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In this genus? - Cantharis fidelis

In this genus? - Cantharis fidelis
Jubilee Lake trail, Umatilla County, Oregon, USA
June 27, 2006
Captured in flight over a grassy area. The flight-exposed red abdomen made me think lampyrid until I peeked in the net.

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In this genus? - Cantharis fidelis Underside shot - Cantharis fidelis

must be Cantharis fidelis (LeConte 1851)
based on MCZ type

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Moved from Soldier Beetles.

Moved from Rhaxonycha.

Genus ID
How performed? If unsafe, better place the picture on family level.

regards, Boris

i agree, misIDed -- pls move up

I tried a few shots...
The frame is actually a fold-out hand lens that fits the same diamater as my camera lens. The flash isn't able to directly luminate the subjuct because of the top and walls of the handlens. I tried a few shots with the flash, and it shines off of the metal lens and blurs up the shot. I'm afraid this really is as good as it gets with my little digi camara.

Check out Sean's solution:

Neat measuring frame!
Have you tried using a bounced flash to capture more detail?