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Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Suborder Archostemata - Reticulated and Telephone-pole Beetles
Family Cupedidae - Reticulated Beetles
Genus Cupes
Species capitatus - Cupes capitatus
Genus Prolixocupes
Species lobiceps - Prolixocupes lobiceps
Genus Priacma
Species serrata - Priacma serrata
Genus Tenomerga
Species cinerea - Tenomerga cinerea
Family Micromalthidae - Telephone-pole Beetles
Genus Micromalthus
Species debilis - Micromalthus debilis
Suborder Myxophaga - Minute Bog and Skiff Beetles
Family Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles
Genus Sphaerius
Family Hydroscaphidae - Skiff Beetles
Genus Hydroscapha
Species natans - Hydroscapha natans
Species redfordi - Hydroscapha redfordi
Suborder Adephaga - Ground and Water Beetles
Family Amphizoidae - Trout-Stream Beetles
Genus Amphizoa
Species insolens - Amphizoa insolens
Species striata - Amphizoa striata
Species lecontei - Amphizoa lecontei
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Subfamily Nebriinae
Tribe Nebriini
Genus Leistus
Species ferrugineus - Leistus ferrugineus
Species ferruginosus - Leistus ferruginosus
Genus Nebria - Gazelle Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Boreonebria
No Taxon hudsonica group
Species bellorum - Nebria bellorum
Species hudsonica - Nebria hudsonica
Species lacustris - Nebria lacustris
No Taxon gyllenhali group
Species crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis
Subspecies crassicornis - Nebria crassicornis crassicornis
Subspecies intermedia - Nebria crassicornis intermedia
Species frigida - Nebria frigida
Species gyllenhali - Nebria gyllenhali
Subspecies castanipes - Nebria gyllenhali castanipes
Species nivalis - Nebria nivalis
No Taxon subgenus Catonebria
No Taxon metallica group
Species meanyi - Nebria meanyi
Subspecies meanyi - Nebria meanyi meanyi
Species metallica - Nebria metallica
No Taxon trifaria group
Species coloradensis - Nebria coloradensis
Species schwarzi - Nebria schwarzi
Species trifaria - Nebria trifaria
No Taxon ovipennis group
Species gebleri - Nebria gebleri
Subspecies gebleri - Nebria gebleri gebleri
Subspecies cascadensis - Nebria gebleri cascadensis
Species kincaidi - Nebria kincaidi
Species ovipennis - Nebria ovipennis
No Taxon subgenus Nebria
Species brevicollis - European Gazelle Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Reductonebria
No Taxon gregaria group
Species arkansana - Nebria arkansana
Subspecies edwardsi - Nebria arkansana edwardsi
Subspecies fragilis - Nebria arkansana fragilis
Species gregaria - Nebria gregaria
Species lituyae - Nebria lituyae
Species sahlbergi - Nebria sahlbergi
No Taxon mannerheimii group
Species diversa - Nebria diversa
Species eschscholtzii - Nebria eschscholtzii
Species mannerheimii - Nebria mannerheimii
No Taxon obliqua group
Species appalachia - Nebria appalachia
Species obliqua - Nebria obliqua
Species pallipes - Nebria pallipes
Genus Nippononebria
Species altisierrae - Nippononebria altisierrae
Species virescens - Nippononebria virescens
Tribe Opisthiini
Genus Opisthius
Species richardsoni - Opisthius richardsoni
Tribe Notiophilini
Genus Notiophilus
Species aeneus - Notiophilus aeneus
Species aquaticus - Notiophilus aquaticus
Species biguttatus - Notiophilus biguttatus
Species borealis - Notiophilus borealis
Species directus - Notiophilus directus
Species intermedius - Notiophilus intermedius
Species nemoralis - Notiophilus nemoralis
Species nitens - Notiophilus nitens
Species novemstriatus - Notiophilus novemstriatus
Species palustris - Notiophilus palustris
Species semiopacus - Notiophilus semiopacus
Species semistriatus - Notiophilus semistriatus
Species sierranus - Notiophilus sierranus
Species simulator - Notiophilus simulator
Species sylvaticus - Notiophilus sylvaticus
Tribe Pelophilini
Genus Pelophila
Species rudis - Pelophila rudis
Species borealis - Pelophila borealis
Subfamily Carabinae
Tribe Cychrini
Genus Cychrus - Rare Snail-eating Beetles
Species hemphillii - Cychrus hemphillii
Subspecies hemphillii - Cychrus hemphilli hemphilli
Subspecies rickseckeri - Cychrus hemphillii rickseckeri
Species tuberculatus - Cychrus tuberculatus
Genus Scaphinotus
No Taxon subgenus Scaphinotus
No Taxon unicolor group
Species parisiana - Scaphinotus parisiana
Species unicolor - Scaphinotus unicolor
No Taxon elevatus group
Species elevatus - Eastern Snail Eater
Subspecies flammeus - Scaphinotus elevatus flammeus
Species kelloggi - Scaphinotus kelloggi
Species petersi - Scaphinotus petersi
Subspecies catalinae - Scaphinotus petersi catalinae
Subspecies biedermani - Scaphinotus petersi biedermani
Subspecies petersi - Scaphinotus petersi petersi
Subspecies kathleenae - Scaphinotus petersi kathleenae
Subspecies corvus - Scaphinotus petersi corvus
Species snowi - Scaphinotus snowi
Subspecies snowi - Scaphinotus snowi snowi
Subspecies roeschkei - Scaphinotus snowi roeschkei
Species vandykei - Scaphinotus vandykei
No Taxon subgenus Irichroa
Species viduus - Scaphinotus viduus
Species irregularis - Scaphinotus irregularis
No Taxon subgenus Nomaretus
Species bilobus - Scaphinotus bilobus
Species cavicollis - Scaphinotus cavicollis
Species fissicollis - Scaphinotus fissicollis
Species liebecki - Scaphinotus liebecki
Species infletus - Scaphinotus infletus
No Taxon subgenus Maronetus
Species hubbardi - Scaphinotus hubbardi
Species tenuis - Scaphinotus tenuis
Species hoffmani - Scaphinotus hoffmani
Species imperfectus - Scaphinotus imperfectus
Species debilis - Scaphinotus debilis
No Taxon subgenus Steniridia
Species andrewsii - Scaphinotus andrewsii
Species guyotii - Scaphinotus guyotii
Species ridingsii - Scaphinotus ridingsii
Subspecies monongahelae - Scaphinotus ridingsii monongahelae
Species tricarinatus - Scaphinotus tricarinatus
Species violaceus - Scaphinotus violaceus
Species aeneicollis - Scaphinotus aeneicollis
No Taxon subgenus Pseudonomaretus
No Taxon subgenus Stenocantharus
Species angusticollis - Scaphinotus angusticollis
Species johnsoni - Scaphinotus johnsoni
Species velutinus - Scaphinotus velutinus
No Taxon subgenus Brennus
Species bullatus - Scaphinotus bullatus
Species cordatus - Scaphinotus cordatus
Species cristatus - Scaphinotus cristatus
Species interruptus - Scaphinotus interruptus
Species marginatus - Scaphinotus marginatus
Species obliquus - Scaphinotus obliquus
Species oreophilus - Scaphinotus oreophilus
Species punctatus - Scaphinotus punctatus
Species striatopunctatus - Scaphinotus striatopunctatus
Species subtilis - Scaphinotus subtilis
Species ventricosus - Scaphinotus ventricosus
No Taxon subgenus Neocychrus
Species angulatus - Scaphinotus angulatus
Species longiceps - Humboldt Ground Beetle
Genus Sphaeroderus - Small Snail Eating Beetles
Species bicarinatus - Sphaeroderus bicarinatus
Species canadensis - Sphaeroderus canadensis
Species indianae - Sphaeroderus indianae
Species nitidicollis - Sphaeroderus nitidicollis
Species schaumii - Sphaeroderus schaumii
Species stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus
Subspecies stenostomus - Sphaeroderus stenostomus stenostomus
Subspecies lecontei - Sphaeroderus stenostomus lecontei
Tribe Carabini
Genus Callisthenes - Beautiful Black Searchers
No Taxon Subgenus Chrysostigma
Species affinis - Callisthenes affinis
Species calidus - Fiery Hunter
Species cancellatus - Callisthenes cancellatus
Species lepidum - Callisthenes lepidum 0
Species semilaevis - Callisthenes semilaevis
Species simplex - Callisthenes simplex
No Taxon Subgenus Callistenia
Species latipennis - Callisthenes latipennis
Species luxatus - Callisthenes luxatus
Species moniliatum - Callisthenes moniliatum
Genus Calosoma - Caterpillar Hunters
No Taxon Subgenus Blaptosoma
Species haydeni - Calosoma haydeni
No Taxon Subgenus Callitropa
Species externum - Narrow Searcher
Species macrum - Calosoma macrum
Species protractum - Calosoma protractum
No Taxon Subgenus Calodrepa
Species aurocinctum - Calosoma aurocinctum
Species scrutator - Fiery Searcher
Species wilcoxi - Calosoma wilcoxi
No Taxon Subgenus Calosoma
Species frigidum - Calosoma frigidum
Species sycophanta - Caterpillar Searcher
No Taxon Subgenus Camegonia
Species marginale - Calosoma marginale
Species parvicolle - Calosoma parvicolle
Species prominens - Calosoma prominens
No Taxon Subgenus Carabosoma
Species angulatum - Calosoma angulatum
Species peregrinator - Calosoma peregrinator
No Taxon Subgenus Castrida
Species sayi - Black Caterpillar Hunter
Genus Carabus
Species auratus - Carabus auratus
Species chamissonis - Carabus chamissonis
Species maeander - Carabus maeander
Subspecies maeander - Carabus maeander maeander
Species nemoralis - European Ground Beetle
Species serratus - Carabus serratus
Species truncaticollis - Carabus truncaticollis
Species vietinghoffii - Carabus vietinghoffii
No Taxon subgenus Carabus
Species goryi - Carabus goryi
Species granulatus - Granulated Carabid
Species vinctus - Carabus vinctus
No Taxon subgenus Tanaocarabus
Species finitimus - Carabus finitimus
Species forreri - Carabus forreri
Species sylvosus - Woodland Ground Beetle
Species taedatus - Carabus taedatus
Subspecies agassii - Carabus taedatus agassii
Subfamily Cicindelinae - Tiger Beetles
Tribe Amblycheilini
Genus Amblycheila - Giant Tiger Beetles
Species baroni - Montane Giant Tiger Beetle
Species cylindriformis - Great Plains Giant Tiger Beetle
Species hoversoni - South Texas Giant Tiger Beetle
Species picolominii - Plateau Giant Tiger Beetle
Species schwarzi - Mojave Giant Tiger Beetle
Genus Omus - Night-stalking Tiger Beetles
Species audouini - Audouin's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species californicus - California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies angustocylindricus - Omus californicus angustocylindricus
Subspecies californicus - Omus californicus californicus
Subspecies intermedius - Omus californicus intermedius
Subspecies lecontei - LeConte's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subcylindricus - Omus californicus subcylindricus
Species cazieri - Cazier's Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species dejeanii - Greater Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species laevis - Smooth Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species sequoiarum - Big Trees Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Species submetallicus - Lustrous Night-stalking Tiger Beetle
Tribe Megacephalini - Big-headed Tiger Beetles
Genus Tetracha - Metallic Tiger Beetles
Species carolina - Carolina Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Florida Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species impressa - Upland Metallic Tiger Beetle
Species virginica - Virginia Metallic Tiger Beetle
Tribe Cicindelini - Flashy Tiger Beetles
Genus Apterodela
Genus Brasiella - Little Tiger Beetles
Species wickhami - Sonoran Tiger Beetle
Genus Cicindela - Common Tiger Beetles
Species albissima - Coral Pink Sand Dune Tiger Beetle
Species ancocisconensis - Appalachian Tiger Beetle
Species arenicola - St. Anthony Dune Tiger Beetle
Species bellissima - Pacific Coast Tiger Beetle
Species columbica - Columbia River Tiger Beetle
Species decemnotata - Badlands Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bonnevillensis - Cicindela decemnotata bonnevillensis
Subspecies decemnotata - Cicindela decemnotata decemnotata
Subspecies meriwetheri - Cicindela decemnotata meriwetheri
Subspecies montevolans - Cicindela decemnotata montevolans
Species denikei - Laurentian Tiger Beetle
Species denverensis - Green Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species depressula - Dispirited Tiger Beetle
Subspecies depressula - Cicindela depressula depressula
Species duodecimguttata - Twelve-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species formosa - Big Sand Tiger Beetle
Subspecies pigmentosignata - Cicindela formosa pigmentosignata
Subspecies gibsoni - Cicindela formosa gibsoni
Subspecies formosa - Cicindela formosa formosa
Subspecies generosa - Cicindela formosa generosa
Species fulgida - Crimson Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fulgida - Cicindela fulgida fulgida
Species hirticollis - Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies rhodensis - Cicindela hirticollis rhodensis
Subspecies gravida - Cicindela hirticollis gravida
Subspecies shelfordi - Cicindela hirticollis shelfordi
Subspecies siuslawensis - Northwest Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle
Species latesignata - Western Beach Tiger Beetle
Species lengi - Blowout Tiger Beetle
Subspecies jordai - Cicindela lengi jordai
Subspecies lengi - Cicindela lengi lengi
Subspecies versuta - Cicindela lengi versuta
Species limbalis - Common Claybank Tiger Beetle
Species limbata - Sandy Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hyperborea - Hyperboreal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies limbata - Cicindela limbata limbata
Subspecies nogahabarensis - Cicindela limbata nogahabarensis
Subspecies nympha - Cicindela limbata nympha
Species longilabris - Boreal Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies perviridis - Cicindela longilabris perviridis
Subspecies laurentii - Cicindela longilabris laurentii
Subspecies longilabris - Cicindela longilabris longilabris
Species nebraskana - Prairie Long-lipped Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Cicindela nevadica
Species nigrior - Autumn Tiger Beetle
Species ohlone - Ohlone Tiger Beetle
Species oregona - Western Tiger Beetle
Subspecies guttifera - Cicindela oregona guttifera
Subspecies oregona - Cicindela oregona oregona
Species parowana - Dark Saltflat Tiger Beetle
Subspecies wallisi - Cicindela parowana wallisi
Subspecies platti - Cicindela parowana platti
Species patruela - Northern Barrens Tiger Beetle
Subspecies consentanea - Cicindela patruela consentanea
Subspecies huberi - Cicindela patruela huberi
Subspecies patruela - Cicindela patruela patruela
Species pimeriana - Cicindela pimeriana
Species pugetana - Sagebrush Tiger Beetle
Species pulchra - Beautiful Tiger Beetle
Subspecies dorothea - Cicindela pulchra dorothea
Subspecies pulchra - Cicindela pulchra pulchra
Species purpurea - Purple Tiger Beetle
Subspecies audubonii - Cicindela purpurea audubonii
Subspecies cimarrona - Cimarron Tiger Beetle
Subspecies hatchi - Cicindela purpurea hatchi
Subspecies purpurea - Cicindela purpurea purpurea
Species repanda - Bronzed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies repanda - Cicindela repanda repanda
Subspecies tanneri - Cicindela repanda tanneri
Species scutellaris - Festive Tiger Beetle
Subspecies flavoviridis - Cicindela scutellaris flavoviridis
Subspecies lecontei - Cicindela scutellaris lecontei
Subspecies rugata - Cicindela scutellaris rugata
Subspecies rugifrons - Cicindela scutellaris rugifrons
Subspecies scutellaris - Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris
Subspecies unicolor - Cicindela scutellaris unicolor
Subspecies yampae - Cicindela scutellaris yampae
Species sexguttata - Six-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species splendida - Splendid Tiger Beetle
Species tenuicincta - Short-legged Tiger Beetle
Species theatina - Colorado Dune Tiger Beetle
Species tranquebarica - Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arida - Cicindela tranquebarica arida
Subspecies diffracta - Cicindela tranquebarica diffracta
Subspecies inyo - Cicindela tranquebarica inyo
Subspecies kirbyi - Cicindela tranquebarica kirbyi
Subspecies joaquinensis - Cicindela tranquebarica joaquinensis
Subspecies parallelonota - Cicindela tranquebarica parallelonota
Subspecies sierra - Cicindela tranquebarica sierra
Subspecies tranquebarica - Cicindela tranquebarica tranquebarica
Subspecies vibex - Cicindela tranquebarica vibex
Subspecies viridissima - Cicindela tranquebarica viridissima
Species waynei - Bruneau Dune Tiger Beetle
Genus Cicindelidia
Species abdominalis - Eastern Pinebarrens Tiger Beetle
Species amargosae - Great Basin Tiger Beetle
Subspecies nyensis - Cicindelidia amargosae nyensis
Species cazieri - Cazier's Tiger Beetle
Species floridana - Miami tiger beetle
Species haemorrhagica - Wetsalts Tiger Beetle
Subspecies arizonae - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica arizonae
Subspecies haemorrhagica - Cicindelidia haemorrhagica haemorrhagica
Species highlandensis - Highlands Tiger Beetle
Species hornii - Horn's Tiger Beetle
Species marginipennis - Cobblestone Tiger Beetle
Species melissa - Cicindelidia melissa
Species nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies bowditchi - Cicindelidia nigrocoerulea bowditchi
Subspecies nigrocoerulea - Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Subspecies subtropica - Subtropical Black Sky Tiger Beetle
Species obsoleta - Large Grassland Tiger Beetle
Subspecies obsoleta - Cicindelidia obsoleta obsoleta
Subspecies santaclarae - Cicindelidia obsoleta santaclarae
Subspecies vulturina - Prairie Tiger Beetle
Species ocellata - Ocellated Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ocellata - Cicindelidia ocellata ocellata
Species politula - Limestone Tiger Beetle
Subspecies petrophila - Cicindelidia politula petrophila
Subspecies politula - Cicindelidia politula politula
Subspecies viridimonticola - Cicindelidia politula viridimonticola
Species punctulata - Punctured Tiger Beetle
Subspecies punctulata - Cicindelidia punctulata punctulata
Subspecies chihuahuae - Cicindelidia punctulata chihuahuae
Species rufiventris - Eastern Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cumatilis - Cicindelidia rufiventris cumatilis
Subspecies rufiventris - Cicindelidia rufiventris rufiventris
Subspecies hentzii - Cicindelidia rufiventris hentzii
Species scabrosa - Scabrous Tiger Beetle
Species schauppii - Schaupp's Tiger Beetle
Species sedecimpunctata - Western Red-bellied Tiger Beetle
Species senilis - Senile Tiger Beetle
Species tenuisignata - Thin-lined Tiger Beetle
Species trifasciata - S-banded Tiger Beetle
Subspecies ascendens - Cicindelidia trifasciata ascendens
Subspecies sigmoidea - Cicindelidia trifasciata sigmoidea
Species willistoni - Williston's Tiger Beetle
Subspecies praedicta - Cicindelidia willistoni praedicta
Subspecies pseudosenilis - Cicindelidia willistoni pseudosenilis
Subspecies willistoni - Cicindelidia willistoni willistoni
Subspecies echo - Cicindelidia willistoni echo
Subspecies estancia - Cicindelidia willistoni estancia
Subspecies sulphontis - Cicindelidia willistoni sulphontis
Genus Cylindera - Rounded-thorax Tiger Beetles
Species celeripes - Swift Tiger Beetle
Species cursitans - Ant-like Tiger Beetle
Species debilis - Grass-runner Tiger Beetle
Species lemniscata - White-striped Tiger Beetle
Subspecies lemniscata - Cylindera lemniscata lemniscata
Subspecies rebaptisata - Cylindera lemniscata rebaptisata
Species lunalonga - Cylindera lunalonga
Species terricola - Variable Tiger Beetle
Subspecies cinctipennis - Cylindera terricola cinctipennis
Subspecies continua - Cylindera terricola continua
Subspecies imperfecta - Cylindera terricola imperfecta
Subspecies kaibabensis - Cylindera terricola kaibabensis
Subspecies terricola - Cylindera terricola terricola
Subspecies susanagreae - Cylindera terricola susanagreae
Species unipunctata - One-spotted Tiger Beetle
Species viridisticta - Pygmy Tiger Beetle
Genus Dromochorus - Dromo Tiger Beetles
Species belfragei - Loamy-ground Tiger Beetle
Species pilatei - Cajun Tiger Beetle
Species velutinigrens - Velvet Tiger Beetle
Species pruinina - Frosted Dromo Tiger Beetle
Genus Ellipsoptera - Ellipsed-winged Tiger Beetles
Species blanda - Sandbar Tiger Beetle
Species cuprascens - Coppery Tiger Beetle
Species gratiosa - Whitish Tiger Beetle
Species hamata - Coastal Tiger Beetle
Subspecies monti - Ellipsoptera hamata monti
Species hirtilabris - Moustached Tiger Beetle
Species lepida - Ghost Tiger Beetle
Species macra - Sandy Stream Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fluviatilis - Ellipsoptera macra fluviatilis
Species marginata - Margined Tiger Beetle
Species marutha - Aridland Tiger Beetle
Species nevadica - Nevada Tiger Beetle
Subspecies knausi - Ellipsoptera nevadica knausi
Subspecies olmosa - Ellipsoptera nevadica olmosa
Subspecies lincolniana - Salt Creek Tiger Beetle
Species puritana - Puritan Tiger Beetle
Species sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata
Subspecies inquisitor - Ellipsoptera sperata inquisitor
Subspecies sperata - Ellipsoptera sperata sperata
Species wapleri - White Sand Tiger Beetle
Genus Eunota - Eunot Tiger Beetles
Species californica - California Tiger Beetle
Subspecies mojavi - Eunota californica mojavi
Subspecies pseudoerronea - Eunota californica pseudoerronea
Species circumpicta - Cream-edged Tiger Beetle
Subspecies circumpicta - Eunota circumpicta circumpicta
Subspecies johnsoni - Eunota circumpicta johnsoni
Subspecies pembina - Eunota circumpicta pembina
Species fulgoris - Eunota fulgoris
Subspecies erronea - Eunota fulgoris erronea
Species gabbi - Eunota gabbi
Species pamphila - Gulfshore Tiger Beetle
Species praetextata - Riparian Tiger Beetle
Species severa - Saltmarsh Tiger Beetle
Species striga - Elusive Tiger Beetle
Species togata - White-cloaked Tiger Beetle
Subspecies fascinans - Eunota togata fascinans
Subspecies togata - Eunota togata togata
Genus Habroscelimorpha - Habro Tiger Beetles
Species gabbi - Western Tidal Flat Habro
Species dorsalis - Eastern Beach Tiger Beetle
Subspecies media - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis media
Subspecies venusta - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis venusta
Subspecies dorsalis - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis dorsalis
Subspecies saulcyi - Habroscelimorpha dorsalis saulcyi
Genus Microthylax
Species olivacea - Olive Tiger Beetle
Genus Opilidia - Opilid Tiger Beetles
Species chlorocephala - Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subspecies smythi - Smyth’s Lime-headed Tiger Beetle
Subfamily Loricerinae
Tribe Loricerini
Genus Loricera
Species decempunctata - Loricera decempunctata
Species foveata - Loricera foveata
Species pilicornis - Loricera pilicornis
Subfamily Elaphrinae
Genus Blethisa
Species catenaria - Blethisa catenaria
Species hudsonica - Blethisa hudsonica
Species julii - Blethisa julii
Species multipunctata - Blethisa multipunctata aurata
Species oregonensis - Blethisa oregonensis
Species quadricollis - Blethisa quadricollis
Genus Elaphrus - Marsh Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Elaphroterus
Species purpurans - Elaphrus purpurans
No Taxon subgenus Neoelaphrus
No Taxon clairvillei group
Species clairvillei - Elaphrus clairvillei
Species olivaceus - Elaphrus olivaceus
