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Life of North American Insects
By Benedict Jaeger
Harper, 1859
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An interesting illustrated historical work available from the Biodiversity Heritage Library. The author, Benedict Jaeger (1789-1869)*, is rather obscure. Quoting from a work about him (Weiss, Harry; 1922. Professor Benedict Jaeger, early entomologist of New link, full text):

Prof. Jaeger (1789-1869) travelled widely and authored many books on insects, notably "The Life of North American Insects" (1854). In 1831 he was engaged by the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, to put their Zoological Museum in order, after which he accepted a teaching post which he resigned in 1840. (NJHS 1922)

*Gordh and Headrick (1) give Jaeger's dates as 1787-1869, and a reference of Weiss, 1922. Proc. N.J. Hist. Soc. 7:196-207. That birth year does not agree with the source quoted.
Weiss gives birthplace as Vienna, Austria, (1789) and death in Brooklyn, New York, August 17, 1869.
Jaeger's papers are preserved at Princeton University, their catalog listing him as "professor of natural history and modern languages at Princeton (1832-1843)".

Additional biographical information is from The Herbarium Göttingen:
JAEGER, Benedict 1789 - 1869
born: Vienna died: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Collector for the botanical garden in St. Petersburg: 1825 - 27 in southern Russia and Caucasia, 1827 - 28 on Haiti. Later lived in Princeton, NJ. Entomologist.
Biography: Symb. Ant. 3: 66 - 67. 1902.
Proceed. New Jersey Hist. Soc. N.S. 7: 196-207. 1922.