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Caterpillar emerged from

Caterpillar emerged from "clump" of leaves - Pyramidobela angelarum
West Los Angeles, Los Amgeles County, California, USA
March 1, 2012
Size: 1/2 inch
Egg was laid at the tip of a Butterfly bush plant and the surrounding leaves wer clumped together.

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Leaf-tying moth larva...
could be a pyralid, gelechiid, tortricid... you really need to raise these to find out what they are.

Leat-tying caterpillar
Thanks Charley,

Can the species you listed vary in color? The one in my yard is white while all the pictures of the species you listed are mot white.


I named three families, each of which includes hundreds of species, most of which are not represented on BugGuide as larvae. All three can have white larvae. Examples:

Also, note that these families are not the only ones with leaf-tying larvae--there are also crambids, oecophorids, elachistids, etc.
Assuming butterfly bush means Buddleja, there is a caterpillar host plant database you can search. Googling those names reminded me that someone was able to raise some larvae like this on butterfly bush two and a half years ago:

They turned out to be the Buddleia Budworm (Elachistidae: Pyramidobela angelarum). So that's probably what you've got.

Looks very much like White larva - Pyramidobela angelarum.

Much appreciated,


They come in various colors.
Take a look here.

I took the liberty of cropping your pic.
Only you and the editors can see the full-size image. Everyone else is left looking at a tiny caterpillar in a lot of unnecessary background.

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Thanks Ken
Thanks Ken