No Taxon fuliginosus group
Species cicatricosus - Elaphrus cicatricosus
Species lindrothi - Elaphrus lindrothi
No Taxon subgenus Arctelaphrus
Species lapponicus - Elaphrus lapponicus
No Taxon subgenus Elaphrus
Species americanus - Elaphrus americanus
Subspecies americanus - Elaphrus americanus americanus
Species californicus - Elaphrus californicus
Species finitimus - Elaphrus finitimus
Species ruscarius - Elaphrus ruscarius
Species trossulus - Elaphrus trossulus
Species tuberculatus - Elaphrus tuberculatus
Species viridis - Delta green ground beetle
Genus Diacheila
Species arctica - Diacheila arctica
Species polita - Diacheila polita
Subfamily Omophroninae
Tribe Omophronini
Genus Omophron - Round Sand Beetles
Species americanum - American Round Sand Beetle
Species dentatum - Toothed Round Sand Beetle
Species gilae - Gila River Round Sand Beetle
Species grossum - Large Round Sand Beetle
Species labiatum - Large-lipped Round Sand Beetle
Species nitidum - Shiny Round Sand Beetle
Species obliteratum - Effaced Round Sand Beetle
Species ovale - Oval Round Sand Beetle
Species robustum - Robust Round Sand Beetle
Species solidum - Solid Round Sand Beetle
Species tessellatum - Mosaic Round Sand Beetle
Subfamily Scaritinae
Tribe Pasimachini
Genus Pasimachus
No Taxon strenuus group
Species strenuus - Pasimachus strenuus
Species sublaevis - Pasimachus sublaevis
No Taxon depressus group
Species californicus - Pasimachus californicus
Species depressus - Pasimachus depressus
Species elongatus - Pasimachus elongatus
Species punctulatus - Pasimachus punctulatus
Species viridans - Pasimachus viridans
No Taxon marginatus group
Species marginatus - Pasimachus marginatus
Species subsulcatus - Pasimachus subsulcatus
Tribe Scaritini
Genus Scarites
Species lissopterus - Scarites lissopterus
Species marinus - Scarites marinus
Species quadriceps - Scarites quadriceps
Species stenops - Scarites stenops
Species subterraneus - Big-headed Ground Beetle
Species vicinus - Scarites vicinus
No Taxon quadriceps or vicinus
Tribe Clivinini
Subtribe Clivinina
Genus Clivina
No Taxon subgenus Semiclivina
Species dentipes - Clivina dentipes
No Taxon subgenus Clivina
Species collaris - Clivina collaris
Species fossor - Clivina fossor
Species impressefrons - Slender Seedcorn Beetle
Species oregona - Clivina oregona
Species pallida - Clivina pallida
No Taxon subgenus Antroforceps
Species alabama - Clivina alabama
No Taxon subgenus Leucocara
Species acuducta - Clivina acuducta
Species americana - Clivina americana
Species rufa - Clivina rufa
Genus Paraclivina
Species bipustulata - Paraclivina bipustulata
Species ferrea - Paraclivina ferrea
Species postica - Paraclivina postica
Genus Schizogenius
Species amphibius - Schizogenius amphibius
Species lineolatus - Schizogenius lineolatus
Species sulcifrons - Schizogenius sulcifrons
Species falli - Schizogenius falli
Genus Halocoryza
Species arenaria - Halocoryza arenaria
Genus Oxydrepanus
Species rufus - Oxydrepanus rufus
Subtribe Ardistomina
Genus Ardistomis
Species obliquata - Ardistomis obliquata
Species schaumii - Ardistomis schaumii
Genus Semiardistomis
Species puncticollis - Semiardistomis puncticollis
Species viridis - Semiardistomis viridis
Genus Aspidoglossa
Species subangulata - Aspidoglossa subangulata
Tribe Dyschiriini
Genus Akephorus
Species marinus - Akephorus marinus
Species obesus - Akephorus obesus
Genus Dyschirius
No Taxon subgenus Eudyschirius
Species interior - Dyschirius interior
Species tenuispinus - Dyschirius tenuispinus 0
Species varidens - Dyschirius varidens
No Taxon subgenus Dyschiriodes
Species pilosus - Dyschirius pilosus
No Taxon politus group
Species erythrocerus - Dyschirius erythrocerus
Species larochellei - Dyschirius larochellei
Species politus - Dyschirius politus
Species sphaericollis - Dyschirius sphaericollis 0
No Taxon pumilus group
Species abbreviatus - Dyschirius abbreviatus
Species pumilus - Dyschirius pumilus
Species sublaevis - Dyschirius sublaevis
No Taxon sellatus group
Species pallipennis - Dyschirius pallipennis 0
Species campicola - Dyschirius campicola 0
No Taxon globulosus group
Species dejeanii - Dyschirius dejeanii
Species globosus - Dyschirius globosus
Species globulosus - Dyschirius globulosus
Species hiemalis - Dyschirius hiemalis 0
Species longulus - Dyschirius longulus 0
Species planatus - Dyschirius planatus 0
No Taxon subgenus Paradyschirius
Species analis - Dyschirius analis
Species haemorrhoidalis - Dyschirius haemorrhoidalis
Species quadrimaculatus - Dyschirius quadrimaculatus 0
Species terminatus - Dyschirius terminatus
Tribe Promecognathini
Genus Promecognathus
Species crassus - Promecognathus crassus
Species laevissimus - Promecognathus laevissimus
Subfamily Broscinae
Genus Broscodera
Species insignis - Broscodera insignis
Genus Broscus
Species cephalotes - Broscus cephalotes
Genus Zacotus
Species matthewsii - Zacotus matthewsii
Genus Miscodera
Species arctica - Miscodera arctica
Subfamily Gehringiinae
Genus Gehringia
Species olympica - Gehringia olympica
Subfamily Trechinae
Tribe Bembidiini
Genus Mioptachys
Species flavicauda - Mioptachys flavicauda
Subtribe Anillina
Genus Anillinus
Species balli - Anillinus balli
Species cherokee - Anillinus cherokee
Species depressus - Anillinus depressus
Species langdoni - Anillinus langdoni
Species stephani - Anillinus stephani
Species virginiae - Anillinus virginiae
Species erwini - Anillinus erwini
Species fortis - Anillinus fortis
Subtribe Tachyina
Genus Tachyta
No Taxon inornata group
Species inornata - Tachyta inornata
Species parvicornis - Tachyta parvicornis
No Taxon falli group
Species angulata - Tachyta angulata
Species falli - Tachyta falli
Genus Elaphropus
No Taxon subgenus Tachyura
Species parvulus - Elaphropus parvulus
Species quadrisignatus - Elaphropus quadrisignatus
No Taxon subgenus Barytachys
Species anceps - Elaphropus anceps
Species capax - Elaphropus capax
Species conjugens - Elaphropus conjugens
Species dolosus - Elaphropus dolosus
Species ferrugineus - Elaphropus ferrugineus
Species granarius - Elaphropus granarius
Species incurvus - Elaphropus incurvus
Species nebulosus - Elaphropus nebulosus
Species obesulus - Elaphropus obesulus
Species rapax - Elaphropus rapax
Species tripunctatus - Elaphropus tripunctatus
Species vernicatus - Elaphropus vernicatus
Species vivax - Elaphropus vivax
Species xanthopus - Elaphropus xanthopus
Genus Micratopus
Species aenescens - Micratopus aenescens
Genus Pericompsus
Species laetulus - Pericompsus laetulus
Species ephippiatus - Pericompsus ephippiatus
Genus Polyderis
Species laeva - Polyderis laeva
Genus Porotachys
Species bisulcatus - Porotachys bisulcatus
Genus Tachys
No Taxon subgenus Tachys
Species pulchellus - Tachys pulchellus
Species pallidus - Tachys pallidus
Species vittiger - Tachys cf. vittiger
No Taxon subgenus Paratachys
Species oblitus - Tachys oblitus
Species potomaca - Tachys potomaca
Species proximus - Tachys proximus
Species pumilus - Tachys pumilus
Species rhodeanus - Tachys rhodeanus
Species scitulus - Tachys scitulus
Species vorax - Tachys vorax
Genus Polyderidius
Genus Nothoderis
Species rufotestacea - Nothoderis rufotestacea
Subtribe Bembidiina
Genus Amerizus
Species oblongulum - Amerizus oblongulum
Species spectabilis - Amerizus spectabilis
Species wingatei - Amerizus wingatei
Genus Lionepha
Species casta - Lionepha casta
Genus Asaphidion
Species curtum - Asaphidion curtum
Species yukonense - Asaphidion yukonense
Genus Bembidion
No Taxon Subgenus Asioperyphus
Species bimaculatum - Bembidion bimaculatum
Species postremum - Bembidion postremum
Species sordidum - Bembidion sordidum
No Taxon Subgenus Bembidion
Species mutatum - Bembidion mutatum
Species pedicellatum - Bembidion pedicellatum
Species quadrimaculatum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum
Subspecies dubitans - Bembidion quadrimaculatum dubitans
Subspecies oppositum - Bembidion quadrimaculatum oppositum
No Taxon Subgenus Blepharoplataphus
Species hastii - Bembidion hastii
No Taxon Subgenus Bracteon
Species carinula - Bembidion carinula
Species foveum - Bembidion foveum
Species inaequale - Bembidion inaequale
Species lapponicum - Bembidion lapponicum
Species levettei - Bembidion levettei
Species lorquinii - Bembidion lorquinii
Species punctatostriatum - Bembidion punctatostriatum
Species zephyrum - Bembidion zephyrum
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclolopha
Species poculare - Bembidion poculare
Species sphaeroderum - Bembidion sphaeroderum
No Taxon Subgenus Cillenus
Species palosverdes - Bembidion palosverdes
No Taxon Subgenus Diplocampa
Species transparens - Bembidion transparens
No Taxon Subgenus Eupetedromus
Species graciliforme - Bembidion graciliforme
Species immaturum - Bembidion immaturum
Species incrematum - Bembidion incrematum
Species variegatum - Bembidion variegatum
No Taxon Subgenus Furcacampa
Species affine - Bembidion affine
No Taxon versicolor group
Species egens - Bembidion egens
Species impotens - Bembidion impotens
Species mimus - Bembidion mimus
Species timidum - Bembidion timidum
Species versicolor - Bembidion versicolor
No Taxon Subgenus Hirmoplataphus
Species concolor - Bembidion concolor
Species nigrum - Bembidion nigrum
Species quadrulum - Bembidion quadrulum
Species salebratum - Bembidion salebratum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydriomicrus
Species semistriatum - Bembidion semistriatum
No Taxon Subgenus Hydrium
Species levigatum - Bembidion levigatum
No Taxon nitidum group
Species interventor - Bembidion interventor
Species nitidum - Bembidion nitidum
No Taxon Subgenus Leuchydrium
Species tigrinum - Bembidion tigrinum
No Taxon Subgenus Liocosmius
Species mundum - Bembidion mundum
No Taxon Subgenus Lymnaeum
Species laticeps - Bembidion laticeps
Species nigropiceum - Bembidion nigropiceum
No Taxon Subgenus Melomalus
Species planatum - Bembidion planatum
No Taxon Subgenus Metallina
Species dyschirinum - Bembidion dyschirinum
Species lampros - Bembidion lampros
Species properans - Bembidion properans
No Taxon Subgenus Neobembidion
Species constricticolle - Bembidion constricticolle
No Taxon Subgenus Notaphus
Species mormon - Bembidion mormon
No Taxon contractum group
Species acticola - Bembidion acticola
Species constrictum - Bembidion constrictum
Species contractum - Bembidion contractum
Species viridicolle - Bembidion viridicolle
No Taxon dorsale group
Species oberthueri - Bembidion oberthueri
Species versutum - Bembidion versutum
No Taxon obtusangulum group
No Taxon patruele group
Species castor - Bembidion castor
Species coloradense - Bembidion coloradense
Species debiliceps - Bembidion debiliceps
Species graphicum - Bembidion graphicum
Species indistinctum - Bembidion indistinctum
Species insulatum - Bembidion insulatum
Species intermedium - Bembidion intermedium
Species latebricola - Bembidion latebricola
Species nigripes - Bembidion nigripes
Species patruele - Bembidion patruele
Species semipunctatum - Bembidion semipunctatum
No Taxon rapidum group
Species aratum - Bembidion aratum
Species rapidum - Bembidion rapidum
No Taxon scudderi group
Species consimile - Bembidion consimile
Species flohri - Bembidion flohri
Species scudderi - Bembidion scudderi
No Taxon B. patruele or possibly a member of the graphicum group
No Taxon Subgenus Ochthedromus
Species americanum - Bembidion americanum
Species bifossulatum - Bembidion bifossulatum
Species cheyennense - Bembidion cheyennense
No Taxon Subgenus Ocydromus
Species scopulinum - Bembidion scopulinum
No Taxon Subgenus Odontium
Species confusum - Bembidion confusum
Species paraenulum - Bembidion paraenulum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphanes
Species grapii - Bembidion grapii
Species lacunarium - Bembidion lacunarium
Species platynoides - Bembidion platynoides
Species stephensii - Bembidion stephensii
Species subangustatum - Bembidion subangustatum
Species yukonum - Bembidion yukonum
Species texanum - Bembidion texanum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphodes
Species ephippigerum - Bembidion ephippigerum
No Taxon Subgenus Peryphus
No Taxon striola group
Species consanguineum - Bembidion consanguineum
No Taxon tetracolum group
Species bruxellense - Bembidion bruxellense
Species femoratum - Bembidion femoratum
Species obscurellum - Bembidion obscurellum
Species petrosum - Bembidion petrosum
Species rupicola - Bembidion rupicola
Species sejunctum - Bembidion sejunctum
Subspecies semiaureum - Bembidion sejunctum semiaureum
Species tetracolum - Bembidion tetracolum
No Taxon transversale group
Species lugubre - Bembidion lugubre
Species mexicanum - Bembidion mexicanum
Species perspicuum - Bembidion perspicuum
Species transversale - Bembidion transversale
No Taxon Subgenus Phyla
Species obtusum - Bembidion obtusum
No Taxon Subgenus Plataphus
No Taxon complanulum group
Species breve - Bembidion breve
Species complanulum - Bembidion complanulum
Species compressum - Bembidion compressum
Species farrarae - Bembidion farrarae
Species haruspex - Bembidion haruspex
Species kuprianovii - Bembidion kuprianovii
Species quadrifoveolatum - Bembidion quadrifoveolatum
No Taxon planiusculum group
Species carolinense - Bembidion carolinense
Species curtulatum - Bembidion curtulatum
Species gordoni - Bembidion gordoni
Species gratiosum - Bembidion gratiosum
Species planiusculum - Bembidion planiusculum
Species rufinum - Bembidion rufinum
Species rusticum - Bembidion rusticum
Species simplex - Bembidion simplex
Species stillaguamish - Bembidion stillaguamish
Species sulcipenne - Bembidion sulcipenne
Subspecies hyperboroides - Bembidion sulcipenne hyperboroides
Subspecies prasinoides - Bembidion sulcipenne prasinoides
Species basicorne - Bembidion basicorne
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoperyphus
No Taxon chalceum group
Species antiquum - Bembidion antiquum
Species chalceum - Bembidion chalceum
Species louisella - Bembidion louisella
No Taxon honestum group
Species honestum - Bembidion honestum
Species arenobile - Bembidion arenobile
No Taxon Subgenus Semicampa
Species convexulum - Bembidion convexulum
Species muscicola - Bembidion muscicola
Species semicinctum - Bembidion semicinctum
Species praticola - Bembidion praticola
No Taxon Subgenus Terminophanes
Species mckinleyi - Bembidion mckinleyi
Subspecies carneum - Bembidion mckinleyi carneum
No Taxon Subgenus Testediolum
Species commotum - Bembidion commotum
Species nebraskense - Bembidion nebraskense
No Taxon Subgenus Trechonepha
Species iridescens - Bembidion iridescens
Species trechiforme - Bembidion trechiforme
No Taxon Subgenus Trepanedoris
No Taxon connivens group
Species connivens - Bembidion connivens
Species frontale - Bembidion frontale
Species siticum - Bembidion siticum
No Taxon fortestriatum group
Species concretum - Bembidion concretum
Species fortestriatum - Bembidion fortestriatum
Species pseudocautum - Bembidion pseudocautum
No Taxon Subgenus Trichoplataphus
Species ozarkense - Bembidion ozarkense
Species rolandi - Bembidion rolandi
Species fugax - Bembidion fugax
Species planum - Bembidion planum
Genus Phrypeus
Species rickseckeri - Phrypeus rickseckeri
Tribe Pogonini
Genus Diplochaetus
Species rutilus - Diplochaetus rutilus
Genus Pogonus
Species texanus - Pogonus texanus
Tribe Trechini
Genus Ameroduvalius
Species jeanneli - Ameroduvalius jeanneli
Genus Blemus
Species discus - Blemus discus
Genus Darlingtonea
Species kentuckensis - Darlingtonea kentuckensis
Genus Neaphaenops
Species tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi
Subspecies tellkampfi - Neaphaenops tellkampfi tellkampfi
Genus Pseudanophthalmus
Species hoffmani - Pseudanophthalmus hoffmani
Species holsingeri - Pseudanophthalmus holsingeri
Species tenuis - Pseudanophthalmus tenuis
Genus Trechus
No Taxon Subgenus Microtrechus
Species tuckaleechee - Trechus tuckaleechee
No Taxon Subgenus Trechus
Species apicalis - Trechus apicalis
Species chalybeus - Trechus chalybeus
Species hydropicus - Trechus hydropicus
No Taxon quadristriatus group
Species obtusus - Trechus obtusus
Species quadristriatus - Trechus quadristriatus
Species rubens - Trechus rubens
Subfamily Patrobinae
Tribe Patrobini
Genus Diplous
Species aterrimus - Diplous aterrimus
Species californicus - Diplous californicus
Species rugicollis - Diplous rugicollis
Genus Platidiolus
Species vandykei - Platidiolus vandykei
Subtribe Patrobina
Genus Patrobus
Species foveocollis - Patrobus foveocollis
No Taxon fossifrons group
Species lecontei - Patrobus lecontei
Species stygicus - Patrobus stygicus
No Taxon longicornis group
Species longicornis - Patrobus longicornis
No Taxon septentrionis group
Species cinctus - Patrobus cinctus
Species septentrionis - Patrobus septentrionis
Genus Platypatrobus
Species lacustris - Platypatrobus lacustris
Subfamily Psydrinae
Tribe Psydrini
Genus Nomius
Species pygmaeus - Stink Beetle
Genus Psydrus
Species piceus - Psydrus piceus
Subfamily Paussinae
Tribe Metriini
Genus Metrius
Species contractus - Metrius contractus
Subspecies sericeus - Metrius contractus sericeus
Tribe Ozaenini
Genus Goniotropis
Species kuntzeni - Goniotropis kuntzeni
Species parca - Goniotropis parca
Genus Physea
Species hirta - Physea hirta
Genus Pachyteles
Species gyllenhalii - Pachyteles gyllenhalii
Subfamily Brachininae
Genus Brachinus - Bombardier Beetle
No Taxon alternans group
Species alternans - Brachinus alternans
Species rugipennis - Brachinus rugipennis
No Taxon americanus group
Species alexiguus - Brachinus alexiguus
Species americanus - Brachinus americanus
No Taxon cordicollis group
Species cyanochroaticus - Brachinus cyanochroaticus
Species fulminatus - Brachinus fulminatus
Species janthinipennis - Brachinus janthinipennis
Species vulcanoides - Brachinus vulcanoides
No Taxon fumans group
Species cibolensis - Brachinus cibolensis
Species cyanipennis - Brachinus cyanipennis
Species favicollis - Brachinus favicollis
Species fumans - Brachinus fumans
Species imporcitis - Brachinus imporcitis
Species medius - Brachinus medius
Species mexicanus - Brachinus mexicanus
Species patruelis - Brachinus patruelis
Species phaeocerus - Brachinus phaeocerus
Species quadripennis - Brachinus quadripennis
No Taxon lateralis group
Species adustipennis - Brachinus adustipennis
Species lateralis - Brachinus lateralis
No Taxon texanus group
Species elongatulus - Brachinus elongatulus
Species geniculatus - Brachinus geniculatus
Species texanus - Brachinus texanus
Species costipennis - Brachinus costipennis
Species hirsutus - Brachinus hirsutus
Subfamily Harpalinae
Supertribe Harpalitae
Tribe Atranini
Genus Atranus
Species pubescens - Atranus pubescens
Tribe Ctenodactylini
Genus Leptotrachelus
Species depressus - Leptotrachelus depressus
Species dorsalis - Leptotrachelus dorsalis
Tribe Cyclosomini
Genus Tetragonoderus
Species intersectus - Tetragonoderus intersectus
Species pallidus - Tetragonoderus pallidus
Species fasciatus - Tetragonoderus fasciatus
Species latipennis - Tetragonoderus latipennis
Species laevigatus - Tetragonoderus laevigatus
Tribe Galeritini
Genus Galerita - False Bombardier Beetles
Species aequinoctialis - Galerita (Galerita) aequinoctialis
No Taxon subgenus Progaleritina
Species atripes - Galerita atripes
Species bicolor - Galerita bicolor
Species forreri - Galerita forreri
Species janus - Galerita janus
Species lecontei - Galerita lecontei
Species mexicana - Galerita mexicana
Species reichardti - Galerita reichardti
No Taxon larvae
Tribe Harpalini
Subtribe Pelmatellina
Genus Pelmatellus
Species obtusus - Pelmatellus obtusus
Subtribe Anisodactylina
Genus Notiobia
Species brevicollis - Notiobia brevicollis
Species cephala - Notiobia cephala
Species maculicornis - Notiobia maculicornis
Species mexicana - Notiobia mexicana
Species nitidipennis - Notiobia nitidipennis
Species purpurascens - Notiobia purpurascens
Species sayi - Notiobia sayi
Species terminata - Notiobia terminata
Genus Xestonotus
Species lugubris - Xestonotus lugubris
Genus Anisodactylus
No Taxon Subgenus Anisodactylus
Species binotatus - Anisodactylus binotatus
Species nemorivagus - Heath Short-spur
No Taxon californicus group
Species furvus - Anisodactylus furvus
Species similis - Anisodactylus similis
No Taxon carbonarius group
Species harrisii - Anisodactylus harrisii
Species nigerrimus - Anisodactylus nigerrimus
No Taxon melanopus group
Species agricola - Anisodactylus agricola
Species melanopus - Anisodactylus melanopus
No Taxon nigrita group
Species kirbyi - Anisodactylus kirbyi
Species nigrita - Anisodactylus nigrita
No Taxon Subgenus Gynandrotarsus
No Taxon rusticus group
Species anthracinus - Anisodactylus anthracinus
Species haplomus - Anisodactylus haplomus
Species merula - Anisodactylus merula
Species ovularis - Anisodactylus ovularis
Species rusticus - Anisodactylus rusticus
No Taxon dulcicollis group
Species dulcicollis - Anisodactylus dulcicollis
Species harpaloides - Anisodactylus harpaloides
Species opaculus - Anisodactylus opaculus
No Taxon Subgenus Anadaptus
Species alternans - Anisodactylus alternans
Species discoideus - Anisodactylus discoideus
Species sanctaecrucis - Anisodactylus sanctaecrucis
Species verticalis - Anisodactylus (Spongopus) verticalis
No Taxon Subgenus Aplocentrus
Species caenus - Anisodactylus caenus
Species laetus - Anisodactylus (Pseudaplocentrus) laetus
Genus Geopinus
Species incrassatus - Geopinus incrassatus
Genus Amphasia
Species sericea - Amphasia sericea
Species interstitialis - Amphasia interstitialis
Genus Dicheirus
Species dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus
Subspecies dilatatus - Dicheirus dilatatus dilatatus
Species piceus - Dicheirus piceus
Species strenuus - Dicheirus strenuus
Subtribe Stenolophina
Genus Acupalpus
No Taxon subgenus Acupalpus
Species canadensis - Acupalpus canadensis
Species carus - Acupalpus carus
Species hydropicus - Acupalpus hydropicus
Species meridianus - Acupalpus meridianus
Species nanellus - Acupalpus nanellus
Species pumilus - Acupalpus pumilus
No Taxon subgenus Tachistodes
Species indistinctus - Acupalpus indistinctus
Species partiarius - Acupalpus partiarius
Species pauperculus - Acupalpus pauperculus
Species testaceus - Acupalpus testaceus
No Taxon subgenus Anthracus
Genus Agonoleptus
Species conjunctus - Agonoleptus conjunctus
Species rotundatus - Agonoleptus rotundatus
Species rotundicollis - Agonoleptus rotundicollis
Species thoracicus - Agonoleptus thoracicus
Genus Amerinus
Species linearis - Amerinus linearis
Genus Bradycellus
No Taxon subgenus Liocellus
No Taxon subgenus Bradycellus
Species harpalinus - Bradycellus harpalinus
No Taxon subgenus Catharellus
Species lecontei - Bradycellus lecontei
No Taxon subgenus Stenocellus
Species festinans - Bradycellus festinans
Species montanus - Bradycellus montanus
