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Family Dicyrtomidae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Collembola - Springtails and allies
Order Symphypleona - Globular Springtails
Family Dicyrtomidae

Subfamily Dicyrtominae
Genus Calvatomina
Species rufescens - Calvatomina rufescens
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
Genus Dicyrtoma
Species aurata - Dicyrtoma aurata
Species flammea - Dicyrtoma flammea
Species fusca - Dicyrtoma fusca
Species hageni - Dicyrtoma hageni
Genus Dicyrtomina
Species minuta - Dicyrtomina minuta
No Taxon forma couloni
No Taxon forma ornata
No Taxon forma saundersi
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
No Taxon "sp.3 at"
Subfamily Ptenothricinae
Genus Bothriovulsus
Genus Ptenothrix
Species atra - Ptenothrix atra
Species beta - Ptenothrix beta
Species castanea - Ptenothrix castanea
Species curvilineata - Ptenothrix curvilineata
Species flavescens - Ptenothrix flavescens
Species macomba - Ptenothrix macomba
Species maculosa - Ptenothrix maculosa
Species marmorata - Ptenothrix marmorata
Species palmata - Ptenothrix palmata
Species renateae - Ptenothrix renateae
Species unicolor - Ptenothrix unicolor
Species undescribed - Ptenothrix undescribed
No Taxon "sp.1 at"
No Taxon "sp.3 at"
No Taxon "sp.5 at"
No Taxon "sp.6 at"