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Pandorus sphinx larvae? - Eumorpha satellitia

Pandorus sphinx larvae? - Eumorpha satellitia
Brownsville. Sabal Palms sanctuary, Cameron County, Texas, USA
April 4, 2012
Size: 5CM
This beautiful caterpillar is nearly translucent. Jade green head and pronounced thoracic claws were quickly hidden from view. Food plant possibly Serjania.

Moved from Eumorpha.

I still have not heard back from Bill. I am fairly certain of my previous ID, but I will be sure to move this image if Bill says otherwise.

Mike Quinn
has his photo labeled Eumorpha s. licaon on Bill's site, so this must the ssp. found in TX
Nice photo South Texas Guy! Keep them coming.

Moved from ID Request.

I believe this to be Eumorpha satellitia licaon. E. vitis has a similar larva, but according to Jim Tuttle (The Hawk Moths of North America), "In Eumorpha satellitia the white panels are completely enclosed in black whereas in E. vitis the ends of the black panels remain open. Also, satellitia has a faint subdorsal longitudinal stripe that touches the top of the white panels that is lacking in vitis."

This individual has completely enclosed "panels" (with the exception of very small openings on some of the panels), and has the longitudinal stripe. I will try and confirm this with Bill Oehlke before I move it.

Bill will know. Thanks for yo
Bill will know. Thanks for your help.

Eumorpha satellitia licaon
Hi Ryan and South Texas Guy,
The diffuse whitish subdorsal stripe leads me to believe it is satellitia licaon. The variability with some white panels completely enclosed and some open is intermediate between vitis and s. licaon, but the white subdorsal stripe is found on licaon but not on vitis, so I vote for satellitia licaon.
I request permission to post image to licaon file on Sphingidae of Americas website, to be credited to the photographer??
Sorry for the delayed response.

Bill Oehlke