Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada
Larvae of Insects
By Alvah Peterson
Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1948
Cite: 607174 with citation markup [cite:607174]
Two Volume Set
Part I is subtitled "Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera"
Part II is subtitled "Coleoptera, Diptera, Neuroptera, Siphonaptera, Mecoptera, Trichoptera".

The publication year refers to the first edition. These volumes are primarily an identification guide with keys, drawings, descriptions, and bibliographies. Part I, though, contains some brief introductory material on equipment and methods for collecting, killing, dissecting, and preserving insect larvae that I found interesting.

Larvae of insects
where can I get/buy a copy of the larvae of insects by Peterson. I am living in the Philippines.

Widely available from online booksellers
Try here at AddALL and look for sellers who will ship to your location.

I recently bought the 2 volume set at Half Price Books here in San Marcos, TX. The artwork is inspiring. I just couldn't pass up such a bargain.