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Unknown moth - Pelochrista eburata

Unknown moth - Pelochrista eburata
Aromas, San Benito County, California, USA
July 26, 2011
Size: 25mm wingspan
Came to black light/MV trap. (live oak/chaparral habitat).

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Unknown moth - Pelochrista eburata Unknown moth - Pelochrista eburata

100% DNA match
100% DNA match at BOLD to Eucosma williamsi.

Pelochrista eburata
Pelochrista williamsi (Powell, 1963) is a synonym of 3085 Pelochrista eburata (Heinrich, 1929), MONA Fascicle 9.5: 89.

The BOLD species page and BIN for eburata is actually P. momana. The correct images for eburata is on the page for williamsi.

Moved from Eucosma.

Moved from Moths.

I would lean on Eucosma williamsi for this guy, but I would need a lateral shot of it.

Thank you Jason
for the genus ID. I don't have a lateral view of this specimen, but I have added a photo of the spread specimen. I do have lateral photos of other specimens of what I am reasonably sure is the same species. I can post photos of them if it would be useful.

Maybe Epiblema... Really cool looking moth, and certainly not one we see here in the northeast :)

look at Hodges 9089-9164