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Left palp - Loxosceles reclusa - male

Left palp - Loxosceles reclusa - Male
December 10, 2010
Size: 1 cm
Just adding a picture of the pedipalp.

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Brown Recluse? - Loxosceles reclusa Brown Recluse? - Loxosceles reclusa Left palp - Loxosceles reclusa - male

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Very nice. I see in Gertsch and Ennik 1983 that there is already a L. reclusa record for Minnesota (1953, Wabasha County, Lake City, floor of downtown apartment, 2 males).



Do you think it is L. reclusa? I didn't want to rule out other species quickly since it came in a package.


Hah, good question. That woul
Hah, good question. That would be my guess, but I've only looked very briefly at the one reference. Before commiting myself, I'd want to spend some more time studying it under the microscope -- not least because I have no experience whatsoever with the genus.

What do you think? (Gertsch & Ennik 1983 is available online.)

I looked at that paper and wa
I looked at that paper and was leaning toward L. reclusa. I might have to get the specimen out again and get some measurements and perhaps some different palp angles.