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Family Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga
No Taxon Series Elateriformia
Superfamily Elateroidea
Family Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles

Genus Anelastes
Species californicus - Anelastes californicus
Species desertorum - Anelastes desertorum
Species drurii - Anelastes drurii
Genus Palaeoxenus
Species dohrnii - Dohrn's Elegant Eucnemid Beetle
Genus Perothops
Species cervinus - Perothops cervinus
Species muscidus - Perothops muscidus
Species witticki - Perothops witticki
Genus Schizophilus
Species subrufus - Schizophilus subrufus
Subfamily Melasinae
Tribe Xylobiini
Genus Xylophilus
Species crassicornis - Xylophilus crassicornis
Species cylindriformis - Xylophilus cylindriformis
Tribe Epiphanini
Genus Epiphanis
Species cornutus - Epiphanis cornutus
Genus Hylis
Species californicus - Hylis californicus
Species frontosus - Hylis frontosus
Species irvinei - Hylis irvinei
Species terminalis - Hylis terminalis
Tribe Dirhagini
Genus Adelothyreus
Species dejeani - Adelothyreus dejeani
Species downiei - Adelothyreus downiei
Species barrae - Adelothyreus barrae
Genus Nematodinus
Species lanieri - Nematodinus lanieri
Genus Dirrhagofarsus
Species ernae - Dirrhagofarsus ernae
Species lewisi - Dirrhagofarsus lewisi
Species modestus - Dirrhagofarsus modestus
Species unicolor - Dirrhagofarsus unicolor
Species brevis - Dirrhagofarsus brevis
Genus Entomophthalmus
Species rufiolus - Entomophthalmus rufiolus
Genus Golbachia
Species wrighti - Golbachia wrighti
Species impressicollis - Golbachia impressicollis
Genus Microrhagus
Species audax - Microrhagus audax
Species breviangularis - Microrhagus breviangularis
Species brunneus - Microrhagus brunneus
Species carinicollis - Microrhagus carinicollis
Species lecontei - Microrhagus lecontei
Species opacus - Microrhagus opacus
Species pectinatus - Microrhagus pectinatus
Species subsinuatus - Microrhagus subsinuatus
Species triangularis - Microrhagus triangularis
Genus Protofarsus
Species caribicus - Protofarsus caribicus
Genus Rhagomicrus
Species bonvouloiri - Rhagomicrus bonvouloiri
Species humeralis - Rhagomicrus humeralis
Species thomasi - Rhagomicrus thomasi
Species thoracicus - Rhagomicrus thoracicus
Genus Sarpedon
Species scabrosus - Sarpedon scabrosus
Tribe Hylocharini
Genus Hylochares
Species nigricornis - Hylochares nigricornis
Tribe Melasini
Genus Isorhipis
Species nubila - Isorhipis nubila
Species obliqua - Isorhipis obliqua
Species occidentalis - Isorhipis occidentalis
Species ruficornis - Isorhipis ruficornis
Species bicolor - Isorhipis bicolor
Genus Melasis
Species tsugae - Melasis tsugae
Species rufipalpis - Melasis rufipalpis
Species rufipennis - Melasis rufipennis
Species pectinicornis - Melasis pectinicornis
Subfamily Eucneminae
Genus Dendrocharis
Species flavicornis - Dendrocharis flavicornis
Species inexspectata - Dendrocharis inexspectata
Genus Dyscharachthis
Species amplicollis - Dyscharachthis amplicollis
Genus Proutianus
Species americanus - Proutianus americanus
Tribe Mesogenini
Genus Stethon
Species pectorosus - Stethon pectorosus
Genus Vitellius
Species texanus - Vitellius texanus
Tribe Eucnemini
Genus Eucnemis
Species americana - Eucnemis americana
Genus Idiotarsus
Species errans - Idiotarsus errans
Subfamily Macraulacinae
Tribe Echthrogasterini
Tribe Euryptychini
Genus Euryptychus
Species heterocerus - Euryptychus heterocerus
Species ulkei - Euryptychus ulkei
Species arizonicus - Euryptychus arizonicus
Tribe Macraulacini
Genus Absensiugum
Species teres - Absensiugum teres
Genus Asiocnemis
Species boharti - Asiocnemis boharti
Species basalis - Asiocnemis basalis
Species hospitalis - Asiocnemis hospitalis
Species nitens - Asiocnemis nitens
Species mcclayi - Asiocnemis mcclayi
Genus Deltometopus
Species barnowskii - Deltometopus barnowskii
Species amoenicornis - Deltometopus amoenicornis
Species ereptus - Deltometopus ereptus
Genus Diphytaxis
Species excavata - Diphytaxis excavata
Genus Dromaeolus
Species badius - Dromaeolus badius
Species californicus - Dromaeolus californicus
Species cylindricollis - Dromaeolus cylindricollis
Species harringtoni - Dromaeolus harringtoni
Species punctatus - Dromaeolus punctatus
Species striatus - Dromaeolus striatus
Species turnbowi - Dromaeolus turnbowi
Genus Fornax
Species lucidicollis - Fornax lucidicollis
Species convexicollis - Fornax convexicollis
Species parallelicollis - Fornax parallelicollis
Species appalachiensis - Fornax appalachiensis
Species dixiensis - Fornax dixiensis
Species knulli - Fornax knulli
Species bicolor - Fornax bicolor
Species floridana - Fornax floridana
Species melsheimeri - Fornax melsheimeri
Genus Isarthrus
Species calceatus - Isarthrus calceatus
Species rufipes - Isarthrus rufipes
Genus Onichodon
Species canadensis - Onichodon canadensis
Species downiei - Onichodon downiei
Species orchesides - Onichodon orchesides
Species rugicollis - Onichodon rugicollis
Species wappesi - Onichodon wappesi
Genus Serrifornax
Species infelix - Serrifornax infelix
Genus Thambus
Species horni - Thambus horni
Tribe Nematodini
Genus Nematodes
Species atropos - Nematodes atropos
Species collaris - Nematodes collaris
Species humphreyi - Nematodes humphreyi
Species penetrans - Nematodes penetrans
Species rugosipennis - Nematodes rugosipennis
Genus Trigonopleurus
Species cordobaalfaroi - Trigonopleurus cordobaalfaroi
Genus Hemiopsida
Species robusta - Hemiopsida robusta