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Looks like a moth.

Looks like a moth.
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
June 27, 2006
Just managed one shot of this as it was on the window. Would appreciate knowing what it is. Thanks

Some sort of Plume Moth. Chec
Some sort of Plume Moth. Check: here

Love them!
I love the plume moths! I once showed one to my mom and at first she thought it was a piece of straw. But when I touched it it flew away. You should've seen the look on her face!

I've seen lots of them around where I live and when I go to camp. I was also wondering why they hold their wings the way they do. My guess is to look like a piece of straw to fool predators and my mom! :) I was just making sure on that one.

Thanks for the info. Its the first time I have seen anything like this. Even thought there was something wrong with it. The link looks good and I reckon you are right.