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Family Isotomidae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Collembola - Springtails and allies
Order Entomobryomorpha - Elongate-bodied Springtails
Family Isotomidae

Subfamily Isotominae
Genus Agrenia
Species bidenticulata - Agrenia bidenticulata
Genus Desoria
Species canadensis - Desoria canadensis
Species gelida - Desoria gelida
Species hiemalis - Desoria hiemalis
Species hoodensis - Desoria hoodensis
Genus Hydroisotoma
Species schaefferi - Hydroisotoma schaefferi
Genus Isotoma
Species arctica - Isotoma arctica
Species delta - Isotoma delta
Species viridis - Isotoma viridis
Subspecies pomona - Isotoma viridis pomona
Species subviridis - Isotoma subviridis
Genus Isotomiella
Species minor - Isotomiella minor
Genus Metisotoma
Species grandiceps - Metisotoma grandiceps
Genus Isotomurus
Species bimus - Isotomurus bimus
Species palustris - Isotomurus palustris
Species tricolor - Isotomurus tricolor
Genus Parisotoma
Species notabilis - Parisotoma notabilis
Genus Pseudisotoma
Species sensibilis - Pseudisotoma sensibilis
Genus Scutisotoma
Species titusi - Scutisotoma titusi
Genus Vertagopus
Species arboreus - Vertagopus arboreus
Species pseudocinereus - Vertagopus pseudocinereus
Subfamily Proisotominae
Genus Ballistura
Species tuberculata - Ballistura tuberculata
Genus Folsomia
Species prima - Folsomia prima
Species regularis - Folsomia regularis
Genus Guthriella
Species muskegis - Guthriella muskegis
Genus Proisotoma
Species minuta - Proisotoma minuta
Subfamily Anurophorinae
Genus Anurophorus
Species near-septentrionalis - Anurophorus near-septentrionalis
Genus Tetracanthella
Species californica - Tetracanthella californica
Genus Dagamaea
Species tenuis - Dagamaea tenuis