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Acleris emargana 3559 - Acleris effractana

Acleris emargana 3559 - Acleris effractana
Bay Center 98527 Willapa, Pacific County, Washington, USA
September 14, 2011
Size: wingspan ~16mm
Wingspan ~16mm
RWWA-2753 BOLD DNA All matches from 96-99.2% for Acleris (formally Pyralis) emargana (Fabricius 1775) or cf. A. emargana and a couple for Acleris effractana (Hübner, 1799). DNA has shown Acleris emargana is found from Europe to Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan and in North America. A. effractana seems to be used as the North American species contrary to DNA indicating A. emargana in NA plus A. effractana is found in Europe also. The data strongly suggests A. emargana and A. effractana are synonyms of a species which exhibits a high degree of polymorphism like certain other tortricids.

Collection Locality: Coastal SW Washington State at the edge of Willapa Bay geo:lat=46 37.273 geo:lon=-123

Moved from Acleris.