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second black and yellow spider - Argiope aurantia - female

second black and yellow spider - Argiope aurantia - Female
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
August 9, 2004
This is the same type of spider I previously posted, but you can see the web better in this image. By the way, each of these spiders are somewhere between 2.5 - 3 inches long (including legs).

Black and Yellow Argiope
Just found a previous post that identified this spider as an Argiope aurantia. OK, now I know :-)

I see these often in Florida, too
The zig-zag pattern in the center of the web is characteristic of the genus - it's called the 'stabilimentum.'

Argiope aurantia
I have seen what I believe is the male to this female in Shreveport, Louisiana. This spider gives me the creeps because of it's size. Does anyone know if this spider is poisionous or not?

Not harmful to humans
The male is a lot smaller than the female. See the info page for more on both.