Species suavis - Bradycellus suavis
Species veronianus - Bradycellus veronianus
No Taxon nigriceps group
Species insulsus - Bradycellus insulsus
Species neglectus - Bradycellus neglectus
Species nigriceps - Bradycellus nigriceps
No Taxon rupestris group
Species congener - Bradycellus congener
Species nigerrimus - Bradycellus nigerrimus
Species nubifer - Bradycellus nubifer
Species rupestris - Bradycellus rupestris
No Taxon tantillus group
Species californicus - Bradycellus californicus
Species tantillus - Bradycellus tantillus
Species lineatus - Bradycellus lineatus
No Taxon subgenus Lipalocellus
Species nigrinus - Bradycellus nigrinus
No Taxon subgenus Triliarthrus
Species atrimedeus - Bradycellus atrimedeus
Species badipennis - Bradycellus badipennis
Species conformis - Bradycellus conformis
Species lugubris - Bradycellus lugubris
Genus Dicheirotrichus
Species cognatus - Dicheirotrichus cognatus
Species mannerheimii - Dicheirotrichus (Oreoxenus) mannerheimii
Genus Philodes
Species alternans - Philodes (s.str.) alternans
No Taxon subgenus Goniolophus
Species longulus - Philodes longulus
Species rectangulus - Philodes rectangulus
Genus Pogonodaptus
Species mexicanus - Pogonodaptus mexicanus
Genus Polpochila
Species capitata - Polpochila capitata
Species erro - Polpochila erro
Genus Stenolophus - Seedcorn Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Stenolophus
Species anceps - Stenolophus anceps
Species dissimilis - Stenolophus dissimilis
Species fuliginosus - Stenolophus fuliginosus
Species fuscatus - Stenolophus fuscatus
Species ochropezus - Stenolophus ochropezus
Species plebejus - Stenolophus plebejus
Species spretus - Stenolophus spretus
Species humidus - Stenolophus humidus
No Taxon subgenus Agonoderus
Species binotatus - Stenolophus binotatus
Species comma - Stenolophus comma
Species infuscatus - Stenolophus infuscatus
Species lecontei - LeConte's Seedcorn Beetle
Species lineola - Stenolophus lineola
Species maculatus - Stenolophus maculatus
Subtribe Harpalina
Genus Piosoma
Species setosum - Piosoma setosum
Genus Euryderus
Species grossus - Euryderus grossus
Genus Ophonus
Species rufibarbis - Ophonus rufibarbis
Species puncticeps - Ophonus puncticeps
Genus Harpalus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudoophonus
No Taxon compar group
Species actiosus - Harpalus actiosus
Species compar - Harpalus compar
Species erythropus - Harpalus erythropus
Species paratus - Harpalus paratus
Species vagans - Harpalus vagans
No Taxon pensylvanicus group
Species pensylvanicus - Pennsylvania Dingy Ground Beetle
Species protractus - Harpalus protractus
Species texanus - Harpalus texanus
No Taxon rufipes group
Species faunus - Harpalus faunus
Species rufipes - Strawberry Seed Beetle
No Taxon Subgenus Megapangus
Species caliginosus - Murky Ground Beetle
Species katiae - Harpalus katiae
No Taxon Subgenus Plectralidus
Species erraticus - Harpalus erraticus
No Taxon Subgenus Opadius
No Taxon nigritarsis group
Species nigritarsis - Harpalus nigritarsis
No Taxon spadiceus group
Species fulvilabris - Harpalus fulvilabris
Species reversus - Harpalus reversus
Species spadiceus - Harpalus spadiceus
No Taxon desertus group
Species gravis - Harpalus gravis
Species indianus - Harpalus indianus
No Taxon cordatus group
Species cordifer - Harpalus cordifer
No Taxon laticeps group
Species laticeps - Harpalus laticeps
Species providens - Harpalus providens
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalus
No Taxon somnulentus group
Species herbivagus - Harpalus herbivagus
Species somnulentus - Harpalus somnulentus
No Taxon cautus group
Species ellipsis - Harpalus ellipsis
Species innocuus - Harpalus innocuus
No Taxon obnixus group
No Taxon atrichatus group
No Taxon amputatus group
Species amputatus - Harpalus amputatus
No Taxon affinis group
Species affinis - Harpalus affinis
Species rubripes - Harpalus rubripes
No Taxon opacipennis group
Species opacipennis - Harpalus opacipennis
No Taxon Subgenus Harpalobius
Species fuscipalpis - Harpalus fuscipalpis
No Taxon Subgenus Glanodes
Genus Harpalobrachys
Species leiroides - Harpalobrachys leiroides
Genus Hartonymus
Species alternatus - Hartonymus alternatus
Species hoodi - Hartonymus hoodi
Genus Amblygnathus
Species subtinctus - Amblygnathus subtinctus
Species mexicanus - Amblygnathus mexicanus
Genus Athrostictus
Species punctatulus - Athrostictus punctatulus
Genus Selenophorus
No Taxon subgenus Selenophorus
Species aeneopiceus - Selenophorus aeneopiceus
Species concinnus - Selenophorus concinnus
Species famulus - Selenophorus famulus
Species fatuus - Selenophorus fatuus
Species gagatinus - Selenophorus gagatinus
Species hylacis - Selenophorus hylacis
Species opalinus - Selenophorus opalinus
Species palliatus - Selenophorus palliatus
Species parumpunctatus - Selenophorus parumpunctatus
Species pedicularius - Selenophorus pedicularius
Species planipennis - Selenophorus planipennis
Species sinuaticollis - Selenophorus sinuaticollis
Species striatopunctatus - Selenophorus striatopunctatus
Species trepidus - Selenophorus near trepidus
No Taxon subgenus Celiamorphus
Species discopunctatus - Selenophorus discopunctatus
Species ellipticus - Selenophorus ellipticus
Species fossulatus - Selenophorus fossulatus
Species granarius - Selenophorus granarius
Genus Discoderus
Species aequalis - Discoderus aequalis
Species amoenus - Discoderus amoenus
Species cordicollis - Discoderus (Senalius) cordicollis
Species impotens - Discoderus impotens
Species parallelus - Discoderus parallelus
Species robustus - Discoderus robustus
Genus Stenomorphus
Species californicus - Stenomorphus californicus
Subspecies rufipes - Stenomorphus californicus rufipes
Species sinaloae - Stenomorphus sinaloae
Species convexior - Stenomorphus convexior
Genus Trichotichnus
No Taxon subgenus Iridessus
Species autumnalis - Trichotichnus autumnalis
Species fulgens - Trichotichnus fulgens
No Taxon subgenus Trichotichnus
Species dichrous - Trichotichnus dichrous
Species vulpeculus - Trichotichnus vulpeculus
Genus Aztecarpalus
Species schaefferi - Aztecarpalus schaefferi
Genus Cratacanthus
Species dubius - Cratacanthus dubius
Tribe Helluonini - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Genus Helluomorphoides - Flat-horned Ground Beetles
Species clairvillei - Helluomorphoides clairvillei
Species ferrugineus - Helluomorphoides ferrugineus
Species latitarsis - Helluomorphoides latitarsis
Species nigripennis - Helluomorphoides nigripennis
Species praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus
Subspecies praeustus - Helluomorphoides praeustus praeustus
Subspecies bicolor - Helluomorphoides praeustus bicolor
Tribe Lachnophorini
Genus Anchonoderus
Species horni - Anchonoderus horni
Species quadrinotatus - Anchonoderus quadrinotatus
Species schaefferi - Anchonoderus schaefferi
Genus Ega
Species sallei - Ega sallei
Genus Euphorticus
Species pubescens - Euphorticus pubescens
Genus Eucaerus
Species varicornis - Eucaerus varicornis
Genus Lachnophorus
Species elegantulus - Lachnophorus elegantulus
Tribe Lebiini
Subtribe Pericalina
Genus Mochtherus
Species tetraspilotus - Mochtherus tetraspilotus
Genus Phloeoxena
Species signata - Phloeoxena signata
Genus Eucheila
Species boyeri - Eucheila boyeri
Genus Somotrichus
Species unifasciatus - Somotrichus unifasciatus
Genus Coptodera
Species aerata - Coptodera aerata
Genus Cymindis
No Taxon Subgenus Pinacodera
Species complanata - Cymindis complanata
Species limbata - Cymindis limbata
Species platicollis - Cymindis platicollis
Species punctifera - Cymindis punctifera
Species rufostigma - Cymindis rufostigma
No Taxon Subgenus Tarulus
Species americana - Cymindis americana
Species borealis - Cymindis borealis
Species cribricollis - Cymindis cribricollis
Species elegans - Cymindis elegans
Species laticollis-or-interior - Cymindis laticollis-or-interior
Species neglecta - Cymindis neglecta
Species pilosa - Cymindis pilosa
Species planipennis - Cymindis planipennis
Species unicolor - Cymindis unicolor
Species uniseriata - Cymindis uniseriata
Species vaporariorum - Cymindis vaporariorum
Genus Apenes
Species coriacea - Apenes coriacea
Species hilariola - Apenes hilariola
Species lucidula - Apenes lucidula
Species nebulosa - Apenes nebulosa
Species parallela - Apenes parallela
Species sinuata - Apenes sinuata
Subtribe Dromiusina
Genus Dromius
Species fenestratus - Dromius fenestratus
Species piceus - Dromius piceus
Genus Philorhizus
Species melanocephalus - Philorhizus melanocephalus
Genus Microlestes
Species curtipennis - Microlestes curtipennis
Genus Apristus
Species latens - Apristus latens
Species laticollis - Apristus laticollis
Species constrictus - Apristus constrictus
Species subsulcatus - Apristus subsulcatus
Genus Syntomus
Species americanus - Syntomus americanus
Genus Axinopalpus
Species biplagiatus - Axinopalpus biplagiatus
Species fusciceps - Axinopalpus fusciceps
Subtribe Lebiina
Genus Lebia - Colorful Foliage Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Loxopeza
No Taxon atriventris group
Species atriceps - Lebia atriceps
Species atriventris - Lebia atriventris
No Taxon tricolor group
Species deceptrix - Lebia deceptrix
Species grandis - Large Foliage Ground Beetle
Species pimalis - Lebia pimalis
Species subgrandis - Lebia subgrandis
Species tricolor - Lebia tricolor
No Taxon subgenus Lamprias
Species divisa - Lebia divisa
No Taxon subgenus Lebia
Species analis - Lebia analis
Species bitaeniata - Lebia bitaeniata
No Taxon bivittata group
Species abdominalis - Lebia abdominalis
Species bilineata - Lebia bilineata
Species bivittata - Lebia bivittata
Species collaris - Lebia collaris
No Taxon fuscata group
Species abdita - Lebia abdita
Species calliope - Lebia calliope
Species esurialis - Lebia esurialis
Species fuscata - Lebia fuscata
Species guttula - Lebia guttula
Species lobulata - Lebia lobulata
Species ornata - Lebia ornata
Species subrugosa - Lebia subrugosa
Species bumeliae - Lebia bumeliae
Species pulchella - Beautiful Banded Lebia
Species pumila - Lebia pumila
Species rugatifrons - Lebia rugatifrons
Species scalpta - Lebia scalpta
Species scapula - Lebia scapula
Species variegata - Lebia variegata
Species viridipennis - Green-winged Lebia
No Taxon viridis group
Species arizonica - Lebia arizonica
Species cyanipennis - Lebia cyanipennis
Species marginicollis - Lebia marginicollis
Species moesta - Lebia moesta
Species perita - Lebia perita
Species rufopleura - Lebia rufopleura
Species tuckeri - Lebia tuckeri
Species viridis - Lebia viridis
No Taxon vittata group
Species histrionica - Lebia histrionica
Species miranda - Lebia miranda
Species pectita - Lebia pectita
Species solea - Lebia solea
Species vittata - Lebia vittata
Species uasm-lebia-fifty-three - Lebia uasm-lebia-fifty-three
Genus Hyboptera
Species auxiliadora - Hyboptera auxiliadora
Subtribe Calleidina
Genus Plochionus
Species amandus - Plochionus amandus
Species timidus - Plochionus timidus
Genus Tecnophilus
Species croceicollis - Tecnophilus croceicollis
Genus Calleida
No Taxon subgenus Calleida
Species decora - Calleida decora
Species fimbriata - Calleida fimbriata
Species planulata - Calleida planulata
Species platynoides - Calleida platynoides
Species punctata - Calleida punctata
Species punctulata - Calleida punctulata
Species purpurea - Calleida purpurea
Species viridipennis - Calleida viridipennis
No Taxon decora or punctata
Genus Philophuga
Species caerulea - Philophuga caerulea
Species viridicollis - Philophuga viridicollis
Species viridis - Philophuga viridis
Subspecies amoena - Philophuga viridis amoena
Genus Onota
Species angulicollis - Onota angulicollis
Genus Cylindronotum
Species aeneum - Cylindronotum aeneum
Genus Agra
Species oblongopunctata - =NOT IN OUR AREA=
Genus Euproctinus
Species balli - Euproctinus balli
Species abjectus - Euproctinus abjectus
Genus Nemotarsus
Species rhombifer - Nemotarsus rhombifer
Species elegans - Nemotarsus elegans
Tribe Licinini
Genus Badister
No Taxon Subgenus Baudia
Species transversus - Badister transversus
No Taxon micans group
Species grandiceps - Badister grandiceps
Species micans - Badister micans
Species parviceps - Badister parviceps
Species reflexus - Badister reflexus
No Taxon Subgenus Badister
Species notatus - Badister notatus
No Taxon pulchellus group
Species neopulchellus - Badister neopulchellus
No Taxon elegans group
Species elegans - Badister elegans
Species flavipes - Badister flavipes
Species maculatus - Badister maculatus
Subtribe Dicaelina
Genus Diplocheila
Species assimilis - Diplocheila assimilis
Species impressicollis - Diplocheila impressicollis
Species obtusa - Diplocheila obtusa
Species oregona - Diplocheila oregona
Species striatopunctata - Diplocheila striatopunctata
Genus Dicaelus - Notched-mouth Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Paradicaelus
Species elongatus - Dicaelus elongatus
No Taxon politus group
Species ambiguus - Dicaelus ambiguus
Species politus - Dicaelus politus
Species teter - Dicaelus teter
No Taxon furvus group
Species dilatatus - Dicaelus dilatatus
Species furvus - Dicaelus furvus
Species sculptilis - Dicaelus sculptilis
No Taxon subgenus Dicaelus
Species costatus - Dicaelus costatus
Species crenatus - Dicaelus crenatus
Species purpuratus - Dicaelus purpuratus
No Taxon subgenus Liodicaelus
Species laevipennis - Dicaelus laevipennis
Tribe Odacanthini
Genus Colliuris - Long-necked Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Calocolliuris
Species caymanensis - Colliuris caymanensis
Species lioptera - Colliuris lioptera
Species ludoviciana - Colliuris ludoviciana
No Taxon subgenus Cosnania
Species pensylvanica - Colliuris pensylvanica
Species lengi - Colliuris lengi
Tribe Pentagonicini
Genus Pentagonica
Species bicolor - Pentagonica bicolor
Species felix - Pentagonica felix
Species flavipes - Pentagonica flavipes
Species marshalli - Pentagonica marshalli
Species picticornis - Pentagonica picticornis
Tribe Perigonini
Genus Perigona
Species nigriceps - Perigona nigriceps
Tribe Platynini
Genus Olisthopus
Species micans - Olisthopus micans
Species parmatus - Olisthopus parmatus
Genus Elliptoleus
Species acutesculptus - Elliptoleus acutesculptus
Genus Sericoda
Species bembidioides - Sericoda bembidioides
Species bogemannii - Sericoda bogemannii
Species obsoleta - Sericoda obsoleta
Species quadripunctata - Sericoda quadripunctata
Genus Tetraleucus
Species picticornis - Tetraleucus picticornis
Genus Anchomenus
Species aeneolus - Anchomenus aeneolus
Species funebris - Anchomenus funebris
Species quadratus - Anchomenus quadratus
Genus Rhadine
Species babcocki - Rhadine babcocki
Species dissecta - Rhadine dissecta
Species howdeni - Rhadine howdeni
No Taxon dissecta species group
Species lindrothi - Rhadine lindrothi
No Taxon larvalis species group
Species caudata - Rhadine caudata
Species ozarkensis - Rhadine ozarkensis
No Taxon subterranea species group
Species infernalis - Rhadine infernalis
Species austinica - Rhadine austinica
No Taxon nivalis species group
Species nivalis - Rhadine nivalis
No Taxon perlevis species group
No Taxon jejuna species group
Species jejuna - Rhadine jejuna
Species myrmecodes - Rhadine myrmecodes
Genus Tanystoma
Species diabolica - Tanystoma diabolica
Species maculicolle - Tule Beetle
Species striatum - Tanystoma striatum
Genus Paranchus
Species albipes - Paranchus albipes
Genus Oxypselaphus
Species pusillus - Oxypselaphus pusillus
Genus Agonum
No Taxon Subgenus Europhilus
Species anchomenoides - Agonum anchomenoides
Species canadense - Agonum canadense
Species consimile - Agonum consimile
Species darlingtoni - Agonum darlingtoni
Species galvestonicum - Agonum galvestonicum
Species gratiosum - Agonum gratiosum
Species limbatum - Agonum limbatum
Species lutulentum - Agonum lutulentum
Species palustre - Agonum palustre
Species retractum - Agonum retractum
Species sordens - Agonum sordens
Species thoreyi - Agonum thoreyi
No Taxon Subgenus Agonum
Species muelleri - Agonum muelleri
Species piceolum - Agonum piceolum
Species placidum - Agonum placidum
No Taxon Subgenus Olisares
Species albicrus - Agonum albicrus
No Taxon cupripenne group
Species belleri - Beller's Ground Beetle
Species cupreum - Agonum cupreum
Species cupripenne - Agonum cupripenne
Species suturale - Agonum suturale
Species cyclifer - Agonum cyclifer
No Taxon errans group
Species errans - Agonum errans
Species ferreum - Agonum ferreum
Species excavatum - Agonum excavatum
No Taxon extensicolle group
Species cyanopis - Agonum cyanopis
Species decorum - Agonum decorum
Species extensicolle - Agonum extensicolle
Species texanum - Agonum texanum
Species extimum - Agonum extimum
No Taxon melanarium group
Species affine - Agonum affine
Species brevicolle - Agonum brevicolle
Species collare - Agonum collare
Species corvus - Agonum corvus
Species fidele - Agonum fidele
Species harrisii - Agonum harrisii
Species melanarium - Agonum melanarium
Species moerens - Agonum moerens
Species mutatum - Agonum mutatum
Species propinquum - Agonum propinquum
Species tenue - Agonum tenue
Species trigeminum - Agonum trigeminum
No Taxon nutans group
Species aeruginosum - Agonum aeruginosum
Species nutans - Agonum nutans
Species striatopunctatum - Agonum striatopunctatum
Species octopunctatum - Agonum octopunctatum
No Taxon pallipes group
Species crenistriatum - Agonum crenistriatum
Species pallipes - Agonum pallipes
Species punctiforme - Agonum punctiforme
Species rigidulum - Agonum rigidulum
No Taxon Subgenus Platynomicrus
Species ferruginosum - Agonum ferruginosum
Species nigriceps - Agonum nigriceps
No Taxon unsorted with green luster
Genus Platynus
No Taxon subgenus Microplatynus
No Taxon subgenus Platynus
Species brunneomarginatus - Platynus brunneomarginatus
Species daviesi - Platynus daviesi
Species decentis - Platynus decentis
Species opaculus - Platynus opaculus
Species ovipennis - Platynus ovipennis
Species parmarginatus - Platynus parmarginatus
Species tenuicollis - Platynus tenuicollis
Species trifoveolatus - Platynus trifoveolatus
No Taxon subgenus Batenus
Species angustatus - Platynus angustatus
Species cincticollis - Platynus cincticollis
Species hypolithos - Platynus hypolithos
Species mannerheimi - Platynus mannerheimii
No Taxon subgenus Glyptolenopsis
Species ovatulus - Platynus ovatulus
No Taxon subgenus Trapezodera
Species cohni - Platynus cohni
No Taxon subgenus Dyscolus
Species cazieri - Platynus cazieri
Species lyratus - Platynus lyratus
Species megalops - Platynus megalops
Species rufiventris - Platynus rufiventris
No Taxon subgenus Stenocnemion
Species acuminatus - Platynus acuminatus
Genus Metacolpodes
Species buchanani - Metacolpodes buchanani
Tribe Pseudomorphini
Genus Pseudomorpha - Western False-form Beetles
Species augustata - Pseudomorpha augustata
Tribe Sphodrini
Genus Calathus
Species advena - Calathus (Acalathus) advena
Species fuscipes - Calathus (Calathus) fuscipes
No Taxon subgenus Neocalathus
Species gregarius - Calathus gregarius
Species ingratus - Calathus ingratus
Species opaculus - Calathus opaculus
Species ruficollis - Calathus ruficollis
Genus Laemostenus
Species terricola - Laemostenus (Pristonychus) terricola
Species complanatus - Laemostenus (Laemostenus) complanatus
Genus Synuchus
Species impunctatus - Synuchus impunctatus
Species dubius - Synuchus dubius
Genus Pseudamara
Species arenaria - Pseudamara arenaria
Tribe Zuphiini
Genus Zuphium
Species americanum - Zuphium americanum
Species longicolle - Zuphium longicolle
Species mexicanum - Zuphium mexicanum
Genus Pseudaptinus
Species lecontei - Pseudaptinus lecontei
Species tenuicollis - Pseudaptinus tenuicollis
Genus Thalpius
Species dorsalis - Thalpius dorsalis
Species hoegei - Thalpius hoegei
Species horni - Thalpius horni
Species nobilis - Thalpius nobilis
Species pygmaeus - Thalpius pygmaeus
Species rufulus - Thalpius rufulus
Species simplex - Thalpius simplex
Supertribe Pterostichitae
Tribe Morionini
Genus Morion
Species aridus - Morion aridus
Species monilicornis - Morion monilicornis
Tribe Abacetini
Genus Loxandrus
Species celeris - Loxandrus celeris
Species crenatus - Loxandrus crenatus
Species duryi - Loxandrus duryi
Species erraticus - Loxandrus erraticus
Species rectangulus - Loxandrus rectangulus
Species sculptilis - Loxandrus sculptilis
Species icarus - Loxandrus icarus
Genus Stolonis
Species intercepta - Stolonis intercepta
Tribe Pterostichini - Woodland Ground Beetles
Genus Abaris
Species splendidula - Abaris splendidula
Genus Abax
Species parallelepipedus - Abax parallelepipedus
Genus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon Subgenus Cyclotrachelus
No Taxon approximatus group
Species approximatus - Cyclotrachelus approximatus
Species freitagi - Cyclotrachelus freitagi
Species iuvenis - Cyclotrachelus iuvenis
Species laevipennis - Cyclotrachelus laevipennis
No Taxon spoliatus group
Species brevoorti - Cyclotrachelus brevoorti
Species fucatus - Cyclotrachelus fucatus
Species spoliatus - Cyclotrachelus spoliatus
No Taxon Subgenus Evarthrus
Species blatchleyi - Cyclotrachelus blatchleyi
No Taxon seximpressus group
Species engelmani - Cyclotrachelus engelmani
Species seximpressus - Cyclotrachelus seximpressus
No Taxon sigillatus group
Species convivus - Cyclotrachelus convivus
Species sigillatus - Cyclotrachelus sigillatus
No Taxon sodalis group
Species sodalis - Cyclotrachelus sodalis
Species furtivus - Cyclotrachelus furtivus
No Taxon substriatus group
Species constrictus - Cyclotrachelus constrictus
Species substriatus - Cyclotrachelus substriatus
No Taxon torvus group
Species torvus - Cyclotrachelus torvus
No Taxon incisus group
Species incisus - Cyclotrachelus incisus
Species whitcombi - Cyclotrachelus whitcombi
Genus Gastrellarius
Species blanchardi - Gastrellarius blanchardi
Species honestus - Gastrellarius honestus
Species unicarum - Gastrellarius unicarum
Genus Hybothecus
Species flohri - Hybothecus flohri
Genus Lophoglossus
Species gravis - Lophoglossus gravis
Species haldemanni - Lophoglossus haldemanni
Species scrutator - Lophoglossus scrutator
Species substrenuus - Lophoglossus substrenuus
Species tartaricus - Lophoglossus tartaricus
Genus Myas
Species cyanescens - Myas cyanescens
Species coracinus - Myas coracinus
Genus Piesmus
Species submarginatus - Piesmus submarginatus
Genus Poecilus
Species cursitor - Poecilus cursitor
Species lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus
Subspecies lucublandus - Poecilus lucublandus lucublandus
No Taxon chalcites group
Species chalcites - Poecilus chalcites
Species diplophyrus - Poecilus diplophyrus
Species scitulus - Poecilus scitulus
Genus Pterostichus
No Taxon Subgenus Argutor
Species commutabilis - Pterostichus commutabilis
Species praetermissus - Pterostichus praetermissus
Species vernalis - Pterostichus vernalis
