxon subgenus Loxopeza
No Taxon atriventris group
Species atriceps - Lebia atriceps
Species atriventris - Lebia atriventris
No Taxon tricolor group
Species deceptrix - Lebia deceptrix
Species grandis - Large Foliage Ground Beetle
Species pimalis - Lebia pimalis
Species subdola - Lebia subdola
Species subgrandis - Lebia subgrandis
Species tricolor - Lebia tricolor
No Taxon subgenus Polycheloma
Species lecontei - Lebia lecontei
Genus Hyboptera
Species auxiliadora - Hyboptera auxiliadora
Subtribe Calleidina
Genus Plochionus
Species amandus - Plochionus amandus
Species discoideus - Plochionus discoideus
Species timidus - Plochionus timidus
Genus Tecnophilus
Species pilatei - Tecnophilus pilatei
Species croceicollis - Tecnophilus croceicollis
Genus Calleida
No Taxon subgenus Calleida
Species decora - Calleida decora
Species fimbriata - Calleida fimbriata
Species fulgida - Calleida fulgida
Species planulata - Calleida planulata
Species platynoides - Calleida platynoides
Species punctata - Calleida punctata
Species punctulata - Calleida punctulata
Species purpurea - Calleida purpurea
Species rubricollis - Calleida rubricollis
Species viridipennis - Calleida viridipennis
Genus Philophuga
Species caerulea - Philophuga caerulea
Species viridicollis - Philophuga viridicollis
Species viridis - Philophuga viridis
Subspecies amoena - Philophuga viridis amoena
Subspecies horni - Philophuga viridis horni
Genus Infernophilus
Species castaneus - Infernophilus castaneus
Genus Cylindronotum
Species aeneum - Cylindronotum aeneum
Genus Onota
Species angulicollis - Onota angulicollis
Genus Agra
Species wickhami - Wickham’s Elegant Canopy Beetle
Species oblongopunctata - =NOT IN OUR AREA=
Species rileyi - Riley's Elegant Canopy Beetle
Genus Euproctinus
Species balli - Euproctinus balli
Species abjectus - Euproctinus abjectus
Species trivittatus - Euproctinus trivittatus
Genus Nemotarsus
Species elegans - Nemotarsus elegans
Species rhombifer - Nemotarsus rhombifer
Tribe Licinini
Genus Badister
No Taxon Subgenus Baudia
Species transversus - Badister transversus
No Taxon micans group
Species grandiceps - Badister grandiceps
Species micans - Badister micans
Species parviceps - Badister parviceps
Species reflexus - Badister reflexus
No Taxon Subgenus Badister
Species notatus - Badister notatus
No Taxon elegans group
Species elegans - Badister elegans
Species flavipes - Badister flavipes
Species maculatus - Badister maculatus
No Taxon pulchellus group
Species ferrugineus - Badister ferrugineus
Species neopulchellus - Badister neopulchellus
Subtribe Dicaelina
Genus Diplocheila
Species assimilis - Diplocheila assimilis
Species impressicollis - Diplocheila impressicollis
Species obtusa - Diplocheila obtusa
Species oregona - Diplocheila oregona
Species striatopunctata - Diplocheila striatopunctata
Genus Dicaelus - Notched-mouth Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Paradicaelus
Species elongatus - Dicaelus elongatus
No Taxon furvus group
Species dilatatus - Dicaelus dilatatus
Species furvus - Dicaelus furvus
Species sculptilis - Dicaelus sculptilis
No Taxon politus group
Species ambiguus - Dicaelus ambiguus
Species politus - Dicaelus politus
Species teter - Dicaelus teter
No Taxon subgenus Dicaelus
Species alternans - Dicaelus alternans
Species costatus - Dicaelus costatus
Species crenatus - Dicaelus crenatus
Species purpuratus - Dicaelus purpuratus
Species subtropicus - Dicaelus subtropicus
No Taxon subgenus Liodicaelus
Species chermocki - Dicaelus chermocki
Species suffusus - Dicaelus suffusus
Species laevipennis - Dicaelus laevipennis
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Tribe Odacanthini
Genus Colliuris - Long-necked Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Cosnania
Species pensylvanica - Colliuris pensylvanica
Species lengi - Colliuris lengi
No Taxon subgenus Calocolliuris
Species caymanensis - Colliuris caymanensis
Species lioptera - Colliuris lioptera
Species ludoviciana - Colliuris ludoviciana
Tribe Pentagonicini
Genus Pentagonica
Species bicolor - Pentagonica bicolor
Species felix - Pentagonica felix
Species flavipes - Pentagonica flavipes
Species marshalli - Pentagonica marshalli
Species nigricornis - Pentagonica nigricornis 0
Species picticornis - Pentagonica picticornis
Tribe Perigonini
Genus Perigona
Species nigriceps - Perigona nigriceps
Species pallipennis - Perigona pallipennis
Tribe Platynini
Genus Olisthopus
Species brevicornis - Olisthopus brevicornis
Species filicornis - Olisthopus filicornis
Species innuens - Olisthopus innuens
Species micans - Olisthopus micans
Species parmatus - Olisthopus parmatus
Genus Sericoda
Species bembidioides - Sericoda bembidioides
Species bogemannii - Sericoda bogemannii
Species obsoleta - Sericoda obsoleta
Species quadripunctata - Sericoda quadripunctata
Genus Tetraleucus
Species picticornis - Tetraleucus picticornis
Genus Anchomenus
Species aeneolus - Anchomenus aeneolus
Species funebris - Anchomenus funebris
Species quadratus - Anchomenus quadratus
Genus Rhadine
Species babcocki - Rhadine babcocki
Species howdeni - Rhadine howdeni
No Taxon dissecta species group
Species dissecta - Rhadine dissecta
Species lindrothi - Rhadine lindrothi
No Taxon larvalis species group
Species caudata - Rhadine caudata
Species larvalis - Rhadine larvalis
Species ozarkensis - Rhadine ozarkensis
No Taxon subterranea species group
Species infernalis - Rhadine infernalis
Species austinica - Rhadine austinica
No Taxon nivalis species group
Species nivalis - Rhadine nivalis
Species umbra - Rhadine umbra
No Taxon perlevis species group
Species myrmecodes - Rhadine myrmecodes
Species perlevis - Rhadine perlevis
No Taxon jejuna species group
Species lanei - Rhadine lanei
Species jejuna - Rhadine jejuna
Genus Tanystoma
Species cuyama - Tanystoma cuyama
Species diabolica - Tanystoma diabolica
Species maculicolle - Tule Beetle
Species striatum - Tanystoma striatum
Genus Paranchus
Species albipes - Paranchus albipes
Genus Oxypselaphus
Species pusillus - Oxypselaphus pusillus
Genus Agonum
No Taxon Subgenus Europhilus
Species anchomenoides - Agonum anchomenoides
Species canadense - Agonum canadense
Species consimile - Agonum consimile
Species darlingtoni - Agonum darlingtoni
Species galvestonicum - Agonum galvestonicum
Species gratiosum - Agonum gratiosum
Species limbatum - Agonum limbatum
Species lutulentum - Agonum lutulentum
Species palustre - Agonum palustre
Species retractum - Agonum retractum
Species sordens - Agonum sordens
Species thoreyi - Agonum thoreyi
No Taxon Subgenus Platynomicrus
Species ferruginosum - Agonum ferruginosum
Species nigriceps - Agonum nigriceps
No Taxon unsorted with green luster
No Taxon Subgenus Olisares
Species albicrus - Agonum albicrus
No Taxon cupripenne group
Species belleri - Beller's Ground Beetle
Species cupreum - Agonum cupreum
Species cupripenne - Agonum cupripenne
Species fossiger - Agonum fossiger
Species muiri - Agonum muiri
Species suturale - Agonum suturale
Species cyclifer - Agonum cyclifer
No Taxon errans group
Species errans - Agonum errans
Species ferreum - Agonum ferreum
Species sulcipenne - Agonum sulcipenne
Species excavatum - Agonum excavatum
No Taxon extensicolle group
Species cyanopis - Agonum cyanopis
Species decorum - Agonum decorum
Species elongatulum - Agonum elongatulum
Species extensicolle - Agonum extensicolle
Species extimum - Agonum extimum
Species texanum - Agonum texanum
No Taxon melanarium group
Species affine - Agonum affine
Species brevicolle - Agonum brevicolle
Species collare - Agonum collare
Species corvus - Agonum corvus
Species fidele - Agonum fidele
Species harrisii - Agonum harrisii
Species melanarium - Agonum melanarium
Species moerens - Agonum moerens
Species mutatum - Agonum mutatum
Species propinquum - Agonum propinquum
Species tenue - Agonum tenue
Species trigeminum - Agonum trigeminum
No Taxon nutans group
Species aeruginosum - Agonum aeruginosum
Species nutans - Agonum nutans 0
Species striatopunctatum - Agonum striatopunctatum
Species octopunctatum - Agonum octopunctatum
No Taxon pallipes group
Species crenistriatum - Agonum crenistriatum
Species pallipes - Agonum pallipes
Species punctiforme - Agonum punctiforme
Species rigidulum - Agonum rigidulum
No Taxon quadrimaculatum group
Species quadrimaculatum - Agonum quadrimaculatum
No Taxon Subgenus Agonum
Species muelleri - Agonum muelleri
Species piceolum - Agonum piceolum
Species placidum - Agonum placidum
Genus Platynus
No Taxon subgenus Microplatynus
No Taxon subgenus Platynus
Species brunneomarginatus - Platynus brunneomarginatus
Species daviesi - Platynus daviesi
Species decentis - Platynus decentis
Species opaculus - Platynus opaculus
Species ovipennis - Platynus ovipennis
Species parmarginatus - Platynus parmarginatus
Species tenuicollis - Platynus tenuicollis
Species trifoveolatus - Platynus trifoveolatus
No Taxon subgenus Batenus
Species angustatus - Platynus angustatus
Species cincticollis - Platynus cincticollis
Species hypolithos - Platynus hypolithos
Species mannerheimi - Platynus mannerheimii
No Taxon subgenus Glyptolenopsis
Species ovatulus - Platynus ovatulus
No Taxon subgenus Trapezodera
Species cohni - Platynus cohni
No Taxon subgenus Dyscolus
Species cazieri - Platynus cazieri
Species lyratus - Platynus lyratus
Species megalops - Platynus megalops
Species rufiventris - Platynus rufiventris
No Taxon subgenus Stenocnemion
Species acuminatus - Platynus acuminatus
Genus Metacolpodes
Species buchanani - Metacolpodes buchanani
Tribe Pseudomorphini
Genus Pseudomorpha - Western False-form Beetles
Species alleni - Pseudomorpha alleni
Species augustata - Pseudomorpha augustata
Species excrucians - Pseudomorpha excrucians
Species hubbardi - Pseudomorpha hubbardi
Tribe Sphodrini
Genus Calathus
Species advena - Calathus (Acalathus) advena
Species fuscipes - Calathus (Calathus) fuscipes
No Taxon subgenus Neocalathus
Species calceus - Calathus calceus
Species gregarius - Calathus gregarius
Species ingratus - Calathus ingratus
Species opaculus - Calathus opaculus
Species peropacus - Calathus peropacus
Species ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis
Subspecies grandicollis - Calathus ruficollis grandicollis
Subspecies ignicollis - Calathus ruficollis ignicollis
Subspecies ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis ruficollis
Genus Laemostenus
Species complanatus - Laemostenus (Laemostenus) complanatus
Species terricola - Laemostenus (Pristonychus) terricola
Genus Synuchus
Species dubius - Synuchus dubius
Species impunctatus - Synuchus impunctatus
Tribe Zuphiini
Genus Zuphioides
Species americanum - Zuphioides americanum
Species longicolle - Zuphioides longicolle
Species magnum - Zuphioides magnum
Species mexicanum - Zuphioides mexicanum
Species pseudamericanum - Zuphioides pseudamericanum
Genus Pseudaptinus
Species lecontei - Pseudaptinus lecontei
Species tenuicollis - Pseudaptinus tenuicollis
Genus Thalpius
Species cubanus - Thalpius cubanus
Species dorsalis - Thalpius dorsalis
Species hoegei - Thalpius hoegei
Species horni - Thalpius horni
Species nobilis - Thalpius nobilis
Species pygmaeus - Thalpius pygmaeus
Species rufulus - Thalpius rufulus
Species simplex - Thalpius simplex
Species undescribed-one - undescribed Thalpius sp. 1
Species undescribed-two - undescribed Thalpius sp. 2
Species undescribed-three - undescribed Thalpius sp. 3
Subfamily Loricerinae
Tribe Loricerini
Genus Loricera
Species decempunctata - Loricera decempunctata
Species foveata - Loricera foveata
Species pilicornis - Loricera pilicornis
Subfamily Nebriinae
Tribe Notiophilini
Genus Notiophilus
Species aeneus - Notiophilus aeneus
Species aquaticus - Notiophilus aquaticus
Species biguttatus - Notiophilus biguttatus
Species borealis - Notiophilus borealis
Species directus - Notiophilus directus
Species intermedius - Notiophilus intermedius
Species nemoralis - Notiophilus nemoralis
Species nitens - Notiophilus nitens
Species novemstriatus - Notiophilus novemstriatus
Species palustris - Notiophilus palustris
Species semiopacus - Notiophilus semiopacus
Species semistriatus - Notiophilus semistriatus
Species sierranus - Notiophilus sierranus
Species simulator - Notiophilus simulator
Species sylvaticus - Notiophilus sylvaticus
Tribe Opisthiini
Genus Opisthius
Species richardsoni - Opisthius richardsoni
Tribe Pelophilini
Genus Pelophila
Species borealis - Pelophila borealis
Species rudis - Pelophila rudis
Tribe Nebriini
Genus Leistus
Species ferrugineus - Leistus ferrugineus
Species ferruginosus - Leistus ferruginosus
Species longipennis - Leistus longipennis
Genus Nebria - Gazelle Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Boreonebria
No Taxon gyllenhali group
Species crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis
Subspecies crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis crassicornis
Subspecies intermedia - Nebria crassicornis intermedia
Species frigida - Nebria frigida
Species gyllenhali - Nebria gyllenhali
Subspecies castanipes - Nebria gyllenhali castanipes
Subspecies lindrothi - Nebria gyllenhali lindrothi
Species nivalis - Nebria nivalis
No Taxon hudsonica group
Species bellorum - Nebria bellorum
Species hudsonica - Nebria hudsonica
Species lacustris - Nebria lacustris
No Taxon subgenus Catonebria
No Taxon trifaria group
Species coloradensis - Nebria coloradensis
Species schwarzi - Nebria schwarzi
Species trifaria - Nebria trifaria
Species vandykei - Nebria vandykei
No Taxon metallica group
Species meanyi - Nebria meanyi
Subspecies meanyi - Nebria meanyi meanyi
Species metallica - Nebria metallica
No Taxon ovipennis group
Species gebleri - Nebria gebleri
Subspecies cascadensis - Nebria gebleri cascadensis
Subspecies gebleri - Nebria gebleri gebleri
Species kincaidi - Nebria kincaidi
Species ovipennis - Nebria ovipennis
Species sierrae - Nebria sierrae
No Taxon subgenus Nebria
Species brevicollis - European Gazelle Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Reductonebria
No Taxon obliqua group
Species appalachia - Nebria appalachia
Species obliqua - Nebria obliqua
Species pallipes - Nebria pallipes
Species suturalis - Nebria suturalis
No Taxon gregaria group
Species arkansana - Nebria arkansana
Subspecies edwardsi - Nebria arkansana edwardsi
Subspecies fragilis - Nebria arkansana fragilis
Species gregaria - Nebria gregaria
Species lituyae - Nebria lituyae
Species sahlbergi - Nebria sahlbergi
No Taxon mannerheimii group
Species diversa - Nebria diversa
Species eschscholtzii - Nebria eschscholtzii
Species mannerheimii - Nebria mannerheimii
Genus Nippononebria
Species altisierrae - Nippononebria altisierrae
Species virescens - Nippononebria virescens
Subfamily Omophroninae
Tribe Omophronini
Genus Omophron - Round Sand Beetles
Species americanum - American Round Sand Beetle
Species dentatum - Toothed Round Sand Beetle
Species gilae - Gila River Round Sand Beetle
Species grossum - Large Round Sand Beetle
Species labiatum - Large-lipped Round Sand Beetle
Species nitidum - Shiny Round Sand Beetle
Species obliteratum - Effaced Round Sand Beetle
Species ovale - Oval Round Sand Beetle
Species robustum - Robust Round Sand Beetle
Species solidum - Solid Round Sand Beetle
Species tessellatum - Mosaic Round Sand Beetle
Subfamily Patrobinae
Tribe Patrobini
Genus Diplous
Species aterrimus - Diplous aterrimus
Species californicus - Diplous californicus
Species rugicollis - Diplous rugicollis
Species filicornis - Diplous filicornis
Genus Platidiolus
Species vandykei - Platidiolus vandykei
Subtribe Patrobina
Genus Patrobus
Species foveocollis - Patrobus foveocollis
No Taxon fossifrons group
Species fossifrons - Patrobus fossifrons
Species lecontei - Patrobus lecontei
Species stygicus - Patrobus stygicus
No Taxon septentrionis group
Species cinctus - Patrobus cinctus
Species septentrionis - Patrobus septentrionis
No Taxon longicornis group
