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Tiny creatures on foxglove (Digitalis)

Tiny creatures on foxglove (Digitalis)
Beck Park, Queen Village, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
May 16, 2012
Size: under 1mm
These look like arachnids to me, but I'm not sure I'm counting appendages properly, so I'll just leave it at "creatures." The tip of the plant is only about 1/2 inch across, so the creatures are very tiny.

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I can't possibly get a better image with my current camera. I was hoping for spiderlings, oh well! (At least it isn't my garden...)

Maybe one of the
mite experts would know which spider mites like foxglove? (I assumed Tetranychidae)

true, I'll un-Frass for now
I know aphids have very specific hostplant associations, I didn't think about spider mites though!

Mites of some kind