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Species Dioryctria pygmaeella - Bald Cypress Coneworm Moth - Hodges#5849

Biology and behavior of Zimmerman pine moth, Dioryctria zimmermani in Michigan.
By R. B. Carlson, J. W. Butcher
The Canadian Entomologist 99(5): 529-536, 1967

American species of Dioryctria (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) Western Canadian species of the Zimmermani group
By Akira Mutuura, Eugene Munroe, D. A. Ross
The Canadian Entomologist 101(10): 1009-1023, 1969

Dioryctria banksiella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in the western gall rust, Endocronartium harknessii (Basidiomycetes: Uredinales)
By H. R. Wong
The Canadian Entomologist 104: 251-255, 1972

Biology and management of North American cone-feeding Dioryctria species
By C. M. Whitehouse, A. D. Roe, W. B. Strong, M. L. Evenden, F . A. H. Sperling
The Canadian Entomologist 143(1): 1-34, 2011

A new species of Dioryctria zeller (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) from Texas
By André Blanchard, Edward C. Knudson
Proceedings of The Entomological Society of Washington 85(1): 116-120, 1983

Notes on cactus moths allied to Melitara, with two new genera and one new species
By Harrison G. Dyar
Proceedings of The Entomological Society of Washington, 30: 133-137, 1928

Taxonomic revision of the genera Homoeosoma (Curtis) and Patagonia (Hampson) . . .
By R. L. Goodson, H. H. Neunzig
North Carolina Agricultural Research Service Technical Bulletin 303: 1-105, 1993
Taxonomic revision of the genera Homoeosoma Curtis and Patagonia Hampson (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Phycitinae) in America north of Mexico.

Some new genera and species of Phycitinae
By Hulst, G.D.
The Canadian Entomologist, 32 (6): 169–176, 1900
Hulst, G.D., 1900. Some new genera and species of Phycitinae. The Canadian Entomologist, 32 (6): 169–176.