Species longicornis - Patrobus longicornis
Genus Platypatrobus
Species lacustris - Platypatrobus lacustris
Subfamily Paussinae
Tribe Ozaenini
Genus Goniotropis
Species kuntzeni - Goniotropis kuntzeni
Species parca - Goniotropis parca
Genus Physea
Species hirta - Physea hirta
Genus Pachyteles
Species gyllenhalii - Pachyteles gyllenhalii
Genus Ozaena
Species lemoulti - Ozaena lemoulti
Tribe Metriini
Genus Metrius
Species contractus - Metrius contractus
Subspecies sericeus - Metrius contractus sericeus
Subfamily Psydrinae
Tribe Psydrini
Genus Nomius
Species pygmaeus - Stink Beetle
Genus Psydrus
Species piceus - Psydrus piceus
Subfamily Scaritinae
Tribe Pasimachini
Genus Pasimachus
No Taxon depressus group
Species californicus - Pasimachus californicus
Species depressus - Pasimachus depressus
Species duplicatus - Pasimachus duplicatus
Species elongatus - Pasimachus elongatus
Species obsoletus - Pasimachus obsoletus
Species punctulatus - Pasimachus punctulatus
Species viridans - Pasimachus viridans
No Taxon marginatus group
Species marginatus - Pasimachus marginatus
Species subsulcatus - Pasimachus subsulcatus
No Taxon strenuus group
Species strenuus - Pasimachus strenuus
Species sublaevis - Pasimachus sublaevis
Tribe Scaritini
Genus Scarites
Species lissopterus - Scarites lissopterus
Species marinus - Scarites marinus
Species quadriceps - Scarites quadriceps
Species stenops - Scarites stenops
Species subterraneus - Big-headed Ground Beetle
Species vicinus - Scarites vicinus
No Taxon quadriceps or vicinus
Tribe Clivinini
Subtribe Ardistomina
Genus Ardistomis
Species obliquata - Ardistomis obliquata
Species schaumii - Ardistomis schaumii
Genus Semiardistomis
Species puncticollis - Semiardistomis puncticollis
Species viridis - Semiardistomis viridis
Genus Aspidoglossa
Species subangulata - Aspidoglossa subangulata
Subtribe Clivinina
Genus Clivina
No Taxon subgenus Semiclivina
Species dentipes - Clivina dentipes
Species vespertina - Clivina vespertina
No Taxon subgenus Clivina
Species collaris - Clivina collaris
Species fossor - Clivina fossor
Species impressefrons - Slender Seedcorn Beetle
Species oregona - Clivina oregona
Species pallida - Clivina pallida
Species sp-stanislaus-co-calif - Clivina sp-stanislaus-co-calif
Species punctigera - Clivina punctigera 0
Species planicollis - Clivina planicollis
Species punctulata - Clivina punctulata
No Taxon subgenus Antroforceps
Species alabama - Clivina alabama
Species sasajii - Clivina sasajii
Species rubicunda - Clivina rubicunda
No Taxon subgenus Leucocara
Species acuducta - Clivina acuducta
Species americana - Clivina americana
Species californica - Clivina californica
Species morio - Clivina morio
Species rufa - Clivina rufa
Genus Paraclivina
Species bipustulata - Paraclivina bipustulata
Species convexa - Paraclivina convexa
Species ferrea - Paraclivina ferrea
Species postica - Paraclivina postica
Species striatopunctata - Paraclivina striatopunctata
Genus Schizogenius
Species amphibius - Schizogenius amphibius
Species chiricahuanus - Schizogenius chiricahuanus
Species depressus - Schizogenius depressus
Species falli - Schizogenius falli
Species ferrugineus - Schizogenius ferrugineus
Species lineolatus - Schizogenius lineolatus
Species litigiosus - Schizogenius litigiosus
Species longipennis-group - Schizogenius longipennis-group
Species pygmaeus - Schizogenius pygmaeus
Species sulcifrons - Schizogenius sulcifrons
Genus Halocoryza
Species arenaria - Halocoryza arenaria
Genus Oxydrepanus
Species rufus - Oxydrepanus rufus
Tribe Dyschiriini
Genus Akephorus
Species marinus - Akephorus marinus
Species obesus - Akephorus obesus
Genus Dyschirius
No Taxon subgenus Paradyschirius
Species affinis - Dyschirius affinis
Species analis - Dyschirius analis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Dyschirius haemorrhoidalis
Species quadrimaculatus - Dyschirius quadrimaculatus 0
Species terminatus - Dyschirius terminatus
No Taxon subgenus Eudyschirius
Species interior - Dyschirius interior
Species tenuispinus - Dyschirius tenuispinus 0
Species varidens - Dyschirius varidens
No Taxon subgenus Dyschiriodes
No Taxon exochus group
Species sculptus - Dyschirius sculptus
Species exochus
No Taxon globulosus group
Species alticola - Dyschirius alticola
Species dejeanii - Dyschirius dejeanii
Species globosus - Dyschirius globosus
Species globulosus - Dyschirius globulosus
Species hiemalis - Dyschirius hiemalis 0
Species longulus - Dyschirius longulus 0
Species planatus - Dyschirius planatus 0
No Taxon pilosus group
Species pilosus - Dyschirius pilosus
Species setosus - Dyschirius setosus 0
No Taxon politus group
Species erythrocerus - Dyschirius erythrocerus
Species larochellei - Dyschirius larochellei
Species politus - Dyschirius politus
Species sphaericollis - Dyschirius sphaericollis 0
Species truncatus - Dyschirius truncatus 0
No Taxon pumilus group
Species abbreviatus - Dyschirius abbreviatus
Species pumilus - Dyschirius pumilus
Species sublaevis - Dyschirius sublaevis
No Taxon sellatus group
Species campicola - Dyschirius campicola
Species pallipennis - Dyschirius pallipennis
Species salivagans - Dyschirius salivagans
Tribe Promecognathini
Genus Promecognathus
Species crassus - Promecognathus crassus
Species laevissimus - Promecognathus laevissimus
Subfamily Trechinae
Tribe Bembidiini
Genus Mioptachys
Species flavicauda - Mioptachys flavicauda
Subtribe Bembidiina
Genus Amerizus
Species oblongulum - Amerizus oblongulum
Species spectabilis - Amerizus spectabilis
Species wingatei - Amerizus wingatei
Genus Lionepha
Species australerasa - Lionepha australerasa
Species casta - Lionepha casta
Species disjuncta - Lionepha disjuncta
Species erasa - Lionepha erasa 0
Species lindrothi - Lionepha lindrothi
Species probata - Lionepha probata
Species sequoiae - Lionepha sequoiae
Genus Asaphidion
Species curtum - Asaphidion curtum
Species yukonense - Asaphidion yukonense
Genus Bembidion
No Taxon Subgenus Asioperyphus
Species bimaculatum - Bembidion bimaculatum
Species postremum - Bembidion postremum
Species sordidum - Bembidion sordidum
No Taxon Subgenus Bembidion
Species mutatum - Bembidion mutatum
Species pedicellatum - Bembidion pedicellatum
Species quadrimaculatum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum
Subspecies dubitans - Bembidion quadrimaculatum dubitans
Subspecies oppositum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum oppositum
No Taxon Subgenus Blepharoplataphus
Species hastii - Bembidion hastii
No Taxon Subgenus Bracteon
Species alaskense - Bembidion alaskense
Species balli - Bembidion balli
Species carinula - Bembidion carinula
Species foveum - Bembidion foveum
Species hesperium - Bembidion hesperium
Species inaequale - Bembidion inaequale
Species lapponicum - Bembidion lapponicum
Species levettei - Bembidion levettei
Species lorquinii - Bembidion lorquinii
Species punctatostriatum - Bembidion punctatostriatum
Species zephyrum - Bembidion zephyrum
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclolopha
Species poculare - Bembidion poculare
Species sphaeroderum - Bembidion sphaeroderum
No Taxon Subgenus Cillenus
Species palosverdes - Bembidion palosverdes
No Taxon Subgenus Diplocampa
Species transparens - Bembidion transparens
No Taxon Subgenus Emphanes
Species vile - Bembidion vile 0
Species diligens - Bembidion diligens
No Taxon Subgenus Eupetedromus
Species graciliforme - Bembidion graciliforme
Species immaturum - Bembidion immaturum
Species incrematum - Bembidion incrematum
Species variegatum - Bembidion variegatum
No Taxon Subgenus Furcacampa
Species affine - Bembidion affine
No Taxon versicolor group
Species egens - Bembidion egens
Species impotens - Bembidion impotens
Species mimus - Bembidion mimus
Species timidum - Bembidion timidum
Species versicolor - Bembidion versicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Hirmoplataphus
Species concolor - Bembidion concolor
Species nigrum - Bembidion nigrum
Species quadrulum - Bembidion quadrulum
Species recticolle - Bembidion recticolle
Species salebratum - Bembidion salebratum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydriomicrus
Species brevistriatum - Bembidion brevistriatum
Species semistriatum - Bembidion semistriatum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydrium
Species levigatum - Bembidion levigatum
No Taxon nitidum group
Species interventor - Bembidion interventor
Species nitidum - Bembidion nitidum
Species obliquulum - Bembidion obliquulum
No Taxon Subgenus Leuchydrium
Species tigrinum - Bembidion tigrinum
No Taxon subgenus Lindrochthus
Species wickhami - Bembidion wickhami
No Taxon Subgenus Liocosmius
Species festivum - Bembidion festivum
Species horni - Bembidion horni
Species mundum - Bembidion mundum
Species orion - Bembidion orion
No Taxon Subgenus Lymnaeum
Species laticeps - Bembidion laticeps
Species nigropiceum - Bembidion nigropiceum
No Taxon Subgenus Melomalus
Species planatum - Bembidion planatum
No Taxon Subgenus Metallina
Species dyschirinum - Bembidion dyschirinum
Species lampros - Bembidion lampros
Species properans - Bembidion properans
No Taxon Subgenus Neja
Species ambiguum - Bembidion ambiguum
No Taxon Subgenus Neobembidion
Species constricticolle - Bembidion constricticolle
No Taxon Subgenus Notaphus
Species mormon - Bembidion mormon
No Taxon contractum group
Species acticola - Bembidion acticola
Species constrictum - Bembidion constrictum
Species contractum - Bembidion contractum
Species viridicolle - Bembidion viridicolle
No Taxon dorsale group
Species oberthueri - Bembidion oberthueri
Species umbratum - Bembidion umbratum
Species versutum - Bembidion versutum
No Taxon obtusangulum group
Species dejectum - Bembidion dejectum
Species mormon - Bembidion mormon
Species obtusangulum - Bembidion obtusangulum
No Taxon patruele group
Species aeneicolle - Bembidion aeneicolle
Species approximatum - Bembidion approximatum
Species castor - Bembidion castor
Species coloradense - Bembidion coloradense
Species cordatum - Bembidion cordatum
Species debiliceps - Bembidion debiliceps
Species aratum - Bembidion aratum
Species graphicum - Bembidion graphicum
Species idoneum - Bembidion idoneum
Species indistinctum - Bembidion indistinctum
Species insulatum - Bembidion insulatum
Species intermedium - Bembidion intermedium
Species latebricola - Bembidion latebricola
Species nigripes - Bembidion nigripes
Species patruele - Bembidion patruele
Species semipunctatum - Bembidion semipunctatum
Species vulpecula - Bembidion vulpecula
No Taxon rapidum group
Species aratum - Bembidion aratum
Species nubiculosum - Bembidion nubiculosum
Species rapidum - Bembidion rapidum
Species scintillans - Bembidion scintillans
No Taxon scudderi group
Species consimile - Bembidion consimile
Species flohri - Bembidion flohri
Species scudderi - Bembidion scudderi
No Taxon B. patruele or possibly a member of the graphicum group
No Taxon Subgenus Ochthedromus
Species americanum - Bembidion americanum
Species bifossulatum - Bembidion bifossulatum
Species cheyennense - Bembidion cheyennense
No Taxon Subgenus Ocydromus
Species scopulinum - Bembidion scopulinum
No Taxon Subgenus Odontium
Species aenulum - Bembidion aenulum
Species bowditchii - Bembidion bowditchii
Species confusum - Bembidion confusum
Species coxendix - Bembidion coxendix
Species paraenulum - Bembidion paraenulum
Species robusticolle - Bembidion robusticolle
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphanes
Species grapii - Bembidion grapii
Species lacunarium - Bembidion lacunarium
Species platynoides - Bembidion platynoides
Species stephensii - Bembidion stephensii
Species subangustatum - Bembidion subangustatum
Species yukonum - Bembidion yukonum
Species texanum - Bembidion texanum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphodes
Species ephippigerum - Bembidion ephippigerum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphus
No Taxon striola group
Species actuosum - Bembidion actuosum
Species consanguineum - Bembidion consanguineum
Species nevadense - Bembidion nevadense
Species plagiatum - Bembidion plagiatum
Species striola - Bembidion striola
No Taxon tetracolum group
Species bruxellense - Bembidion bruxellense
Species femoratum - Bembidion femoratum
Species obscurellum - Bembidion obscurellum
Species petrosum - Bembidion petrosum
Species rupicola - Bembidion rupicola
Species sejunctum - Bembidion sejunctum
Subspecies semiaureum - Bembidion sejunctum semiaureum
Species tetracolum - Bembidion tetracolum
No Taxon transversale group
Species corgenoma - Bembidion corgenoma
Species erosum - Bembidion erosum
Species lugubre - Bembidion lugubre
Species mexicanum - Bembidion mexicanum
Species perspicuum - Bembidion perspicuum
Species transversale - Bembidion transversale
No Taxon Subgenus Phyla
Species obtusum - Bembidion obtusum
No Taxon Subgenus Plataphus
No Taxon complanulum group
Species arcticum - Bembidion arcticum
Species brachythorax - Bembidion brachythorax
Species breve - Bembidion breve
Species complanulum - Bembidion complanulum
Species compressum - Bembidion compressum
Species farrarae - Bembidion farrarae
Species haruspex - Bembidion haruspex
Species kuprianovii - Bembidion kuprianovii
Species laxatum - Bembidion laxatum
Species quadrifoveolatum - Bembidion quadrifoveolatum
No Taxon planiusculum group
Species basicorne - Bembidion basicorne
Species carolinense - Bembidion carolinense
Species curtulatum - Bembidion curtulatum
Species gebleri - Bembidion gebleri
Species gordoni - Bembidion gordoni
Species gratiosum - Bembidion gratiosum
Species planiusculum - Bembidion planiusculum
Species rufinum - Bembidion rufinum
Species rusticum - Bembidion rusticum
Species simplex - Bembidion simplex
Species stillaguamish - Bembidion stillaguamish
Species sulcipenne - Bembidion sulcipenne
Subspecies hyperboroides - Bembidion sulcipenne hyperboroides
Subspecies prasinoides - Bembidion sulcipenne prasinoides
Species vandykei - Bembidion vandykei
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoperyphus
No Taxon chalceum group
Species antiquum - Bembidion antiquum
Species bellorum - Bembidion bellorum
Species chalceum - Bembidion chalceum
Species louisella - Bembidion louisella
No Taxon honestum group
Species arenobile - Bembidion arenobile
Species honestum - Bembidion honestum
Species integrum - Bembidion integrum
Species rufotinctum - Bembidion rufotinctum
No Taxon Subgenus Semicampa
Species convexulum - Bembidion convexulum
Species muscicola - Bembidion muscicola
Species praticola - Bembidion praticola
Species roosevelti - Bembidion roosevelti
Species semicinctum - Bembidion semicinctum
No Taxon Subgenus Terminophanes
Species mckinleyi - Bembidion mckinleyi
Subspecies carneum - Bembidion mckinleyi carneum
No Taxon Subgenus Testediolum
Species commotum - Bembidion commotum
Species nebraskense - Bembidion nebraskense
No Taxon Subgenus Trepanedoris
No Taxon fortestriatum group
Species concretum - Bembidion concretum
Species fortestriatum - Bembidion fortestriatum
Species pseudocautum - Bembidion pseudocautum
No Taxon connivens group
Species acutifrons - Bembidion acutifrons
Species canadianum - Bembidion canadianum
Species connivens - Bembidion connivens
Species frontale - Bembidion frontale
Species siticum - Bembidion siticum
No Taxon Subgenus Trichoplataphus
Species planum - Bembidion planum
Species ozarkense - Bembidion ozarkense
Species grandiceps - Bembidion grandiceps
Species rolandi - Bembidion rolandi
Species fugax - Bembidion fugax
No Taxon Subgenus Trechonepha
Species iridescens - Bembidion iridescens
Species trechiforme - Bembidion trechiforme
Genus Phrypeus
Species rickseckeri - Phrypeus rickseckeri
Subtribe Anillina
Genus Anillinus
Species albrittonorum - Anillinus albrittonorum
Species alleni - Anillinus alleni
Species balli - Anillinus balli
Species barberi - Anillinus barberi
