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Order Neuroptera - Antlions, Lacewings, and Allies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Neuroptera - Antlions, Lacewings, and Allies

Suborder Hemerobiiformia - Lacewings and Allies
Family Berothidae - Beaded Lacewings
Genus Lomamyia
Species banksi - Lomamyia banksi
Species flavicornis - Lomamyia flavicornis
Species fulva - Lomamyia fulva
Species longicollis - Lomamyia longicollis 0
Species occidentalis - Lomamyia occidentalis
Species squamosa - Lomamyia squamosa
Family Chrysopidae - Green Lacewings
Subfamily Chrysopinae - Typical Green Lacewings
Tribe Belonopterygini - Ant-loving Lacewings
Genus Abachrysa
Species eureka - Abachrysa eureka
Genus Nacarina
Species robusta - Nacarina robusta
Tribe Chrysopini
Genus Apertochrysa
Species luctuosa - Apertochrysa luctuosa
Species macleodi - Apertochrysa macleodi
Species perfecta - Perfect Green Lacewing
Species sierra - Sierra Green Lacewing
Genus Ceraeochrysa
Species cincta - Ceraeochrysa cincta
Species lineaticornis - Stripe-horned Green Lacewing
Species smithi - Smith's Green Lacewing
Species valida - Ceraeochrysa valida
No Taxon cubana or valida
Genus Chrysopa - Stink Lacewings
Species chi - X-marked Green Lacewing
Species coloradensis - Chrysopa coloradensis
Species excepta - Chrysopa excepta
Species incompleta - Chrysopa incompleta
Species nigricornis - Black-horned Green Lacewing
Species oculata - Chrysopa oculata
Species pleuralis - Chrysopa pleuralis
Species quadripunctata - Four-spotted Green Lacewing
Species slossonae - Slosson's Green Lacewing 0
No Taxon quadripunctata or slossonae
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Genus Chrysoperla - Common Green Lacewings
No Taxon carnea-group
Species downesi - Downes's Green Lacewing
Species plorabunda - Weeping Green Lacewing
No Taxon mohave: downesi or johnsoni
No Taxon pudica-group
Species comanche - Comanche Green Lacewing
Species externa - Chrysoperla externa
Species harrisii - Harris's Green Lacewing
Species rufilabris - Red-lipped Green Lacewing
Genus Chrysopodes
Species collaris - Chrysopodes collaris
Genus Eremochrysa - Shadow Lacewings
No Taxon subgenus Chrysopiella
Species minora - Eremochrysa minora
Species pallida - Eremochrysa pallida 0
No Taxon subgenus Eremochrysa
Species canadensis - Eremochrysa canadensis
Species fraterna - Eremochrysa fraterna
Species hageni - Eremochrysa hageni
Species punctinervis - Eremochrysa punctinervis
Species tibialis - Eremochrysa tibialis
Genus Kymachrysa
Species placita - Kymachrysa placita
Species intacta - Kymachrysa intacta
Genus Meleoma
Species dolicharthra - Meleoma dolicharthra
Species emuncta - Meleoma emuncta
Species furcata - Meleoma furcata
Species hageni - Meleoma hageni
Species schwarzi - Meleoma schwarzi
Species signoretti - Signoret's Green Lacewing
Genus Nineta
Species gravida - Nineta gravida
Genus Yumachrysa
Species apache - Apache Lacewing
Species unidentified-sp-texas - Yumachrysa unidentified-sp-Texas
Tribe Leucochrysini
Genus Leucochrysa
No Taxon subgenus Leucochrysa
Species arizonica - Leucochrysa arizonica
Species insularis - Leucochrysa insularis
No Taxon subgenus Nodita
Species americana - Leucochrysa americana
Species callota - Leucochrysa callota
Species explorata - Leucochrysa explorata
Species floridana - Leucochrysa floridana
Species pavida - Lichen-carrying Green Lacewing
No Taxon americana or explorata
Subfamily Nothochrysinae - Basal Green Lacewings
Genus Nothochrysa