No Taxon Subgenus Phonias
Species femoralis - Pterostichus femoralis
Species patruelis - Pterostichus patruelis
Species strenuus - Pterostichus strenuus
No Taxon Subgenus Bothriopterus
No Taxon adstrictus group
Species adstrictus - Pterostichus adstrictus
Species pensylvanicus - Pterostichus pensylvanicus
No Taxon mutus group
Species lustrans - Pterostichus lustrans
Species mutus - Pterostichus mutus
Species trinarius - Pterostichus trinarius
No Taxon Subgenus Melanius
Species corvinus - Pterostichus corvinus
Species ebeninus - Pterostichus ebeninus
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudomaseus
Species luctuosus - Pterostichus luctuosus
No Taxon Subgenus Feronina
Species barri - Pterostichus barri
No Taxon subgenus Paraferonia
Species lubricus - Pterostichus lubricus
No Taxon Subgenus Gastrosticta
Species punctiventris - Pterostichus punctiventris
Species sayanus - Pterostichus sayanus
Species subacutus - Pterostichus subacutus
Species ventralis - Pterostichus ventralis
No Taxon Subgenus Morphnosoma
Species melanarius - Pterostichus melanarius
No Taxon Subgenus Euferonia
Species lachrymosus - Pterostichus lachrymosus
No Taxon stygicus group
Species coracinus - Pterostichus coracinus
Species novus - Pterostichus novus
Species relictus - Pterostichus relictus
Species stygicus - Pterostichus stygicus
No Taxon Subgenus Lenapterus
Species agonus - Pterostichus agonus
Species costatus - Pterostichus costatus
Species punctatissimus - Pterostichus punctatissimus
Species vermiculosus - Pterostichus vermiculosus
No Taxon Subgenus Metallophilus
Species sublaevis - Pterostichus sublaevis
No Taxon Subgenus Abacidus
Species atratus - Pterostichus atratus
Species permundus - Pterostichus permundus
Species sculptus - Pterostichus sculptus
No Taxon Subgenus Lamenius
Species caudicalis - Pterostichus caudicalis
No Taxon Subgenus Eosteropus
Species circulosus - Pterostichus circulosus
Species moestus - Pterostichus moestus
Species superciliosus - Pterostichus superciliosus
No Taxon Subgenus Monoferonia
Species diligendus - Pterostichus diligendus
No Taxon Subgenus Cylindrocharis
Species acutipes - Pterostichus acutipes
Species rostratus - Pterostichus rostratus
Species hypogeus - Pterostichus hypogeus
No Taxon Subgenus Leptoferonia
Species angustus - Pterostichus angustus
Species inanis - Pterostichus inanis
Species pumilus - Pterostichus pumilus
Species sphodrinus - Pterostichus sphodrinus
No Taxon Subgenus Anilloferonia
Species lanei - Pterostichus lanei
No Taxon Subgenus Hypherpes
Species amethystinus - Pterostichus amethystinus
Species castaneus - Pterostichus castaneus
Species lama - Pterostichus lama
Species menetriesii - Pterostichus menetriesii
Species morionides - Pterostichus morionides
Species nigrocoerulus - Pterostichus nigrocoerulus
Species tarsalis - Pterostichus tarsalis
No Taxon congestus group
Species congestus - Pterostichus congestus
Species crenicollis - Pterostichus crenicollis
No Taxon vicinus group
Species algidus - Pterostichus algidus
Species californicus - Pterostichus californicus
No Taxon adoxus group
Species adoxus - Pterostichus adoxus
Species tristis - Pterostichus tristis
No Taxon herculaneus group
Species herculaneus - Pterostichus herculaneus
Species neobrunneus - Pterostichus neobrunneus
Species protractus - Pterostichus protractus
No Taxon Subgenus Cryobius
No Taxon brevicornis group
Species brevicornis - Pterostichus brevicornis
Species empetricola - Pterostichus empetricola
No Taxon pinguedineus group
Species barryorum - Pterostichus barryorum
Species kotzebuei - Pterostichus kotzebuei
Species parasimilis - Pterostichus parasimilis
Species pinguedineus - Pterostichus pinguedineus
Species similis - Pterostichus similis
No Taxon ventricosus group
Species caribou - Pterostichus caribou
Species riparius - Pterostichus riparius
Species ventricosus - Pterostichus ventricosus
Genus Stereocerus
Species haematopus - Stereocerus haematopus
Species rubripes - Stereocerus rubripes
Genus Stomis
Species pumicatus - Stomis pumicatus
Species termitiformis - Stomis termitiformis
Tribe Zabrini - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
Genus Amara - Seed-Eating Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Curtonotus
Species alpina - Amara alpina
Species aulica - Amara aulica
Species carinata - Amara carinata
Species hyperborea - Amara hyperborea
Species lacustris - Amara lacustris
Species pennsylvanica - Amara pennsylvanica
Species torrida - Amara torrida
No Taxon subgenus Bradytus
Species apricaria - Amara apricaria
Species avida - Amara avida
Species exarata - Amara exarata
Species fulva - Amara fulva
Species glacialis - Amara glacialis
Species insignis - Amara insignis
Species latior - Amara latior
No Taxon subgenus Percosia
Species obesa - Amara obesa
No Taxon subgenus Xenocelia
Species chalcea - Amara chalcea
Species discors - Amara discors
No Taxon subgenus Reductocelia
Species colvillensis - Amara colvillensis
No Taxon subgenus Celia
Species bifrons - Amara bifrons
Species brunnea - Amara brunnea
Species idahoana - Amara idahoana
Species musculis - Amara musculis
Species pseudobrunnea - Amara pseudobrunnea
Species rubrica - Amara rubrica
Species sinuosa - Amara sinuosa
No Taxon subgenus Amarocelia
Species ellipsis - Amara ellipsis
Species erratica - Amara erratica
Species interstitialis - Amara interstitialis
Species laevipennis - Amara laevipennis
Species patruelis - Amara patruelis
No Taxon subgenus Amara
Species aenea - Common Sun Beetle
Species aeneopolita - Amara aeneopolita
Species anthobia - Amara anthobia
Species communis - Amara communis
Species convexa - Amara convexa
Species eurynota - Amara eurynota
Species familiaris - Amara familiaris
Species lunicollis - Amara lunicollis
No Taxon cupreolata group
Species crassispina - Amara crassispina
Species cupreolata - Amara cupreolata
Species neoscotica - Amara neoscotica
No Taxon impuncticollis group
Species impuncticollis - Amara impuncticollis
Species littoralis - Amara littoralis
Species otiosa - Amara otiosa
Species ovata - Amara ovata
No Taxon subgenus Paracelia
Species quenseli - Amara quenseli
No Taxon subgenus Zezea
No Taxon scitula group
Species pallipes - Amara pallipes
Species scitula - Amara scitula
No Taxon angustata group
Species angustata - Amara angustata
Species angustatoides - Amara angustatoides
Tribe Oodini
Genus Anatrichis
Species minuta - Anatrichis minuta
Species oblonga - Anatrichis oblonga
Genus Dercylinus
Species impressus - Dercylinus impressus
Genus Lachnocrepis
Species parallela - Lachnocrepis parallela
Genus Oodes
Species amaroides - Oodes amaroides
Species brevis - Oodes brevis
Species fluvialis - Oodes fluvialis
Genus Oodinus
Species alutaceus - Oodinus alutaceus
Genus Stenocrepis
Species cuprea - Stenocrepis cuprea
Species duodecimstriata - Stenocrepis duodecimstriata
Species elegans - Stenocrepis elegans
Species mexicana - Stenocrepis mexicana
Species tibialis - Stenocrepis tibialis
No Taxon subgenus Stenous
Tribe Panagaeini - Hairy Ground Beetles
Genus Micrixys
Species distincta - Micrixys distincta
Genus Panagaeus
Species crucigerus - Panagaeus crucigerus
Species fasciatus - Panagaeus fasciatus
Species sallei - Panagaeus sallei
Tribe Chlaeniini
Genus Chlaenius - Vivid Metallic Ground Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Pseudanomoglossus
Species maxillosus - Chlaenius maxillosus
No Taxon subgenus Eurydactylus
Species pimalicus - Chlaenius pimalicus
Species tomentosus - Chlaenius tomentosus
No Taxon subgenus Anomoglossus
Species amoenus - Chlaenius amoenus
Species emarginatus - Chlaenius emarginatus
Species pusillus - Chlaenius pusillus
No Taxon subgenus Chlaenius
Species sericeus - Chlaenius sericeus
No Taxon laticollis group
Species erythropus - Chlaenius erythropus
Species fuscicornis - Chlaenius fuscicornis
Species laticollis - Chlaenius laticollis
Species orbus - Chlaenius orbus
No Taxon cursor group
Species cumatilis - Chlaenius cumatilis
Species chaudoiri - Chlaenius chaudoiri
No Taxon aestivus group
Species aestivus - Chlaenius aestivus
Species augustus - Chlaenius augustus
Species platyderus - Chlaenius platyderus
Species viduus - Chlaenius viduus
No Taxon subgenus Lithochlaenius
Species cordicollis - Chlaenius cordicollis
Species leucoscelis - Chlaenius leucoscelis
Species prasinus - Chlaenius prasinus
Species purpureus - Chlaenius purpureus
Species solitarius - Chlaenius solitarius
No Taxon subgenus Chlaeniellus
Species circumcinctus - Chlaenius circumcinctus
Species impunctifrons - Chlaenius impunctifrons
Species obsoletus - Chlaenius obsoletus
No Taxon glaucus group
Species simillimus - Chlaenius simillimus
No Taxon nemoralis group
Species brevilabris - Chlaenius brevilabris
Species nemoralis - Chlaenius nemoralis
Species oxygonus - Chlaenius oxygonus
Species tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor
Subspecies vigilans - Chlaenius tricolor vigilans
Subspecies tricolor - Chlaenius tricolor tricolor
No Taxon pennsylvanicus group
Species flaccidus - Chlaenius flaccidus
Species floridanus - Chlaenius floridanus
Species nebraskensis - Chlaenius nebraskensis
Species pennsylvanicus - Say's Ground Beetle
Subspecies pennsylvanicus - Chlaenius pennsylvanicus pennsylvanicus
No Taxon vafer group
Species texanus - Chlaenius texanus
Species vafer - Chlaenius vafer
No Taxon subgenus Callistometus
Species ruficauda - Chlaenius ruficauda
No Taxon subgenus Brachylobus
Species lithophilus - Chlaenius lithophilus
No Taxon subgenus Agostenus
Species alternatus - Chlaenius alternatus
Species harpalinus - Chlaenius harpalinus
Species interruptus - Chlaenius interruptus
Species niger - Chlaenius niger
No Taxon subgenus Randallius
Species purpuricollis - Chlaenius purpuricollis
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Family Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles
Subfamily Agabinae
Genus Agabinus
Species glabrellus - Agabinus glabrellus
Species sculpturellus - Agabinus sculpturellus
Genus Agabus
Species ajax - Agabus ajax
Species ambiguus - Agabus ambiguus
Species ancillus - Agabus ancillus
Species antennatus - Agabus antennatus
Species anthracinus - Agabus anthracinus
Species approximatus - Agabus approximatus
Species arcticus - Agabus arcticus
Species audeni - Agabus audeni
Species austinii - Agabus austinii
Species bicolor - Agabus bicolor
Species bifarius - Agabus bifarius
Species bjorkmanae - Agabus bjorkmanae
Species canadensis - Agabus canadensis
Species clavicornis - Agabus clavicornis
Species confinis - Agabus confinis
Species cordatus - Agabus cordatus
Species discolor - Agabus discolor
Species disintegratus - Disintegrated Diving Beetle
Species elongatus - Agabus elongatus
Species erythropterus - Agabus erythropterus
Species falli - Agabus falli
Species fuscipennis - Agabus fuscipennis
Species griseipennis - Agabus griseipennis
Species infuscatus - Agabus infuscatus
Species inscriptus - Agabus inscriptus
Species kootenai - Agabus kootenai
Species leptapsis - Agabus leptapsis
Species lutosus - Agabus lutosus
Species obliteratus - Agabus obliteratus
Subspecies nectris - Agabus obliteratus nectris
Species phaeopterus - Agabus phaeopterus
Species pisobius - Agabus pisobius
Species punctatus - Agabus punctatus
Species punctulatus - Agabus punctulatus
Species semipunctatus - Agabus semipunctatus
Species strigulosus - Agabus strigulosus
Species smithi - Agabus smithi
Species tristis - Agabus tristis
Species triton - Agabus triton
Species verisimilis - Agabus verisimilis
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Carrhydrus
Species crassipes - Carrhydrus crassipes
Genus Hydrotrupes
Species palpalis - Hydrotrupes palpalis
Genus Ilybius
Species angustior - Ilybius angustior
Species biguttulus - Ilybius biguttulus
Species discedens - Ilybius discedens
Species erichsoni - Ilybius erichsoni
Species fraterculus - Ilybius fraterculus
Species gagates - Ilybius gagates
Species hypomelas - Ilybius hypomelas
Species ignarus - Ilybius ignarus
Species incarinatus - Ilybius incarinatus
Species larsoni - Ilybius larsoni
Species lineellus - Ilybius lineellus
Species oblitus - Ilybius oblitus
Species opacus - Ilybius opacus
Species picipes - Ilybius picipes
Species pleuriticus - Ilybius pleuriticus
Species quadrimaculatus - Ilybius quadrimaculatus
Species subaeneus - Ilybius subaeneus
Species vancouverensis - Ilybius vancouverensis
Species wasatjernae - Ilybius wasatjernae
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Ilybiosoma
Species perplexus - Ilybiosoma perplexus
Species seriatum - Ilybiosoma seriatum
Genus Platambus
Species astrictovittatus - Platambus astrictovittatus
Species semivittatus - Platambus semivittatus
Subfamily Copelatinae
Genus Copelatus
Species caelatipennis - Copelatus caelatipennis
Species chevrolati - Chevrolat's Dytiscid
Species debilis - Copelatus debilis
Species distinctus - Copelatus distinctus
Species glyphicus - Copelatus glyphicus
Genus Hydrodytes
Species dodgei - Hydrodytes dodgei
Subfamily Colymbetinae
Tribe Colymbetini
Genus Colymbetes
Species dahuricus - Colymbetes dahuricus
Species densus - Colymbetes densus
Species dolabratus - Colymbetes dolabratus
Species exaratus - Colymbetes exaratus
Species incognitus - Colymbetes incognitus
Species paykulli - Colymbetes paykulli
Species sculptilis - Colymbetes sculptilis
Genus Hoperius
Species planatus - Hoperius planatus
Genus Neoscutopterus
Species angustus - Neoscutopterus angustus
Species hornii - Neoscutopterus hornii
Genus Rhantus
Species atricolor - Rhantus atricolor
Species binotatus - Rhantus binotatus
Species calidus - Rhantus calidus
Species consimilis - Rhantus consimilis
Species frontalis - Rhantus frontalis
Species gutticollis - Rhantus gutticollis
Species sericans - Rhantus sericans
Species sinuatus - Rhantus sinuatus
Species suturellus - Rhantus suturellus
Species wallisi - Rhantus wallisi
Subfamily Coptotominae
Genus Coptotomus
Species interrogatus - Coptotomus interrogatus
Species longulus - Coptotomus longulus
Species loticus - Coptotomus loticus
Species venustus - Coptotomus venustus
Subfamily Dytiscinae
Genus Dytiscus
Species alaskanus - Boreal Water Beetle
Species carolinus - Dytiscus carolinus
Species circumcinctus - Dytiscus circumcinctus
Species cordieri - Dytiscus cordieri
Species dauricus - Dytiscus dauricus
Species fasciventris - Understriped Diving Beetle
Species habilis - Dytiscus habilis
Species harrisii - Harris's Diving Beetle
Species hatchi - Dytiscus hatchi
Species hybridus - Dytiscus hybridus
Species marginicollis - Giant Green Water Beetle
Species verticalis - Vertical Diving Beetle
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Eretes
Species explicitus - Eretes explicitus
Species sticticus - Eretes sticticus
Tribe Aciliini
Genus Acilius
Species abbreviatus - Acilius abbreviatus
Species athabascae - Acilius athabascae
Species confusus - Acilius confusus
Species fraternus - Acilius fraternus
Species mediatus - Acilius mediatus
Species semisulcatus - Acilius semisulcatus
Species sylvanus - Acilius sylvanus
No Taxon Larvae
Genus Graphoderus
Species liberus - Graphoderus liberus
Species occidentalis - Graphoderus occidentalis
Species perplexus - Graphoderus perplexus
Species fascicollis - Graphoderus fascicollis
Genus Thermonectus
Species basillaris - Thermonectus basillaris
Species intermedius - Thermonectus intermedius
Species marmoratus - Sunburst Diving Beetle
Species nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies nigrofasciatus - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus
Subspecies ornaticollis - Thermonectus nigrofasciatus ornaticollis
Tribe Hydaticini
Genus Hydaticus
Species aruspex - Hydaticus aruspex
Species cinctipennis - Hydaticus cinctipennis
Species piceus - Hydaticus piceus
Genus Prodaticus
Species bimarginatus - Prodaticus bimarginatus
Tribe Cybistrini
Genus Cybister
Species fimbriolatus - Cybister fimbriolatus
No Taxon Larvae
Species explanatus - Cybister explanatus
Genus Megadytes
Species fraternus - Megadytes fraternus
Subfamily Hydroporinae
Genus Celina
Species angustata - Celina angustata
Species hubbelli - Celina hubbelli
Species imitatrix - Celina imitatrix
Species occidentalis - Celina occidentalis
Species slossoni - Celina slossoni
Genus Laccornis
Species conoideus - Laccornis conoideus
Species latens - Laccornis latens
Species pacificus - Laccornis pacificus
Tribe Hyphydrini
Genus Desmopachria
Species convexa - Desmopachria convexa
Species dispersa - Desmopachria dispersa
Species mexicana - Desmopachria mexicana
Species portmanni - Desmopachria portmanni
Genus Pachydrus
Species princeps - Pachydrus princeps
Genus Derovatellus
Species floridanus - Derovatellus floridanus
Genus Hydrovatus
Species brevipes - Hydrovatus brevipes
Species peninsularis - Hydrovatus peninsularis
Species pustulatus - Hydrovatus pustulatus
Tribe Bidessini
Genus Anodocheilus
Species exiguus - Anodocheilus exiguus
Genus Bidessonotus
Species inconspicuus - Bidessonotus inconspicuus
Species pulicarius - Bidessonotus pulicarius
Genus Brachyvatus
Species apicatus - Brachyvatus apicatus
Genus Comaldessus
Species stygius - Comal Springs Diving Beetle
Genus Liodessus
Species affinis - Liodessus affinis
No Taxon affinis complex
Species cantralli - Liodessus cantralli
Species crotchi - Liodessus crotchi
Species noviaffinis - Liodessus noviaffinis
Species obscurellus - Liodessus obscurellus
Genus Neobidessus
Species pulloides - Neobidessus pulloides
Species pullus - Neobidessus pullus
Genus Neoclypeodytes
Species cinctellus - Neoclypeodytes cinctellus
Species discretus - Neoclypeodytes discretus
Species fryii - Neoclypeodytes fryii
Species pictodes - Neoclypeodytes pictodes
Species plicipennis - Neoclypeodytes plicipennis
Genus Uvarus
Species falli - Uvarus falli
Species granarius - Uvarus granarius
Species lacustris - Uvarus lacustris
Species subtilis - Uvarus subtilis
Species texanus - Uvarus texanus
Tribe Hydroporini
Genus Boreonectes
Species aequinoctialis - Boreonectes aequinoctialis
Species funereus - Boreonectes funereus
Species griseostriatus - Boreonectes griseostriatus
Species spenceri - Boreonectes spenceri
Species striatellus - Boreonectes striatellus
Genus Coelambus
Species compar - Coelambus compar
Species dissimilis - Coelambus dissimilis
Species falli - Coelambus falli
Species impressopunctatus - Coelambus impressopunctatus
Species infuscatus - Coelambus infuscatus
Species laccophilinus - Coelambus laccophilinus
Species lutescens - Coelambus lutescens
Species marklini - Marklin's Diving Beetle
Species masculinus - Coelambus masculinus
Species nubilus - Coelambus nubilus
Species patruelis - Coelambus patruelis
Species picatus - Coelambus picatus
Species punctilineatus - Coelambus punctilineatus
Species salinarius - Coelambus salinarius
Species sellatus - Coelambus sellatus
Species semivittatus - Coelambus semivittatus
Species suturalis - Coelambus suturalis
Species sylvanus - Coelambus sylvanus
Species tumidiventris - Coelambus tumidiventris
Species turbidus - Coelambus turbidus
Species unguicularis - Coelambus unguicularis
No Taxon pedalis group
Species fontinalis - Coelambus fontinalis
Genus Haedeoporus
Species texanus - Haedeoporus texanus
Genus Heterosternuta
Species cocheconis - Heterosternuta cocheconis
Species diversicornis - Heterosternuta diversicornis
Species ohionis - Heterosternuta ohionis
Species pulchra - Heterosternuta pulchra
Species wickhami - Heterosternuta wickhami
Genus Hydrocolus
Species deflatus - Hydrocolus deflatus
Species paugus - Hydrocolus paugus
Species persimilis - Hydrocolus persimilis
Species stagnalis - Hydrocolus stagnalis
Genus Hydroporus
Species appalachius - Hydroporus appalachius
Species badiellus - Hydroporus badiellus
Species columbianus - Hydroporus columbianus
Species dentellus - Hydroporus dentellus
Species despectus - Hydroporus despectus
Species fortis - Hydroporus fortis
Species fuscipennis - Hydroporus fuscipennis
Species gossei - Hydroporus gossei
Species mannerheimi - Hydroporus mannerheimi
Species melsheimeri - Hydroporus melsheimeri
Species morio - Hydroporus morio
Species niger - Hydroporus niger
Species notabilis - Hydroporus notabilis
Species occidentalis - Hydroporus occidentalis
Species pervicinus - Hydroporus pervicinus
Species puberulus - Hydroporus puberulus
Species rectus - Hydroporus rectus
Species rufilabris - Hydroporus rufilabris
Species rufinasus - Hydroporus rufinasus
Species signatus - Hydroporus signatus
Species striola - Hydroporus striola
Species subpubescens - Hydroporus subpubescens
Species tartaricus - Hydroporus tartaricus
Species tenebrosus - Hydroporus tenebrosus
Species tristis - Hydroporus tristis
Species larsoni - Hydroporus larsoni
Species lapponum - Hydroporus lapponum
Species longiusculus - Hydroporus longiusculus
Genus Hygrotus
Species sayi - Hygrotus sayi
Genus Lioporeus
Species pilatei - Lioporeus pilatei
Genus Nebrioporus
Species depressus - Nebrioporus depressus
Species macronychus - Nebrioporus macronychus
Genus Neoporus
Species aulicus - Neoporus aulicus
Species carolinus - Neoporus carolinus
Species clypealis - Neoporus clypealis
Species dimidiatus - Neoporus dimidiatus
Species shermani - Neoporus shermani
Species spurius - Neoporus spurius
Species sulcipennis - Neoporus sulcipennis
Species superioris - Neoporus superioris
Species undulatus - Neoporus undulatus
Species vitiosus - Neoporus vitiosus
Genus Oreodytes
Species alaskanus - Oreodytes alaskanus
Species angustior - Oreodytes angustior
Species congruus - Oreodytes congruus
Species crassulus - Oreodytes crassulus
Species laevis - Oreodytes laevis
Species obesus - Oreodytes obesus
Species picturatus - Oreodytes picturatus
Species quadrimaculatus - Oreodytes quadrimaculatus
Species sanmarkii - Oreodytes sanmarkii
Species scitulus - Oreodytes scitulus
Species snoqualmie - Oreodytes snoqualmie
Species abbreviatus - Oreodytes abbreviatus
Genus Sanfilippodytes
Species brumalis - Sanfilippodytes brumalis
Species compertus - Sanfilippodytes compertus
Species edwardsi - Sanfilippodytes edwardsi
Species latebrosus - Sanfilippodytes latebrosus
Species pacificus - Sanfilippodytes pacificus
Species pseudovilis - Sanfilippodytes pseudovilis
Species terminalis - Sanfilippodytes terminalis
Genus Stictotarsus
Species corvinus - Stictotarsus corvinus
Species decemsignatus - Stictotarsus decemsignatus
Species deceptus - Stictotarsus deceptus
Species roffi - Stictotarsus roffi
Subfamily Laccophilinae
Genus Agabetes
Species acuductus - Agabetes acuductus
Genus Laccodytes
Species pumilio - Laccodytes pumilio
Genus Laccophilus
Species biguttatus - Laccophilus biguttatus
Species fasciatus - Laccophilus fasciatus
Species horni - Laccophilus horni
Species maculosus - Dingy Diver
Subspecies shermani - Laccophilus maculosus shermani