Species barri - Anillinus barri
Species cavicola - Anillinus cavicola
Species chandleri - Anillinus chandleri
Species cherokee - Anillinus cherokee
Species chilhowee - Anillinus chilhowee
Species cornelli - Anillinus cornelli
Species daggyi - Anillinus daggyi
Species davidsoni - Anillinus davidsoni
Species depressus - Anillinus depressus
Species elongatus - Anillinus elongatus
Species erwini - Anillinus erwini
Species folkertsi - Anillinus folkertsi
Species folkertsioides - Anillinus folkertsioides
Species fortis - Anillinus fortis
Species hirsutus - Anillinus hirsutus
Species gimmeli - Anillinus gimmeli
Species juliae - Anillinus juliae
Species kingi - Anillinus kingi
Species langdoni - Anillinus langdoni
Species magazinensis - Anillinus magazinensis
Species moseleyae - Anillinus moseleyae
Species murrayae - Anillinus murrayae
Species pecki - Anillinus pecki
Species robisoni - Anillinus robisoni
Species stephani - Anillinus stephani
Species tishechkini - Anillinus tishechkini
Species turneri - Anillinus turneri
Species unicoi - Anillinus unicoi
Species valentinei - Anillinus valentinei
Species virginiae - Anillinus virginiae
Genus Anillodes
Genus Medusapyga
Species chehalis - Medusapyga chehalis
Species alsea - Medusapyga alsea
Genus Serranillus
Species septentrionis - Serranillus septentrionis
Subtribe Tachyina
Genus Elaphropus
No Taxon subgenus Barytachys
Species anceps - Elaphropus anceps
Species capax - Elaphropus capax
Species conjugens - Elaphropus conjugens
Species dolosus - Elaphropus dolosus
Species ferrugineus - Elaphropus ferrugineus
Species fuscicornis - Elaphropus fuscicornis
Species granarius - Elaphropus granarius
Species incurvus - Elaphropus incurvus
Species nebulosus - Elaphropus nebulosus
Species obesulus - Elaphropus obesulus
Species pericallis - Elaphropus pericallis 0
Species rapax - Elaphropus rapax
Species saturatus - Elaphropus saturatus
Species tripunctatus - Elaphropus tripunctatus
Species vernicatus - Elaphropus vernicatus
Species vivax - Elaphropus vivax
Species xanthopus - Elaphropus xanthopus
Species undescribed-cf-microspilus - Elaphropus undescribed-cf-microspilus
Species cockerelli - Elaphropus cockerelli
No Taxon subgenus Tachyura
Species parvulus - Elaphropus parvulus
Species quadrisignatus - Elaphropus quadrisignatus
Genus Micratopus
Species aenescens - Micratopus aenescens
Genus Nothoderis
Species rufotestacea - Nothoderis rufotestacea
Genus Pericompsus
Species laetulus - Pericompsus laetulus
Species ephippiatus - Pericompsus ephippiatus
Genus Polyderidius
Genus Polyderis
Species laeva - Polyderis laeva
Genus Porotachys
Species bisulcatus - Porotachys bisulcatus
Genus Tachys
No Taxon subgenus Tachys
Species bradycellinus - Tachys bradycellinus
Species corax - Tachys corax
Species halophilus - Tachys halophilus
Species misellus - Tachys misellus
Species mordax - Tachys mordax
Species pallidus - Tachys pallidus
Species pulchellus - Tachys pulchellus
Species vittiger - Tachys vittiger
Species undescribed-one - Tachys undescribed-one
Species edax - Tachys edax
No Taxon subgenus Paratachys
Species albipes - Tachys albipes
Species austinicus - Tachys austinicus
Species oblitus - Tachys oblitus
Species potomaca - Tachys potomaca
Species proximus - Tachys proximus
Species pumilus - Tachys pumilus
Species rhodeanus - Tachys rhodeanus
Species sagax - Tachys sagax
Species scitulus - Tachys scitulus
Species vorax - Tachys vorax
Genus Tachyta
No Taxon falli group
Species angulata - Tachyta angulata
Species falli - Tachyta falli
No Taxon inornata group
Species inornata - Tachyta inornata
Species parvicornis - Tachyta parvicornis
Tribe Pogonini
Genus Pogonus
Species texanus - Pogonus texanus
Genus Thalassotrechus
Species barbarae - Thalassotrechus barbarae
Genus Diplochaetus
Species planatus - Diplochaetus planatus
Species rutilus - Diplochaetus rutilus
Tribe Trechini
Genus Ameroduvalius
Species jeanneli - Ameroduvalius jeanneli
Genus Blemus
Species discus - Blemus discus
Genus Darlingtonea
Species kentuckensis - Darlingtonea kentuckensis
Genus Neaphaenops
Species tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi
Subspecies tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi tellkampfi
Genus Nelsonites
Species walteri - Nelsonites walteri
Species jonesi - Nelsonites jonesi
Genus Pseudanophthalmus
Species cerberus - Pseudanophthalmus cerberus
Species grandis - Pseudanophthalmus grandis
Species hoffmani - Pseudanophthalmus hoffmani
Species holsingeri - Pseudanophthalmus holsingeri
Species nelsoni - Pseudanophthalmus nelsoni
Species pusio - Pseudanophthalmus pusio
Species robustus - Pseudanophthalmus robustus
Species tenuis - Pseudanophthalmus tenuis
Genus Trechoblemus
Species westcotti - Trechoblemus westcotti
Genus Trechus
No Taxon Subgenus Trechus
Species apicalis - Trechus apicalis
Species chalybeus - Trechus chalybeus
Species cumberlandus - Trechus cumberlandus
Species hydropicus - Trechus hydropicus
Species ovipennis - Trechus ovipennis
No Taxon quadristriatus group
Species obtusus - Trechus obtusus
Species quadristriatus - Trechus quadristriatus
Species rubens - Trechus rubens
Species schwarzi - Trechus schwarzi
Subspecies saludae - Trechus schwarzi saludae
No Taxon Subgenus Microtrechus
No Taxon uncifer group
Species satanicus - Trechus satanicus
No Taxon vandykei group
Species vandykei - Trechus vandykei
Subspecies pisgahensis - Trechus vandykei pisgahensis
Species barberi - Trechus barberi
No Taxon nebulosus group
Species tuckaleechee - Trechus tuckaleechee
Genus Xenotrechus
Species condei - Xenotrechus condei
Species denticollis - Xenotrechus denticollis
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles
Subfamily Agabinae
Genus Hydrotrupes
Species palpalis - Hydrotrupes palpalis
Tribe Agabini
Genus Agabinus
Species glabrellus - Agabinus glabrellus
Species sculpturellus - Agabinus sculpturellus
Genus Agabus
Species ajax - Agabus ajax
Species ambiguus - Agabus ambiguus
Species ancillus - Agabus ancillus
Species antennatus - Agabus antennatus
Species anthracinus - Agabus anthracinus
Species approximatus - Agabus approximatus
Species arcticus - Agabus arcticus
Species audeni - Agabus audeni
Species austinii - Agabus austinii
Species bicolor - Agabus bicolor
Species bifarius - Agabus bifarius
Species bjorkmanae - Agabus bjorkmanae
Species canadensis - Agabus canadensis
Species clavicornis - Agabus clavicornis
Species confinis - Agabus confinis
Species cordatus - Agabus cordatus
Species crassipes - Agabus crassipes
Species discolor - Agabus discolor
Species disintegratus - Disintegrated Diving Beetle
Species elongatus - Agabus elongatus
Species erytropterus - Agabus erytropterus
Species falli - Agabus falli
Species fuscipennis - Agabus fuscipennis
Species griseipennis - Agabus griseipennis
Species infuscatus - Agabus infuscatus
Species inscriptus - Agabus inscriptus
Species kootenai - Agabus kootenai
Species leptapsis - Agabus leptapsis
Species lutosus - Agabus lutosus
Species obliteratus - Agabus obliteratus
Subspecies nectris - Agabus obliteratus nectris
Species phaeopterus - Agabus phaeopterus
Species pisobius - Agabus pisobius
Species punctatus - Agabus punctatus
Species punctulatus - Agabus punctulatus
Species semipunctatus - Agabus semipunctatus
Species smithi - Agabus smithi
Species strigulosus - Agabus strigulosus
Species subfuscatus - Agabus subfuscatus
Species taeniolatus - Agabus taeniolatus
Species tristis - Agabus tristis
Species triton - Agabus triton
Species verisimilis - Agabus verisimilis
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Ilybiosoma
Species lugens - Ilybiosoma lugens
Species minnesotense - Ilybiosoma minnesotense
Species perplexum - Ilybiosoma perplexum
Species seriatum - Ilybiosoma seriatum
Genus Ilybius
Species angustior - Ilybius angustior
Species biguttulus - Ilybius biguttulus
Species discedens - Ilybius discedens
Species erichsoni - Ilybius erichsoni
Species fraterculus - Ilybius fraterculus
Species gagates - Ilybius gagates
Species hypomelas - Ilybius hypomelas
Species ignarus - Ilybius ignarus
Species incarinatus - Ilybius incarinatus
Species larsoni - Ilybius larsoni
Species lineellus - Ilybius lineellus
Species oblitus - Ilybius oblitus
Species opacus - Ilybius opacus
Species picipes - Ilybius picipes
Species pleuriticus - Ilybius pleuriticus
Species quadrimaculatus - Ilybius quadrimaculatus
Species subaeneus - Ilybius subaeneus
Species vancouverensis - Ilybius vancouverensis
Species wasastjernae - Ilybius wasastjernae
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Platambus
Species apache - Platambus apache
Species astrictovittatus - Platambus astrictovittatus
Species flavovittatus - Platambus flavovittatus
Species johannis - Platambus johannis
Species semivittatus - Platambus semivittatus
Species stagninus - Platambus stagninus
Subfamily Copelatinae
Genus Copelatus
Species caelatipennis - Copelatus caelatipennis
Species chevrolati - Chevrolat's Dytiscid
Species cubaensis - Copelatus cubaensis
Species debilis - Copelatus debilis
Species distinctus - Copelatus distinctus
Species glyphicus - Copelatus glyphicus
Subfamily Colymbetinae
Tribe Colymbetini
Genus Colymbetes
Species dahuricus - Colymbetes dahuricus
Species densus - Colymbetes densus
Species dolabratus - Colymbetes dolabratus
Species exaratus - Colymbetes exaratus
Species incognitus - Colymbetes incognitus
Species longulus - Colymbetes longulus
Species sculptilis - Colymbetes sculptilis
Genus Hoperius
Species planatus - Hoperius planatus
Genus Meridiorhantus
Species calidus - Meridiorhantus calidus
Genus Nartus
Species sinuatus - Nartus sinuatus
Genus Neoscutopterus
Species angustus - Neoscutopterus angustus
Species hornii - Neoscutopterus hornii
Genus Rhantus
Species atricolor - Rhantus atricolor
Species binotatus - Rhantus binotatus
Species consimilis - Rhantus consimilis
Species gutticollis - Rhantus gutticollis
Species sericans - Rhantus sericans
Species suturellus - Rhantus suturellus
Species wallisi - Rhantus wallisi
Subfamily Coptotominae
Genus Coptotomus
Species longulus - Coptotomus longulus
Species loticus - Coptotomus loticus
Species venustus - Coptotomus venustus
Subfamily Cybistrinae
Genus Cybister
Species explanatus - Cybister explanatus
Species fimbriolatus - Cybister fimbriolatus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Megadytes
Species fraternus - Megadytes fraternus
Subfamily Dytiscinae
Genus Dytiscus
Species alaskanus - Boreal Water Beetle
Species carolinus - Dytiscus carolinus
Species circumcinctus - Dytiscus circumcinctus
Species cordieri - Dytiscus cordieri
Species dauricus - Dytiscus dauricus
Species fasciventris - Understriped Diving Beetle
Species habilis - Dytiscus habilis
Species harrisii - Harris's Diving Beetle
Species hatchi - Dytiscus hatchi
Species hybridus - Dytiscus hybridus
Species marginicollis - Giant Green Water Beetle
Species verticalis - Vertical Diving Beetle
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Eretes
Species explicitus - Eretes explicitus
Species sticticus - Eretes sticticus
Tribe Aciliini
Genus Acilius
Species abbreviatus - Acilius abbreviatus
Species athabascae - Acilius athabascae
Species confusus - Acilius confusus
Species fraternus - Acilius fraternus
Species mediatus - Acilius mediatus
Species semisulcatus - Acilius semisulcatus
Species sylvanus - Acilius sylvanus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Graphoderus
Species fascicollis - Graphoderus fascicollis
Species liberus - Graphoderus liberus
Species occidentalis - Graphoderus occidentalis
Species perplexus - Graphoderus perplexus
Genus Thermonectus
Species basillaris - Thermonectus basillaris
Species intermedius - Thermonectus intermedius
Species marmoratus - Sunburst Diving Beetle
Species nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies ornaticollis - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus ornaticollis
Species sibleyi - Thermonectus sibleyi
Tribe Hydaticini
Genus Hydaticus
Species bimarginatus - Hydaticus bimarginatus
Species rimosus - Hydaticus rimosus
No Taxon subgenus Hydaticus
Species aruspex - Hydaticus aruspex
Species cinctipennis - Hydaticus cinctipennis
Species piceus - Hydaticus piceus
Subfamily Hydroporinae
Tribe Bidessini
Genus Anodocheilus
Species exiguus - Anodocheilus exiguus
Genus Bidessonotus
Species inconspicuus - Bidessonotus inconspicuus
Species longovalis - Bidessonotus longovalis
Species pulicarius - Bidessonotus pulicarius
Genus Brachyvatus
Species apicatus - Brachyvatus apicatus
Genus Comaldessus
Species stygius - Comal Springs Diving Beetle
Genus Crinodessus
Species amyae - Crinodessus amyae
Genus Liodessus
Species affinis - Liodessus affinis
No Taxon affinis complex
Species cantralli - Liodessus cantralli
Species crotchi - Liodessus crotchi
Species flavicollis - Liodessus flavicollis
Species noviaffinis - Liodessus noviaffinis
Species obscurellus - Liodessus obscurellus
Genus Neobidessus
Species pulloides - Neobidessus pulloides
Species pullus - Neobidessus pullus
Species youngi - Neobidessus youngi
Genus Neoclypeodytes
Species amybethae - Neoclypeodytes amybethae 0
Species cinctellus - Neoclypeodytes cinctellus
Species discretus - Neoclypeodytes discretus
Species fryii - Neoclypeodytes fryii
Species haroldi - Neoclypeodytes haroldi
Species leachi - Neoclypeodytes leachi
Species ornatellus - Neoclypeodytes ornatellus
Species pictodes - Neoclypeodytes pictodes
Species plicipennis - Neoclypeodytes plicipennis
Species quadripustulatus - Neoclypeodytes quadripustulatus
Species roughleyi - Neoclypeodytes roughleyi 0
Genus Uvarus
Species falli - Uvarus falli
Species granarius - Uvarus granarius
Species inflatus - Uvarus inflatus
Species lacustris - Uvarus lacustris
Species subtilis - Uvarus subtilis
Species texanus - Uvarus texanus
Tribe Hydroporini
Subtribe Hydroporina
Genus Haideoporus
Species texanus - Haideoporus texanus
Genus Heterosternuta
Species allegheniana - Heterosternuta allegheniana
Species cocheconis - Heterosternuta cocheconis
Species diversicornis - Heterosternuta diversicornis
Species ohionis - Heterosternuta ohionis
Species pulchra - Heterosternuta pulchra
Species wickhami - Heterosternuta wickhami
Genus Hydrocolus
Species deflatus - Hydrocolus deflatus
Species oblitus - Hydrocolus oblitus
Species paugus - Hydrocolus paugus
Species persimilis - Hydrocolus persimilis
Species stagnalis - Hydrocolus stagnalis
Genus Hydroporus
Species appalachius - Hydroporus appalachius
Species badiellus - Hydroporus badiellus
Species columbianus - Hydroporus columbianus
Species dentellus - Hydroporus dentellus
Species despectus - Hydroporus despectus
Species dichrous - Hydroporus dichrous
Species fortis - Hydroporus fortis
Species fuscipennis - Hydroporus fuscipennis
Species gossei - Hydroporus gossei
Species lapponum - Hydroporus lapponum
Species larsoni - Hydroporus larsoni
Species longiusculus - Hydroporus longiusculus
Species mannerheimi - Hydroporus mannerheimi
Species melsheimeri - Hydroporus melsheimeri
Species morio - Hydroporus morio
Species niger - Hydroporus niger
Species notabilis - Hydroporus notabilis
Species occidentalis - Hydroporus occidentalis
Species pervicinus - Hydroporus pervicinus
Species pseudoniger - Hydroporus pseudoniger
Species puberulus - Hydroporus puberulus
Species rectus - Hydroporus rectus
Species rufilabris - Hydroporus rufilabris
Species rufinasus - Hydroporus rufinasus
Species signatus - Hydroporus signatus
Species striola - Hydroporus striola
Species subpubescens - Hydroporus subpubescens
Species tartaricus - Hydroporus tartaricus
Species tenebrosus - Hydroporus tenebrosus
Species tristis - Hydroporus tristis
Genus Lioporeus
Species triangularis - Lioporeus triangularis
Species pilatei - Lioporeus pilatei
Genus Neoporus
Species hybridus - Neoporus hybridus
Species vitiosus - Neoporus vitiosus
No Taxon blanchardi-group
Species blanchardi - Neoporus blanchardi
