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tiny flesh tone bugs

Whenever I'm outside it never ceases to fail that these teeny tiny almost flesh colored bugs land on me and bite me. At first I thought they were No See Ums but now I'm not so sure. They seem to be attracted to light tones. For instance, if I have on a white shirt and go outside, a few minutes later there will be 5 or so of these little flecks just chilling out on my shirt lol. Does anyone know what they are? Their bites hurt. And as I stated previously, they blend in well with skin so until you feel them bite, you generally don't notice them. For what it's worth, they appear to fly as well. Any ideas?


No idea.
Apologies for letting this languish so long, but I don't know what the creatures could be. Best to take intact specimens to a local entomologist who can put them under a microscope for a positive ID. Good luck.

Thanks. Next time it happens
Thanks. Next time it happens I'll try to snap a photo of it and post in the ID section. :)

Thrips maybe.
Thrips maybe.