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specimens from cricket shipments

Seasonal abundance of arthropod predators in various habitats in the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas.
By Fuchs, T.W. and J.A. Harding.
Environmental Entomology, 5(2): 288-290., 1976

Fuchs, T.W. and J.A. Harding. 1976. Seasonal abundance of arthropod predators in various habitats in the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas. Environmental Entomology, 5(2): 288-290.


Arthropod predators in various habitats were sampled weekly with a D-Vac® vacuum insect collector during 1973–75 in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Data indicate that non-cultivated habitats support larger numbers of predators/unit area than do cultivated habitats. [b]Over 50% of all predators collected were spiders.

New spiders of the family Agelenidae from western North America.
By Chamberlin, R. V. & Ivie, W.
Annals of the Entomological Society of America 30: 211-230., 1937

Revision of the genus Yorima Chamberlin and Ivie (Arachnida, Agelenidae).
By Roth, V. D.
American Museum Novitates 1773: 1-10., 1956

Spider Research in the 21st Century: trends and perspectives
By David Penney, editor
Siri Scientific Press, 2013

Spider Families of the World and their Spinnerets
By John A. Murphy, Michael J. Roberts
British Arachnological Society, 2015
Excellent reference

Two volume set:
Part I: Text
Part II: Plates

British Arachnological Society

Spider Families of the World and their Spinnerets

Arachnologists' Handbook, Second edition
By Russell-Smith, A., Smith, H. & Oxford, G. (eds.)
British Arachnological Society, 2015
An excellent handbook for those interested in studying, collecting, keeping spiders, etc.

The fauna and color plate sections pertain to the more commonly encountered British spiders, but many of the covered families, genera, and even species, occur in North America as well.

The second half of the handbook is useful for anyone interested in spiders anywhere. Informative sections regarding collecting, captivity, photography, safety, and more, are included.

British Arachnological Society

The Crab Spiders of California
By RX Schick
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, 1965
Link here: - large file (104 MB).

This publication covers both the modern Thomisidae and Philodromidae of California (at that time lumped together under Thomisidae).

Spiders of North America: An Identification Manual, Second Edition
By Darrell Ubick (Editor), Pierre Paquin (Editor), Paula Cushing (Editor), Nadine Dupérré (Illustrator)
American Arachnological Society, 2017