Species psammodytes - Neoporus psammodytes
Species striatopunctatus - Neoporus striatopunctatus
No Taxon clypealis-group
Species clypealis - Neoporus clypealis
Species gaudens - Neoporus gaudens
Species shermani - Neoporus shermani
Species superioris - Neoporus superioris
No Taxon dilatatus-group
Species dilatatus - Neoporus dilatatus
Species spurius - Neoporus spurius
Species sulcipennis - Neoporus sulcipennis
No Taxon dimidiatus-group
Species arizonicus - Neoporus arizonicus
Species dimidiatus - Neoporus dimidiatus
No Taxon undulatus-group
Species carolinus - Neoporus carolinus
Species cimicoides - Neoporus cimicoides
Species hebes - Neoporus hebes
Species lobatus - Neoporus lobatus
Species undulatus - Neoporus undulatus
Species uniformis - Neoporus uniformis
No Taxon vittatipennis-group
Species mellitus - Neoporus mellitus
Species vittatipennis - Neoporus vittatipennis
Genus Sanfilippodytes
Species brumalis - Sanfilippodytes brumalis
Species compertus - Sanfilippodytes compertus
Species edwardsi - Sanfilippodytes edwardsi
Species latebrosus - Sanfilippodytes latebrosus
Species pacificus - Sanfilippodytes pacificus
Species pseudovilis - Sanfilippodytes pseudovilis
Species rossi - Sanfilippodytes rossi
Species terminalis - Sanfilippodytes terminalis
Subtribe Deronectina
Genus Boreonectes
Species griseostriatus - Boreonectes griseostriatus
Species spenceri - Boreonectes spenceri
Genus Clarkhydrus
Species corvinus - Clarkhydrus corvinus
Species decemsignatus - Clarkhydrus decemsignatus
Species deceptus - Clarkhydrus deceptus
Species falli - Clarkhydrus falli
Species roffii - Clarkhydrus roffii
Species spectabilis - Clarkhydrus spectabilis
Genus Deuteronectes
Species angustior - Deuteronectes angustior
Species picturatus - Deuteronectes picturatus
Genus Hornectes
Species quadrimaculatus - Hornectes quadrimaculatus
Genus Leconectes
Species striatellus - Leconectes striatellus
Genus Mystonectes
Species panaminti - Mystonectes panaminti
Species coelamboides - Mystonectes coelamboides
Species titulus - Mystonectes titulus
Genus Nebrioporus
Species macronychus - Nebrioporus macronychus
Species depressus - Nebrioporus depressus
Species rotundatus - Nebrioporus rotundatus
Genus Nectoboreus
Species aequinoctialis - Nectoboreus aequinoctialis
Species funereus - Nectoboreus funereus
Genus Nectoporus
Species abbreviatus - Nectoporus abbreviatus
Species congruus - Nectoporus congruus
Species crassulus - Nectoporus crassulus
Species obesus - Nectoporus obesus
Species sanmarkii - Nectoporus sanmarkii
Genus Oreodytes
Species alaskanus - Oreodytes alaskanus
Species humboldtensis - Oreodytes humboldtensis
Species laevis - Oreodytes laevis
Species scitulus - Oreodytes scitulus
Species snoqualmie - Oreodytes snoqualmie
Subtribe Siettitiina
Genus Stygoporus
Species oregonensis - Stygoporus oregonensis
Genus Hydrovatus
Species brevipes - Hydrovatus brevipes
Species davidis - Hydrovatus davidis
Species hornii - Hydrovatus hornii
Species peninsularis - Hydrovatus peninsularis
Species pustulatus - Hydrovatus pustulatus
Species platycornis - Hydrovatus platycornis
Tribe Hygrotini
Genus Clemnius
Species laccophilinus - Clemnius laccophilinus
Species sylvanus - Clemnius sylvanus
Genus Hygrotus
Species compar - Hygrotus compar
Species dissimilis - Hygrotus dissimilis
Species falli - Hygrotus falli
Species fraternus - Hygrotus fraternus
Species impressopunctatus - Hygrotus impressopunctatus
Species infuscatus - Hygrotus infuscatus
Species lutescens - Hygrotus lutescens
Species marklini - Hygrotus marklini
Species masculinus - Hygrotus masculinus
Species nubilus - Hygrotus nubilus
Species patruelis - Hygrotus patruelis
Species picatus - Hygrotus picatus
Species punctilineatus - Hygrotus punctilineatus
Species salinarius - Hygrotus salinarius
Species sayi - Hygrotus sayi
Species sellatus - Hygrotus sellatus
Species semivittatus - Hygrotus semivittatus
Species suturalis - Hygrotus suturalis
Species tumidiventris - Hygrotus tumidiventris
Species turbidus - Hygrotus turbidus 0
Species unguicularis - Hygrotus unguicularis
Species wardii - Hygrotus wardii
No Taxon pedalis group
Species fontinalis - Hygrotus fontinalis
Tribe Hyphydrini
Genus Desmopachria
Species circularis - Desmopachria circularis
Species convexa - Desmopachria convexa
Species dispersa - Desmopachria dispersa
Species mexicana - Desmopachria mexicana
Species portmanni - Desmopachria portmanni
Species seminola - Desmopachria seminola
Genus Laccornis
Species conoideus - Laccornis conoideus
Species latens - Laccornis latens
Species pacificus - Laccornis pacificus
Genus Celina
Species angustata - Celina angustata
Species grossula - Celina grossula 0
Species hubbelli - Celina hubbelli
Species imitatrix - Celina imitatrix
Species occidentalis - Celina occidentalis
Species slossoni - Celina slossoni
Genus Pachydrus
Species princeps - Pachydrus princeps
Tribe Vatellini
Genus Derovatellus
Species floridanus - Derovatellus floridanus
Genus Vatellus
Species mexicanus - Vatellus mexicanus
Subfamily Hydrodytinae
Genus Hydrodytes
Species dodgei - Hydrodytes dodgei
Subfamily Laccophilinae
Genus Agabetes
Species acuductus - Agabetes acuductus
Genus Laccomimus
Species pumilio - Laccomimus pumilio
Genus Laccophilus
Species biguttatus - Laccophilus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laccophilus fasciatus
Subspecies rufus - Laccophilus fasciatus rufus
Subspecies terminalis - Laccophilus fasciatus terminalis
Species gentilis - Laccophilus gentilis
Species horni - Laccophilus horni
Species maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus
Subspecies shermani - Laccophilus maculosus shermani
Subspecies maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus maculosus
Subspecies decipiens - Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Species mexicanus - Laccophilus mexicanus
Species oscillator - Laccophilus oscillator
Species pictus - Laccophilus pictus
Subspecies coccinelloides - Laccophilus pictus coccinelloides
Subspecies insignis - Laccophilus pictus insignis
Species proximus - Laccophilus proximus
Species quadrilineatus - Laccophilus quadrilineatus
Species salvini - Laccophilus salvini
Species schwarzi - Laccophilus schwarzi
Species sonorensis - Laccophilus sonorensis
Species undatus - Laccophilus undatus
Species vacaensis - Laccophilus vacaensis
No Taxon Larvae
Subfamily Matinae
Genus Matus
Species ovatus - Matus ovatus
Species bicarinatus - Matus bicarinatus
Species relictus - Matus relictus
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
Family Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles
Subfamily Gyrininae
Genus Dineutus
Species angustus - Dineutus angustus
Species assimilis - Dineutus assimilis
Species carolinus - Dineutus carolinus
Species ciliatus - Dineutus ciliatus
Species discolor - Dineutus discolor
Species emarginatus - Dineutus emarginatus
Species hornii - Dineutus hornii
Species nigrior - Dineutus nigrior
Species productus - Dineutus productus
Species serrulatus - Dineutus serrulatus
Species shorti - Dineutus shorti
Species sublineatus - Dineutus sublineatus
Genus Gyrinus
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinus
Species aeratus - Gyrinus aeratus
Species affinis - Gyrinus affinis
Species analis - Gyrinus analis
Species bifarius - Gyrinus bifarius
Species borealis - Gyrinus borealis
Species dichrous - Gyrinus dichrous
Species elevatus - Gyrinus elevatus
Species dubius - Gyrinus dubius
Species gehringi - Gyrinus gehringi
Species gibber - Gyrinus gibber
Species latilimbus - Gyrinus latilimbus
Species lecontei - Gyrinus lecontei
Species maculiventris - Gyrinus maculiventris
Species marginellus - Gyrinus marginellus
Species pachysomus - Gyrinus pachysomus
Species parcus - Gyrinus parcus
Species pectoralis - Gyrinus pectoralis
Species picipes - Gyrinus picipes
Species pleuralis - Gyrinus pleuralis
Species plicifer - Gyrinus plicifer
Species pugionis - Gyrinus pugionis
Species sayi - Gyrinus sayi
Species wallisi - Gyrinus wallisi
Species woodruffi - Gyrinus woodruffi
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinulus
Species cavatus - Gyrinus cavatus
Species minutus - Gyrinus minutus
Genus Gyretes
Species sinuatus - Gyretes sinuatus
Species torosus - Gyretes torosus
Species iricolor - Gyretes iricolor
Genus Spanglerogyrus
Species albiventris - Red Hills Unique Whirligig Beetle
Family Haliplidae - Crawling Water Beetles
Genus Brychius
Species pacificus - Brychius pacificus
Species hornii - Brychius hornii
Genus Haliplus
No Taxon subgenus Apteraliplus
Species parvulus - Haliplus parvulus
No Taxon subgenus Borealiplus
Species borealis - Haliplus borealis
No Taxon subgenus Haliplus
Species apicalis - Haliplus apicalis
Species dorsomaculatus - Haliplus dorsomaculatus
Species immaculicollis - Haliplus immaculicollis
Species longulus - Haliplus longulus
Species robertsi - Haliplus robertsi
Species stagninus - Haliplus stagninus
No Taxon subgenus Liaphlus
Species concolor - Haliplus concolor
Species cribrarius - Haliplus cribrarius
Species fulvus - Haliplus fulvus
Species gracilis - Haliplus gracilis
Species havaniensis - Haliplus havaniensis
Species leechi - Haliplus leechi
Species lewisii - Haliplus lewisii
Species nitens - Haliplus nitens
Species salmo - Haliplus salmo
Species subguttatus - Haliplus subguttatus
Species tumidus - Haliplus tumidus
No Taxon subgenus Paraliaphlus
Species connexus - Haliplus connexus
Species deceptus - Haliplus deceptus
Species fasciatus - Haliplus fasciatus
Species leopardus - Haliplus leopardus
Species mimeticus - Haliplus mimeticus
Species pantherinus - Haliplus pantherinus
Species punctatus - Haliplus punctatus
Species triopsis - Haliplus triopsis
Genus Peltodytes
Species callosus - Peltodytes callosus
Species dietrichi - Peltodytes dietrichi
Species dispersus - jun. syn. of P.simplex
Species dunavani - Peltodytes dunavani
Species duodecimpunctatus - Peltodytes duodecimpunctatus
Species edentulus - Peltodytes edentulus
Species festivus - Peltodytes festivus
Species floridensis - Peltodytes floridensis
Species litoralis - Peltodytes litoralis
Species muticus - Peltodytes muticus
Species oppositus - Peltodytes oppositus
Species pedunctulatus - Peltodytes pedunctulatus
Species roughleyi - Peltodytes roughleyi
Species sexmaculatus - Peltodytes sexmaculatus
Species shermani - Peltodytes shermani
Species simplex - Peltodytes simplex
Species tortulosus - Peltodytes tortulosus
Family Noteridae - Burrowing Water Beetles
Genus Hydrocanthus
Species atripennis - Hydrocanthus atripennis
Species iricolor - Hydrocanthus iricolor
Species regius - Hydrocanthus regius
Species oblongus - Hydrocanthus oblongus
Genus Mesonoterus
Species addendus - Mesonoterus addendus
Genus Notomicrus
Species sharpi - Notomicrus sharpi
Genus Suphis
Species inflatus - Suphis inflatus
Genus Suphisellus
Species bicolor - Suphisellus bicolor
Species gibbulus - Suphisellus gibbulus
Species lineatus - Suphisellus lineatus
Species puncticollis - Suphisellus puncticollis
Species semipunctatus - Suphisellus semipunctatus
Family Rhysodidae - Wrinkled Bark Beetles
Genus Clinidium
Species apertum - Clinidium apertum
Subspecies allegheniense - Clinidium apertum allegheniense
Species baldufi - Clinidium baldufi
Species calcaratum - Clinidium calcaratum
Species rosenbergi - Clinidium rosenbergi
Species sculptile - Clinidium sculptile
Species valentinei - Clinidium valentinei
Genus Omoglymmius
Species americanus - Omoglymmius americanus
Species hamatus - Omoglymmius hamatus
Family Trachypachidae - False Ground Beetles
Genus Trachypachus
Species gibbsii - Trachypachus gibbsii
Species inermis - Trachypachus inermis
Species slevini - Trachypachus slevini
No Taxon Geadephaga taxa per Bousquet 2012 Catalog
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea - Longhorn and Leaf Beetles
Family Cerambycidae - Longhorn Beetles
Subfamily Cerambycinae
Tribe Achrysonini
Genus Achryson
Species surinamum - Achryson surinamum
Genus Geropa
Species concolor - Geropa concolor
Genus Icosium
Species tomentosum - Icosium tomentosum
Tribe Agallissini
Genus Agallissus
Species lepturoides - Agallissus lepturoides
Genus Osmopleura
Species chamaeropis - Cabbage Palm Longhorn Beetle
Genus Zagymnus
Species clerinus - Zagymnus clerinus
Tribe Anaglyptini
Genus Cyrtophorus
Species verrucosus - Cyrtophorus verrucosus
Genus Microclytus
Species compressicollis - Microclytus compressicollis
Species gazellula - Microclytus gazellula
Genus Tilloclytus
Species geminatus - Tilloclytus geminatus
Tribe Bothriospilini
Genus Chrotoma
Species dunniana - Chrotoma dunniana
Genus Gnaphalodes
Species trachyderoides - Gnaphalodes trachyderoides
Genus Knulliana
Species cincta - Banded Hickory Borer
Subspecies cincta - Knulliana cincta cincta
Subspecies spinifera - Knulliana cincta spinifera
Subspecies sonorensis - Knulliana cincta sonorensis
Tribe Callichromatini
Genus Plinthocoelium
Species suaveolens - Bumelia Borer
Subspecies suaveolens - Plinthocoelium suaveolens suaveolens
Subspecies plicatum - Plinthocoelium suaveolens plicatum
Species schwarzi - Tamaulipan Bumelia Borer
Tribe Callidiini
Genus Callidiellum
Species cupressi - Callidiellum cupressi
Species rufipenne - Japanese Cedar Longhorn Beetle
Species villosulum - Callidiellum villosulum
Genus Callidium
Species antennatum - Blackhorned Pine Borer
Species cicatricosum - Callidium cicatricosum
Species frigidum - Callidium frigidum
Species pseudotsugae - Callidium pseudotsugae
Species sempervirens - Callidium sempervirens
Species sequoiarium - Callidium sequoiarium
Species texanum - Black-horned Juniper Borer
Species violaceum - Violet Tanbark Beetle
Genus Elatotrypes
Species hoferi - Elatotrypes hoferi
Genus Meriellum
Species proteus - Meriellum proteus
Genus Phymatodes
Species aeneus - Phymatodes aeneus
Species aereus - Phymatodes aereus
Species amoenus - Phymatodes amoenus
Species ater - Phymatodes ater
Species decussatus - Phymatodes decussatus
Species dimidiatus - Phymatodes dimidiatus
Species grandis - Phymatodes grandis
Species hirtellus - Phymatodes hirtellus
Species huetheri - Phymatodes huetheri
Species infuscatus - Phymatodes infuscatus
Species lengi - Phymatodes lengi
Species lividus - Phymatodes lividus
Species maculicollis - Phymatodes maculicollis
Species nitidus - Phymatodes nitidus
Species obliquus - Phymatodes obliquus
Species testaceus - Tanbark Borer
Species varius - Phymatodes varius
Species vilitatis - Phymatodes vilitatis
Species vulneratus - Phymatodes vulneratus
Genus Physocnemum
Species andreae - Cypress Bark Borer
Species brevilineum - Elm Bark Borer
Species violaceipenne - Physocnemum violaceipenne
Genus Poecilium
Species lividum - Poecilium lividum
Genus Pronocera
Species collaris - Pronocera collaris
Subspecies lecontei - Pronocera collaris lecontei
Subspecies collaris - Pronocera collaris collaris
Genus Ropalopus
Species sanguinicollis - Ropalopus sanguinicollis
Genus Semanotus
Species amplus - Semanotus amplus
Species amethystinus - Semanotus amethystinus
Species conformis - Semanotus conformis
Species japonicus - Semanotus japonicus
Species juniperi - Semanotus juniperi
Species ligneus - Cedar Tree Borer
Species litigiosus - Firtree Borer
Species terminatus - Semanotus terminatus
Genus Xylocrius
Species agassizi - Xylocrius agassizi
Species cribratus - Xylocrius cribratus
Tribe Cleomenini
Genus Dere
Species thoracica - Dere thoracica
Tribe Clytini
Genus Calloides
Species nobilis - Calloides nobilis
Subspecies mormonus - Calloides nobilis mormonus
Subspecies nobilis - Calloides nobilis nobilis
Species lorquinii - Calloides lorquinii
Genus Clytoleptus
Species albofasciatus - Clytoleptus albofasciatus
Genus Clytus
Species blaisdelli - Clytus blaisdelli
Species canadensis - Clytus canadensis
Species clitellarius - Clytus clitellarius
Species marginicollis - Clytus marginicollis
Species pacificus - Clytus pacificus