Subspecies maculosus - Laccophilus maculosus maculosus
Subspecies decipiens - Laccophilus maculosus decipiens
Species mexicanus - Laccophilus mexicanus
Species oscillator - Laccophilus oscillator
Species pictus - Laccophilus pictus
Subspecies coccinelloides - Laccophilus pictus coccinelloides
Subspecies insignis - Laccophilus pictus insignis
Species proximus - Laccophilus proximus
Species quadrilineatus - Laccophilus quadrilineatus
Species undatus - Laccophilus undatus
Species vacaensis - Laccophilus vacaensis
No Taxon Larvae
Subfamily Matinae
Genus Matus
Species ovatus - Matus ovatus
Species bicarinatus - Matus bicarinatus
No Taxon Unidentified Immature Stages
Family Gyrinidae - Whirligig Beetles
Subfamily Gyrininae
Genus Dineutus
Species angustus - Dineutus angustus
Species assimilis - Dineutus assimilis
Species carolinus - Dineutus carolinus
Species ciliatus - Dineutus ciliatus
Species discolor - Dineutus discolor
Species emarginatus - Dineutus emarginatus
Species hornii - Dineutus hornii
Species nigrior - Dineutus nigrior
Species productus - Dineutus productus
Species sublineatus - Dineutus sublineatus
Genus Gyretes
Species iricolor - Gyretes iricolor
Genus Gyrinus
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinus
Species aeratus - Gyrinus aeratus
Species affinis - Gyrinus affinis
Species analis - Gyrinus analis
Species bifarius - Gyrinus bifarius
Species borealis - Gyrinus borealis
Species dichrous - Gyrinus dichrous
Species elevatus - Gyrinus elevatus
Species dubius - Gyrinus dubius
Species gehringi - Gyrinus gehringi
Species gibber - Gyrinus gibber
Species lecontei - Gyrinus lecontei
Species maculiventris - Gyrinus maculiventris
Species marginellus - Gyrinus marginellus
Species pachysomus - Gyrinus pachysomus
Species parcus - Gyrinus parcus
Species pectoralis - Gyrinus pectoralis
Species picipes - Gyrinus picipes
Species pleuralis - Gyrinus pleuralis
Species plicifer - Gyrinus plicifer
Species pugionis - Gyrinus pugionis
Species sayi - Gyrinus sayi
Species wallisi - Gyrinus wallisi
Species woodruffi - Gyrinus woodruffi
No Taxon subgenus Gyrinulus
Species cavatus - Gyrinus cavatus
Species minutus - Gyrinus minutus
Genus Spanglerogyrus
Species albiventris - Red Hills Unique Whirligig Beetle
Family Haliplidae - Crawling Water Beetles
Genus Apteraliplus
Species parvulus - Apteraliplus parvulus
Genus Brychius
Species pacificus - Brychius pacificus
Species hornii - Brychius hornii
Genus Haliplus
Species apicalis - Haliplus apicalis
Species canadensis - Haliplus canadensis
Species concolor - Haliplus concolor
Species connexus - Haliplus connexus
Species cribrarius - Haliplus cribrarius
Species dorsomaculatus - Haliplus dorsomaculatus
Species fasciatus - Haliplus fasciatus
Species fulvus - Haliplus fulvus
Species gracilis - Haliplus gracilis
Species immaculicollis - Haliplus immaculicollis
Species leechi - Haliplus leechi
Species leopardus - Haliplus leopardus
Species lewisii - Haliplus lewisii
Species longulus - Haliplus longulus
Species pantherinus - Haliplus pantherinus
Species robertsi - Haliplus robertsi
Species salmo - Haliplus salmo
Species stagninus - Haliplus stagninus
Species subguttatus - Haliplus subguttatus
Species triopsis - Haliplus triopsis
Species tumidus - Haliplus tumidus
Genus Peltodytes
Species callosus - Peltodytes callosus
Species dietrichi - Peltodytes dietrichi
Species dunavani - Peltodytes dunavani
Species edentulus - Peltodytes edentulus
Species lengi - Peltodytes lengi
Species litoralis - Peltodytes litoralis
Species muticus - Peltodytes muticus
Species pedunctulatus - Peltodytes pedunctulatus
Species sexmaculatus - Peltodytes sexmaculatus
Species shermani - Peltodytes shermani
Species tortulosus - Peltodytes tortulosus
Family Noteridae - Burrowing Water Beetles
Genus Hydrocanthus
Species atripennis - Hydrocanthus atripennis
Species iricolor - Hydrocanthus iricolor
Species oblongus - Hydrocanthus oblongus
Genus Notomicrus
Genus Pronoterus
Species semipunctatus - Pronoterus semipunctatus
Genus Suphis
Species inflatus - Suphis inflatus
Genus Suphisellus
Species bicolor - Suphisellus bicolor
Species gibbulus - Suphisellus gibbulus
Species puncticollis - Suphisellus puncticollis
Family Rhysodidae - Wrinkled Bark Beetles
Genus Clinidium
Species baldufi - Clinidium baldufi
Species calcaratum - Clinidium calcaratum
Species rosenbergi - Clinidium rosenbergi
Species sculptile - Clinidium sculptile
Species valentinei - Clinidium valentinei
Genus Omoglymmius
Species hamatus - Omoglymmius hamatus
Species americanus - Omoglymmius americanus
Family Trachypachidae - False Ground Beetles
Genus Trachypachus
Species gibbsii - Trachypachus gibbsii
Species inermis - Trachypachus inermis
Species slevini - Trachypachus slevini
No Taxon Geadephaga taxa per Bousquet 2012 Catalog
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Cucujiformia
Superfamily Lymexyloidea - Ship-timber Beetles
Family Lymexylidae
Genus Hylecoetus
Species lugubris - Sapwood Timberworm
Genus Melittomma
Species sericeum - Chestnut Timberworm
Superfamily Tenebrionoidea - Fungus, Bark, Darkling and Blister Beetles
Family Mycetophagidae - Hairy Fungus Beetles
Genus Berginus
Species pumilus - Berginus pumilus
Species nigricolor - Berginus nigricolor
Genus Litargus
Species balteatus - Stored Grain Fungus Beetle
Species didesmus - Litargus didesmus
Species grandis - Litargus grandis
Species sexpunctatus - Litargus sexpunctatus
Species tetraspilotus - Litargus tetraspilotus
Genus Mycetophagus
No Taxon subgenus Mycetophagus
Species californicus - Mycetophagus californicus
Species flexuosus - Mycetophagus flexuosus
Species punctatus - Mycetophagus punctatus
Species serrulatus - Mycetophagus serrulatus
No Taxon subgenus Gratusus
Species confusus - Mycetophagus confusus
Species obsoletus - Mycetophagus obsoletus
Species pluriguttatus - Mycetophagus pluriguttatus
Species tenuifasciatus - Mycetophagus tenuifasciatus
No Taxon subgenus Parilendus
Species quadriguttatus - Spotted Hairy Fungus Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Ilendus
Species distinctus - Mycetophagus distinctus
Species melsheimeri - Mycetophagus melsheimeri
Species pluripunctatus - Mycetophagus pluripunctatus
Genus Thrimolus
Species minutus - Thrimolus minutus
Genus Typhaea
Species stercorea - Hairy Fungus Beetle
Family Archeocrypticidae - Cryptic Fungus Beetles
Genus Enneboeus
Species caseyi - Enneboeus caseyi
Species marmoratus - Enneboeus marmoratus
Family Ciidae - Minute Tree-fungus Beetles
Subfamily Ciinae
Tribe Ciini
Genus Ceracis
Species californicus - Ceracis californicus
Species nigropunctatus - Ceracis nigropunctatus
Species singularis - Ceracis singularis
Species thoracicornis - Ceracis thoracicornis
Genus Cis
Species chinensis - Cis chinensis
Species creberrimus - Cis creberrimus
Species fuscipes - Cis fuscipes
Species hirsutus - Cis hirsutus
Species levettei - Cis levettei
Species quadridentatus - Cis quadridentatus
Species rotundulus - Cis rotundulus
Species subfuscus - Cis subfuscus
Species submicans - Cis submicans
Species versicolor - Cis versicolor
Species vitulus - Cis vitulus
Genus Hadreule
Species blaisdelli - Hadreule blaisdelli
Genus Malacocis
Species brevicollis - Malacocis brevicollis
Genus Orthocis
Species punctatus - Orthocis punctatus
Species transversatus - Orthocis transversatus
Genus Plesiocis
Species cribrum - Plesiocis cribrum
Genus Strigocis
Species opacicollis - Strigocis opacicollis
Genus Sulcacis
Species lengi - Sulcacis lengi
Species curtulus - Sulcacis curtulus
Tribe Orophiini
Genus Octotemnus
No Taxon undescribed sp. adventitious to North America
Species glabriculus - Octotemnus glabriculus
Subfamily Sphindociinae
Genus Sphindocis
Species denticollis - Sphindocis denticollis
Family Tetratomidae - Polypore Fungus Beetles
Genus Tetratoma
Species concolor - Tetratoma concolor
Species tessellata - Tetratoma tessellata
Species truncorum - Tetratoma truncorum
Genus Penthe
Species obliquata - Penthe obliquata
Species pimelia - Velvety Bark Beetle
Genus Hallomenus
Species scapularis - Hallomenus scapularis
Species punctulatus - Hallomenus punctulatus
Subfamily Eustrophinae
Tribe Eustrophini
Genus Eustrophopsis
Species arizonensis - Eustrophopsis arizonensis
Species bicolor - Eustrophopsis bicolor
Species confinis - Eustrophopsis confinis
Genus Eustrophus
Species tomentosus - Eustrophus tomentosus
Genus Synstrophus
Species repandus - Synstrophus repandus
Tribe Holostrophini
Genus Holostrophus
Species bifasciatus - Holostrophus bifasciatus
Genus Pseudoholostrophus
Species impressicollis - Pseudoholostrophus impressicollis
Subfamily Piseninae
Genus Pisenus
Species humeralis - Pisenus humeralis
Genus Triphyllia
Species elongata - Triphyllia elongata
Family Melandryidae - False Darkling Beetles
Genus Osphya
Species lutea - Osphya lutea
Species varians - Osphya varians
Subfamily Melandryinae
Tribe Orchesiini
Genus Lederia
Species arctica - Lederia arctica
Genus Microscapha
Species clavicornis - Microscapha clavicornis
Genus Orchesia
Species castanea - Orchesia castanea
Species cultriformis - Orchesia cultriformis
Species gracilis - Orchesia gracilis
Species ornata - Orchesia ornata
Species ovata - Orchesia ovata
Tribe Serropalpini
Genus Amblyctis
Species praeses - Amblyctis praeses
Genus Serropalpus
Species coxalis - Serropalpus coxalis
Species substriatus - Serropalpus substriatus
Tribe Xylitini
Genus Dolotarsus
Species lividus - Dolotarsus lividus
Genus Rushia
Species californica - Rushia californica
Species longula - Rushia longula
Genus Scotochroa
Species atra - Scotochroa atra
Genus Spilotus
Species quadripustulatus - Spilotus quadripustulatus
Genus Xylita
Species laevigata - Xylita laevigata
Tribe Dircaeini
Genus Abdera
Species bicincta - Abdera bicincta
Genus Anisoxya
Species glaucula - Anisoxya glaucula
Genus Dircaea
Species liturata - Dircaea liturata
Genus Phloiotrya
Species fusca - Phloiotrya fusca
Species riversi - Phloiotrya riversi
Tribe Hypulini
Genus Hypulus
Species simulator - Hypulus simulator
Genus Microtonus
Species sericans - Microtonus sericans
Genus Symphora
Species flavicollis - Symphora flavicollis
Species rugosa - Symphora rugosa
Tribe Zilorini
Genus Zilora
Species hispida - Zilora hispida
Tribe Melandryini
Genus Emmesa
Species blackmani - Emmesa blackmani
Species connectens - Emmesa connectens
Species labiata - Emmesa labiata
Species testacea - Emmesa testacea
Genus Melandrya
Species striata - Melandrya striata
Genus Phryganophilus
Species collaris - Phryganophilus collaris
Genus Prothalpia
Species undata - Prothalpia undata
Species holmbergi - Prothalpia holmbergi
Genus Enchodes
Species sericea - Enchodes sericea
Family Mordellidae - Tumbling Flower Beetles
Tribe Mordellini
Genus Glipa
Species oculata - Glipa oculata
Species hilaris - Glipa hilaris
Genus Hoshihananomia
Species octopunctata - Hoshihananomia octopunctata
Species inflammata - Hoshihananomia inflammata
Species perlineata - Hoshihananomia perlineata
Genus Mordella
Species atrata - Mordella atrata
Species hubbsi - Mordella hubbsi
Species insulata - Mordella insulata
Species knulli - Mordella knulli
Species lunulata - Mordella lunulata
Species marginata - Mordella marginata
Species melaena - Mordella melaena
Species mexicana - Mordella mexicana
Species obliqua - Mordella obliqua
Species quadripunctata - Mordella quadripunctata
Species signata - Mordella signata
No Taxon Unidentifiable black Mordella
Genus Mordellaria
Species borealis - Mordellaria borealis
Species serval - Mordellaria serval
Species undulata - Mordellaria undulata
Genus Paramordellaria
Species carinata - Paramordellaria carinata
Species triloba - Paramordellaria triloba
Genus Tolidomordella
Species discoidea - Tolidomordella discoidea
Genus Tomoxia
Species lineella - Tomoxia lineella
Genus Yakuhananomia
Species bidentata - Yakuhananomia bidentata
Tribe Conaliini
Genus Conalia
Species helva - Conalia helva
Genus Glipodes
Species sericans - Glipodes sericans
Genus Isotrilophus
Species erraticus - Isotrilophus erraticus
Tribe Mordellistenini
Genus Falsomordellistena
Species bihamata - Falsomordellistena bihamata
Species discolor - Falsomordellistena discolor
Species hebraica - Falsomordellistena hebraica
Species pubescens - Falsomordellistena pubescens
Genus Glipostenoda
Species ambusta - Glipostenoda ambusta
Genus Mordellina
Species ancilla - Mordellina ancilla
Species impatiens - Mordellina impatiens
Species infima - Mordellina infima
Species pustulata - Mordellina pustulata
Species semiusta - Mordellina semiusta
Species testacea - Mordellina testacea
Species wickhami - Mordellina wickhami
Genus Mordellistena
Species andreae - Mordellistena andreae
Species aspersa - Mordellistena aspersa
Species attenuata - Mordellistena attenuata
Species bicinctella - Mordellistena bicinctella
Species cervicalis - Mordellistena cervicalis
Species comata - Mordellistena comata
Species convicta - Mordellistena convicta
Species divisa - Mordellistena divisa
Species liljebladi - Mordellistena liljebladi
Species fuscata - Mordellistena fuscata
Species fuscipennis - Mordellistena fuscipennis
Species incommunis - Mordellistena incommunis
Species limbalis - Mordellistena limbalis
Species liturata - Mordellistena liturata
Species masoni - Mordellistena masoni
Species ornata - Mordellistena ornata
Species picilabris - Mordellistena picilabris
Species picipennis - Mordellistena picipennis
Species rubrifascia - Mordellistena rubrifascia
Species sexnotata - Mordellistena sexnotata
Species smithi - Mordellistena smithi
Species subfucus - Mordellistena subfucus
Species suturella - Mordellistena suturella
Species tosta - Mordellistena tosta
Species trifasciata - Mordellistena trifasciata
Species vapida - Mordellistena vapida
Species vera - Mordellistena vera
No Taxon unidentifiable Mordellistena
Genus Mordellochroa
Species scapularis - Mordellochroa scapularis
No Taxon Unidentifiable Mordellistenini
Genus Pseudotolida
Species lutea - Pseudotolida lutea
Family Ripiphoridae - Wedge-shaped Beetles
Genus Pirhidius
Species undescribed - Pirhidius undescribed
Genus Ptilophorus
Species wrightii - Ptilophorus wrightii
Subfamily Ripiphorinae
Genus Macrosiagon
Species cruenta - Macrosiagon cruenta
Species dimidiata - Macrosiagon dimidiata
Species flavipennis - Macrosiagon flavipennis
Species limbata - Macrosiagon limbata
Species octomaculata - Macrosiagon octomaculata
Species pectinata - Macrosiagon pectinata
Species sayi - Macrosiagon sayi
Genus Ripiphorus
Species diadasiae - Ripiphorus diadasiae
Species epinomiae - Ripiphorus epinomiae
Species fasciatus-complex - Ripiphorus fasciatus-complex
Species mutchleri - Ripiphorus mutchleri
Species rex - Ripiphorus rex
Species schwarzi - Ripiphorus schwarzi
Species sexdens - Ripiphorus sexdens
Species vierecki - Ripiphorus vierecki
Species walshii - Ripiphorus walshii
Subfamily Pelecotominae
Genus Pelecotoma
Species flavipes - Pelecotoma flavipes
Genus Trigonodera
Species schaefferi - Trigonodera schaefferi
Family Zopheridae - Ironclad Beetles
Subfamily Zopherinae - Ironclad Beetles
Tribe Monommatini - Opossum Beetles
Genus Aspathines
Species aeneus - Aspathines aeneus
Genus Hyporhagus
Species gilensis - Hyporhagus gilensis
Species punctulatus - Hyporhagus punctulatus
Tribe Usechini
Genus Usechus
Species lacerta - Usechus lacerta
Species nucleatus - Usechus nucleatus
Genus Usechimorpha
Species montana - Usechimorpha montana
Species barberi - Usechimorpha barberi
Tribe Phellopsini
Genus Phellopsis
Species obcordata - Eastern Ironclad Beetle
Species porcata - Phellopsis porcata
Tribe Pycnomerini
Genus Pycnomerus
Species haematodes - Pycnomerus haematodes
Species infimus - Pycnomerus infimus
Species reflexus - Pycnomerus reflexus
Species sulcicollis - Pycnomerus sulcicollis
Species thrinax - Pycnomerus thrinax
Tribe Zopherini
Genus Phloeodes
Species diabolicus - Diabolical Ironclad Beetle
Species plicatus - Phloeodes plicatus
Genus Sesaspis
Species emarginata - Sesaspis emarginata
Genus Zopherus
Species concolor - Zopherus concolor
Species elegans - Zopherus elegans
Species gracilis - Zopherus gracilis
Species granicollis - Zopherus granicollis
Subspecies granicollis - Zopherus granicollis granicollis
Subspecies ventriosus - Zopherus granicollis ventriosus
Species nodulosus - Zopherus nodulosus
Subspecies haldemani - Ironclad Beetle
Species sanctaehelenae - Zopherus sanctaehelenae
Species tristis - Zopherus tristis
Species uteanus - Zopherus uteanus
Species xestus - Zopherus xestus
Subfamily Colydiinae - Cylindrical Bark Beetles
Genus Nematidium
Species filiforme - Nematidium filiforme
Genus Rhagodera
Species tuberculata - Rhagodera tuberculata
Tribe Colydiini
Genus Aulonium
Species ferrugineum - Aulonium ferrugineum
Species longum - Aulonium longum
Species parallelopipedum - Aulonium parallelopipedum
Species tuberculatum - Aulonium tuberculatum
Genus Colydium
Species glabriculum - Colydium glabriculum
Species lineola - Colydium lineola
Species nigripenne - Colydium nigripenne
Species robustum - Colydium robustum
Tribe Synchitini
Genus Acolobicus
Species erichsoni - Acolobicus erichsoni
Genus Bitoma
Species carinata - Bitoma carinata
Species crenata - Bitoma crenata
Species exarata - Bitoma exarata
Species neglecta - Bitoma neglecta
Species quadricollis - Bitoma quadricollis
Species quadriguttata - Bitoma quadriguttata
Species sulcata - Bitoma sulcata
Species vittata - Bitoma vittata
Genus Colobicus
Species parilis - Colobicus parilis
Genus Coxelus
Species longus - Coxelus longus
Species serratus - Coxelus serratus
Genus Denophoelus
Species nosodermoides - Denophoelus nosodermoides
Genus Endeitoma
Species dentata - Endeitoma dentata
Species granulata - Endeitoma granulata
Genus Eucicones
Species marginalis - Eucicones marginalis
Genus Eudesma
Species undulata - Eudesma undulata
Genus Lasconotus
Species fitzgibbonae - Lasconotus fitzgibbonae
Species intricatus - Lasconotus intricatus
Species laqueatus - Lasconotus laqueatus
Species nucleatus - Lasconotus nucleatus
Species referendarius - Lasconotus referendarius
Species subcostulatus - Lasconotus subcostulatus
Species tuberculatus - Lasconotus tuberculatus
Species vegrandis - Lasconotus vegrandis
Genus Lobogestoria
Species gibbicollis - Lobogestoria gibbicollis
Genus Lyreus
Species alleni - Lyreus alleni
Genus Megataphrus
Species tenuicornis - Megataphrus tenuicornis
Species arizonicus - Megataphrus arizonicus
Genus Microprius
Species rufulus - Microprius rufulus
Genus Monoedus
Species guttatus - Monoedus guttatus
Genus Namunaria
Species guttulata - Namunaria guttulata
Species pacifica - Namunaria pacifica
Genus Paha
Species laticollis - Paha laticollis
Genus Phloeonemus
Species catenulatus - Phloeonemus catenulatus
Species interruptus - Phloeonemus interruptus
Genus Pseudocorticus
Species blairi - Pseudocorticus blairi
Genus Synchita
Species fuliginosa - Synchita fuliginosa
Species lecontei - Synchita lecontei
Species obscura - Synchita obscura
Species parvula - Synchita parvula
Species adventive-or-new - Synchita adventive-or-new
Family Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles
Subfamily Lagriinae - Long-jointed Beetles
Tribe Lagriini
Genus Arthromacra
Species aenea - Arthromacra aenea
Genus Statira
Species basalis - Statira basalis
Species croceicollis - Statira croceicollis
Species erina - Statira erina
Species gagatina - Statira gagatina
Species hirsuta - Statira hirsuta
Species nigromaculata - Statira nigromaculata
Species pluripunctata - Statira pluripunctata
Species pulchella - Statira pulchella
Species robusta - Statira robusta
Tribe Belopini
Genus Adelonia
Species sulcatula - Adelonia sulcatula
Genus Rhypasma
Tribe Goniaderini
Genus Anaedus
Species brunneus - Anaedus brunneus
Species pallidus - Anaedus pallidus
Species texanus - Anaedus texanus
Genus Eschatoporis
Species nunenmacheri - Eschatoporis nunenmacheri
Genus Paratenetus
Species exutus - Paratenetus exutus
Species fuscus - Paratenetus fuscus
Species gibbipennis - Paratenetus gibbipennis
Species punctatus - Paratenetus punctatus
Species texanus - Paratenetus texanus
Genus Prateus
Species fusculus - Prataeus fusculus
Subfamily Phrenapatinae
Genus Clamoris
Species americana - Clamoris americana
Genus Dioedus
Species punctatus - Dioedus punctatus
Subfamily Pimeliinae
Tribe Anepsiini
Genus Anchomma
Species costatum - Anchomma costatum
Genus Anepsius
Species delicatulus - Anepsius delicatulus
Species montanus - Anepsius montanus
Genus Batuliodes
Species rotundicollis - Batuliodes rotundicollis
Genus Batuliomorpha
Species comata - Batuliomorpha comata
Genus Batulius
Species setosus - Batulius setosus
Tribe Asidini
Genus Ardamimicus
Species cognatoi - Ardamimicus cognatoi
Genus Craniotus
Species pubescens - Craniotus pubescens
Genus Ferveoventer
Species browni - Ferveoventer browni
Genus Litasida
Species townsendi - Litasida townsendi
Genus Microschatia
Species championi - Microschatia championi
Species inaequalis - Microschatia inaequalis
Species morata - Microschatia morata
Species sulcipennis - Microschatia sulcipennis
Genus Pelecyphorus
No Taxon subgenus Astrotus
Species regularis - Astrotus regularis
Species contortus - Pelecyphorus contortus
No Taxon subgenus Plesiasida
Species liratus - Pelecyphorus liratus
No Taxon subgenus Stenosides
Species anastomosis - Pelecyphorus anastomosis
Species texanus - Pelecyphorus texanus
Genus Philolithus
No Taxon subgenus Gonasida
Species elatus - Philolithus elatus
No Taxon subgenus Glyptasida
Species aeger - Philolithus aeger
Species sordidus - Philolithus sordidus
No Taxon subgenus Philolithus
Species actuosus - Philolithus actuosus
Species densicollis - Philolithus densicollis
Species morbillosus - Philolithus morbillosus
Species opimus - Philolithus opimus
Genus Stenomorpha
No Taxon subgenus Asidina
Species confluens - Stenomorpha confluens
Species parallela - Stenomorpha parallela
No Taxon subgenus Asidopsis
Species macra - Stenomorpha macra
Species opaca - Stenomorpha opaca
Species polita - Stenomorpha polita
Species quadricollis - Stenomorpha quadricollis
No Taxon subgenus Megasida
Species obliterata - Stenomorpha obliterata
No Taxon subgenus Pycnomorpha
No Taxon subgenus Stenomorpha
Species consobrina - Stenomorpha consobrina
Species convexa - Stenomorpha convexa
Species convexicollis - Stenomorpha convexicollis
Species cressoni - Stenomorpha cressoni
Species lecontella - Stenomorpha lecontella
Species marginata - Stenomorpha marginata
Species mckittricki - Stenomorpha mckittricki
Species obovata - Stenomorpha obovata
Species sponsor - Stenomorpha sponsor
No Taxon subgenus Stethasida
Species obsoleta - Stenomorpha obsoleta
Species muricatula - Stenomorpha muricatula
No Taxon subgenus Trichiasida
Species acerba - Stenomorpha acerba
Species hirsuta - Stenomorpha hirsuta
