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Subfamily Peloniinae

Checkered Beetle - Chariessa pilosa Clerid Beetle - Chariessa pilosa Chariessa pilosa/texana - Chariessa texana - female Red-legged Beetle - Chariessa vestita Chariessa catalina - Red and iridescent blue/black beetle - Chariessa catalina Male, Chariessa catalina? - Chariessa catalina Chariessa catalina? - Chariessa catalina Beetle with bright red legs - Chariessa vestita

Beetle 1905.06.07.2014 - Cregya oculata Beetle - Cregya oculata Checkered Beetle - Cregya oculata Very Small Beetle - Cregya oculata Beetle for ID - Cregya oculata clerid - Cregya oculata Cregya oculata Cregya mixta LeConte - Cregya mixta

'Antler beetle' - Pelonium peninsulare Pelonium maculicolle Schaeffer - Pelonium maculicolle Pelonium leucophaeum (Klug) - Pelonium leucophaeum - male Cleridae Beetle - Pelonium leucophaeum White banded (beetle?)? - Pelonium leucophaeum Pelonium leucophaeum unknown insect - Pelonium leucophaeum Beetle - Pelonium leucophaeum