Species planifrons - Clytus planifrons
Species ruricola - Clytus ruricola
Genus Glycobius
Species speciosus - Sugar Maple Borer
Genus Euryscelis
Species suturalis - Euryscelis suturalis
Genus Megacheuma
Species brevipenne - Megacheuma brevipenne
Genus Megacyllene
Species angulifera - Megacyllene angulifera
Species antennata - Megacyllene antennata
Species caryae - Hickory Borer
Species decora - Amorpha Borer
Species powersi - Megacyllene powersi
Species robiniae - Locust Borer
Species robusta - Megacyllene robusta
Species snowi - Megacyllene snowi
Subspecies snowi - Megacyllene snowi snowi
Subspecies zuniana - Megacyllene snowi zuniana
Genus Neoclytus
Species acuminatus - Red-Headed Ash Borer
Species approximatus - Neoclytus approximatus
Species augusti - Neoclytus augusti
Species balteatus - Neoclytus balteatus
Species caprea - Banded Ash Borer
Species conjunctus - Neoclytus conjunctus
Species senilis - Neoclytus senilis
Species horridus - Neoclytus horridus
Species irroratus - Neoclytus irroratus
Species jouteli - Neoclytus jouteli
Species magnus - Neoclytus magnus
Species modestus - Neoclytus modestus
Species mucronatus - Neoclytus mucronatus
Subspecies mucronatus - Neoclytus mucronatus mucronatus
Subspecies vogti - Neoclytus mucronatus vogti
Species muricatulus - Neoclytus muricatulus
Species resplendens - Neoclytus resplendens
Species scutellaris - Neoclytus scutellaris
Species tenuiscriptus - Neoclytus tenuiscriptus
Species torquatus - Neoclytus torquatus
Species vanduzeei - Neoclytus vanduzeei
No Taxon magnus/resplendens/angelicus/provoanus/balteatus group
Species interruptus - Neoclytus interruptus
Genus Ochraethes
Species citrinus - Ochraethes citrinus
Genus Placosternus
Species erythropus - Placosternus erythropus
Species difficilis - Mesquite Borer
Genus Plesioclytus
Species morrisi - Plesioclytus morrisi
Species relictus - Plesioclytus relictus
Genus Rusticoclytus
Species annosus - Rusticoclytus annosus
Subspecies emotus - Rusticoclytus annosus emotus
Subspecies annosus - Rusticoclytus annosus annosus
Species nauticus - Rusticoclytus nauticus
Genus Sarosesthes
Species fulminans - Sarosesthes fulminans
Genus Tanyochraethes
Species tildeni - Tanyochraethes tildeni
Genus Triodoclytus
Species lanifer - Triodoclytus lanifer
Genus Tylcus
Species hartwegii - Tylcus hartwegii
Genus Xylotrechus
Species aceris - Gall-making Maple Borer
Species albonotatus - Xylotrechus albonotatus
Species colonus - Rustic Borer
Species convergens - Xylotrechus convergens
Species hovorei - Xylotrechus hovorei
Species insignis - Willow Borer
Species integer - Xylotrechus integer
Species mormonus - Xylotrechus mormonus
Species nitidus - Xylotrechus nitidus
Species nunenmacheri - Xylotrechus nunenmacheri
Species obliteratus - Poplar-butt Borer
Species quadrimaculatus - Birch and Beech Girdler
Species quercus - Xylotrechus quercus
Species robustus - Xylotrechus robustus
Species sagittatus - Arrowhead Borer
Subspecies sagittatus - Xylotrechus sagittatus sagittatus
Subspecies chiricahuae - Xylotrechus sagittatus chiricahuae
Species schaefferi - Xylotrechus schaefferi
Species undulatus - Spruce Zebra Beetle
Genus Zajciwiclytus
Tribe Compsocerini
Genus Rosalia
Species funebris - Banded Alder Borer
Tribe Curiini
Genus Curius
Species dentatus - Curius dentatus
Tribe Dryobiini
Genus Dryobius
Species sexnotatus - Six-banded Longhorn Beetle
Genus Ornithia
Species mexicana - Ornithia mexicana
Tribe Eburiini
Genus Eburia
Species distincta - Eburia distincta
Species haldemani - Eburia haldemani
Species linsleyi - Eburia linsleyi
Species mutica - Lesser Ivory-marked Beetle
Species ovicollis - Eburia ovicollis
Species quadrigeminata - Ivory-marked Beetle
Species stroheckeri - Eburia stroheckeri
Species stigma - Eburia stigma
Genus Susuacanga
Species falli - Susuacanga falli
Species stigmatica - Susuacanga stigmatica
Species ulkei - Susuacanga ulkei
Tribe Elaphidiini
Genus Aneflomorpha
Species aculeata - Aneflomorpha aculeata
Species cazieri - Aneflomorpha cazieri
Species fisheri - Aneflomorpha fisheri
Species gilana - Aneflomorpha gilana
Species linearis - Aneflomorpha linearis
Species linsleyae - Aneflomorpha linsleyae
Species luteicornis - Aneflomorpha luteicornis
Species minuta - Aneflomorpha minuta
Species paralinearis - Aneflomorpha paralinearis
Species rectilinea - Aneflomorpha rectilinea
Species seminuda - Aneflomorpha seminuda
Species subpubescens - Aneflomorpha subpubescens
Species tenuis - Aneflomorpha tenuis
Species texana - Aneflomorpha texana
Species unispinosa - Aneflomorpha unispinosa
Genus Aneflus
Species calvatus - Aneflus calvatus
Species levettei - Aneflus levettei
Species obscurus - Aneflus obscurus
Species paracalvatus - Aneflus paracalvatus
Species prolixus - Aneflus prolixus
Subspecies fisheri - Aneflus prolixus fisheri
Species protensus - Aneflus protensus
Species sonoranus - Aneflus sonoranus
Genus Anelaphus
Species albofasciatus - Anelaphus albofasciatus
Species brevidens - Anelaphus brevidens
Species brummermannae - Anelaphus brummermannae
Species cinereus - Anelaphus cinereus
Species debilis - Anelaphus debilis
Species dentatus - Anelaphus dentatus
Species inermis - Anelaphus inermis
Species magnipunctatus - Anelaphus magnipunctatus
Species moestus - Anelaphus moestus
Subspecies moestus - Anelaphus moestus moestus
Subspecies pinorum - Anelaphus moestus pinorum
Species niveivestitus - Anelaphus niveivestitus
Species formerly-parallelus-maybe-undescribed - recently synonymyzed with A. villosus
Species piceus - Anelaphus piceus
Species pumilus - Anelaphus pumilus
Species similis - Anelaphus similis
Species spurcus - Anelaphus spurcus
Species subdepressus - Anelaphus subdepressus
Species subinermis - Anelaphus subinermis
Species submoestus - Anelaphus submoestus
Species villosus - Twig Pruner
Genus Anopliomorpha
Species rinconia - Anopliomorpha rinconia
Genus Anoplocurius
Species altus - Anoplocurius altus
Species canotiae - Anoplocurius canotiae
Species incompletus - Anoplocurius incompletus
Genus Astromula
Species nitidum - Astromula nitidum
Genus Atylostagma
Species glabra - Atylostagma glabra
Genus Curtomerus
Species flavus - Curtomerus flavus
Genus Elaphidion
Species clavis - Elaphidion clavis
Species cryptum - Elaphidion cryptum
Species irroratum - Elaphidion irroratum
Species linsleyi - Elaphidion linsleyi
Species mimeticum - Elaphidion mimeticum
Species mucronatum - Spined Oak Borer
Species tectum - Elaphidion tectum
Genus Elaphidionopsis
Species fasciatipennis - Elaphidionopsis fasciatipennis
Genus Enaphalodes - Oak Borer
Species archboldi - Enaphalodes archboldi
Species atomarius - Enaphalodes atomarius
Species cortiphagus - Oak-bark Scarrer
Species hispicornis - Enaphalodes hispicornis
Species niveitectus - Enaphalodes niveitectus
Species rufulus - Red Oak Borer
Species seminitidus - Enaphalodes seminitidus
Species taeniatus - Enaphalodes taeniatus
No Taxon atomarius or cortiphagus
Genus Eustromula
Species validum - Eustromula validum
Genus Linsleyonides
Species albomaculatus - Linsleyonides albomaculatus
Genus Micraneflus
Species imbellis - Micraneflus imbellis
Genus Micranoplium
Species unicolor - Micranoplium unicolor
Genus Neaneflus
Species fuchsii - Neaneflus fuchsii
Species opacicornis - Neaneflus opacicornis
Genus Orwellion
Species occidentalis - Orwellion occidentalis
Species gibbulum - Orwellion gibbulum
Subspecies arizonense - Orwellion gibbulum arizonense
Genus Parelaphidion
Species aspersum - Parelaphidion aspersum
Species incertum - Parelaphidion incertum
Genus Pseudoperiboeum
Species lengi - Pseudoperiboeum lengi
Genus Psyrassa
Species brevicornis - Psyrassa brevicornis
Species castanea - Psyrassa castanea
Species pertenuis - Spined Twig Girdler
Species unicolor - Branch Pruner
Genus Romulus
Species globosus - Romulus globosus
Genus Sphaerion
Species exutum - Sphaerion exutum
Genus Stenelaphus
Species alienus - Stenelaphus alienus
Genus Stenosphenus
Species debilis - Stenosphenus debilis
Species dolosus - Stenosphenus dolosus
Species lugens - Stenosphenus lugens
Species notatus - Stenosphenus notatus
Species sobrius - Stenosphenus sobrius
Species beyeri - Stenosphenus beyeri
Genus Stizocera
Species floridana - Stizocera floridana
Tribe Eumichthini
Genus Eumichthus
Species oedipus - Eumichthus oedipus
Genus Poecilobrium
Species chalybeum - Poecilobrium chalybeum
Tribe Graciliini
Genus Gracilia
Species minuta - Basket Beetle
Genus Hypexilis
Species pallida - Hypexilis pallida
Genus Penichroa
Species fasciata - Penichroa fasciata
Genus Perigracilia
Species delicata - Perigracilia delicata
Tribe Hesperophanini
Genus Brothylus
Species conspersus - Brothylus conspersus
Species gemmulatus - Brothylus gemmulatus
Genus Cacophrissus
Species pauper - Cacophrissus pauper
Genus Eucrossus
Species villicornis - Eucrossus villicornis
Genus Haplidus
Species laticeps - Haplidus laticeps
Species testaceus - Haplidus testaceus
Genus Hesperanoplium
Species antennatum - Hesperanoplium antennatum
Genus Hesperophanes
Species pubescens - Hesperophanes pubescens
Genus Malobidion
Species brunneum - Malobidion brunneum
Genus Meganoplium
Species imbelle - Meganoplium imbelle
Genus Osmidus
Species guttatus - Osmidus guttatus
Genus Stromatium
Species longicorne - Stromatium longicorne
Species unicolor - Stromatium unicolor
Genus Trichoferus
Species campestris - Velvet Longhorned Beetle
Genus Tylonotus
Species bimaculatus - Ash and Privet Borer
Species masoni - Tylonotus masoni
Genus Xeranoplium
Species tricallosum - Xeranoplium tricallosum
Tribe Heteropsini
Genus Heterops
Species dimidiatus - Heterops dimidiatus
Tribe Holopleurini
Genus Holopleura
Species marginata - Holopleura marginata
Tribe Hyboderini
Genus Hybodera
Species debilis - Hybodera debilis
Species tuberculata - Hybodera tuberculata
Genus Callimus
Species ruficollis - Callimus ruficollis
Species cyanipennis - Callimus cyanipennis
Genus Megobrium
Species edwardsi - Megobrium edwardsi
Genus Pseudopilema
Species hoppingi - Pseudopilema hoppingi
Tribe Hylotrupini
Genus Hylotrupes
Species bajulus - Old House Borer
Tribe Ibidionini
Genus Heterachthes
Species ebenus - Heterachthes ebenus
Species nobilis - Heterachthes nobilis
Species polingi - Heterachthes polingi
Species quadrimaculatus - Heterachthes quadrimaculatus
Species texanus - Heterachthes texanus
Genus Neocompsa
Species exclamationis - Neocompsa exclamationis
Species bravo - Neocompsa bravo
Species mexicana - Neocompsa mexicana
Species puncticollis - Neocompsa puncticollis
Subspecies orientalis - Neocompsa puncticollis orientalis
Tribe Lissonotini
Genus Lissonotus
Species flavocinctus - Lissonotus flavocinctus
Subspecies puncticollis - Lissonotus flavocinctus puncticollis
Tribe Methiini
Genus Coleomethia
Species xanthocollis - Coleomethia xanthocollis
Genus Methia
Species acostata - Methia acostata
Species arizonica - Methia arizonica
Species bicolor - Methia bicolor
Species brevis - Methia brevis
Species flavicornis - Methia flavicornis
Species knulli - Methia knulli
Species mormona - Methia mormona
Species necydalea - Methia necydalea
Genus Pseudomethia
Species arida - Pseudomethia arida
Genus Styloxus
Species bicolor - Styloxus bicolor
Species fulleri - Roundhead Oak Twig Girdler
Subspecies fulleri - Styloxus fulleri fulleri
Subspecies californicus - Styloxus fulleri californicus
Species oblatipilis - Styloxus oblatipilis
Genus Tessaropa
Species tenuipes - Tessaropa tenuipes
Tribe Molorchini
Genus Molorchus
Species bimaculatus - Molorchus bimaculatus
Subspecies bimaculatus - Molorchus bimaculatus bimaculatus
Subspecies corni - Molorchus bimaculatus corni
Subspecies semiustus - Molorchus bimaculatus semiustus
Species eburneus - Molorchus eburneus
Species longicollis - Molorchus longicollis
Tribe Obriini
Genus Obrium
Species constricticolle - Obrium constricticolle
Species discoideum - Obrium discoideum
Species glabrum - Obrium glabrum
Species maculatum - Obrium maculatum
Species mozinnae - Obrium mozinnae
Species rubidum - Obrium rubidum
Species rufulum - Obrium rufulum
Species californicum - Obrium californicum
Genus Stenhomalus
Species taiwanus - Stenhomalus taiwanus
Tribe Oemini
Genus Haplidoeme
Species schlingeri - Haplidoeme schlingeri
Genus Liberedaxia
Species deslauriersi - Liberedaxia deslauriersi
Subtribe Oemina
Genus Eudistenia
Species costipennis - Eudistenia costipennis
Genus Malacopterus
Species tenellus - Malacopterus tenellus
Genus Oeme
Species costata - Oeme costata
Species rigida - Oeme rigida
Subspecies deserta - Oeme rigida deserta
Genus Vandykea
Species tuberculata - Vandykea tuberculata
Genus Paranoplium
Species gracile - Paranoplium gracile
Subspecies gracile - Paranoplium gracile gracile
Subspecies laticolle - Paranoplium gracile laticolle
Tribe Opsimini
Genus Opsimus
Species quadrilineatus - Spruce Limb Borer
Genus Dicentrus
Species bluthneri - Dicentrus bluthneri
Tribe Phoracanthini
Genus Phoracantha - Eucalyptus Borer
Species semipunctata - Phoracantha semipunctata
Species recurva - Phoracantha recurva
Tribe Piezocerini
Genus Piezocera
Species monochroa - Piezocera monochroa
Tribe Plectromerini
Genus Plectromerus
Species dentipes - Plectromerus dentipes
Tribe Psebiini
Genus Nathriobrium
Species methioides - Nathriobrium methioides
Genus Nathrius
Species brevipennis - Nathrius brevipennis
Tribe Rhinotragini
Genus Ameriphoderes
Species suavis - Ameriphoderes suavis
Genus Odontocera
Species aurocincta - Odontocera aurocincta
Tribe Rhopalophorini
Genus Dihammaphora
Species dispar - Dihammaphora dispar
Genus Rhopalophora
Species angustata - Rhopalophora angustata
Species bicolorella - Rhopalophora bicolorella
Species cupricollis - Rhopalophora cupricollis
Species longipes - Rhopalophora longipes
Species meeskei - Rhopalophora meeskei
Species prorubra - Rhopalophora prorubra
Species rugicollis - Rhopalophora rugicollis
Tribe Smodicini
Genus Smodicum
Species cucujiforme - Flat Oak Borer
Species pacificum - Smodicum pacificum
Species texanum - Smodicum texanum
Tribe Stenopterini
Genus Callimoxys
Species fuscipennis - Callimoxys fuscipennis
Species nigrinus - Callimoxys nigrinus
Species ocularis - Callimoxys ocularis
Species sanguinicollis - Callimoxys sanguinicollis
Tribe Tillomorphini
Genus Euderces
Species bicinctus - Euderces bicinctus
Species picipes - Euderces picipes
Species pini - Euderces pini
Species reichei - Euderces reichei
Genus Pentanodes
Species dietzii - Pentanodes dietzii
Genus Tetranodus
Species niveicollis - Tetranodus niveicollis
Tribe Trachyderini
Genus Ancylocera
Species bicolor - Ancylocera bicolor
Subtribe Trachyderina
Genus Aethecerinus
Species hornii - Aethecerinus hornii
Species latecinctus - Aethecerinus latecinctus
Species wilsonii - Aethecerinus wilsonii
Genus Amannus
Species pectoralis - Amannus pectoralis
Species vittiger - Amannus vittiger
Genus Batyle
Species ignicollis - Batyle ignicollis
Subspecies oblonga - Batyle ignicollis oblonga
Species suturalis - Batyle suturalis
Genus Chemsakiella
Species ricei - Chemsakiella ricei
Genus Crioprosopus
Species rimosus - Crioprosopus rimosus
Genus Crossidius
Species ater - Crossidius ater
Species coralinus - Crossidius coralinus
Subspecies ascendens - Crossidius coralinus ascendens
Subspecies caeruleipennis - Crossidius coralinus caeruleipennis
Subspecies coralinus - Crossidius coralinus coralinus
Subspecies ferruginosus - Crossidius coralinus ferruginosus
Subspecies fulgidus - Crossidius coralinus fulgidus
Subspecies jocosus - Crossidius coralinus jocosus
Subspecies parviceps - Crossidius coralinus parviceps
Subspecies ruficollis - Crossidius coralinus ruficollis
Subspecies tejonicus - Crossidius coralinus tejonicus
Subspecies temprans - Crossidius coralinus temprans
Species discoideus - Crossidius discoideus
Subspecies blandi - Crossidius discoideus blandi
Subspecies sayi - Crossidius discoideus sayi
Species grahami - Crossidius grahami
