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Acrolophus hodgesi - Acrolophus mss-sp

Acrolophus hodgesi - Acrolophus mss-sp
Miller Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
July 4, 2010
Size: Forewing Length 9 mm.
BOLD Systems DNA Analysis
Barcode ID CMAZA471-10.
Elevation 5,000. ft.
Oak-Juniper Woodland.

Manuscript Names
It is improper to publish manuscript names prior to publication by the authors of a new species. A. hodgesi is a manuscript name of Davis and Jump and is expected to appear in (two years or so ?) in a MONA fascicle as a new species name. It would be more appropriate to call this "0355.4 - Acrolophus mss. sp. - Davis & Jump" for now and then show the new formal name after they have published it.

There are about 10 or so new names of this nature in the BOLD database due to Davis & Jump having submitted specimens for barcoding. It is wonderful to be able to have some of our photos identified in advance of species descriptions.

Moved from Tubeworm Moths.