Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada
Damselflies of North America
By Minter J., Jr Westfall, Michael L. May
Scientific Pub, 1996
ISBN: 0945417934
Cite: 6445 with citation markup [cite:6445]
A very scholarly work (common names are never mentioned at all). This is the bible for entomologists who work with damselflies. Some color plates and many highly detailed and magnified illustrations. Geographic coverage includes Canada, the United States, the northernmost Mexican states, and the Greater Antilles.

Second edition -
there appears to be a second edition (2006) out there now? Has anyone seen it? Unfortunately, it already appears to be out of print and only available from some UK booksellers??

I have it and it is even more complete...BUT
but it is sold in two different volumes, one for the keys and one for the colour plates, both being about the same price, ~$100, so the two together add up to quite a hefty purchase...I only bought the key, as Ed Lam's book has superior illustrations for the species that occur in this part of the world, i.e. NE N AM, (so are of the greatest import in my work) in my humble view. A few features: There is a much more substantial section on Enallagma, for example, but it is still mainly a key, so still short on the natural history info available from a compendium of the most recent research...Also the update of Dragonflies of N Am (last edition 2000) has been delayed for a couple of years now and should have been released in 2009, but it is now March 2010 as I write this and no sign of it yet. Anyone have any news on this? It baffles me that the two "bibles" to N AM would be out of print at a time when Odonata research is surging...