Species hirtipes - Crossidius hirtipes
Subspecies flavescens - Crossidius hirtipes flavescens
Subspecies nigripennis - Crossidius hirtipes nigripennis
Subspecies rhodopus - Crossidius hirtipes rhodopus
Subspecies wickhami - Crossidius hirtipes wickhami
Subspecies allgewahri - Crossidius hirtipes allgewahri
Species humeralis - Crossidius humeralis
Subspecies quadrivittatus - Crossidius humeralis quadrivittatus
Species hurdi - Crossidius hurdi
Species militaris - Crossidius militaris
Species mojavensis - Crossidius mojavensis
Species pulchellus - Crossidius pulchellus
Species punctatus - Crossidius punctatus
Species suturalis - Crossidius suturalis
Subspecies intermedius - Crossidius suturalis intermedius
Subspecies melanipennis - Crossidius suturalis melanipennis
Subspecies minutivestis - Crossidius suturalis minutivestis
Subspecies pubescens - Crossidius suturalis pubescens
Subspecies suturalis - Crossidius suturalis suturalis
Species testaceus - Crossidius testaceus
Genus Deltaspis
Genus Elytroleptus
Species apicalis - Elytroleptus apicalis
Species divisus - Elytroleptus divisus
Species floridanus - Elytroleptus floridanus
Species immaculipennis - Elytroleptus immaculipennis
Species limpianus - Elytroleptus limpianus
Species ignitus - Elytroleptus ignitus
Species luteus - Elytroleptus luteus
Species rufipennis - Elytroleptus rufipennis
Genus Lophalia
Species cyanicollis - Lophalia cyanicollis
Genus Mannophorus
Species forreri - Mannophorus forreri
Species laetus - Mannophorus laetus
Genus Megaderus
Species bifasciatus - Megaderus bifasciatus
Genus Megapurpuricenus
Species magnificus - Texas Canyon Longhorn Beetle
Genus Metaleptus
Species batesi - Metaleptus batesi
Genus Muscidora
Species tumacacorii - Deltaspis tumacacorii
Genus Neoxoplus
Genus Oxymerus
Species aculeatus - Oxymerus aculeatus
Genus Parevander
Species hovorei - Parevander hovorei
Genus Perarthrus
Species vittatus - Perarthrus vittatus
Species linsleyi - Perarthrus linsleyi
Genus Pilostenaspis
Species lateralis - Pilostenaspis lateralis
Genus Placoschema
Species dimorpha - Placoschema dimorpha
Genus Plionoma
Species rubens - Plionoma rubens
Species suturalis - Plionoma suturalis
Genus Purpuricenus - Purplescent Longhorn Beetles
Species axillaris - Purpuricenus axillaris
Species dimidiatus - Scrub Oak Borer
Species humeralis - Purpuricenus humeralis
Species linsleyi - Purpuricenus linsleyi
Species opacus - Purpuricenus opacus
Species paraxillaris - White Oak Branch Girdler
Genus Rhodoleptus
Species femoratus - Rhodoleptus femoratus
Genus Schizax
Species senex - Schizax senex
Genus Sphaenothecus
Species trilineatus - Sphaenothecus trilineatus
Species bilineatus - Sphaenothecus bilineatus
Genus Stenaspis
Species solitaria - Stenaspis solitaria
Species verticalis - Stenaspis verticalis
Subspecies insignis - Stenaspis verticalis insignis
Subspecies arizonicus - Stenaspis verticalis arizonicus
Genus Dendrobias
Species mandibularis - Dendrobias mandibularis
Subspecies mandibularis - Trachyderes mandibularis mandibularis
Genus Tragidion
Species agave - Tragidion agave
Species annulatum - Tragidion annulatum
Species armatum - Tragidion armatum
Species auripenne - Tragidion auripenne
Species coquus - Tragidion coquus
Species deceptum - Tragidion deceptum
Species densiventre - Tragidion densiventre
Species gracilipes - Tragidion gracilipes
Genus Tylosis
Species jimenezii - Tylosis jimenezii
Species maculatus - Tylosis maculatus
Species oculatus - Tylosis oculatus
Species puncticollis - Tylosis puncticollis
Subfamily Disteniinae
Genus Elytrimitatrix
Species undata - Elytrimitatrix undata
Subfamily Lamiinae - Flat-faced Longhorn Beetles
Tribe Acanthocinini
Genus Acanthocinus
Species angulosus - Acanthocinus angulosus
Species leechi - Acanthocinus leechi
Species nodosus - Lesser Pine Borer
Species obliquus - Acanthocinus obliquus
Species obsoletus - Acanthocinus obsoletus
Species princeps - Ponderosa Pine Bark Borer
Species pusillus - Acanthocinus pusillus
Species spectabilis - Acanthocinus spectabilis
Genus Alcidion
Species umbraticum - Alcidion umbraticum
Genus Astyleiopus
Species variegatus - Astyleiopus variegatus
Genus Astylidius
Species parvus - Astylidius parvus
Genus Astylopsis
Species arcuata - Astylopsis arcuata
Species collaris - Astylopsis collaris
Species fascipennis - Astylopsis fascipennis
Species macula - Astylopsis macula
Species sexguttata - Astylopsis sexguttata
Genus Atrypanius
Species irrorellus - Atrypanius irrorellus
Genus Coenopoeus
Species palmeri - Coenopoeus palmeri
Genus Dectes
Species texanus - Dectes texanus
Species sayi - Soybean Stem Borer
Genus Eutrichillus
Species biguttatus - Eutrichillus biguttatus
Species canescens - Eutrichillus canescens
Species neomexicanus - Eutrichillus neomexicanus
Species pini - Eutrichillus pini
Genus Glaucotes
Species yuccivorus - Glaucotes yuccivorus
Genus Graphisurus
Species despectus - Graphisurus despectus
Species fasciatus - Graphisurus fasciatus
Species triangulifer - Graphisurus triangulifer
Genus Hyperplatys
Species aspersa - Hyperplatys aspersa
Species californica - Hyperplatys californica
Species femoralis - Hyperplatys femoralis
Species maculata - Hyperplatys maculata
Genus Lagocheirus
Species araneiformis - Lagocheirus araneiformis
Species obsoletus - Lagocheirus obsoletus
Genus Leptostylopsis
Species argentatus - Leptostylopsis argentatus
Species planidorsus - Leptostylopsis planidorsus
Species terraecolor - Leptostylopsis terraecolor
Genus Leptostylus
Species asperatus - Leptostylus asperatus
Species cretatellus - Leptostylus cretatellus
Species transversus - Leptostylus transversus
Genus Lepturges
Species angulatus - Lepturges angulatus
Species confluens - Lepturges confluens
Species infilatus - Lepturges infilatus
Species pictus - Lepturges pictus
Species regularis - Lepturges regularis
Species symmetricus - Lepturges symmetricus
Species yucca - Lepturges yucca
Genus Nyssodrysina
Species haldemani - Nyssodrysina haldemani
Genus Pseudastylopsis
Species nebulosus - Pseudastylopsis nebulosus
Species nelsoni - Pseudastylopsis nelsoni
Species pini - Pseudastylopsis pini
Genus Sternidius
Species alpha - Sternidius alpha
Species centralis - Sternidius centralis
Species chemsaki - Sternidius chemsaki
Species decorus - Sternidius decorus
Species imitans - Sternidius imitans
Species incognitus - Sternidius incognitus
Species mimeticus - Sternidius mimeticus
Species misellus - Sternidius misellus
Species punctatus - Sternidius punctatus
Species wiltii - Sternidius wiltii
Genus Sternidocinus
Species barbarus - Sternidocinus barbarus
Genus Styloleptus
Species biustus - Styloleptus biustus
Genus Trichastylopsis
Species albidus - Trichastylopsis albidus
Genus Trichocanonura
Species linearis - Trichocanonura linearis
Genus Urgleptes
Species celtis - Urgleptes celtis
Species facetus - Urgleptes facetus
Species foveatocollis - Urgleptes foveatocollis
Species querci - Urgleptes querci
Species signatus - Urgleptes signatus
Species sandersoni - Urgleptes sandersoni
Genus Valenus
Species inornatus - Valenus inornatus
Tribe Acanthoderini
Genus Acanthoderes
Genus Aegomorphus
Species arizonicus - Aegomorphus arizonicus
Species modestus - Aegomorphus modestus
Species morrisii - Aegomorphus morrisii
Species quadrigibbus - Aegomorphus quadrigibbus
Genus Oplosia
Species nubila - Oplosia nubila
Genus Psapharochrus
Species circumflexus - Psapharochrus circumflexus
Genus Peritapnia
Species fabra - Peritapnia fabra
Tribe Agapanthiini
Genus Hippopsis
Species lemniscata - Hippopsis lemniscata
Genus Spalacopsis
Species filum - Spalacopsis filum
Subspecies costulata - Spalacopsis filum costulata
Species stolata - Spalacopsis stolata
Species suffusa - Spalacopsis suffusa 0
Species texana - Spalacopsis texana
Tribe Anisocerini
Genus Thryallis
Species undatus - Thryallis undatus
Tribe Apomecynini
Genus Adetus
Species brousii - Adetus brousii
Species croton - Adetus croton
Genus Dorcasta
Species cinerea - Dorcasta cinerea
Genus Adetaptera
Species wickhami - Adetaptera wickhami
Species thomasi - Adetaptera thomasi
Genus Sybra
Species alternans - Sybra alternans
Tribe Cyrtinini
Genus Cyrtinus
Species beckeri - Cyrtinus beckeri
Species pygmaeus - Cyrtinus pygmaeus
Tribe Desmiphorini
Genus Desmiphora
Species aegrota - Desmiphora aegrota
Species hirticollis - Desmiphora hirticollis
Genus Estoloides
Species aquilonius - Estoloides aquilonius
Genus Eupogonius
Species arizonensis - Eupogonius arizonensis
Species fulvovestitus - Eupogonius fulvovestitus
Species pauper - Eupogonius pauper
Species subarmatus - Eupogonius subarmatus
Species tomentosus - Eupogonius tomentosus
Genus Psenocerus
Species supernotatus - Currant-tip Borer
Genus Charlesella
Species viticola - Charlesella viticola
Genus Tigrinestola
Species tigrina - Tigrinestola tigrina
Tribe Dorcaschematini
Genus Dorcaschema
Species cinereum - Dorcaschema cinereum
Species alternatum - Small Mulberry Borer
Species wildii - Mulberry Borer
Species nigrum - Black Hickory Borer
Tribe Hemilophini
Genus Cathetopteron
Species amoena - Cathetopteron amoena
Genus Essostrutha
Species laeta - Essostrutha laeta
Genus Hemierana
Species marginata - Hemierana marginata
Subspecies ardens - Hemierana marginata ardens
Subspecies marginata - Hemierana marginata marginata
Subspecies suturalis - Hemierana marginata suturalis
Species rileyi - Hemierana rileyi
Tribe Mesosini
Genus Synaphaeta
Species guexi - Synaphaeta guexi
Tribe Moneilemini
Genus Moneilema - Cactus Longhorned Beetles
Species annulatum - Moneilema annulatum
Species appressum - Moneilema appressum
Species armatum - Moneilema armatum
Species blapsides - Moneilema blapsides
Species gigas - Moneilema gigas
Species semipunctatum - Moneilema semipunctatum
Tribe Monochamini
Genus Anoplophora
Species glabripennis - Asian Longhorned Beetle
Genus Goes
Species debilis - Goes debilis
Species fisheri - Goes fisheri
Species pulcher - Living-hickory Borer
Species pulverulentus - Goes pulverulentus
Species tesselatus - Oak sapling borer
Species tigrinus - White oak borer
Species tumifrons - Goes tumifrons
Species variegatus - Goes variegatus
Genus Hebestola
Species nebulosa - Hebestola nebulosa
Genus Microgoes
Species oculatus - Microgoes oculatus
Genus Monochamus - Sawyers
Species carolinensis - Monochamus carolinensis
Species clamator - Spotted Pine Sawyer
Subspecies nevadensis - Monochamus clamator nevadensis
Subspecies rubigineus - Monochamus clamator rubigineus
Subspecies latus - Monochamus clamator latus
Species marmorator - Balsam Fir Sawyer
Species maculosus - Spotted Pine Sawyer
Species notatus - Northeastern Pine Sawyer
Species obtusus - Monochamus obtusus
Species scutellatus - White-spotted Sawyer
Species titillator - Southern Pine Sawyer
No Taxon carolinensis or titillator
Genus Neoptychodes
Species trilineatus - Neoptychodes trilineatus
Genus Plectrodera
Species scalator - Cottonwood Borer
Tribe Onciderini
Genus Cacostola
Species salicicola - Cacostola salicicola
Species lineata - Cacostola lineata
Genus Lochmaeocles
Species cornuticeps - Lochmaeocles cornuticeps
Species marmoratus - Lochmaeocles marmoratus
Genus Oncideres - Twig Girdling Beetles
Species cingulata - Twig Girdler
Species pustulata - Huisache Girdler
Species quercus - Oak Girdler
Species rhodosticta - Mesquite Girdler
Tribe Parmenini
Genus Ipochus
Species fasciatus - Ipochus fasciatus
Genus Parmenosoma
Species griseum - Parmenosoma griseum
Genus Plectrura
Species spinicauda - Plectrura spinicauda
Tribe Phytoeciini
Genus Dylobolus
Species rotundicollis - Dylobolus rotundicollis
Genus Mecas
Species bicallosa - Mecas bicallosa
Species cana - Mecas cana
Species cineracea - Mecas cineracea
Species confusa - Poplar Gall Borer
Species femoralis - Mecas femoralis
Species linsleyi - Mecas linsleyi
Species marginella - Mecas marginella
Species menthae - Mecas menthae
Species pergrata - Mecas pergrata
Genus Oberea
Species affinis - Raspberry Cane Borer
Species caseyi - Oberea caseyi
Species deficiens - Oberea deficiens
Species delongi - Poplar Twig Borer
Species erythrocephala - Leafy Spurge Stem Boring Beetle
Species flavipes - Oberea flavipes
Species gracilis - Oberea gracilis
Species myops - Oberea myops
Species ocellata - Sumac Stem Borer
Species oculaticollis - Oberea oculaticollis
Species perspicillata - Raspberry Cane Borer
Species praelonga - Oberea praelonga
Species pruinosa - Oberea pruinosa
Species ruficollis - Sassafras Borer
Species quadricallosa - Oberea quadricallosa
Species schaumii - Oberea schaumii
Species tripunctata - Dogwood Twig Borer
Tribe Pogonocherini
Genus Callipogonius
Species cornutus - Callipogonius cornutus
Genus Ecyrus
Species arcuatus - Ecyrus arcuatus
Species dasycerus - Ecyrus dasycerus
Species penicillatus - Ecyrus penicillatus
Genus Lophopogonius
Species crinitus - Lophopogonius crinitus
Genus Lypsimena
Species fuscata - Lypsimena fuscata
Genus Pogonocherus
Species arizonicus - Pogonocherus arizonicus
Species mixtus - Pogonocherus mixtus
Species parvulus - Pogonocherus parvulus
Species penicillatus - Pogonocherus penicillatus
Species pictus - Pogonocherus pictus
Species propinquus - Pogonocherus propinquus
Genus Poliaenus
Species californicus - Poliaenus californicus
Species negundo - Poliaenus negundo
Species nuevoleonis - Poliaenus nuevoleonis
Species obscurus - Poliaenus obscurus
Species oregonus - Poliaenus oregonus
Species volitans - Poliaenus volitans
Genus Zaplous
Species annulatus - Zaplous annulatus
Tribe Pteropliini
Genus Ataxia
Species arizonica - Ataxia arizonica
Species brunnea - Ataxia brunnea
Species crypta - Ataxia crypta
Species hubbardi - Ataxia hubbardi
Species tibialis - Ataxia tibialis
Species falli - Ataxia falli
Tribe Saperdini
Genus Saperda
Species calcarata - Poplar Borer
Species candida - Round-headed Apple Tree Borer
Species cretata - Spotted Apple Tree Borer
Species discoidea - Hickory Saperda
Species fayi - Saperda fayi
Species horni - Saperda horni
Species imitans - Saperda imitans
Species inornata - Poplar-gall Saperda
Species lateralis - Red-edged Saperda
Species moesta - Saperda moesta
Subspecies moesta - Saperda populnea moesta
Subspecies tulari - Saperda populnea tulari
Species mutica - Saperda mutica
Species obliqua - Alder Borer
Species populnea - Saperda populnea
Species puncticollis - Woodbine Borer
Species tridentata - Elm Borer
Species vestita - Linden Borer
Tribe Tetraopini
Genus Phaea
Species canescens - Phaea canescens
Species monostigma - Phaea monostigma
Genus Tetraopes - Milkweed Longhorn Beetles
Species annulatus - Tetraopes annulatus
Species basalis - Tetraopes basalis
Species discoideus - Tetraopes discoideus
Species femoratus - Red-femured Milkweed Borer
Species linsleyi - Tetraopes linsleyi
Species mandibularis - Tetraopes mandibularis
Species melanurus - Blackened Milkweed Beetle
Species pilosus - Tetraopes pilosus
Species quinquemaculatus - Tetraopes quinquemaculatus
Species skillmani - Tetraopes skillmani
Species sublaevis - Tetraopes sublaevis
Species tetrophthalmus - Red Milkweed Beetle
Species texanus - Tetraopes texanus
Species thermophilus - Tetraopes thermophilus
No Taxon femoratus or sublaevis
Tribe Tetropini
Genus Tetrops
Species praeusta - Plum Beetle
Subfamily Lepturinae - Flower Longhorn Beetles
Tribe Desmocerini
Genus Desmocerus - Elderberry Longhorn Beetles
Species aureipennis - Desmocerus aureipennis
Subspecies aureipennis - Desmocerus aureipennis aureipennis
Subspecies lacustris - Desmocerus aureipennis lacustris
Subspecies piperi - Desmocerus aureipennis piperi
Subspecies cribripennis - Desmocerus aureipennis cribripennis
Species californicus - Desmocerus californicus
Subspecies dimorphus - Desmocerus californicus dimorphus
Species palliatus - Elderberry Borer
Tribe Encyclopini
Genus Encyclops
Species caerulea - Encyclops caerulea
Genus Leptalia
Species macilenta - Leptalia macilenta