Species hispidula - Stenomorpha hispidula
No Taxon marginata group
No Taxon furcata group
Species furcata - Stenomorpha furcata
Tribe Branchini
Genus Branchus
Species floridanus - Branchus floridanus
Species whiteheadi - Branchus whiteheadi
Tribe Cryptoglossini
Genus Asbolus
Species laevis - Asbolus laevis
Species mexicanus - Asbolus mexicanus
Species papillosus - Asbolus papillosus
Species verrucosus - Asbolus verrucosus
Genus Cryptoglossa - Death-feigning Beetles
Species infausta - Cryptoglossa infausta
Species muricata - Cryptoglossa muricata
Species variolosa - Cryptoglossa variolosa
Genus Schizillus
Species laticeps - Schizillus laticeps
Tribe Cnemeplatiini
Genus Alaudes
Species fallax - Alaudes fallax
Species setigera - Alaudes setigera
Species singularis - Alaudes singularis
Species undescribed-two - Alaudes undescribed-two
Species squamosa - Alaudes squamosa
Species undescribed-one - Alaudes undescribed-one
Genus Lepidocnemeplatia
Species sericea - Lepidocnemeplatia sericea
Tribe Cnemodinini
Genus Cnemodinus
Species testaceus - Cnemodinus testaceus
Tribe Coniontini
Genus Coelus - Dune Beetles
Species globosus - Globose Dune Beetle
Species gracilis - San Joaquin Dune Beetle
Species ciliatus - Ciliate Dune Beetle
Species pacificus - Coelus pacificus
Genus Coniontis
Species lata - Coniontis lata
Species ovalis - Coniontis ovalis
Genus Conisattus
Species rectus - Conisattus rectus
Genus Eusattus
Species convexus - Eusattus convexus
Species difficilis - Eusattus difficilis
Species dilatatus - Eusattus dilatatus
Species dubius - Eusattus dubius
Subspecies arizonensis - Eusattus dubius arizonensis
Species muricatus - Eusattus muricatus
Species politus - Eusattus politus
Species pons - Eusattus pons
Species productus - Eusattus productus
Species reticulatus - Eusattus reticulatus
Species robustus - Eusattus robustus
Tribe Edrotini
Genus Armalia
Species angularis - Armalia angularis
Species texana - Armalia texana
Genus Auchmobius
Genus Chilometopon
Species abnorme - Chilometopon abnorme
Species brachystomum - Chilometopon brachystomum
Species helopioides - Chilometopon helopioides
Species microps - Chilometopon microps
Species pallidum - Chilometopon pallidum
Genus Cryptadius
Species inflatus - Cryptadius inflatus
Genus Edrotes
Species arens - Edrotes arens
Species barrowsi - Edrotes barrowsi
Species leechi - Edrotes leechi
Species rotundus - Edrotes rotundus
Species ventricosus - Edrotes ventricosus
Genus Eschatomoxys
Species pholeter - Eschatomoxys pholeter
Genus Hylocrinus
Genus Melanastus
Genus Metoponium
Genus Micromes
Species ovipennis - Micromes ovipennis
Genus Oxygonodera
Species hispidula - Oxygonodera hispidula
Genus Steriphanus
Genus Stibia
Species imperialis - Stibia imperialis
Genus Telabis
Species serrata - Telabis serrata
Genus Texaponium
Species triplehorni - Texaponium triplehorni
Genus Trichiotes
Species seriatus - Trichiotes seriatus
Genus Trimytis
Species pruinosa - Trimytis pruinosa
Genus Triorophus
Species laevis - Triorophus laevis
Species lecontei - Triorophus lecontei
Species rugiceps - Triorophus rugiceps
No Taxon Steriphanus or Hylocrinus
No Taxon Metoponium or Telabis
Genus Triphalopsis
Species californicus - Triphalopsis californicus
Tribe Epitragini
Genus Bothrotes
No Taxon unidentifiable males
Species canaliculatus - Bothrotes canaliculatus
Subspecies acutus - Bothrotes canaliculatus acutus
Species plumbeus - Bothrotes plumbeus
Genus Conoecus
Species ovipennis - Conoecus ovipennis
Genus Epitragodes
Species tomentosus - Epitragodes tomentosus
Genus Epitragosoma
Species arenaria - Epitragosoma arenaria
Genus Lobometopon
Species fusiforme - Lobometopon fusiforme
Species ovale - Lobometopon ovale
Genus Metopoloba
Species pruinosa - Metopoloba pruinosa
Genus Pechalius
Species dentiger - Pechalius dentiger
Species pilosus - Pechalius pilosus
Species subvittatus - Pechalius subvittatus
Genus Phegoneus
Species juelichi - Phegoneus juelichi
Genus Polemiotus
Species submetallicus - Polemiotus submetallicus
Genus Schoenicus
Species puberulus - Schoenicus puberulus
Tribe Nyctoporini
Genus Nyctoporis
Species aequicollis - Nyctoporis aequicollis
Species carinata - Nyctoporis carinata
Species cristata - Nyctoporis cristata
Species sponsa - Nyctoporis sponsa
Species vandykei - Nyctoporis vandykei
Tribe Stenosini
Genus Typhlusechus
Species singularis - Typhlusechus singularis
Species chemehuevi - Typhlusechus chemehuevi
Genus Araeoschizus
Species airmeti - Araeoschizus airmeti
Species andrewsi - Araeoschizus andrewsi
Species apachensis - Araeoschizus apachensis
Species hardyi - Araeoschizus hardyi
Tribe Vacronini
Genus Alaephus
Species gracilis - Alaephus gracilis
Species macilentus - Alaephus macilentus
Species pallidus - Alaephus pallidus
Genus Eupsophulus
Species brevipennis - Eupsophulus brevipennis
Species castaneus - Eupsophulus castaneus
Subfamily Tenebrioninae
Tribe Bolitophagini
Genus Bolitophagus
Species corticola - Bolitophagus corticola
Genus Bolitotherus
Species cornutus - Forked Fungus Beetle
Genus Eleates
Species depressus - Eleates depressus
Species occidentalis - Eleates occidentalis
Species explanatus - Eleates explanatus
Genus Megeleates
Species sequoiarum - Megeleates sequoiarum
Genus Rhipidandrus
Species peninsularis - Rhipidandrus peninsularis
Species paradoxus - Rhipidandrus paradoxus
Tribe Tenebrionini
Genus Bius
Species estriatus - Bius estriatus
Genus Idiobates
Species castaneus - Idiobates castaneus
Genus Neatus
Species unnamed - Neatus unnamed
Species tenebrioides - Neatus tenebrioides
Genus Rhinandrus
Species sublaevis - Rhinandrus sublaevis
Genus Tenebrio - Mealworm beetles
Species molitor - Yellow Mealworm
Species obscurus - Dark Mealworm
Genus Zophobas
Species subnitens - Zophobas subnitens
Species morio - Zophobas morio
Tribe Centronopini
Genus Centronopus
Species calcaratus - Centronopus calcaratus
Species opacus - Centronopus opacus
Genus Scotobaenus
Species parallelus - Scotobaenus parallelus
Tribe Alphitobiini
Genus Alphitobius
Species laevigatus - Black Fungus Beetle
Species diaperinus - Lesser Mealworm
Genus Metaclisa
Species marginalis - Metaclisa marginalis
Tribe Triboliini
Genus Hypogena
Species marginata - Hypogena marginata
Species tricornis - Hypogena tricornis
Genus Latheticus
Species oryzae - Longheaded Flour Beetle
Genus Lyphia
Species tetraphylla - Lyphia tetraphylla
Genus Mycotrogus
Species mentalis - Mycotrogus mentalis
Species angustus - Mycotrogus angustus
Genus Palorus
Species ratzeburgii - Small-eyed Flour Beetle
Species subdepressus - Depressed Flour Beetle
Genus Tharsus
Species seditiosus - Tharsus seditiosus
Genus Tribolium - Flour Beetles
Species audax - American Black Flour Beetle
Species brevicorne - North American Flour Beetle
Species castaneum - Red Flour Beetle
Species confusum - Confused Flour Beetle
Species destructor - False Black Flour Beetle
Species freemani - Tribolium freemani
Species madens - Black Flour Beetle
Species setosum - Tribolium setosum
Genus Ulomina
Species carinata - Ulomina carinata
Tribe Ulomini
Genus Eutochia
Species crenata - Eutochia crenata
Species picea - Eutochia picea
Genus Uloma
Species imberbis - Uloma imberbis
Species impressa - Uloma impressa
Species longula - Uloma longula
Species mentalis - Uloma mentalis
Species punctulata - Uloma punctulata
Species retusa - Uloma retusa
No Taxon unidentifiable to species from these images
Tribe Helopini
Genus Helops
Species aereus - Helops aereus
Species attenuatus - Helops attenuatus
Species arizonensis - Helops arizonensis
Species bachei - Helops bachei
Species californicus - Helops californicus
Species cisteloides - Helops cisteloides
Species confluens - Helops confluens
Species convexulus - Helops convexulus
Species discipula - Helops discipula
Species edwardsi - Helops edwardsi
Species farctus - Helops farctus
Species fresnoensis - Helops fresnoensis
Species impolitus - Helops impolitus
Species laetus - Helops laetus
Species opacus - Helops opacus
Species perforatus - Helops perforatus
Species pernitens - Helops pernitens
Species punctipennis - Helops punctipennis
Species rufipes - Helops rufipes
Species rugicollis - Helops rugicollis
Species rugulosus - Helops rugulosus
Species simulator - Helops simulator
Species spretus - Helops spretus
Species stenotrichoides - Helops stenotrichoides
Genus Nautes
Species azurescens - Nautes azurescens
Genus Tarpela
Species americana - Tarpela americana
Species micans - Tarpela micans
Species venusta - Tarpela venusta
Tribe Amarygmini
Genus Cymatothes
Species tristis - Cymatothes tristis
Genus Meracantha
Species contracta - Meracantha contracta
Tribe Cerenopini
Genus Argoporis
Species alutacea - Argoporis alutacea
Species apicalis - Argoporis apicalis
Species bicolor - Argoporis bicolor
Species costipennis - Argoporis costipennis
Species rufipes - Argoporis rufipes
Genus Cerenopus
Species concolor - Cerenopus concolor
Tribe Eulabini
Genus Apsena
Species grossa - Apsena grossa
Species pubescens - Apsena pubescens
Species rufipes - Fig Engraver Beetle
Genus Epantius
Species obscurus - Epantius obscurus
Genus Eulabis
Species bicarinata - Eulabis bicarinata
Tribe Apocryphini
Genus Apocrypha
Species anthicoides - Apocrypha anthicoides
Species setosa - Apocrypha setosa
Tribe Blaptini
Genus Blaps
Species lethifera - Blaps lethifera
Tribe Amphidorini
Genus Eleodes - Desert Stink Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Blapylis
Species clavicornis - Eleodes clavicornis
Species cordatus - Eleodes cordatus
Species incultus - Eleodes incultus
Species littoralis - Eleodes littoralis
Species nigropilosus - Eleodes nigropilosus
Species parvicollis - Eleodes parvicollis
Species scabrosus - Eleodes scabrosus
Species pimelioides - Eleodes pimelioides
No Taxon subgenus Cratidus
Species osculans - Wooly Darkling Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Discogenia
Species scabriculus - Eleodes scabriculus
Species marginatus - Eleodes marginatus
No Taxon subgenus Eleodes
Species acuticaudus - Eleodes acuticaudus
Species acutus - Eleodes acutus
Species armatus - Armored Darkling Beetle
Species dentipes - Dentate Stink Beetle
Species eschscholtzii - Eleodes eschscholtzii
Species gracilis - Eleodes gracilis
Species grandicollis - Eleodes grandicollis
Species hispilabris - Eleodes hispilabris
Species mirabilis - Eleodes mirabilis
Species obscurus - Eleodes obscurus
Subspecies sulcipennis - Eleodes obscurus sulcipennis
Species spinipes - Eleodes spinipes
Species subcylindricus - Eleodes subcylindricus
Species suturalis - Eleodes suturalis
Species tenuipes - Eleodes tenuipes
No Taxon subgenus Heteropromus
Species veterator - Eleodes veterator
No Taxon subgenus Litheleodes
Species extricatus - Eleodes extricatus
Species arcuatus - Eleodes arcuatus
No Taxon subgenus Melaneleodes
Species carbonarius - Eleodes carbonarius
Subspecies obsoletus - Eleodes carbonarius obsoletus
Species debilis - Eleodes debilis
Species parowanus - Eleodes parowanus
Species pedinoides - Eleodes pedinoides
Species rileyi - Eleodes rileyi
Species tricostatus - Eleodes tricostatus
No Taxon subgenus Metablapylis
Species aalbui - Eleodes aalbui
Species californicus - Eleodes californicus
Species delicatus - Eleodes delicatus
Species nigrina - Eleodes nigrina
No Taxon subgenus Promus
Species fusiformis - Eleodes fusiformis
Species goryi - Eleodes goryi
Species opacus - Plains False Wireworm
Species striolatus - Eleodes striolatus
Species subnitens - Eleodes subnitens
No Taxon subgenus Pseudeleodes
Species caudiferus - Eleodes caudiferus
Species granosus - Eleodes granosus
Species leechi - Eleodes leechi
Species longipilosus - Eleodes longipilosus
Species pilosus - Eleodes pilosus
Species tribulus - Eleodes tribulus
No Taxon subgenus Steneleodes
Species giganteus - Eleodes giganteus
Species hepburni - Eleodes hepburni
Species longicollis - Eleodes longicollis
No Taxon subgenus Tricheleodes
Species barbatus - Eleodes barbatus
Species hirsutus - Eleodes hirsutus
Genus Eleodimorpha
Species bolcan - Eleodimorpha bolcan
Genus Embaphion
Species contusum - Embaphion contusum
Species depressum - Embaphion depressum
Species elongatum - Embaphion elongatum
Species glabrum - Embaphion glabrum
Species muricatum - Embaphion muricatum
Genus Lariversius
Species tibialis - Lariversius tibialis
Genus Neobaphion
Species planipennis - Neobaphion planipennis
Genus Trogloderus
Tribe Pedinini
Subtribe Leichenina
Genus Leichenum
Species canaliculatum - Madagascar Beetle
Subspecies variegatum - Madagascar Beetle
Subtribe Pedinina
Genus Tonibius
Species sulcatus - Tonibius sulcatus
Subtribe Platynotina
Genus Alaetrinus
Species aciculatus - Alaetrinus aciculatus
Species minimus - Alaetrinus minimus
Species pullus - Alaetrinus pullus
Tribe Opatrini
Genus Aconobius
Species densus - Aconobius densus
Genus Ammodonus
Species granosus - Ammodonus granosus
Species fossor - Ammodonus fossor
Genus Blapstinus
Species aciculus - Blapstinus aciculus
Species alutaceus - Blapstinus alutaceus
Species brevicollis - Blapstinus brevicollis
Species castaneus - Blapstinus castaneus
Species discolor - Blapstinus discolor
Species dispar - Blapstinus dispar
Species fortis - Blapstinus fortis
Species fuscus - Blapstinus fuscus
Species histricus - Blapstinus histricus
Species interruptus - Blapstinus interruptus
Species metallicus - Blapstinus metallicus
Species moestus - Blapstinus moestus
Species pratensis - Blapstinus pratensis
Species substriatus - Blapstinus substriatus
Species sulcatus - Blapstinus sulcatus
Species vestitus - Blapstinus vestitus
No Taxon unnamed sp.
Genus Bycrea
Species villosa - Bycrea villosa
Genus Conibiosoma
Species elongatum - Conibiosoma elongatum
Genus Conibius
Species gagates - Conibius gagates
Species seriatus - Conibius seriatus
Genus Cybotus
Species estriatus - Cybotus estriatus
Genus Ephalus
Species latimanus - Ephalus latimanus
Genus Gonocephalum
Genus Mecysmus
Species angustus - Mecysmus angustus
Species tenuis - Mecysmus tenuis
Genus Nocibiotes
Species caudatus - Nocibiotes caudatus
Species granulatus - Nocibiotes granulatus
Genus Notibius
Species laticeps - Notibius laticeps
Species puberulus - Notibius puberulus
Species puncticollis - Notibius puncticollis
Genus Opatroides
Species punctulatus - Opatroides punctulatus
Genus Pseudephalus
Species brevicornis - Pseudephalus brevicornis
Genus Trichoton
Species sordidum - Trichoton sordidum
Genus Ulus
Species crassus - Ulus crassus
Species maritimus - Ulus maritimus
Tribe Melanimonini
Genus Cheirodes
Species californicus - Cheirodes californicus
Subfamily Alleculinae - Comb-clawed Beetles
Subtribe Gonoderina
Genus Andrimus
Species murrayi - Andrimus murrayi
Genus Androchirus
Species erythropus - Androchirus erythropus
Species femoralis - Androchirus femoralis
Genus Capnochroa
Species fuliginosa - Capnochroa fuliginosa
Genus Isomira
Species comstocki - Isomira comstocki
Species pulla - Isomira pulla
Species quadristriata - Isomira quadristriata
Species sericea - Isomira sericea
Genus Onychomira
Species floridensis - Onychomira floridensis
Genus Pseudocistela
Species amoena - Pseudocistela amoena
Species brevis - Pseudocistela brevis
Species marginata - Pseudocistela marginata
Species opaca - Pseudocistela opaca
Species pacifica - Pseudocistela pacifica
Species pinguis - Pseudocistela pinguis
Genus Tedinus
Species angustus - Tedinus angustus
Subtribe Alleculina
Genus Aletha
Genus Hymenorus
Species arkansanus - Hymenorus arkansanus
Species densus - Hymenorus densus
Species discretus - Hymenorus discretus
Species dissensus - Hymenorus dissensus
Species dubius - Hymenorus dubius
Species farri - Hymenorus farri
Species heteropygus - Hymenorus heteropygus
Species humeralis - Hymenorus humeralis
Species illusus - Hymenorus illusus
Species megops - Hymenorus megops
Species niger - Hymenorus niger
Species obesus - Hymenorus obesus
Species occidentalis - Hymenorus occidentalis
Species picipennis - Hymenorus picipennis
Species texensis - Hymenorus texensis
Genus Knausia
Species crassicornis - Knausia crassicornis
Genus Lobopoda
Species erythrocnemis - Lobopoda erythrocnemis
Species monticola - Lobopoda monticola
Species nigrans - Lobopoda nigrans
Species opacicollis - Lobopoda opacicollis
Species punctulata - Lobopoda punctulata
Species socia - Lobopoda socia
Genus Madreallecula
Species mcclevei - Madreallecula mcclevei
Genus Menoeceus
Species texanus - Menoeceus texanus
Genus Stenochidus
Species cyanescens - Stenochidus cyanescens
Species gracilis - Stenochidus gracilis
Genus Telesicles
Species cordatus - Telesicles cordatus
Subtribe Mycetocharina
Genus Hymenochara
Species rufipes - Hymenochara rufipes
Genus Mycetochara
Species bicolor - Mycetochara bicolor
Species binotata - Mycetochara binotata
Species foveata - Mycetochara foveata
Species fraterna - Mycetochara fraterna
Species haldemani - Mycetochara haldemani
Subtribe Xystropodina
Genus Lystronichus
Species championi - Lystronichus championi
Species piliferus - Lystronichus piliferus
Species scapularis - Lystronichus scapularis
Subfamily Diaperinae
Tribe Diaperini
Subtribe Diaperina
Genus Diaperis
Species californica - Diaperis californica
Species maculata - Diaperis maculata
Species rufipes - Diaperis rufipes
Species nigronotata - Diaperis nigronotata
Genus Liodema
Species laeve - Liodema laeve
Genus Neomida
Species bicornis - Neomida bicornis
Species ferruginea - Neomida ferruginea
Genus Pentaphyllus
Species californicus - Pentaphyllus californicus
Species pallidus - Pentaphyllus pallidus
Species testaceus - Pentaphyllus testaceus
Genus Platydema
Species americanum - Platydema americanum
Species ellipticum - Platydema ellipticum
Species erythrocerum - Platydema erythrocerum
Species excavatum - Platydema excavatum
Species flavipes - Platydema flavipes
Species inquilinum - Platydema inquilinum
Species laevipes - Platydema laevipes
Species micans - Platydema micans
Species nigratum - Platydema nigratum
Species oregonense - Platydema oregonense
Species picilabrum - Platydema picilabrum
Species ruficolle - Platydema ruficolle
Species ruficorne - Platydema ruficorne
Species sexnotatum - Platydema sexnotatum
Species subcostatum - Platydema subcostatum
Species teleops - Platydema teleops
Species wandae - Platydema wandae
No Taxon immatures
No Taxon elongate americanum-like specimens
Genus Ulomoides
Species ocularis - Ulomoides ocularis
Subtribe Adelinina
Genus Adelina
Species bidens - Adelina bidens
Species pallida - Adelina pallida
Species plana - Adelina plana
Genus Alphitophagus
Species bifasciatus - Two-banded Fungus Beetle
Genus Cynaeus
Species angustus - Larger Black Flour Beetle
Species depressus - Cynaeus depressus
Genus Doliodesmus
Species charlesi - Doliodesmus charlesi
Genus Gnatocerus
Species maxillosus - Slender-horned Flour Beetle
Species cornutus - Broad-horned Flour Beetle
Genus Iccius
Species cylindricus - Iccius cylindricus
Genus Sitophagus
Species alveolatus - Sitophagus alveolatus
Species hololeptoides - Sitophagus hololeptoides
Tribe Crypticini
Genus Poecilocrypticus
Species formicophilus - Poecilocrypticus formicophilus
Genus Gondwanocrypticus
Species platensis - Gondwanocrypticus platensis
Species obsoletus - Gondwanocrypticus obsoletus
Tribe Gnathidiini
Genus Tyrtaeus
Species rufus - Tyrtaeus rufus
Species dobsoni - Tyrtaeus dobsoni
Tribe Hypophlaeini
Genus Corticeus
Species cavus - Corticeus cavus
Species glaber - Corticeus glaber
Species hatchi - Corticeus hatchi
Species opaculus - Corticeus opaculus
Species parallelus - Corticeus parallelus
Species praetermissus - Corticeus praetermissus
Species substriatus - Corticeus substriatus
Species thoracicus - Corticeus thoracicus
Tribe Myrmechixenini
Genus Myrmechixenis
Species lathridioides - Myrmechixenis lathridioides
Tribe Phaleriini
Genus Phaleria
Species picipes - Phaleria picipes
Species rotundata - Phaleria rotundata
Species testacea - Phaleria testacea
Genus Phaleromela
Species globosa - Phaleromela globosa
Species picta - Phaleromela picta
Species variegata - Phaleromela variegata
Tribe Scaphidemini
Genus Scaphidema
Species aeneolum - Scaphidema aeneolum
Tribe Trachyscelini
Genus Trachyscelis
Species aphodioides - Trachyscelis aphodioides
Subfamily Stenochiinae
Tribe Stenochiini
Genus Strongylium
Species anthrax - Strongylium anthrax
Species apache - Strongylium apache
Species atrum - Strongylium atrum
Species aulicum - Strongylium aulicum
Species championi - Strongylium championi
Species crenatum - Strongylium crenatum
Species hemistriatum - Strongylium hemistriatum
Species simplicicolle - Strongylium simplicicolle
Species tenuicolle - Strongylium tenuicolle
Species terminatum - Strongylium terminatum
Tribe Talanini
Genus Talanus
Species langurinus - Talanus langurinus
Species mecoscelis - Talanus mecoscelis
Tribe Cnodalonini
Genus Alobates
Species pensylvanica - False Mealworm Beetle
Species morio - Alobates morio
Genus Apsida
Species belti - Apsida belti
Genus Cibdelis
Species bachei - Cibdelis bachei
Species blaschkei - Cibdelis blaschkei
Genus Coelocnemis
Species californica - California Broad-necked Darkling Beetle
Species lucia - Coelocnemis lucia
Species magna - Coelocnemis magna
Species punctata - Coelocnemis punctata
Species rugulosa - Coelocnemis rugulosa
Species sulcata - Coelocnemis sulcata
Genus Glyptotus
Species cribratus - Glyptotus cribratus
Genus Haplandrus
Species ater - Haplandrus ater
Species fulvipes - Haplandrus fulvipes
Genus Iphthiminus
Species lewisii - Iphthiminus lewisii
Species opacus - Iphthiminus opacus
Species serratus - Iphthiminus serratus
Genus Merinus
Species laevis - Merinus laevis
Genus Oenopion
Species zopheroides - Oenopion zopheroides
Genus Polopinus
Species hubbelli - Polopinus hubbelli
Species ingens - Polopinus ingens
Species nitidus - Polopinus nitidus
Species youngi - Polopinus youngi
Genus Polypleurus
Species perforatus - Polypleurus perforatus
Species geminatus - Polypleurus geminatus
Genus Upis
Species ceramboides - Roughened Darkling Beetle
Genus Xylopinus
Species aenescens - Xylopinus aenescens
Species saperdoides - Xylopinus saperdoides
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Family Prostomidae - Jugular-horned Beetles
Genus Prostomis
Species americanus - Prostomis americanus
Family Synchroidae - Synchroa Bark Beetles
Genus Synchroa
Species punctata - Synchroa punctata
Genus Mallodrya
Species subaenea - Mallodrya subaenea
Family Oedemeridae - False Blister Beetles
Subfamily Oedemerinae
Tribe Nacerdini
Genus Nacerdes
Species melanura - Wharf Borer
Genus Xanthochroa
Species californica - Xanthochroa californica
Species centralis - Xanthochroa centralis
Species lateralis - Xanthochroa lateralis
Species marina - Xanthochroa marina
Species testacea - Xanthochroa testacea
Tribe Asclerini
Genus Asclera
Species discolor - Asclera discolor
