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Paracyphononyx funereus - Paracyphononyx - female

Paracyphononyx funereus - Paracyphononyx - Female
Girdham Road Sand Dunes, Oak Openings Metropark, Lucas County, Ohio, USA
August 23, 2003
Size: ~22 mm
This is the only species in the genus Paracyphononyx in the U.S.
New image with pointers to diagnostic characters. Really I think that's the only reason to have ugly pinned insects in the guide. I apologize that it looks amateurish, but I do the best I can with what I can afford.

1-Fully exposed labrum (in fully dry pinned specimens sometimes partly hidden under the clypeus)
2-Long malar space (space between mandible and lower edge of eye), at least as long as antennal pedicel.
3-Females lack a "true" tarsal comb.
4-Compressed, hairy sixth sternite (similar to, but definitely not the same as, Ceroplaes).

Very helpful information!
Nick, is there a reason for not moving her down to species level? Thanks

Name change?
Did this used to be called by a different genus name? I have never heard of it until now, which may mean I'm merely uninformed:-)

Many names
In the past this species has been classified under several different genera (Anacyphononyx, Allocyphonyx, Atopopompilus, etc.). It's placement had been unclear for a long time until Evans revised the Pompilini(probably because of it's strange characteristics compared to other nearctic pompilines).