Tribe Lepturini
Genus Alosternida
Species chalybea - Alosternida chalybea
Genus Analeptura
Species lineola - Analeptura lineola
Genus Anastrangalia
Species haldemani - Anastrangalia haldemani
Species laetifica - Dimorphic Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species sanguinea - Anastrangalia sanguinea
Genus Anoplodera
Species pubera - Anoplodera pubera
Genus Bellamira
Species scalaris - Bellamira scalaris
Genus Brachyleptura
Species brevis - Brachyleptura brevis
Species circumdata - Brachyleptura circumdata
Species dehiscens - Brachyleptura dehiscens
Species rubrica - Brachyleptura rubrica
Species vagans - Brachyleptura vagans
Genus Charisalia
Species americana - Charisalia americana
Genus Cyphonotida
Species rostrata - Cyphonotida rostrata
Subspecies borealis - Cyphonotida rostrata borealis
Subspecies texana - Cyphonotida rostrata texana
Genus Dorcasina
Species matthewsi - Dorcasina matthewsi
Genus Etorofus
Species anthracinus - Etorofus anthracinus
Species deletus - Etorofus deletus
Species obliteratus - Etorofus obliteratus
Species plagiferus - Etorofus plagiferus
Species plebejus - Etorofus plebejus
Species propinquus - Etorofus propinquus
Species soror - Etorofus soror
Species subhamatus - Etorofus subhamatus
Genus Grammoptera
Species exigua - Grammoptera exigua
Species haematites - Grammoptera haematites
Species militaris - Grammoptera militaris
Species molybdica - Grammoptera molybdica
Species subargentata - Grammoptera subargentata
No Taxon exigua or haematites
Species rhodopus - Grammoptera rhodopus
Genus Idiopidonia
Species pedalis - Idiopidonia pedalis
Genus Judolia
Species cordifera - Judolia cordifera
Species gaurotoides - Judolia gaurotoides
Species instabilis - Judolia instabilis
Species montivagans - Judolia montivagans
Subspecies barberi - Judolia montivagans barberi
Species quadrata - Judolia quadrata
Species scapularis - Judolia scapularis
Species sexspilota - Judolia sexspilota
Species swainei - Judolia swainei
Genus Leptura
Species abdominalis - Leptura abdominalis
Species hovorei - Leptura hovorei
Species kerniana - Leptura kerniana
Species pacifica - Leptura pacifica
Species sequoiae - Leptura sequoiae
Genus Lepturobosca
Species chrysocoma - Lepturobosca chrysocoma
Species nigrolineata - Lepturobosca nigrolineata
Genus Lepturopsis
Species biforis - Lepturopsis biforis
Species dolorosa - Lepturopsis dolorosa
Genus Lycochoriolaus
Species lateralis - Lycochoriolaus lateralis
Genus Megachoriolaus
Species texanus - Megachoriolaus texanus
Genus Neoalosterna
Species capitata - Neoalosterna capitata
Species rubida - Neoalosterna rubida
Genus Neobellamira
Species delicata - Neobellamira delicata
Subspecies australis - Neobellamira delicata australis
Genus Orthochoriolaus
Species chihuahuae - Orthochoriolaus chihuahuae
Genus Ortholeptura
Species insignis - Ortholeptura insignis
Species obscura - Ortholeptura obscura
Species valida - Ortholeptura valida
Genus Pseudostrangalia
Species cruentata - Pseudostrangalia cruentata
Genus Pygoleptura
Species brevicornis - Pygoleptura brevicornis
Species carbonata - Pygoleptura carbonata
Species nigrella - Pygoleptura nigrella
Genus Stenostrophia
Species amabilis - Stenostrophia amabilis
Species coquilletti - Stenostrophia coquilletti
Species tribalteata - Stenostrophia tribalteata
Subspecies serpentina - Stenostrophia tribalteata serpentina
Subspecies sierrae - Stenostrophia tribalteata sierrae
Subspecies tribalteata - Stenostrophia tribalteata tribalteata
Genus Stictoleptura
Species canadensis - Red-shouldered Pine Borer
Subspecies arizonensis - Stictoleptura canadensis arizonensis
Subspecies canadensis - Stictoleptura canadensis canadensis
Subspecies cribripennis - Stictoleptura canadensis cribripennis
Genus Strangalepta
Species abbreviata - Strangalepta abbreviata
Genus Strangalia
Species acuminata - Strangalia acuminata
Species antennata - Strangalia antennata
Species bicolor - Bicolored Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species famelica - Strangalia famelica
Subspecies famelica - Strangalia famelica famelica
Subspecies solitaria - Strangalia famelica solitaria
Species luteicornis - Strangalia luteicornis
Species occidentalis - Strangalia occidentalis
Species sexnotata - Six-spotted Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species strigosa - Strangalia strigosa
Species virilis - Strangalia virilis
Genus Stenelytrana
Species emarginata - Stenelytrana emarginata
Species gigas - Stenelytrana gigas
Genus Strophiona
Species laeta - Strophiona laeta
Species nitens - Strophiona nitens
Species tigrina - Strophiona tigrina
Genus Toxoleptura
Species pernigra - Toxoleptura pernigra
Species vexatrix - Toxoleptura vexatrix
Genus Trachysida
Species aspera - Trachysida aspera
Species mutabilis - Trachysida mutabilis
Genus Trigonarthris
Species atrata - Trigonarthris atrata
Species subpubescens - Trigonarthris subpubescens
Species proxima - Trigonarthris proxima
Genus Typocerus
Species acuticauda - Typocerus acuticauda
Subspecies acuticauda - Typocerus acuticauda acuticauda
Subspecies standishi - Typocerus acuticauda standishi
Species badius - Typocerus badius
Species balteatus - Typocerus balteatus
Species confluens - Typocerus confluens
Species deceptus - Typocerus deceptus
Species fulvocinctus - Typocerus fulvocinctus
Species lugubris - Typocerus lugubris
Species lunulatus - Typocerus lunulatus
Subspecies texanus - Typocerus lunulatus texanus
Species octonotatus - Typocerus octonotatus
Species sinuatus - Notch-Tipped Flower Longhorn Beetle
Species sparsus - Typocerus sparsus
Species velutinus - Typocerus velutinus
Subspecies nobilis - Typocerus velutinus nobilis
Species zebra - Zebra Longhorn Beetle
No Taxon confluens or octonotatus
No Taxon velutinus or deceptus
Genus Xestoleptura
Species behrensi - Xestoleptura behrensi
Species cockerelli - Xestoleptura cockerelli
Species crassicornis - Xestoleptura crassicornis
Species crassipes - Xestoleptura crassipes
Species octonotata - Xestoleptura octonotata
Species tibialis - Xestoleptura tibialis
Tribe Oxymirini
Genus Anthophylax
Species attenuatus - Mottled Longhorned Beetle
Species cyaneus - Anthophylax cyaneus
Species viridis - Anthophylax viridis
Genus Neanthophylax
Species mirificus - Neanthophylax mirificus
Species tenebrosus - Neanthophylax tenebrosus
Tribe Rhagiini
Genus Acmaeops
Species discoideus - Acmaeops discoideus
Species proteus - Acmaeops proteus
Genus Acmaeopsoides
Species rufula - Acmaeopsoides rufula
Genus Brachysomida
Species atra - Brachysomida atra
Species bivittata - Brachysomida bivittata
Species californica - Brachysomida californica
Species nigripennis - Brachysomida nigripennis
Species rugicollis - Brachysomida rugicollis
Species vittigera - Brachysomida vittigera
No Taxon bivittata / nigripennis
Genus Brachyta
Species lanhami - Brachyta lanhami
Genus Centrodera
Species autumnata - Centrodera autumnata
Species dayi - Centrodera dayi
Species decolorata - Centrodera decolorata
Species nevadica - Centrodera nevadica
Species oculata - Centrodera oculata
Species osburni - Centrodera osburni
Species quadrimaculata - Centrodera quadrimaculata
Species spurca - Yellow Douglas Fir Borer
Species sublineata - Centrodera sublineata
Species tenera - Centrodera tenera
Genus Comacmaeops
Species brunnea - Comacmaeops brunnea
Genus Cortodera
Species cubitalis - Cortodera cubitalis
Species falsa - Cortodera falsa
Species impunctata - Cortodera impunctata
Species longicornis - Cortodera longicornis
Species militaris - Cortodera militaris
Species stolida - Cortodera stolida
Species subpilosa - Cortodera subpilosa
Genus Evodinus
Species monticola - Evodinus monticola
Subspecies vancouveri - Evodinus monticola vancouveri
Genus Gaurotes
Species cyanipennis - Gaurotes cyanipennis
Species thoracica - Gaurotes thoracica
Genus Gnathacmaeops
Species pratensis - Gnathacmaeops pratensis
Genus Metacmaeops
Species vittata - Metacmaeops vittata
Genus Pachyta
Species armata - Pachyta armata
Species lamed - Pachyta lamed
Subspecies liturata - Pachyta lamed liturata
Genus Pidonia
Species gnathoides - Pidonia (Thesalia) gnathoides
Species quadrata - Pidonia (Ceratopidonia) quadrata
No Taxon subgenus Pidonia
Species aurata - Pidonia aurata
Species densicollis - Pidonia densicollis
Species nitidicollis - Pidonia nitidicollis 0
Species ruficollis - Pidonia ruficollis
Species scripta - Pidonia scripta
Species vibex - Pidonia vibex OR nitidicollis
No Taxon vibex or nitidipennis
Genus Piodes
Species coriacea - Piodes coriacea
Genus Pseudogaurotina
Species cressoni - Pseudogaurotina cressoni
Species abdominalis - Pseudogaurotina abdominalis
Genus Rhagium
Species inquisitor - Ribbed Pine Borer
Genus Stenocorus
Species cinnamopterus - Stenocorus cinnamopterus
Species copei - Stenocorus copei
Species cylindricollis - Stenocorus cylindricollis
Species nubifer - Stenocorus nubifer
Species obtusus - Stenocorus obtusus
Species schaumii - Stenocorus schaumii
Species trivittatus - Stenocorus trivittatus
Species vestitus - Stenocorus vestitus
Species vittiger - Stenocorus vittiger
No Taxon vestitus/nubifer complex
Tribe Rhamnusiini
Genus Enoploderes
Species vitticollis - Enoploderes vitticollis
Tribe Sachalinobiini
Genus Sachalinobia
Species rugipennis - Sachalinobia rugipennis
Tribe Xylosteini
Genus Leptorhabdium
Species pictum - Leptorhabdium pictum
Genus Pseudoxylosteus
Species ornatus - Pseudoxylosteus ornatus
No Taxon Multiple species together
Subfamily Necydalinae
Genus Necydalis
Species barbarae - Necydalis barbarae
Species cavipennis - Necydalis cavipennis
Species diversicollis - Necydalis diversicollis
Species laevicollis - Necydalis laevicollis
Species mellita - Necydalis mellita
Species rudei - Necydalis rudei
Genus Ulochaetes
Species leoninus - Ulochaetes leoninus
Subfamily Parandrinae
Genus Parandra
Species polita - Parandra polita
Genus Neandra - Pole Borers
Species brunnea - Pole Borer
Species marginicollis - Neandra marginicollis
Subfamily Prioninae
Tribe Callipogonini
Genus Trichocnemis
Species pauper - Trichocnemis pauper
Species spiculatus - Ponderous Borer
Subspecies neomexicanus - Trichocnemis spiculatus neomexicanus
Tribe Macrotomini
Subtribe Basitoxina
Genus Archodontes
Species melanopus - Live-oak Root Borer
Subspecies serrulatus - Archodontes melanopus serrulatus
Subspecies aridus - Archodontes melanopus aridus
Tribe Mallodonini
Genus Mallodon
Species dasystomus - Hardwood Stump Borer
Genus Neomallodon
Species arizonicus - Neomallodon arizonicus
Genus Nothopleurus
Species madericus - Nothopleurus madericus
Species lobigenis - Nothopleurus lobigenis
Genus Stenodontes
Species chevrolati - Stenodontes chevrolati
Tribe Meroscelisini
Genus Tragosoma
Species harrisii - Tragosoma harrisii
Species pilosicorne - Tragosoma pilosicorne
Species soror - Tragosoma soror
Species spiculum - Tragosoma spiculum
Tribe Prionini
Genus Derobrachus
Species brevicollis - Bahiagrass borer
Species geminatus - Derobrachus geminatus
Species hovorei - Palo Verde Root Borer
Species leechi - Derobrachus leechi
Species thomasi - Thomas's Oak Borer
Genus Orthosoma
Species brunneum - Brown Prionid
Genus Prionus
No Taxon subgenus Antennalia
Species fissicornis - Prionus fissicornis
No Taxon subgenus Prionus
Species californicus - California Root Borer
Species heroicus - Prionus heroicus
Species laticollis - Broad-necked Root Borer
Species lecontei - Prionus lecontei
Species pocularis - Prionus pocularis
No Taxon subgenus Homaesthesis
Species arenarius - Prionus arenarius
Species emarginatus - Prionus emarginatus
Species integer - Prionus integer
Species spinipennis - Prionus spinipennis
No Taxon subgenus Neopolyarthron
Species debilis - Prionus debilis
Species imbricornis - Tile-horned Prionus
Tribe Solenopterini
Genus Elateropsis
Species scabrosus - Elateropsis scabrosus
Genus Sphenostethus
Species taslei - Sphenostethus taslei
Subfamily Spondylidinae
Tribe Asemini
Genus Arhopalus
Species asperatus - Arhopalus asperatus
Species foveicollis - Pitted Longhorn Beetle
Species productus - New House Borer
Species rusticus - Arhopalus rusticus
Subspecies montanus - Arhopalus rusticus montanus
Subspecies nubilus - Arhopalus rusticus nubilus
Subspecies obsoletus - Arhopalus rusticus obsoletus
Genus Asemum
Species australe - Asemum australe
Species caseyi - Asemum caseyi
Species nitidum - Asemum nitidum
Species striatum - Opaque Sawyer
Genus Megasemum
Species asperum - Megasemum asperum
Genus Tetropium
Species abietis - Tetropium abietis
Species fuscum - Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle
Species parallelum - Tetropium parallelum
Species parvulum - Tetropium parvulum
Species schwarzianum - Tetropium schwarzianum
Species velutinum - Tetropium velutinum
Species cinnamopterum - Eastern larch borer
Species undescribed - Tetropium sp. A
Tribe Atimiini
Genus Atimia
Species confusa - Small Cedar Borer
Species huachucae - Atimia huachucae
Genus Paratimia
Species conicola - Paratimia conicola
Tribe Saphanini
Genus Michthisoma
Species heterodoxum - Michthisoma heterodoxum
Tribe Spondylidini
Genus Scaphinus
Species muticus - Scaphinus muticus
Genus Neospondylis
Species upiformis - Neospondylis upiformis
No Taxon Larvae & pupae
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Subfamily Bruchinae - Pea and Bean Weevils
Tribe Amblycerini
Genus Amblycerus
Species vitis - Amblycerus vitis
Species robiniae - Amblycerus robiniae
Genus Zabrotes
Species arenarius - Zabrotes arenarius
Species bexarensis - Zabrotes bexarensis
Species chandleri - Zabrotes chandleri
Species chavesi - Zabrotes chavesi
Species cruciger - Zabrotes cruciger
Species densus - Zabrotes densus
Species spectabilis - Zabrotes spectabilis
Species stephani - Zabrotes stephani
Species subfasciatus - Mexican Bean Weevil
Species subnitens - Zabrotes subnitens
Species victoriensis - Zabrotes victoriensis
Tribe Bruchini
Genus Bruchus
Species affinis - Bruchus affinis
Species brachialis - Vetch Bruchid
Species loti - Bruchus loti
Species pisorum - Pea Weevil
Species rufimanus - Broadbean Weevil
Genus Megacerus - Large-horned Bruchids
Species coryphae - Megacerus coryphae
Species cubiculus - Megacerus cubiculus
Species discoidus - Megacerus discoidus
Species impiger - Megacerus impiger
Species leucospilus - Megacerus leucospilus
Species maculiventris - Megacerus maculiventris
Species schaefferianus - Megacerus schaefferianus
Subtribe Acanthoscelidina
Genus Acanthoscelides
Species alboscutellatus - Acanthoscelides alboscutellatus
Species atomus - Acanthoscelides atomus
Species aureolus - Acanthoscelides aureolus
Species biustulus - Acanthoscelides biustulus
Species calvus - Acanthoscelides calvus
Species chiricahuae - Acanthoscelides chiricahuae
Species compressicornis - Acanthoscelides compressicornis
Species distinguendus - Acanthoscelides distinguendus
Species flavescens - Acanthoscelides flavescens
Species floridae - Acanthoscelides floridae
Species fraterculus - Acanthoscelides fraterculus
Species fumatus - Acanthoscelides fumatus
Species helianthemum - Acanthoscelides helianthemum
Species longistilus - Acanthoscelides longistilus
Species macrophthalmus - Acanthoscelides macrophthalmus
Species margaretae - A. margaretae or near
Species obtectus - Bean Weevil
Species pallidipennis - Acanthoscelides pallidipennis
Species pauperculus - Acanthoscelides pauperculus
Species pectoralis - Acanthoscelides pectoralis
Species pedicularius - Acanthoscelides pedicularius 0
Species perforatus - Acanthoscelides perforatus
Species pullus - Acanthoscelides pullus 0
Species quadridentatus - Acanthoscelides quadridentatus
Species seminulum - Acanthoscelides seminulum
Species submuticus - Acanthoscelides submuticus
Species tenuis - Acanthoscelides tenuis
Species tridenticulatus - Acanthoscelides tridenticulatus
No Taxon sp. 1 northeast (adventive?)
No Taxon sp. 2 Calif.
