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Owlfly eggs and hatchllings - Ululodes

Owlfly eggs and hatchllings - Ululodes
Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas, USA
Size: eggs: 2-3 mm
25 June I found a plant stalk with two rows of large eggs near the tip, and then, on the side towards the base of the plant, what appeared to be a baffle--little stalks with something maybe sticky on top, perhaps to discourage ants. I brought the eggs home to see what they would turn out to be. On 3 July they hatched into what my guide books suggest to me were owlfly larvae. I've put them in the back yard, where I undertand they will hide under detritus and ambush whatever small creatures come along.

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Owlfly eggs and hatchllings - Ululodes Owlfly eggs and hatchllings - Ululodes Owlfly eggs and hatchllings - Ululodes Owlfly eggs and hatchlings - Ululodes


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#61233 Identification -- Ululodes sp.
This is an egg clutch of an owlfly of the genus Ululodes. Two Ululodes species are currently recorded from Arkansas, quadripunctatus and macleayanus, and it could be either of these. Note the fertile eggs (white) in two rows, and the abortive eggs ("repagula") below them. The latter are coated with an ant-repellant substance and act to protect the fertile eggs above. For accounts of the biology of one Ululodes species see Bibliography of the Neuropterida ( reference numbers (r#) 2875 and 2877.

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