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Cliptophagidae? - Typhaea stercorea

Cliptophagidae? - Typhaea stercorea
Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
July 9, 2006
Size: 3 - 3.1 mm
The semi-recumbent setae on this clipped-antennaed beetle looked a little like that of a hairy fungus beetle but might also belong to a well-groomed sil*ken fungu*s beetle (asterisks to keep the #@%&*^! search function from showing this image when searches are done on those names). It might be asking too much to put a name on this one. Antennae are pretty important in ID work.

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Cliptophagidae? - Typhaea stercorea Cliptophagidae? - Typhaea stercorea

Moved from Typhaea stercorea.

Typhaea stercorea
. . . typing error! The genus belongs in Mycetophagidae.

cheers, Boris

Google agrees.
611 sources for Typhaea stercorea vs. only 57 for Typhaea stercoria. Thanks for catching this, Boris.

Typhaea stercoria
The more typical all light brown color than your other one.

Thanks Don.
I marvel at the eye you have for this stuff.

After 40 years
of looking at beetles, you will have a good eye also.