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Possible Wood Cockroach

Possible Wood Cockroach
Albany, Dougherty County, Georgia, USA
April 18, 2012
This insect was still alive. I believe the Bluebird was waiting for it to stop kicking. The predator is a wild bird. I shot this image at 550mm focal length. It is very enlarged. I did what I could to keep the grain to a minimum.

I am thinking this may be a Wood Cockroach, possibly a nymph or a female, as it resembles Parcoblatta sp.:

Click to see larger image of this male Bluebird and this prey item on my Flickr page: Bluebird


Moved from ID Request.

Nice picture
I won't be able to help you with an identification- brown cockroach nymphs are difficult to nail down. But I would like to add one of the images to the cockroach info page. At the bottom there is a section on predators. The other two versions may end up in frass because they won't be identifiable, but I would like to keep this one for the depiction of predation.

Cockroach *nymph* of some kind.