Species californica - San Francisco Lacewing
Genus Pimachrysa
Species fusca - Pimachrysa fusca
No Taxon unidentified eggs
No Taxon Unidentified Naked Larvae
No Taxon Unidentified Debris-Carrying Larvae
No Taxon Cocoons
Family Coniopterygidae - Dusty Lacewings
Family Dilaridae - Pleasing Lacewings
Genus Nallachius
Species pulchellus - Nallachius pulchellus
Species americanus - Nallachius americanus
Family Hemerobiidae - Brown Lacewings
Subfamily Hemerobiinae
Genus Hemerobius
Species bistrigatus - Hemerobius bistrigatus
Species humulinus - Hemerobius humulinus
Species stigma - Hemerobius stigma
No Taxon discretus or pacificus
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Genus Wesmaelius
Subfamily Megalominae
Genus Megalomus
Species angulatus - Megalomus angulatus 0
Species carpenteri - Megalomus carpenteri
Species fidelis - Megalomus fidelis
Species minor - Megalomus minor
Species moestus - Megalomus moestus
Subfamily Microminae
Genus Micromus
Species angulatus - Micromus angulatus
Species posticus - Micromus posticus
Species subanticus - Micromus subanticus
Species variegatus - Micromus variegatus
Species variolosus - Micromus variolosus
No Taxon montanus, remiformis, or borealis
No Taxon variolosus or subanticus
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Subfamily Notiobiellinae
Genus Psectra
Species diptera - Psectra diptera
Subfamily Sympherobiinae
Genus Sympherobius
Species amiculus - Sympherobius amiculus
Species barberi - Barber's Brown Lacewing
Species californicus - Sympherobius californicus
Species killingtoni - Sympherobius killingtoni
Species occidentalis - Sympherobius occidentalis
Species umbratus - Sympherobius umbratus
No Taxon amiculus or barberi
No Taxon arizonicus or killingtoni
No Taxon angustus-group
No Taxon Unidentified Larvae
Family Ithonidae - Giant and Moth Lacewings
Genus Oliarces - Moth Lacewings
Species clara - Cheese-weed Moth Lacewing
Genus Platystoechotes
Species lineatus - Platystoechotes lineatus
Genus Polystoechotes
Species punctata - Giant Lacewing
Family Mantispidae - Mantid Lacewings
Subfamily Calomantispinae
Genus Nolima
Species pinal - Nolima pinal
Subfamily Mantispinae
Genus Climaciella - Wasp Mantidflies
Species brunnea - Brown Wasp Mantidfly
Genus Dicromantispa
Species interrupta - Dicromantispa interrupta
Species sayi - Say's Mantidfly
Genus Entanoneura
Species batesella - Entanoneura batesella
Genus Leptomantispa
Species pulchella - Leptomantispa pulchella
Genus Xeromantispa
Species scabrosa - Xeromantispa scabrosa
Genus Zeugomantispa - Green Mantidflies
Species minuta - Zeugomantispa minuta
Subfamily Symphrasinae
Genus Plega
Species signata - Plega signata
Species dactylota - Plega dactylota
No Taxon Unidentified Eggs, Larvae, Pupae & Hosts
Family Nemopteridae - Spoon-winged Lacewings
Family Sisyridae - Spongilla Lacewings
Genus Climacia
Species areolaris - Climacia areolaris
Species californica - Climacia californica
Genus Sisyra
Species apicalis - Sisyra apicalis
Species nigra - Sisyra nigra
Species vicaria - Sisyra vicaria
No Taxon Eggs - chrysopid or berothid
Suborder Myrmeleontiformia - Antlions and Allies
Family Myrmeleontidae - Antlions & Owlflies
Subfamily Dendroleontinae - Spotted-winged Antlions and Allies
Genus Dendroleon
Species obsoletus - (Eastern) Spotted-winged Antlion
Species speciosus - Dendroleon speciosus
Subfamily Ascalaphinae - Owlflies
Genus Ascaloptynx
Species appendiculata - Ascaloptynx appendiculata
Genus Haploglenius
