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Quick Guide to Spiders with Red/Dark Orange Coloring or Markings

Spiders with prominent red or orange abdominal markings - I'm adding orange here because these spiders can vary from orange to red.

Cobweb Spiders (Theridiidae)

Widow Spiders (Latrodectus) - The black widow is probably the most infamous spider with red markings. There are 5 species found in the USA & Canada. All 5 species can be black & red in color though the brown widow is usually a light brown. The red hourglass (sometimes orange) is found on the ventral side of the abdomen. However, all species can also have orange (sometimes red) markings on the dorsal side of the abdomen.

Red Widow ♀

Brown Widow ♀

Western Black Widow ♀

Southern Black Widow ♀

Northern Black Widow ♀

Enoplognatha ovata ♂ ♀ ♀

Jumping Spiders

Red carapace & abdomen

Phidippus apacheanus

Phidippus cardinalis

Phidippus clarus ♀

Phidippus adumbratus ♀

Phidippus whitmani ♀

Phidippus whitmani ♂

Phidippus arizonensis ♀

Phidippus asotus ♂

Phidippus pius ♂

Phidippus regius ♀

Rhetenor texanus ♂

Sassacus cyaneus

Red abdomen or red abdominal markings

Phidippus borealis

Phidippus audax

Phidippus princeps

Phidippus pulcherrimus

Phidippus workmani

Phidippus clarus ♂

Phidippus carneus ♂

Phidippus phoenix ♀

Phidippus tyrrellii ♂

Phidippus cryptus ♂

Phidippus johnsoni ♂

Phidippus johnsoni ♀

Habronattus decorus

Phidippus adumbratus ♀

Antmimics and Ground Sac Spiders (Corinnidae)

Castianeira descripta

Castianeira floridana

Castianeira occidens

Castianeira thalia


Spinybacked Orbweaver

Araniella displicata

Verrucosa arenata (male)

Araneus bivittatus

Araneus cingulatus

Araneus gadus

Araneus guttulatus

Araneus iviei

Araneus juniperi

Araneus marmoreus

Araneus miniatus

Araneus partitus

Araneus pegnia

Araneus pratensis

Araneus thaddeus

Araneus trifolium

Verrucosa arenata

Eriophora ravilla

Crab Spiders

Mecaphesa schlingeri

Mecaphesa ?

Diaea livens

Misumena vatia

Misumenoides formosipes

Spiders with an entire red abdomen

Misumenoides formosipes

Spiders with prominent red thoracic markings

Spiders with entire red carapace

Araniella displicata

Dysdera crocata

Castianeira amoena

Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders (Linyphiidae)

Pityohyphantes rubrofasciatus



Ground Spider

Lynx Spiders

Oxyopes scalaris ♀

Oxyopes aglossus ♂

Oxyopes salticus ♂

Spiders with red carapace & black eye region

Sheetweb and Dwarf Spiders (Linyphiidae)

Ceraticelus sp.

Ceratinopsidis formosa

Florinda coccinea

Gonatium crassipalpum

Hypselistes florens

Styloctetor purpurescens

Walckenaeria auranticeps


Glenognatha foxi


Spiders with only red legs (body another color)

Sphodros rufipes

Euophrys monadnock

Red eye region or chelicerae

Habronattus americanus ♂

Hentzia palmarum ♂


What Species of Spider?
I found this on my bananas, can anyone help me identify it? (I let it free after taking this photo)

Black widow or not
Is this a black widow (or other possibly dangerous spider)? It doesn’t look like any of the spiders on this page.

Not IDable
Too squashed. In the future please post ID Requests to the ID Request Page.

Haven't been able to find out what this is
The legs were a light red with thick barbs. The photo is large so I didn't include it in the post.

Your spider is a male orbweaver
Your image is a bit overexposed. You can post it (or a better one - that's cropped) to ID Request for an ID. At this point I think it might be a male Araneus species. (harmless)

Another Castianeira species
C. thalia with the red color form like the one I found recently


Habronattus decorus
Habronattus decorus has an iridescent abdomen that appears coppery, red, or pink.


Hi Letanius
Please delete your comment on this article and post your image to ID Request. Thanks!

Not sure if it is just me...
...or maybe the picture but that spider looks plastic to me.

it's not just you.

Not anymore

I believe
that would be Sinis fecit.

Male Verrucosa arenata
looks a lot different than the female, maybe worth adding.


Red creeper
What about this one too?

Juvenile Redback Spider
This looks like a juvenile redback spider to me.

How about

Good one

Nice guide
I like the brown border around the photos.

Thanks Brad
That's all thanks to roar's mark-up article here.

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