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Acrolophus mortipennella

Acrolophus mortipennella
Fannin County, Texas, USA
May 24, 2012

Moved from ID Request.

Acrolophus mortipennella
This is an Acrolophus. The tipoff is that it is too shaggy on the head and thorax to be a Diatraea. The moth shown here is quite a good match for one of the Gerald Donehew photos of A. mortipennella shown here.

Thank you very much for the i
Thank you very much for the info.

same as your others from last week

Apologies. The patterning is
Apologies. The patterning is so varied for the same moth, I really thought this was different, especially with what looked like a snout.

No apology needed!
Jeff, we are all learning about moths daily. Many species have variable looks and this is one thing that makes the moth world so exciting!