No Taxon fraterculus/lobatus type
Genus Althaeus
Species folkertsi - Velvetleaf Seed Beetle
Species hibisci - Althaeus hibisci
Genus Algarobius
Species bottimeri - Algarobius bottimeri
Species prosopis - Algarobius prosopis
Genus Bruchidius
Species cisti - Bruchidius cisti 0
Species terrenus - Bruchidius terrenus
Species villosus - Broom Seed Beetle
Genus Callosobruchus
Species chinensis - Southern Cowpea Weevil
Species maculatus - Cowpea Weevil
Species phaseoli - Callosobruchus phaseoli
Genus Caryedes - Caryedes 0
Genus Gibbobruchus
Species mimus - Redbud Bruchid
Genus Meibomeus
Species musculus - Meibomeus musculus
Genus Merobruchus
Species insolitus - Merobruchus insolitus
Species julianus - Merobruchus julianus
Species major - Texas Ebony Bruchid
Species terani - Merobruchus terani
Species vacillator - Merobruchus vacillator
Genus Mimosestes
Species acaciestes - Mimosestes acaciestes
Species amicus - Mimosestes amicus
Species nubigens - Mimosestes nubigens
Species protractus - Mimosestes protractus
Species ulkei - Mimosestes ulkei
Genus Neltumius
Species arizonensis - Neltumius arizonensis
Species texanus - Neltumius texanus
Genus Penthobruchus
Species germaini - Parkinsonia Seed Beetle
Genus Stator - Seed Beetle
Species beali - Stator beali
Species chihuahua - Stator chihuahua
Species limbatus - Stator limbatus
Species pruininus - Pruinose Bean Weevil
Species sordidus - Stator sordidus
Species subaeneus - Stator subaeneus
Species vachelliae - Stator vachelliae
Genus Sennius
Species abbreviatus - Sennius abbreviatus
Species cruentatus - Sennius cruentatus
Species discolor - Sennius discolor
Species guttifer - Sennius guttifer
Species lebasi - Sennius lebasi
Species leucostauros - Sennius leucostauros
Species morosus - Sennius morosus
Species medialis - Sennius medialis
Genus Stylantheus
Species macrocerus - Stylantheus macrocerus
Tribe Kytorhinini
Genus Kytorhinus
Species prolixus - Kytorhinus prolixus
Tribe Pachymerini
Genus Caryedon
Species serratus - Groundnut Bruchid
Subtribe Pachymerina
Genus Caryobruchus
Species gleditsiae - Palm Seed Weevil
Genus Pachymerus
Species nucleorum - Coconut Borer
Subfamily Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines
Tribe Cassidini - Tortoise Beetles
Genus Agroiconota
Species bivittata - Agroiconota bivittata
Genus Cassida
Species azurea - Cassida azurea
Species flaveola - Pale Tortoise Beetle
Species piperata - Cassida piperata
Species relicta - Cassida relicta
Species rubiginosa - Thistle Tortoise Beetle
Genus Charidotella
No Taxon Subgenus Chaerocassis
Species emarginata - Charidotella emarginata
Species purpurata - Charidotella purpurata
No Taxon Subgenus Charidotella
Species bifossulata - Charidotella bifossulata
Species sexpunctata - Golden Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies bicolor
Subspecies sexpunctata - Charidotella sexpunctata sexpunctata
No Taxon larvae
Species succinea - Charidotella succinea
Genus Coptocycla
Species texana - Anacua Tortoise Beetle
Genus Deloyala
Species barberi - Deloyala barberi
Species guttata - Mottled Tortoise Beetle
Species lecontii - Deloyala lecontii
Genus Erepsocassis
Species rubella - Erepsocassis rubella
Genus Floridocassis
Species repudiata - Floridocassis repudiata
Genus Gratiana
Species boliviana - Gratiana boliviana
Species pallidula - Eggplant Tortoise Beetle
Genus Jonthonota
Species mexicana - Jonthonota mexicana
Species nigripes - Blacklegged Tortoise Beetle
Genus Metrionella
Species bilimeki - Metrionella bilimeki
Genus Microctenochira
Species bonvouloiri - Microctenochira bonvouloiri
Genus Opacinota
Species bisignata - Opacinota bisignata
Genus Parorectis
Species arenaria - Parorectis arenaria 0
Species callosa - Parorectis callosa
Species sublaevis - Parorectis sublaevis
Genus Helocassis
Species clavata - Clavate Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies testudinaria - Helocassis clavata testudinaria
Subspecies clavata - Helocassis clavata clavata
Genus Strongylocassis
Species atripes - Strongylocassis atripes
Tribe Hemisphaerotini
Genus Hemisphaerota
Species cyanea - Palmetto Tortoise Beetle
Tribe Imatidiini
Genus Stenispa
Species collaris - Stenispa collaris
Species metallica - Stenispa metallica
Tribe Ischyrosonychini
Genus Physonota
Species alutacea - Wild Olive Tortoise Beetle
Species arizonae - Arizona Tortoise Beetle
Species calochroma - Geiger Tree Tortoise Beetle
Subspecies floridensis - Geiger Tortoise Beetle
Species disjuncta - Physonota disjuncta
Species helianthi - Sunflower Tortoise Beetle
Species unipunctata - Horsemint Tortoise Beetle
No Taxon Unidentified immatures
Tribe Chalepini
Genus Anisostena
Species ariadne - Anisostena ariadne
Species californica - Anisostena californica
Species cyanea - Anisostena cyanea
Species funesta - Anisostena funesta
Species gracilis - Anisostena gracilis
Species kansana - Anisostena kansana
Species lecontii - Anisostena lecontii
Species nigrita - Anisostena nigrita
Species nunenmacheri - Anisostena nunenmacheri
Species perspicua - Anisostena perspicua
Species suturalis - Anisostena suturalis
Species texana - Anisostena texana
Genus Baliosus
Species californicus - Baliosus californicus
Species ferrugineus - Baliosus ferrugineus
Species nervosus - Basswood Leaf Miner
Species randia - Baliosus randia
Genus Brachycoryna
Species dolorosa - Brachycoryna dolorosa
Species hardyi - Brachycoryna hardyi
Species longula - Brachycoryna longula
Species melsheimeri - Brachycoryna melsheimeri
Species montana - Brachycoryna montana
Species pumila - Brachycoryna pumila
Genus Chalepus
Species bellulus - Chalepus bellulus
Species bicolor - Chalepus bicolor
Species sanguinicollis - Chalepus sanguinicollis
Species walshii - Chalepus walshii
Genus Glyphuroplata
Species anisostenoides - Glyphuroplata anisostenoides
Species nigella - Glyphuroplata nigella
Species pluto - Glyphuroplata pluto
Species uniformis - Glyphuroplata uniformis
Genus Heptispa
Species brevicornis - Heptispa brevicornis
Genus Microrhopala
Species arizonica - Microrhopala arizonica
Species erebus - Microrhopala erebus
Species excavata - Microrhopala excavata
Subspecies cyanea - Microrhopala excavata cyanea
Species floridana - Microrhopala floridana
Species rileyi - Microrhopala rileyi 0
Species rubrolineata - Microrhopala rubrolineata
Subspecies militaris - Microrhopala rubrolineata militaris
Subspecies rubrolineata - Microrhopala rubrolineata rubrolineata
Subspecies signaticollis - Microrhopala rubrolineata signaticollis
Species vittata - Goldenrod Leaf Miner
Species xerene - Microrhopala xerene
Genus Octotoma
Species championi - Octotoma championi
Species marginicollis - Octotoma marginicollis
Species plicatula - Octotoma plicatula
Genus Odontota
Species arizonica - Odontota arizonica
Species dorsalis - Locust Leaf Miner
Species floridana - Odontota floridana
Species horni - Soybean Leafminer
Species mundula - Odontota mundula
Species scapularis - Orange-shouldered Leaf Miner
Species signaticollis - Odontota signaticollis
Genus Pentispa
Species distincta - Pentispa distincta
Species melanura - Pentispa melanura
Species sallaei - Pentispa sallaei
Genus Stenopodius
Species flavidus - Stenopodius flavidus
Species lateralis - Stenopodius lateralis
Species martini - Stenopodius martini
Species texanus - Stenopodius texanus
Genus Sumitrosis
Species ancoroides - Sumitrosis ancoroides
Species inaequalis - Sumitrosis inaequalis
Species pallescens - Sumitrosis pallescens
Species rosea - Sumitrosis rosea
Species triplehorni - Sumitrosis triplehorni
Genus Xenochalepus
Species ater - Xenochalepus ater
Species robiniae - Xenochalepus robiniae
Tribe Mesomphaliini
Genus Chelymorpha
Species cassidea - Argus Tortoise Beetle
Species phytophagica - Chelymorpha phytophagica
Species cribraria - Chelymorpha cribraria
Genus Hilarocassis
Species exclamationis - Hilarocassis exclamationis
Subfamily Criocerinae
Tribe Criocerini
Genus Crioceris
Species duodecimpunctata - Twelve-spotted Asparagus Beetle
Species asparagi - Asparagus Beetle
Genus Lilioceris
Species lilii - Lily Leaf Beetle
Species cheni - Air Potato Leaf Beetle
Tribe Lemini
Genus Lema
Species arizonae - Lema arizonae
Species balteata - Lema balteata
Species confusa - Lema confusa
Species conjuncta - Lema conjuncta
Species opulenta - Lema opulenta
Species solani - Lema solani
Species trabeata - Lema trabeata
No Taxon striped species
Species daturaphila - Three-lined Potato Beetle
Species nigrovittata - Lema nigrovittata
Species pubipes - Lema pubipes
Species trivittata - Three-lined Lema Beetle
No Taxon unidentified Lema eggs and larvae
Genus Neolema
Species cordata - Neolema cordata
Species dorsalis - Neolema dorsalis
Species ephippium - Neolema ephippium
Species gundlachiana - Neolema gundlachiana
Species jacobina - Neolema jacobina
Species ovalis - Neolema ovalis
Species quadriguttata - Neolema quadriguttata
Species sexpunctata - Six-spotted Neolema
Genus Oulema
Species melanopus - Cereal Leaf Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Hapsidolemoides
Species arizonae - Oulema arizonae
Species collaris - Oulema collaris
Species concolor - Oulema concolor
Species cornuta - Oulema cornuta
Species elongata - Oulema elongata
Species longipennis - Oulema longipennis
Species maculicollis - Oulema maculicollis
Species margineimpressa - Oulema margineimpressa
Species palustris - Oulema palustris
Species sayi - Oulema sayi
Species simulans - Oulema simulans
Species texana - Oulema texana
Species variabilis - Oulema variabilis
No Taxon images ID'd by S.M. Clark as "Possibly Oulema maculicollis"
Subfamily Cryptocephalinae - Case-bearing Leaf Beetles
Tribe Fulcidacini - Warty Leaf Beetles
Genus Chlamisus - Cloaked Warty Leaf Beetles
Species foveolatus - Chlamisus foveolatus
Species maculipes - Chlamisus maculipes
Species quadrilobatus - Chlamisus quadrilobatus
Species texanus - Chlamisus texanus
Species arizonensis - Chlamisus arizonensis
Genus Diplacaspis
Species prosternalis - Diplacaspis prosternalis
Genus Exema
Species byersi - Exema byersi
Species canadensis - Exema canadensis
Species conspersa - Exema conspersa
Species deserti - Exema deserti
Species dispar - Exema dispar
Species elliptica - Exema elliptica
Species gibber - Exema gibber
Species mormona - Exema mormona
Species neglecta - Exema neglecta
Genus Neochlamisus
Species bebbianae - Neochlamisus bebbianae
Species bimaculatus - Neochlamisus bimaculatus
Species chamaedaphnes - Neochlamisus chamaedaphnes
Species comptoniae - Neochlamisus comptoniae
Species eubati - Neochlamisus eubati
Species gibbosus - Neochlamisus gibbosus
Species platani - Neochlamisus platani
Species scabripennis - Neochlamisus scabripennis
Species velutinus - Neochlamisus velutinus
Genus Pseudochlamys
Species semirufescens - Pseudochlamys semirufescens
Tribe Clytrini
Subtribe Megalostomina
Genus Coleorozena
Species fulvilabris - Coleorozena fulvilabris
Species lecontii - Coleorozena lecontii
Species pilatei - Coleorozena pilatei
Species vittata - Coleorozena vittata
Genus Coleothorpa
Species axillaris - Coleothorpa axillaris
Subspecies quadratominor - Coleothorpa axillaris quadratominor
Species dominicana - Coleothorpa dominicana
Species vittigera - Coleothorpa vittigera
Genus Coscinoptera
Species aeneipennis - Coscinoptera aeneipennis
Genus Megalostomis
Species pyropyga - Megalostomis pyropyga
Species dimidiata - Megalostomis dimidiata
Species subfasciata - Megalostomis subfasciata
Subtribe Clytrina
Genus Anomoea
Species flavokansiensis - Anomoea flavokansiensis
Species laticlavia - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Subspecies angustata - Clay-colored Leaf Beetle
Species nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis
Subspecies nitidicollis - Anomoea nitidicollis nitidicollis
Subspecies crassicornis - Anomoea nitidicollis crassicornis
Species rufifrons - Anomoea rufifrons
Subspecies occidentimutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons occidentimutabilis
Subspecies mutabilis - Anomoea rufifrons mutabilis
Genus Smaragdina
Species militaris - Smaragdina militaris
Subtribe Babiina
Genus Babia
Species quadriguttata - Eastern Babia
Subspecies pulla - Babia quadriguttata pulla
Species tetraspilota - Western Babia
Genus Saxinis
Species apicalis - Saxinis apicalis
Species deserticola - Saxinis deserticola
Species knausii - Saxinis knausii
Species omogera - Saxinis omogera
Subspecies omogera - Saxinis omogera omogera
Species saucia - Saxinis saucia
Subspecies bisignata - Saxinis saucia bisignata
Subspecies immaculata - Saxinis saucia immaculata
Subspecies kaibabiae - Saxinis saucia kaibabiae
Subspecies saucia - Saxinis saucia saucia
Species sinuata - Saxinis sinuata
Species sonorensis - Saxinis sonorensis
Species subpubescens - Saxinis subpubescens
Genus Urodera
Species crucifera - Urodera crucifera
Species dilaticollis - Urodera dilaticollis
Tribe Cryptocephalini
Genus Lexiphanes
Species mexicanus - Lexiphanes mexicanus
Species guerini - Lexiphanes guerini
Species saponatus - Lexiphanes saponatus
Species teapensis - Lexiphanes teapensis
Subtribe Cryptocephalina
Genus Bassareus
Species areolatus - Bassareus areolatus
Species brunnipes - Bassareus brunnipes
Species clathratus - Bassareus clathratus
Species croceipennis - Bassareus croceipennis
Species detritus - Bassareus detritus
Species formosus - Bassareus formosus
Species lituratus - Bassareus lituratus
Species mammifer - Bassareus mammifer
Genus Cryptocephalus
Species andrewsi - Cryptocephalus andrewsi
Species downiei - Cryptocephalus downiei
Species trizonatus - Cryptocephalus trizonatus
No Taxon Basalis group
Species basalis - Cryptocephalus basalis
Species binominis - Cryptocephalus binominis
Species mucoreus - Cryptocephalus mucoreus
Species multisignatus - Cryptocephalus multisignatus
Species notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus
Subspecies notatus - Cryptocephalus notatus notatus
Subspecies fulvipennis - Cryptocephalus notatus fulvipennis
Subspecies sellatus - Cryptocephalus notatus sellatus
Species pinicolus - Cryptocephalus pinicolus
Species pubicollis - Cryptocephalus pubicollis
Species pubiventris - Cryptocephalus pubiventris
Species quadruplex - Cryptocephalus quadruplex
No Taxon Quercus group
Species atrofasciatus - Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus
Species quercus - Cryptocephalus quercus
Species umbonatus - Cryptocephalus umbonatus
Species vapidus - Cryptocephalus vapidus
No Taxon Badius group
Species badius - Cryptocephalus badius
Species incertus - Cryptocephalus incertus
Species triundulatus - Cryptocephalus triundulatus
No Taxon Guttulatus group
Species guttulatellus - Cryptocephalus guttulatellus
Species guttulatus - Fourteen-spotted Leaf Beetle
No Taxon Cupressi group
Species binotatus - Cryptocephalus binotatus
Species bivius - Cryptocephalus bivius
Species castaneus - Cryptocephalus castaneus
Species cupressi - Cryptocephalus cupressi
Species duryi - Cryptocephalus duryi
Species irroratus - Cryptocephalus irroratus
Species leucomelas - Cryptocephalus leucomelas
Species maccus - Cryptocephalus maccus
Species optimus - Cryptocephalus optimus
Species pseudomaccus - Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus
Species texanus - Cryptocephalus texanus
No Taxon Calidus group
Species albicans - Cryptocephalus albicans
Species aulicus - Cryptocephalus aulicus
Species australobispinus - Cryptocephalus australobispinus
Species bispinus - Cryptocephalus bispinus
Species calidus - Cryptocephalus calidus
Species gibbicollis - Cryptocephalus gibbicollis
Species insertus - Cryptocephalus insertus
Species mutabilis - Cryptocephalus mutabilis
No Taxon Venustus group
Species obsoletus - Cryptocephalus obsoletus
Species venustus - Cryptocephalus venustus
No Taxon Cuneatus group
Species cuneatus - Cryptocephalus cuneatus
Species trivittatus - Cryptocephalus trivittatus
No Taxon Tinctus group
Species falli - Cryptocephalus falli
Species implacidus - Cryptocephalus implacidus
Species lateritius - Cryptocephalus lateritius 0
Species schreibersii - Cryptocephalus schreibersii
Species striatulus - Cryptocephalus striatulus
Species tinctus - Cryptocephalus tinctus
No Taxon Arizonensis group
Species arizonensis - Blue-winged Cryptocephalus
Species nanus - Cryptocephalus nanus
Species nigrocinctus - Cryptocephalus nigrocinctus
Species pallidicinctus - Cryptocephalus pallidicinctus
Species sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis
Subspecies nigerrimus - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis nigerrimus
Subspecies sanguinicollis - Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis sanguinicollis
No Taxon Amatus group
Species amatus - Cryptocephalus amatus
Species merus - Cryptocephalus merus
No Taxon Snowi group
Species cribripennis - Cryptocephalus cribripennis
Species simulans - Cryptocephalus simulans
Species snowi - Cryptocephalus snowi
No Taxon Confluentus group
Species alternans - Cryptocephalus alternans
Species brunneovittatus - Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus
Species cerinus - Cryptocephalus cerinus
Species confluentus - Cryptocephalus confluentus
Species defectus - Cryptocephalus defectus
Species fulguratus - Cryptocephalus fulguratus
Species luteolus - Cryptocephalus luteolus
Species pumilus - Cryptocephalus pumilus
Species spurcus - Cryptocephalus spurcus
Genus Diachus
Species auratus - Bronze Leaf Beetle
Species catarius - Diachus catarius
Species chlorizans - Diachus chlorizans
Species subopacus - Diachus subopacus
No Taxon Diachus on c. & w. TX oaks
No Taxon Diachus sp. of southmost TX
Genus Triachus
Species atomus - Triachus atomus
Species cerinus - Triachus cerinus
Species postremus - Triachus postremus
Subtribe Pachybrachina
Genus Griburius
Species equestris - Griburius equestris
Species larvatus - Griburius larvatus
Species lecontii - Griburius lecontii
Species montezuma - Griburius montezuma
Species scutellaris - Griburius scutellaris
Species rileyi - Griburius rileyi
Genus Pachybrachis - Scriptured Leaf Beetles
No Taxon Pubescent Pachys
Species analis - Pachybrachis analis
Species brunneus - Pachybrachis brunneus
Species connexus - Pachybrachis connexus
Species donneri - Pachybrachis donneri
Species gilberti - Pachybrachis gilberti
Species integratus - Pachybrachis integratus
Species madera - Pachybrachis madera
Species marmoratus - Pachybrachis marmoratus
Species morosus - Pachybrachis morosus
Species thoracicus - Pachybrachis thoracicus
Species uteanus - Pachybrachis uteanus
Species vigilans - Pachybrachis vigilans
Species wickhami - Pachybrachis wickhami
Species xanti - Pachybrachis xanti
No Taxon Pachybrachis sp. (MAQ 3)
No Taxon Yellow Pachys
Species abdominalis - Pachybrachis abdominalis
Species americanus - Pachybrachis americanus
Species arizonensis - Pachybrachis arizonensis
Species caelatus - Pachybrachis caelatus
Species coloradensis - Pachybrachis coloradensis
Species convictus - Pachybrachis convictus
Species diversus - Pachybrachis diversus
Species immaculatus - Pachybrachis immaculatus
Species jacobyi - Pachybrachis jacobyi
Species macronychus - Pachybrachis macronychus
Species mellitus - Pachybrachis mellitus
Species mercurialis - Pachybrachis mercurialis
Species minor - Pachybrachis minor
Species mitis - Pachybrachis mitis
Species nero - Pachybrachis nero
Species petronius - Pachybrachis petronius
Species pusillus - Pachybrachis pusillus
Species tacitus - Pachybrachis tacitus
Species xantholucens - Pachybrachis xantholucens
No Taxon Striped Pachys
Species bivittatus - Pachybrachis bivittatus
Species bloxham - Pachybrachis bloxham
Species chester - Pachybrachis chester
Species circumcinctus - Pachybrachis circumcinctus
Species dubiosus - Pachybrachis dubiosus
Species kentuckyensis - Pachybrachis kentuckyensis
Species othonus - Pachybrachis othonus
Subspecies sioux - Pachybrachis othonus sioux
Subspecies pallidipennis - Pachybrachis othonus pallidipennis
Species pawnee - Pachybrachis pawnee
Species picturatus - Pachybrachis picturatus
Species umbraculatus - Pachybrachis umbraculatus
Species vau - Pachybrachis vau
Species virgatus - Pachybrachis virgatus
Species viduatus - Pachybrachis viduatus
No Taxon Black Pachys
Species atomarius - Pachybrachis atomarius
Species californicus - Pachybrachis californicus
Species cruentus - Pachybrachis cruentus
Species dilatatus - Pachybrachis dilatatus
Species newmani - Pachybrachis newmani
Species hybridus - Pachybrachis hybridus
Species luridus - Pachybrachis luridus
Species lustrans - Pachybrachis lustrans
Species marginatus - Pachybrachis marginatus
Species impurus - Pachybrachis impurus
Species nigricornis - Pachybrachis nigricornis
Subspecies difficilis - Pachybrachis nigricornis difficilis
Subspecies autolycus - Pachybrachis nigricornis autolycus
Species pinguescens - Pachybrachis pinguescens
Species praeclarus - Pachybrachis praeclarus
Species pulvinatus - Pachybrachis pulvinatus
Species signatifrons - Pachybrachis signatifrons
Species subfasciatus - Pachybrachis subfasciatus
Species trinotatus - Pachybrachis trinotatus
Species stygicus - Pachybrachis stygicus
Species varians - Pachybrachis varians
Species vulnerosus - Pachybrachis vulnerosus
Species wenzeli - Pachybrachis wenzeli
Species alticola - Pachybrachis alticola