Species flavicornis - Haploglenius flavicornis
Genus Ululodes - Split-eyed Owlflies
Species arizonensis - Ululodes arizonensis
Species bicolor - Ululodes bicolor
Species floridanus - Ululodes floridanus
Species macleayanus - Macleay's Owlfly
Species mexicanus - Ululodes mexicanus
Species nigripes - Ululodes nigripes
Species quadripunctatus - Four-spotted Owlfly
No Taxon macleayanus or floridanus
No Taxon macleayanus or nigripes
No Taxon eggs and larvae
No Taxon eggs and larvae
Subfamily Myrmeleontinae - Giant, Long-tailed, and Pit-trapping Antlions
Tribe Acanthaclisini - Giant Antlions
Genus Paranthaclisis
Species congener - Paranthaclisis congener
Species floridensis - Paranthaclisis floridensis
Species hageni - Paranthaclisis hageni
Genus Vella
Species americana - Vella americana
Species fallax - Vella fallax
Subspecies texana - Vella fallax texana
Tribe Brachynemurini - Long-tailed Antlions
Genus Atricholeon
Species tuberculatus - Atricholeon tuberculatus
Genus Brachynemurus
Species abdominalis - Brachynemurus abdominalis
Species californicus - Brachynemurus californicus
Species ferox - Brachynemurus ferox
Species hubbardii - Brachynemurus hubbardii
Species longicaudus - Brachynemurus longicaudus
Species nebulosus - Brachynemurus nebulosus
Species pulchellus - Brachynemurus pulchellus
Species ramburi - Brachynemurus ramburi
Species sackeni - Brachynemurus sackeni
Species signatus - Brachynemurus signatus
Genus Chaetoleon
Species tripunctatus - Chaetoleon tripunctatus
Species pusillus - Chaetoleon pusillus
Genus Clathroneuria
Species arapahoe - Clathroneuria arapahoe
Species coquilletti - Clathroneuria coquilletti
Species schwarzi - Clathroneuria schwarzi
Genus Gnopholeon
Species delicatulus - Gnopholeon delicatulus
Genus Menkeleon
Species bellulus - Menkeleon bellulus
Genus Mexoleon
Species papago - Mexoleon papago
Genus Peruveleon
Species dorsalis - Peruveleon dorsalis
Genus Scotoleon
Species carrizonus - Scotoleon carrizonus
Species dissimilis - Scotoleon dissimilis
Species expansus - Scotoleon expansus
Species longipalpis - Scotoleon longipalpis
Species marshi - Scotoleon marshi
Species minutus - Scotoleon minutus
Species nigrescens - Scotoleon nigrescens
Species nigrilabris - Scotoleon nigrilabris
Species yavapai - Scotoleon yavapai
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Tribe Myrmeleontini - Pit-trapping Antlions
Genus Myrmeleon - Pit-trapping Antlions
Species carolinus - Myrmeleon carolinus
Species crudelis - Myrmeleon crudelis
Species exitialis - Myrmeleon exitialis
Species immaculatus - Myrmeleon immaculatus
Species mexicanus - Myrmeleon mexicanus
Species mobilis - Myrmeleon mobilis
Species texanus - Myrmeleon texanus
No Taxon unidentified larvae
Subfamily Nemoleontinae - Picture-winged Antlions and Allies
Genus Eremoleon
Species femoralis - Eremoleon femoralis
Species nigribasis - Eremoleon nigribasis
Genus Euptilon
Species arizonense - Euptilon arizonense
Species decipiens - Euptilon decipiens
Species normale - Euptilon normale
Species ornatum - Euptilon ornatum
Species sinuatum - Euptilon sinuatum
Genus Glenurus - Picture-winged Antlions
Species luniger - Western Picture-winged Antlion
Species snowii - Snow's Picture-winged Antlion
Species gratus - Pleasing Picture-winged Antlion
Genus Purenleon
Species albovarius - Purenleon albovarius
Species connexus - Purenleon connexus
Species inscriptus - Purenleon inscriptus
No Taxon unidentified larvae and pupae
Family Nymphidae - Split‐footed Lacewings