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Taxonomic purgatory: Sorting out the wasp genus Myzinum Latreille in North America (Hymenoptera, Tiphiidae, Myzininae)
By Kimsey L.S.
Zootaxa 2224: 30–50, 2009
Cite: 601330 with citation markup [cite:601330]

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is broken. :)

the damn updated browser omits the http:// part of the url, so i can't simply mouse-drag it where i want as is...
what's wrong with these people????

It does the same to me. I have found that if you click the address bar to highlight it, copy, and paste, it automatically adds the http part.

yup, Firefox... thanks for the tip...
still, huge inconvenience and waste of time, vs. the older version: a lot of unnecessary additional clicking -- and i'm all too used to simply drag the URLs all across the place (e.g. to put together image lists for experts) without losing whatever other text i may keep for pasting... what on earth was the point of this exciting improvement anyway?