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Sandhills Hornet - worker - Dolichovespula arenaria - female

Sandhills Hornet - worker - Dolichovespula arenaria - Female
Kennebunk, Maine, USA
August 24, 2004
2.5cm; many other smaller ones; Sandhills hornet,confirmed by Eric E. Dolichovespula arenaria

Aerial yellow jacket
Yes, this is the "sandhills hornet," formally known as the "aerial yellow jacket",Dolichovespula arenaria. In most places, especially urban areas, this is the only black and yellow yellow jacket to make its paper nest ABOVEGROUND. Most colonies are rather small, and burn out quickly.

Sandhills hornet
V J Hickey: thanks again Eric.I feel like a student who has just aced a quiz. GoldenRod pollen must be an excellent food...loaded w/wasps,ambushers,flies,dragonflies...very few honeybees. VJH