Species excavata - Asclera excavata
Species nigra - Asclera nigra
Species puncticollis - Asclera puncticollis
Species ruficollis - Red-necked False Blister Beetle
Genus Copidita
Species quadrimaculata - Copidita quadrimaculata
Genus Eumecomera
Species bicolor - Eumecomera bicolor
Species cyanipennis - Eumecomera cyanipennis
Species obscura - Eumecomera obscura
Genus Heliocis
Species repanda - Heliocis repanda
Genus Hypasclera
Species dorsalis - Hypasclera dorsalis
Genus Oxacis
Species angustata - Oxacis angustata
Species bernadettei - Oxacis bernadettei
Species caerulea - Oxacis caerulea
Species cana - Oxacis cana
Species pallida - Oxacis pallida
Species sericea - Oxacis sericea
Species taeniata - Oxacis taeniata
Species trimaculata - Oxacis trimaculata
Species trirossi - Oxacis trirossi
No Taxon sp. 1 AZ dark & glabrous
Genus Oxycopis
Species falli - Oxycopis falli
Species floridana - Oxycopis floridana
Species howdeni - Oxycopis howdeni
Species mcdonaldi - Oxycopis mcdonaldi
Species mimetica - Oxycopis mimetica
Species notoxoides - Oxycopis notoxoides
Species suturalis - Oxycopis suturalis
Species thoracica - Oxycopis thoracica
Genus Paroxacis
Species interrita - Paroxacis interrita
Genus Rhinoplatia
Species mortivallicola - Rhinoplatia mortivallicola
Species ruficollis - Rhinoplatia ruficollis
Genus Sisenes
Species championi - Sisenes championi
Genus Vasaces
Species elongatus - Vasaces elongatus
Genus Xanthochroina
Species bicolor - Xanthochroina bicolor
Tribe Ditylini
Genus Ditylus
Species caeruleus - Ditylus caeruleus
Species gracilis - Ditylus gracilis
Species quadricollis - Ditylus quadricollis
Subfamily Polypriinae
Genus Polypria
Species cruxrufa - Polypria cruxrufa
Subfamily Calopodinae
Genus Calopus
Species angustus - Calopus angustus
Genus Sparedrus
Species aspersus - Sparedrus aspersus
Family Stenotrachelidae - False Longhorn Beetles
Genus Nematoplus
Species collaris - Nematoplus collaris 0
Subfamily Stenotrachelinae
Genus Anelpistus
Species canadensis - Anelpistus canadensis
Species americanus - Anelpistus americanus
Genus Stenotrachelus
Species aeneus - Stenotrachelus aeneus
Genus Cephaloon
Species bicolor - Cephaloon bicolor
Species lepturides - False Leptura Beetle
Species tenuicorne - Cephaloon tenuicorne
Species ungulare - Cephaloon ungulare
Species vandykei - Cephaloon vandykei
Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Subfamily Meloinae
Genus Lytta
No Taxon Subgenus Adicolytta
Species mutilata - Lytta mutilata
No Taxon Subgenus Paralytta
Species biguttata - Lytta biguttata
No Taxon Nitidicollis Group
Species morrisoni - Morrison's Blister Beetle
Species nitidicollis - Lytta nitidicollis
No Taxon Fulvipennis Group
Species fulvipennis - Lytta fulvipennis
Species lecontei - Lytta lecontei
No Taxon Reticulata Group
Species arizonica - Lytta arizonica
Species cribrata - Lytta cribrata
Species deserticola - Lytta deserticola
Species mirifica - Lytta mirifica
Species reticulata - Lytta reticulata
No Taxon Magister Group
Species funerea - Lytta funerea
Species magister - Master Blister Beetle
Species melaena - Lytta melaena
Species tenebrosa - Lytta tenebrosa
Species vulnerata - Lytta vulnerata
Subspecies cooperi - Lytta vulnerata cooperi
No Taxon Subgenus Pomphopoea
Species aenea - Lytta aenea
Species polita - Bronze Blister Beetle
Species sayi - Lytta sayi
No Taxon Subgenus Poreopasta
No Taxon Stygica Group
Species aeneipennis - Lytta aeneipennis
Species auriculata - Red-eared Blister Beetle
Species chloris - Lytta chloris
Species comans - Lytta comans
Species crotchii - Lytta crotchii
Species nigripilis - Lytta nigripilis
Species rathvoni - Lytta rathvoni
Species refulgens - Lytta refulgens
Species stygica - Lytta stygica
Species sublaevis - Lytta sublaevis
No Taxon Moerens Group
No Taxon blaisdelli or moerens
No Taxon Cyanipennis Subgroup
Species cyanipennis - Green Blister Beetle
Species nuttalli - Nuttall's Blister Beetle
Species viridana - Lytta viridana
Species navajo - Lytta navajo
Genus Meloe - Oil Beetles
Species ajax - Meloe ajax
Species americanus - Buttercup Oil Beetle
Species angusticollis - Short-Winged Blister Beetle
Species barbarus - Meloe barbarus
Species bitoricollis - Meloe bitoricollis
Species campanicollis - Meloe campanicollis
Species carbonaceus - Meloe carbonaceus
Species dianella - Meloe dianella
Species dugesi - Meloe dugesi
Species franciscanus - Meloe franciscanus
Species impressus - Meloe impressus
Species laevis - Meloe laevis
Species niger - Black Meloe
Species occultus - Meloe occultus
Species strigulosus - Meloe strigulosus
No Taxon niger or dianella
No Taxon exiguus or occultus
No Taxon suspect new species
No Taxon occultus or vandykei
No Taxon images Dr. Pinto was unable to identify to species
Genus Pyrota
Species akhurstiana - Pyrota akhurstiana
Species bilineata - Pyrota bilineata
Species lineata - Pyrota lineata
Species mutata - Pyrota mutata
Species nigrovittata - Pyrota nigrovittata
Species tenuicostatis - Red-margined Blister Beetle
Species trochanterica - Pyrota trochanterica
No Taxon Mylabrina Group
Species concinna - Pyrota concinna
Species deceptiva - Pyrota deceptiva
Species engelmanni - Pyrota engelmanni
Species fasciata - Pyrota fasciata
Species insulata - Yellow-crescent Blister Beetle
Species mylabrina - Pyrota mylabrina
Species palpalis - Charlie Brown Blister Beetle
Species perversa - Pyrota perversa
Species punctata - Pyrota punctata
Species sinuata - Pyrota sinuata
No Taxon Postica Group
Species plagiata - Pyrota plagiata
Species postica - Pyrota postica
Species obliquefascia - Pyrota obliquefascia
Species invita - Pyrota invita
Species discoidea - Pyrota discoidea
Genus Spastonyx
Species nemognathoides - Spastonyx nemognathoides
Tribe Epicautini
Genus Epicauta
No Taxon subgenus Epicauta
No Taxon Caviceps Group
Species aspera - Epicauta aspera
Species caviceps - Epicauta caviceps
Species rehni - Epicauta rehni
Species rileyi - Epicauta rileyi
Species wheeleri - Epicauta wheeleri
No Taxon Cinerea Group
Species cinerea - Clematis Blister Beetle
Species floridensis - Florida Blister Beetle
Species funebris - Margined Blister Beetle
Species pennsylvanica - Black Blister Beetle
No Taxon cinerea or funebris
No Taxon Maculata Group
Species andersoni - Epicauta andersoni
Species apache - Epicauta apache
Species cazieri - Epicauta cazieri
Species maculata - Spotted Blister Beetle
Species normalis - Epicauta normalis
Species pardalis - Spotted Blister Beetle
Species ventralis - Epicauta ventralis
No Taxon normalis or ventralis
No Taxon andersoni or pardalis
No Taxon Sericans Group
Species atrata - Epicauta atrata
Species callosa - Epicauta callosa
Species ferruginea - Epicauta ferruginea
Species fortis - Epicauta fortis
Species heterodera - Epicauta heterodera
Species pruinosa - Epicauta pruinosa
Species puncticollis - Punctate Blister Beetle
Species sericans - Epicauta sericans
Species strigosa - Epicauta strigosa
No Taxon Vittata Group
Species abadona - Epicauta abadona
Species occidentalis - Epicauta occidentalis
Species temexa - Epicauta temexa
Species vittata - Striped Blister Beetle
No Taxon vittata or occidentalis, per J.D. Pinto
Species alphonsii - Epicauta alphonsii
Species brunnea - Epicauta brunnea
Species cinctipennis - Epicauta cinctipennis
Species conferta - Epicauta conferta
Species corvina - Epicauta corvina
Species costata - Epicauta costata
Species cupraeola - Epicauta cupraeola
Species nigritarsis - Epicauta nigritarsis
Species parvula - Epicauta parvula
Species straba - Epicauta straba
Species stuarti - Epicauta stuarti
Species tenebrosa - Epicauta tenebrosa
Species tricostata - Epicauta tricostata
No Taxon apache or jeffersi
No Taxon subgenus Macrobasis
No Taxon Diversicornis Group
Species arizonica - Epicauta arizonica
Species liebecki - Epicauta liebecki
Species polingi - Epicauta polingi
Species albida - Epicauta albida
Species atrivittata - Epicauta atrivittata
Species fabricii - Ashgray Blister Beetle
Species gissleri - Epicauta gissleri
Species hirsutipubescens - Epicauta hirsutipubescens
Species immaculata - Epicauta immaculata
Species lauta - Epicauta lauta
Species longicollis - Epicauta longicollis
Species maculifera - Epicauta maculifera
Species murina - Dark Blister Beetle
Species ochrea - Epicauta ochrea
Species purpurea - Epicauta purpurea
Species segmenta - Epicauta segmenta
Species subglabra - Epicauta subglabra
Species sublineata - Epicauta sublineata
Species tenella - Epicauta tenella
Species tenuilineata - Epicauta tenuilineata
Species tenuis - Epicauta tenuis
Species texana - Epicauta texana
Species torsa - Epicauta torsa
Species virgulata - Epicauta virgulata
No Taxon virgulata or hirsutipubescens -- J.D. Pinto det.
No Taxon immaculata or longicollis -- J.D. Pinto det.
No Taxon fabricii or murina
No Taxon (Macrobasis) unidentifiable -- mostly females
No Taxon images deemed unIDable by Dr. Pinto [tmp. page]
Genus Linsleya
Species suavissima - Linsleya suavissima
Species sphaericollis - Linsleya sphaericollis
Tribe Eupomphini
Genus Cordylospasta
Species fulleri - Cordylospasta fulleri
Species opaca - Cordylospasta opaca
Genus Cysteodemus - Desert Spider Beetles
Species armatus - Inflated Beetle
Species wislizeni - Black Bladder-bodied Meloid
Genus Eupompha
Species edmundsi - Eupompha edmundsi
Species elegans - Eupompha elegans
Subspecies perpulchra - Eupompha elegans perpulchra
Subspecies elegans - Eupompha elegans elegans
Species fissiceps - Eupompha fissiceps
Species histrionica - Eupompha histrionica
Species imperialis - Eupompha imperialis
Species schwarzi - Eupompha schwarzi
Species viridis - Eupompha viridis
Species wenzeli - Eupompha wenzeli
Genus Megetra
Species punctata - Megetra punctata
Species cancellata - Megetra cancellata
Species vittata - Megetra vittata
Genus Phodaga
Species alticeps - Phodaga alticeps
Species marmorata - Phodaga marmorata
Genus Pleuropasta
Species reticulata - Pleuropasta reticulata
Species mirabilis - Pleuropasta mirabilis
Genus Tegrodera - Iron Cross Blister Beetle
Species aloga - Tegrodera aloga
Species erosa - Tegrodera erosa
Subspecies erosa - Tegrodera erosa erosa
Subspecies inornata - Tegrodera erosa inornata
Species latecincta - Iron Cross Blister Beetle
Subfamily Nemognathinae
Genus Cissites
Species auriculata - Cissites auriculata
Tribe Nemognathini
Genus Gnathium
Species californicum - Gnathium californicum
Species francilloni - Gnathium francilloni
Species minimum - Gnathium minimum
Species nitidum - Gnathium nitidum
Genus Hornia
Genus Nemognatha
No Taxon lutea or soror
No Taxon subgenus Meganemognatha
Species lurida - Nemognatha lurida
Species lutea - Nemognatha lutea
Species macswaini - Nemognatha macswaini
Species nitidula - Nemognatha nitidula
Species soror - Nemognatha soror
No Taxon subgenus Nemognatha
Species bifoveata - Nemognatha bifoveata
Species piazata - Nemognatha piazata
Subspecies bicolor - Nemognatha piazata bicolor
No Taxon subgenus Pauronemognatha
Species cribraria - Nemognatha cribraria
Species nemorensis - Nemognatha nemorensis
Species nigripennis - Nemognatha nigripennis
Species punctulata - Nemognatha punctulata
Species scutellaris - Nemognatha scutellaris
No Taxon subgenus Pronemognatha
Species cantharidis - Nemognatha cantharidis
Species selanderi - Nemognatha selanderi
Species sparsa - Nemognatha sparsa
No Taxon piazata or punctulata
No Taxon deemed unIDable beyond genus by Dr.Pinto
Genus Pseudozonitis
Species brevis - Pseudozonitis brevis
Species labialis - Pseudozonitis labialis
Species longicornis - Pseudozonitis longicornis
Species pallidus - Pseudozonitis pallidus
Species roseomaculatis - Pseudozonitis roseomaculatis
Species vaurieae - Pseudozonitis vaurieae
Species vigilans - Pseudozonitis vigilans
Species possibly-undescribed - Pseudozonitis possibly-undescribed
Genus Rhyphonemognatha
Species rufa - Rhyphonemognatha rufa
Genus Tricrania
Species sanguinipennis - Tricrania sanguinipennis
Species stansburyi - Tricrania stansburyi
Genus Zonitis
No Taxon vittigera or perforata
No Taxon Subgenus Neozonitis
Species atripennis - Zonitis atripennis
Species bilineata - Zonitis bilineata
Species interpretis - Zonitis interpretis
Species vermiculata - Zonitis vermiculata
Species cribricollis - Zonitis cribricollis
No Taxon Subgenus Parazonitis
Species dunniana - Zonitis dunniana
Species perforata - Zonitis perforata
Species sayi - Zonitis sayi
Species vittigera - Zonitis vittigera
Genus Tetraonyx
Species fulva - Tetraonyx fulva
Species quadrimaculata - Tetraonyx quadrimaculata
Family Mycteridae - Palm and Flower Beetles
Genus Hemipeplus
Species chaos - Hemipeplus chaos
Species marginipennis - Hemipeplus marginipennis
Species microphthalmus - Hemipeplus microphthalmus
Genus Lacconotus
Species pinicola - Lacconotus pinicola
Species punctatus - Lacconotus punctatus
Genus Mycterus
Species canescens - Mycterus canescens
Species concolor - Mycterus concolor
Species quadricollis - Mycterus quadricollis
Family Boridae - Conifer Bark Beetles
Genus Boros
Species unicolor - Boros unicolor
Genus Lecontia
Species discicollis - Lecontia discicollis
Family Pythidae - Dead Log Beetles
Genus Priognathus
Species monilicornis - Priognathus monilicornis
Genus Pytho
Species americanus - Pytho americanus
Species niger - Pytho niger
Species seidlitzi - Pytho seidlitzi
Genus Sphalma
Species quadricollis - Sphalma quadricollis
Genus Trimitomerus
Species riversii - Trimitomerus riversii
Family Pyrochroidae - Fire-Colored Beetles
Subfamily Pedilinae
Genus Anisotria
Species shooki - Anisotria shooki
Genus Pedilus
Species abnormis - Pedilus abnormis
Species bardii - Pedilus bardii
Species canaliculatus - Pedilus canaliculatus
Species cavatus - Pedilus cavatus
Species elegans - Pedilus elegans
Species flabellatus - Pedilus flabellatus
Species flexiventris - Pedilus flexiventris
Species inconspicuus - Pedilus inconspicuus
Species joanae - Pedilus joanae, manuscript name
Species labiatus - Pedilus labiatus
Species lewisii - Pedilus lewisii
Species lugubris - Pedilus lugubris
Species parvicollis - Pedilus parvicollis
Species punctulatus - Pedilus punctulatus
Species terminalis - Pedilus terminalis
No Taxon images (mostly females) reviewed by D.K. Young
Subfamily Agnathinae
Genus Cononotus
Species bryanti - Cononotus bryanti
Species substriatus - Cononotus substriatus
Subfamily Pyrochroinae
Genus Dendroides
Species ephemeroides - Dendroides ephemeroides
Species marginata - Dendroides marginata
Species concolor - Dendroides concolor
Species canadensis - Dendroides canadensis
Genus Neopyrochroa
Species californica - Neopyrochroa californica
Species femoralis - Neopyrochroa femoralis
Species flabellata - Neopyrochroa flabellata
Genus Schizotus
Species fuscicollis - Schizotus fuscicollis
Species cervicalis - Schizotus cervicalis
Family Salpingidae - Narrow-waisted Bark Beetles
Genus Aegialites
Species californicus - Aegialites californicus
Species debilis - Aegialites debilis
Species subopacus - Aegialites subopacus
Genus Aglenus
Species brunneus - Aglenus brunneus
Genus Elacatis - False Tiger Beetles
Species senecionis - Elacatis senecionis
Species umbrosus - Elacatis umbrosus
Species cf-planatus-or-immaculicollis - Elacatis cf-planatus-or-immaculicollis
Genus Inopeplus
Species immundus - Inopeplus immundus
Species reclusus - Inopeplus reclusus
Subfamily Salpinginae
Genus Rhinosimus
Species pallipes - Rhinosimus pallipes 0
Species viridiaeneus - Rhinosimus viridiaeneus
No Taxon viridiaeneus or pallipes
Genus Sphaeriestes
Species virescens - Sphaeriestes virescens
Genus Vincenzellus
Species elongatus - Vincenzellus elongatus
Subfamily Dacoderinae
Genus Dacoderus
Species striaticeps - Dacoderus striaticeps
Species steineri - Dacoderus steineri
Genus Myrmecoderus
Species laevipennis - Myrmecoderus laevipennis
Family Anthicidae - Antlike Flower Beetles
Subfamily Anthicinae
Genus Acanthinus
Species argentinus - Acanthinus argentinus
Species clavicornis - Acanthinus clavicornis
Species dromedarius - Acanthinus dromedarius
Species exilis - Acanthinus exilis
Species myrmecops - Acanthinus myrmecops
Species scitulus - Acanthinus scitulus
Species spinicollis - Acanthinus spinicollis
Genus Amblyderus
Species granularis - Amblyderus granularis
Species pallens - Amblyderus pallens
Species parviceps - Amblyderus parviceps
Species adventive-sp - Amblyderus adventive-sp
Genus Anthicus
Species biguttulus - Anthicus biguttulus
Species cervinus - Anthicus cervinus
Species dilaticollis - Anthicus dilaticollis
Species ephippium - Anthicus ephippium
Species flavicans - Anthicus flavicans
Species haldemani - Anthicus haldemani
Species hastatus - Anthicus hastatus
Species heroicus - Anthicus heroicus
Species ictericus - Anthicus ictericus
Species lecontei - Anthicus lecontei
Species lutulentus - Anthicus lutulentus
Species maritimus - Anthicus maritimus
Species melancholicus - Anthicus melancholicus
Species nanus - Anthicus nanus
Species punctulatus - Anthicus punctulatus
Species rufulus - Anthicus rufulus
Species scabriceps - Anthicus scabriceps
Genus Cyclodinus
Species annectens - Cyclodinus annectens
Species californicus - Cyclodinus californicus
Species franciscanus - Cyclodinus franciscanus
Species mimus - Cyclodinus mimus
Genus Euvacusus
Species coloradanus - Euvacusus coloradanus
Genus Formicilla
Species munda - Formicilla munda
Genus Ischyropalpus
Species bipartitus - Ischyropalpus bipartitus
Species cochisei - Ischyropalpus cochisei
Species nitidulus - Ischyropalpus nitidulus
Species occidentalis - Ischyropalpus occidentalis
Species sturmi - Ischyropalpus sturmi
Species subtilissimus - Ischyropalpus subtilissimus
Species turgidicollis - Ischyropalpus turgidicollis
No Taxon gemellus or dispar
Genus Leptanthicus
Species staphyliniformis - Leptanthicus staphyliniformis
Genus Malporus
Species cinctus - Malporus cinctus
Species formicarius - Malporus formicarius
Genus Omonadus
Species floralis - Narrow-necked Grain Beetle
Species formicarius - Omonadus formicarius
Genus Sapintus
Species fulvipes - Sapintus fulvipes
Species lemniscatus - Sapintus lemniscatus
Species lutescens - Sapintus lutescens
Species pubescens - Sapintus pubescens
Species pusillus - Sapintus pusillus
Genus Stricticollis
Species tobias - Stricticollis tobias
Genus Tanarthrus
Species andrewsi - Tanarthrus andrewsi
Species salicola - Tanarthrus salicola
Genus Vacusus
Species confinis - Vacusus confinis
Species nigritulus - Vacusus nigritulus
Species vicinus - Vacusus vicinus
Subfamily Eurygeniinae
Genus Bactrocerus
Genus Duboisius
Species arizonensis - Duboisius arizonensis
Genus Eurygenius
Genus Leptoremus
Species argenteus - Leptoremus argenteus
Genus Pergetus
Species campanulatus - Pergetus campanulatus
Genus Retocomus
Species murinus - Retocomus murinus 0
Species wildii - Retocomus wildii
Genus Rilettius
Genus Stereopalpus
Species mellyi - Stereopalpus mellyi 0
Species vestitus - Stereopalpus vestitus
Subfamily Macratriinae
Genus Macratria
Species brunnea - Macratria brunnea
Species confusa - Macratria confusa
Species murina - Macratria murina
Genus Thambospasta
Species howdeni - Thambospasta howdeni
Subfamily Notoxinae - Monoceros Beetles
Genus Mecynotarsus
Species candidus - Mecynotarsus candidus
Species delicatulus - Mecynotarsus delicatulus
Genus Notoxus
Species anchora - Notoxus anchora
Species apicalis - Notoxus apicalis
Species bifasciatus - Notoxus bifasciatus
Species calcaratus - Notoxus calcaratus
Species conformis - Notoxus conformis
Species desertus - Notoxus desertus
Species gelidus - Notoxus gelidus
Species haustrus - Notoxus haustrus
Species lustrellus - Notoxus lustrellus
Species marginatus - Notoxus marginatus
Species monodon - Notoxus monodon
Species montanus - Notoxus montanus
Species murinipennis - Notoxus murinipennis
Species nevadensis - Notoxus nevadensis
Species nuperus - Notoxus nuperus
Species photus - Notoxus photus
Species planicornis - Notoxus planicornis
Species seminole - Notoxus seminole
Species serratus - Notoxus serratus
Species subtilis - Notoxus subtilis
No Taxon anchora or nevadensis
Genus Squamanotoxus
Species balsasensis - Squamanotoxus balsasensis
Species elegans - Squamanotoxus elegans
Subfamily Tomoderinae
Genus Tomoderus
Species constrictus - Tomoderus constrictus
Family Aderidae - Ant-like Leaf Beetles
Tribe Phytobaenini
Genus Axylophilus
Genus Ganascus
Species ptinoides - Ganascus ptinoides
Species ventricosus - Ganascus ventricosus
Tribe Euglenesini
Genus Euglenes
Species pygmaeus - Euglenes pygmaeus
Genus Zonantes
Species ater - Zonantes ater
Species fasciatus - Zonantes fasciatus
Species hubbardi - Zonantes hubbardi
Species nubifer - Zonantes nubifer
Species pallidus - Zonantes pallidus
Species signatus - Zonantes signatus
Species subfasciatus - Zonantes subfasciatus
Genus Emelinus
Species butleri - Emelinus butleri
Species melsheimeri - Emelinus melsheimeri
Tribe Aderini
Genus Aderus
Species brunnipennis - Aderus brunnipennis
Species populneus - Aderus populneus
Species tantillus - Aderus tantillus
Genus Cnopus
Species impressus - Cnopus impressus
Species nucleus - Cnopus nucleus
Genus Gymnoganascus
Species stephani - Gymnoganascus stephani
Subtribe Syzetoninina
Genus Ariotus
Species luteolus - Ariotus luteolus
Species subtropicus - Ariotus subtropicus
Genus Elonus
Species basalis - Elonus basalis
Species chisosensis - Elonus chisosensis
Species excavatus - Elonus excavatus
Species gruberi - Elonus gruberi
Species hesperus - Elonus hesperus
Species nebulosus - Elonus nebulosus
Species simplex - Elonus simplex
Genus Pseudariotus
Species notatus - Pseudariotus notatus
Genus Vanonus
Species calvescens - Vanonus calvescens
Species musculus - Vanonus musculus
Species oklahomensis - Vanonus oklahomensis
Species piceus - Vanonus piceus
Species sagax - Vanonus sagax 0
Species vigilans - Vanonus vigilans
Genus Xylophilus-pseudo
Species constrictus - Xylophilus-pseudo constrictus
Family Scraptiidae - False Flower Beetles
Subfamily Anaspidinae
Tribe Anaspidini
Genus Anaspis
Species atrata - Anaspis atrata
Species collaris - Anaspis collaris
Species duryi - Anaspis duryi
Species flavipennis - Anaspis flavipennis
Species nigrina - Anaspis nigrina 0
Species rufa - Anaspis rufa
Species sericea - Anaspis sericea
Tribe Pentariini
Genus Diclidia
Species laetula - Diclidia laetula
Genus Naucles
Genus Pentaria
Species dispar - Pentaria dispar
Species trifasciata - Pentaria trifasciata
Subfamily Scraptiinae
Tribe Scraptiini
Genus Canifa
Species pallipes - Canifa pallipes
Species plagiata - Canifa plagiata
Species pusilla - Canifa pusilla
Genus Pectotoma
Species hoppingi - Pectotoma hoppingi
Genus Scraptia
Species sericea - Scraptia sericea 0
Tribe Allopodini
Genus Allopoda
Species lutea - Allopoda lutea
Family Ischaliidae - Broad-hipped Flower Beetles
