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Damselflies - Ischnura posita

Damselflies - Ischnura posita
Deep Fork Wildlife Refuge, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, USA
July 9, 2006
At first I thought they were mating, now I am not so sure.
The green one did not seem happy.

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Damselflies - Ischnura posita Damselflies - Ischnura posita

Not sure any guy
would be happy to be treated like that by his girlfriend!! Maybe it's just a lover's nip. If not let's hope that his energy is going to be used to produce eggs fertilized by a sperm packet she picked up from him just prior to this. It would be doubly painful to know that your energy would be going to produce eggs that were going to be fertilized by some other guy!

So they are the same species and the male is the green one.

Oh, sorry, forgot that part!
We would think they are male and female Ischnura posita, images in the guide here. Males are yellow or green. Females are blue.

Ischnura posita