Subfamily Ischaliinae - Broad-hipped Flower Beetles
Genus Ischalia
Species californica - Ischalia californica
Species costata - Ischalia costata
Species vancouverensis - Ischalia vancouverensis
Superfamily Cleroidea - Bark-gnawing, Checkered and Soft-winged Flower Beetles
Family Byturidae - Fruitworm Beetles
Genus Byturus
Species unicolor - Raspberry Fruitworm
Genus Xerasia
Species grisescens - Xerasia grisescens
Family Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles
Genus Anchorius
Species lineatus - Anchorius lineatus
Genus Diplocoelus
Species brunneus - Diplocoelus brunneus
Species rudis - Diplocoelus rudis
Family Cleridae - Checkered Beetles
Subfamily Clerinae
Genus Aulicus
Species antennatus - Aulicus antennatus
Species apachei - Aulicus apachei
Species dentipes - Aulicus dentipes
Species edwardsii - Aulicus edwardsii
Species femoralis - Aulicus femoralis
Species monticola - Aulicus monticola
Genus Enoclerus
Species acerbus - Enoclerus acerbus
Species analis - Enoclerus analis
Species angustus - Enoclerus angustus
Species bimaculatus - Enoclerus bimaculatus
Species bombycinus - Enoclerus bombycinus
Species coccineus - Enoclerus coccineus
Species cordifer - Enoclerus cordifer
Species cupressi - Enoclerus cupressi
Species decussatus - Enoclerus decussatus
Species eximius - Enoclerus eximius
Species hoegei - Enoclerus hoegei
Species ichneumoneus - Enoclerus ichneumoneus
Species laetus - Enoclerus laetus
Subspecies nexus - Enoclerus laetus nexus
Species lecontei - Enoclerus lecontei
Species lunatus - Enoclerus lunatus
Species luscus - Enoclerus luscus
Species moestus - Enoclerus moestus
Species muttkowskii - Enoclerus muttkowskii
Species nigrifrons - Enoclerus nigrifrons
Species nigripes - Enoclerus nigripes
Subspecies nigripes - Enoclerus nigripes nigripes
Subspecies rufiventris - Redbellied Clerid
Species ocreatus - Enoclerus ocreatus
Species opifex - Enoclerus opifex
Species quadrisignatus - Enoclerus quadrisignatus
Species rosmarus - Enoclerus rosmarus
Species schaefferi - Enoclerus schaefferi
Species sphegeus - Red-bellied Clerid
Species spinolae - Handsome Yucca Beetle
Species vetus - Enoclerus vetus
Species viduus - Enoclerus viduus
Genus Opilo
Species domesticus - Opilo domesticus
Species mollis - Opilo mollis
Genus Perilypus
Species ornaticollis - Perilypus ornaticollis
Genus Placopterus
Species thoracicus - Placopterus thoracicus
Genus Priocera
Species chiricahuae - Priocera chiricahuae
Species castanea - Priocera castanea
Genus Thanasimus
Species dubius - Dubious Checkered Beetle
Species formicarius - Thanasimus formicarius
Species trifasciatus - Thanasimus trifasciatus
Species undatulus - Thanasimus undatulus
Genus Trichodes
Species apivorus - Trichodes apivorus
Species bibalteatus - Trichodes bibalteatus
Species bicinctus - Trichodes bicinctus
Species nuttalli - Red-blue Checkered Beetle
Species oresterus - Trichodes oresterus
Species ornatus - Ornate Checkered Beetle
Species peninsularis - Trichodes peninsularis
Subspecies basalis - Trichodes peninsularis basalis
Subspecies horni - Trichodes peninsularis horni
Species simulator - Trichodes simulator
Subfamily Epiphloeinae
Genus Ichnea
Species elongata - Ichnea elongata
Genus Madoniella
Species chiricahua - Madoniella chiricahua
Species crinis - Madoniella crinis
Species dislocata - Madoniella dislocata
Species rectangularis - Madoniella rectangularis
Genus Pennasolis
Species merkeli - Pennasolis merkeli
Genus Pyticeroides
Species laticornis - Pyticeroides laticornis
Subfamily Enopliinae
Genus Boschella
Species fasciata - Boschella fasciata
Genus Pelonides
Species granulatipennis - Pelonides granulatipennis
Species humeralis - Pelonides humeralis
Species quadrinotata - Pelonides quadrinotata
Species quadripunctata - Pelonides quadripunctata
Subfamily Hydnocerinae
Genus Isohydnocera
Species aegra - Isohydnocera aegra
Species albocincta - Isohydnocera albocincta
Species brunnea - Isohydnocera brunnea
Species curtipennis - Isohydnocera curtipennis
Species schusteri - Isohydnocera schusteri
Species tabida - Isohydnocera tabida
Genus Phyllobaenus
Species arizonicus - Phyllobaenus arizonicus
Species chapini - Phyllobaenus chapini
Species corticinus - Phyllobaenus corticinus
Species discoideus - Phyllobaenus discoideus
Species humeralis - Phyllobaenus humeralis
Species knausii - Phyllobaenus knausii
Species longus - Phyllobaenus longus
Species niveifascius - Phyllobaenus niveifascius
Species obscurus - Phyllobaenus obscurus
Species pallipennis - Phyllobaenus pallipennis
Species pubescens - Phyllobaenus pubescens
Species robustus - Phyllobaenus robustus
Species rufipes - Phyllobaenus rufipes
Species scaber - Phyllobaenus scaber
Species subfasciatus - Phyllobaenus subfasciatus
Species tricolor - Phyllobaenus tricolor
Species unifasciatus - Phyllobaenus unifasciatus
Species verticalis - Phyllobaenus verticalis
Genus Wolcottia
Species pedalis - Wolcottia pedalis
Subfamily Isoclerinae
Genus Ababa
Species tantilla - Ababa tantilla
Subfamily Korynetinae
Genus Necrobia
Species ruficollis - Red-Shouldered Ham Beetle
Species rufipes - Red-legged Ham Beetle
Species violacea - Cosmopolitan Blue Bone Beetle
Subfamily Neorthopleurinae
Genus Lebasiella
Species pallipes - Lebasiella pallipes
Genus Loedelia
Species discoidea - Loedelia discoidea
Species maculicollis - Loedelia maculicollis
Genus Neorthopleura
Species texana - Neorthopleura texana
Species thoracica - Neorthopleura thoracica
Subfamily Peloniinae
Genus Chariessa
Species dichroa - Chariessa dichroa
Species elegans - Chariessa elegans
Species pilosa - Chariessa pilosa
Species vestita - Chariessa vestita
Genus Cregya
Species mixta - Cregya mixta
Species oculata - Cregya oculata
Species quadrinotata - Cregya quadrinotata
Genus Pelonium
Species leucophaeum - Pelonium leucophaeum
Species maculicolle - Pelonium maculicolle
Species peninsulare - Pelonium peninsulare
Subfamily Tarsosteninae
Genus Tarsostenus
Species univittatus - Tarsostenus univittatus
Genus Paratillus
Species carus - White-banded Clerid
Subfamily Thaneroclerinae
Genus Thaneroclerus
Species buquet - Thaneroclerus buquet
Genus Zenodosus
Species sanguineus - Zenodosus sanguineus
Subfamily Tillinae
Genus Araeodontia
Species isabellae - Araeodontia isabellae
Genus Callotillus
Species elegans - Callotillus elegans
Species vafer - Callotillus vafer
Genus Cymatodera
Species aegra-complex - Cymatodera aegra-complex
Species angustata - Cymatodera angustata
Species antennata - Cymatodera antennata
Species balteata - Cymatodera balteata
Species bicolor - Cymatodera bicolor
Species californica - Cymatodera californica
Species delicatula - Cymatodera delicatula
Species dietrichi - Cymatodera dietrichi
Species flavosignata - Cymatodera flavosignata
Species fuchsii - Cymatodera fuchsii
Species fuscula - Cymatodera fuscula
Species horni - Cymatodera horni
Species hurdi - Cymatodera hurdi
Species inornata - Inornate Checkered Beetle
Species neomexicana - Cymatodera neomexicana
Species obliquefasciata - Cymatodera obliquefasciata
Species oblita - Cymatodera oblita
Species pubescens - Cymatodera pubescens
Species punctata - Cymatodera punctata
Species puncticollis - Cymatodera puncticollis
Species sirpata - Cymatodera sirpata
Species tricolor - Cymatodera tricolor
Species turbata - Cymatodera turbata
Species undulata - Undulate Checkered Beetle
Species vandykei - Cymatodera vandykei
Species vulgivaga - Cymatodera vulgivaga
Species wolcotti - Cymatodera wolcotti
Species xavierae - Cymatodera xavierae
No Taxon near C. sobara
No Taxon near C. oblita
No Taxon near C. wolcotti
No Taxon near C. latefascia
No Taxon tuta or tutoides
Genus Cymatoderella
Species patagoniae - Cymatoderella patagoniae
Species collaris - Cymatoderella collaris
Genus Lecontella
Species brunnea - Lecontella brunnea
Species gnara - Lecontella gnara
Genus Monophylla
Species californica - Monophylla californica
Species pallipes - Monophylla pallipes
Species terminata - Monophylla terminata
Family Mauroniscidae
Genus Mecomycter
Genus Mectemycor
Genus Scuromanius
Species facetus - Scuromanius facetus
Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles
Subfamily Malachiinae
Genus Chaetocoelus
Species setosus - Chaetocoelus setosus
Tribe Malachiini
Subtribe Apalochrina
Genus Collops
Species balteatus - Collops balteatus
Species bipunctatus - Two-spotted Melyrid
Species blandus - Collops blandus
Species crusoe - Collops crusoe
Species cribrosus - Collops cribrosus
Species dux - Collops dux
Species flavicinctus - Collops flavicinctus
Species grandis - Collops grandis
Species hirtellus - Collops hirtellus
Species histrio - Collops histrio
Species insulatus - Collops insulatus
Species limbellus - Collops limbellus
Species marginellus - Collops marginellus
Species marginicollis - Collops marginicollis
Species necopinus - Collops necopinus
Species nigriceps - Black-headed Melyrid
Species pallipes - Collops pallipes
Species punctatus - Collops punctatus
Species punctulatus - Collops punctulatus
Species quadriguttatus - Collops quadriguttatus
Species quadrimaculatus - Collops quadrimaculatus
Species reflexus - Collops reflexus
Species simplex - Collops simplex
Species tibialis - Collops tibialis
Species tricolor - Collops tricolor
Species vicarius - Collops vicarius
Species vittatus - Collops vittatus
Subtribe Attalina
Genus Attalus
Species cinctus - Attalus cinctus
Species circumscriptus - Attalus circumscriptus
Species frosti - Attalus frosti
Species glabrellus - Attalus glabrellus
Species humeralis - Attalus humeralis
Species nigripes - Attalus nigripes
Species oregonensis - Attalus oregonensis
Species otiosus - Attalus otiosus
Species rufiventris - Attalus rufiventris
Species scapularis - Attalus scapularis
Species scincetus - Attalus scincetus
Species serraticornis - Attalus serraticornis
Species subtropicus - Attalus subtropicus
Species terminalis - Attalus terminalis
Species trimaculatus - Attalus trimaculatus
Species tucsonensis - Attalus tucsonensis
Genus Endeodes
Species basalis - Endeodes basalis
Species collaris - Endeodes collaris
Species insularis - Endeodes insularis
Genus Tanaops
Species longiceps - Tanaops longiceps
Species lobulatus - Tanaops lobulatus
Genus Trophimus
Subtribe Colotina
Genus Temnopsophus
Species bimaculatus - Temnopsophus bimaculatus
Subtribe Ebaeina
Genus Anthocomus
Species pristinus - Anthocomus pristinus
Species equestris - Anthocomus equestris
Genus Hypebaeus
Species apicalis - Hypebaeus apicalis
Species bicolor - Hypebaeus bicolor
Species oblitus - Hypebaeus oblitus
Subtribe Ilopina
Genus Condylops
Species obrieni - Condylops obrieni
Genus Nodopus
Species caviceps - Nodopus caviceps
Species flavilabris - Nodopus flavilabris
Subtribe Malachiina
Genus Axinotarsus
Species pulicarius - Axinotarsus pulicarius
Genus Malachius
Species acutipennis - Malachius acutipennis
Species aeneus - Scarlet Malachite Beetle
Species auritus - Malachius auritus
Species barri - Malachius barri
Species biguttulus - Malachius biguttulus
Species capillicornis - Malachius capillicornis
Species directus - Malachius directus
Species macer - Malachius macer
Species mirandus - Malachius mirandus
Species mixtus - Malachius mixtus
Species thevenetii - Malachius thevenetii
Species ulkei - Malachius ulkei
Species uniformis - Malachius uniformis
Species viridulus - Malachius viridulus
Genus Microlipus
Species laticeps - Microlipus laticeps
Species productus - Microlipus productus
Subtribe Troglopina
Genus Attalusinus
Species mexicanus - Attalusinus mexicanus
Genus Ablechrus
Species texensis - Ablechrus texensis
Subfamily Rhadalinae
Genus Dasyrhadus
Species impressicollis - Dasyrhadus impressicollis
Genus Rhadalus
Species testaceus - Rhadalus testaceus
Genus Semijulistus
Species flavipes - Semijulistus flavipes
Species ater - Semijulistus ater
Subfamily Melyrinae
Genus Melyrodes
Species floridana - Melyrodes floridana
Species cribrata - Melyrodes cribrata
Species basalis - Melyrodes basalis
Subfamily Dasytinae
Tribe Listrini
Genus Asydates
Species inyoensis - Asydates inyoensis
Genus Byturosomus
Species fuscus - Byturosomus fuscus
Genus Cradytes
Species longicollis - Cradytes longicollis
Species serricollis - Cradytes serricollis
Genus Listropsis
Genus Listrus
Species senilis - Listrus senilis
Genus Scelopristis
Species vandykei - Scelopristis vandykei
Species grandiceps - Scelopristis grandiceps
Genus Trichochrous
Species aenescens - Trichochrous aenescens
Species apicalis - Trichochrous apicalis
Species brevicornis - Trichochrous brevicornis
Species convergens - Trichochrous convergens
Species egenus - Trichochrous egenus
Species ferrugineus - Trichochrous ferrugineus
Species fieldii - Trichochrous fieldii
Species fulvovestitus - Trichochrous fulvovestitus
Species pallescens - Trichochrous pallescens
Species quadrinotatus - Trichochrous quadrinotatus
Species sordidus - Trichochrous sordidus
Species umbratus - Trichochrous umbratus
Species varius - Trichochrous varius
Tribe Dasytini
Genus Dasytastes
Species bicolor - Dasytastes bicolor
Genus Dasytellus
Species nigricornis - Dasytellus nigricornis
Genus Dasytes
Species plumbeus - Dasytes plumbeus
Genus Dolichosoma
Species foveicolle - Dolichosoma foveicolle
Genus Enallonyx
Genus Eschatocrepis
Species constrictus - Eschatocrepis constrictus
Genus Hoppingiana
Species hudsonica - Hoppingiana hudsonica
Genus Leptovectura
Species adspersa - Leptovectura adspersa
Genus Vecturoides
No Taxon Larvae
Family Trogossitidae - Bark-gnawing Beetles
Subfamily Peltinae
Genus Peltis
Species fraterna - Peltis fraterna
Species pippingskoeldi - Peltis pippingskoeldi
Species septentrionalis - Peltis septentrionalis
Genus Thymalus
Species marginicollis - Thymalus marginicollis
Tribe Lophocaterini
Genus Eronyxa
Species pallida - Eronyxa pallida
Genus Grynocharis
Species quadrilineata - Grynocharis quadrilineata
Genus Lycoptis
Species americana - Lycoptis americana
Genus Lophocateres
Species pusillus - Siamese Grain Beetle
Subfamily Trogossitinae
Genus Calitys
Species minor - Calitys minor
Species scabra - Calitys scabra
Tribe Trogossitini
Genus Airora
Species aequalis - Airora aequalis
Species cylindrica - Airora cylindrica
Species minuta - Airora minuta
Genus Corticotomus
Species caviceps - Corticotomus caviceps
Species cylindricus - Corticotomus cylindricus
Species depressus - Corticotomus depressus
Species parallelus - Corticotomus parallelus
Genus Euschaefferia
Species hicoriae - Euschaefferia hicoriae
Genus Nemozoma
Species championi - Nemozoma championi
Species fissiceps - Nemozoma fissiceps
Species punctulatum - Nemozoma punctulatum
Genus Temnoscheila
Species acuta - Temnoscheila acuta
Species aerea - Temnoscheila aerea
Species barbata - Temnoscheila barbata
Species chlorodia - Temnoscheila chlorodia
Species edentata - Temnoscheila edentata
Species hubbardi - Temnoscheila hubbardi
Species omolopha - Temnoscheila omolopha
Species virescens - Temnoscheila virescens
Genus Tenebroides
Species americanus - Tenebroides americanus
Species bimaculatus - Tenebroides bimaculatus
Species collaris - Tenebroides collaris
Species corticalis - Tenebroides corticalis
Species crassicornis - Tenebroides crassicornis
Species floridanus - Tenebroides floridanus
Species laticollis - Tenebroides laticollis
Species marginatus - Tenebroides marginatus
Species mauritanicus - Cadelle
Species nanus - Tenebroides nanus
Species obtusus - Tenebroides obtusus
Species occidentalis - Tenebroides occidentalis
Species rugosipennis - Tenebroides rugosipennis
Species semicylindricus - Tenebroides semicylindricus
Species sonorensis - Tenebroides sonorensis
Species soror - Tenebroides soror
Superfamily Coccinelloidea
No Taxon Bothriderid group
Family Bothrideridae - Dry Bark Beetles
Tribe Deretaphrini
Genus Deretaphrus
Species oregonensis - Deretaphrus oregonensis
Genus Sosylus
Species costatus - Sosylus costatus
Species extensus - Sosylus extensus
Tribe Bothriderini
Genus Bothrideres
Species cryptus - Bothrideres cryptus
Species geminatus - Bothrideres geminatus
Species montanus - Bothrideres montanus
No Taxon Bothrideres sp. 1
Genus Lithophorus
Species ornatus - Lithophorus ornatus
Genus Prolyctus
Species exaratus - Prolyctus exaratus
Family Teredidae
Genus Anommatus
Species duodecimstriatus - Anommatus duodecimstriatus
Genus Oxylaemus
Species californicus - Oxylaemus californicus
Genus Rustleria
Species obscura - Rustleria obscura
Family Euxestidae - Well Polished Beetles
Genus Euxestus
Species erithacus - Euxestus erithacus
Genus Hypodacne
Species punctata - Hypodacne punctata
Family Murmidiidae
Genus Botrodus
Species estriatus - Botrodus estriatus
Genus Murmidius
Species ovalis - Minute Beetle
Genus Mychocerinus
Species depressus - Mychocerinus depressus
Family Cerylonidae - Minute Bark Beetles
Genus Ostomopsis
Species neotropicalis - Ostomopsis neotropicalis
Subfamily Ceryloninae
Genus Cerylon
Species castaneum - Cerylon castaneum
Species unicolor - Cerylon unicolor
Genus Mychocerus
Species discretus - Mychocerus discretus
Species striatus - Mychocerus striatus
Genus Philothermus
Species puberulus - Philothermus puberulus
Species stephani - Philothermus stephani
Species glabriculus - Philothermus glabriculus
No Taxon Coccinellid group
Family Latridiidae - Minute Brown Scavenger Beetles
Subfamily Latridiinae
Genus Adistemia
Species watsoni - Household Fungus Beetle
Genus Cartodere
No Taxon subgenus Cartodere
Species constricta - Plaster Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Aridius
Species australica - Cartodere australica
Species bifasciata - Cartodere bifasciata
Species nodifera - Swollen Fungus Beetle
Genus Dienerella
Species ruficollis - Dienerella ruficollis
No Taxon subgenus Dienerella
Species argus - Dienerella argus
Species costulata - Dienerella costulata
Species filiformis - Dienerella filiformis
Species filum - Common Plaster Beetle
Species pilifera - Dienerella pilifera
Genus Enicmus
Species aterrimus - Enicmus aterrimus
Species brevicornis - Enicmus brevicornis
Species cordatus - Enicmus cordatus
Species fictus - Enicmus fictus
Species histrio - Enicmus histrio
Species maculatus - Enicmus maculatus
Species tenuicornis - Enicmus tenuicornis
Genus Eufallia
Species seminivea - Eufallia seminivea
Genus Latridius
Species consimilis - Latridius consimilis
Species hirtus - Latridius hirtus
Species minutus - Squarenosed Fungus Beetle
Species suspectus - Latridius suspectus
Genus Metophthalmus
Species americanus - Metophthalmus americanus
Species rileyi - Metophthalmus rileyi
Species septemstriatus - Metophthalmus septemstriatus
Species trux - Metophthalmus trux
Genus Revelieria
Species californica - Revelieria californica
Genus Stephostethus
Species productus - Stephostethus productus
Species breviclavis - Stephostethus breviclavis
Species liratus - Stephostethus liratus
Species lardarius - Stephostethus lardarius
Genus Thes
Species bergrothi - Ridge-winged Fungus Beetle
Subfamily Corticariinae
Genus Corticaria
Species dentiventris - Corticaria dentiventris
Species elongata - Corticaria elongata
Species ferruginea - Corticaria ferruginea
Species impressa - Corticaria impressa
Species pubescens - Corticaria pubescens
Species rubripes - Corticaria rubripes
Species saginata - Corticaria saginata 0
Species serrata - Corticaria serrata
Species varicolor - Corticaria varicolor
Genus Corticarina
Species cavicollis - Corticarina cavicollis
Species fuscula - Corticarina fuscula
Species longipennis - Corticarina longipennis
Species minuta - Corticarina minuta
Genus Cortinicara
Species gibbosa - Cortinicara gibbosa
Genus Melanophthalma
No Taxon subgenus Cortilena
Species casta - Melanophthalma casta
Species picta - Melanophthalma picta
Species simplex - Melanophthalma simplex
No Taxon subgenus Melanophthalma
Species americana - Melanophthalma americana
Species helvola - Melanophthalma helvola
Species inermis - Melanophthalma inermis
Species pumila - Melanophthalma pumila
Species villosa - Melanophthalma villosa
No Taxon Melanophthalma sp. 2
Genus Migneauxia
Species lederi - Migneauxia lederi
Family Akalyptoischiidae - Akalyptoischiid Scavenger Beetles
Genus Akalyptoischion
Species dyskritos - Akalyptoischion dyskritos
Species quadrifoveolata - Akalyptoischion quadrifoveolata
Species chandleri - Akalyptoischion chandleri
Family Corylophidae - Minute Hooded Beetles
Genus Aenigmaticum
Species californicum - Aenigmaticum californicum
Genus Holopsis
Species marginicollis - Holopsis marginicollis
Genus Microstagetus
Genus Orthoperus
Species scutellaris - Orthoperus scutellaris
Genus Sericoderus
Species lateralis - Sericoderus lateralis
Tribe Rypobiini
Genus Rypobius
Species marinus - Rypobius marinus
Genus Gloeosoma
Species hesperum - Gloeosoma hesperum
Tribe Parmulini
Genus Arthrolips
Species fasciata - Arthrolips fasciata
Species decolor - Arthrolips decolor
Species misella - Arthrolips misella
Genus Clypastraea
Species biguttata - Clypastraea biguttata
Species fasciata - Clypastraea fasciata
Species lepida - Clypastraea lepida
Species lugubris - Clypastraea lugubris
Species lunata - Clypastraea lunata
Species sp-one - Clypastraea sp-one
Family Anamorphidae
Genus Anamorphus
Genus Bystus
Species ulkei - Bystus ulkei
Genus Clemmus
Species minor - Clemmus minor
Genus Micropsephodes
Species lundgreni - Micropsephodes lundgreni
Genus Rhymbomicrus
Species lobatus - Rhymbomicrus lobatus
Genus Symbiotes
Species gibberosus - Symbiotes gibberosus
Family Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles
Genus Trochoideus
Species desjardinsi - Trochoideus desjardinsi
Subfamily Merophysiinae
Genus Holoparamecus
Species caularum - Holoparamecus caularum
Species pacificus - Holoparamecus pacificus
Subfamily Leiestinae
Genus Phymaphora
Species californica - Phymaphora californica
Species pulchella - Phymaphora pulchella
Genus Rhanidea
Species unicolor - Rhanidea unicolor
Subfamily Endomychinae
Genus Endomychus
Species biguttatus - Endomychus biguttatus
Species limbatus - Endomychus limbatus
Genus Danae
Species testacea - Danae testacea
Genus Stenotarsus
Species blatchleyi - Stenotarsus blatchleyi
Species hispidus - Stenotarsus hispidus
Subfamily Epipocinae
Genus Epipocus
Species cinctus - Epipocus cinctus
Species gorhami - Epipocus gorhami
Species opacus - Epipocus opacus
Species punctatus - Epipocus punctatus
Species unicolor - Epipocus unicolor
Subfamily Lycoperdininae
Genus Aphorista
Species laeta - Aphorista laeta
Species morosa - Aphorista morosa
Species vittata - Aphorista vittata
Genus Lycoperdina
Species ferruginea - Lycoperdina ferruginea
Genus Mycetina
Species hornii - Mycetina hornii
Species perpulchra - Mycetina perpulchra
Genus Xenomycetes
Species morrisoni - Xenomycetes morrisoni
Genus Hadromychus
Species chandleri - Hadromychus chandleri
Family Mycetaeidae
Genus Mycetaea