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BugGuide is a National Moth Week Partner. How to add your National Moth Week 2021 photos. July 17-25.

Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

Discussion, insects and people from the 2018 gathering in Virginia, July 27-29

Photos of insects and people from the 2015 gathering in Wisconsin, July 10-12

Photos of insects and people from the 2014 gathering in Virginia, June 4-7.

Photos of insects and people from the 2013 gathering in Arizona, July 25-28

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Family Histeridae - Clown Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
No Taxon Series Staphyliniformia
Superfamily Hydrophiloidea - Water Scavenger and Clown Beetles
Family Histeridae - Clown Beetles

Subfamily Abraeinae
Tribe Abraeini
Genus Abraeus
Species bolteri - Abraeus bolteri
Genus Chaetabraeus
Species chandleri - Chaetabraeus chandleri
Genus Plegaderus
Species barbelini - Plegaderus barbelini
Species confusus - Plegaderus confusus
Species nitidus - Plegaderus nitidus
Species sayi - Plegaderus sayi
Species transversus - Plegaderus transversus
Tribe Acritini
Genus Acritus
No Taxon subgenus Pycnacritus
Species discus - Acritus discus
No Taxon subgenus Acritus
Species acaroides - Acritus acaroides
Species attaphilus - Acritus attaphilus
Species exiguus - Acritus exiguus
Species komai - Acritus komai
Species arizonae - Acritus arizonae
Species nigricornis - Acritus nigricornis
Genus Aeletes
Species floridae - Aeletes (Acritinus) floridae
No Taxon subgenus Aeletes
Species simplex - Aeletes simplex
Species politus - Aeletes politus
Genus Halacritus
Species maritimus - Halacritus maritimus
Genus Arizonacritus
Species talayesvai - Arizonacritus talayesvai
Tribe Teretriini
Genus Teretriosoma
Species chalybaeum - Teretriosoma chalybaeum
Species paradoxum - Teretriosoma paradoxum
Species conigerum - Teretriosoma conigerum
Genus Teretrius
Species cylindrellus - Teretrius cylindrellus
Species latebricola - Teretrius latebricola
Species orbus - Teretrius orbus
Species placitus - Teretrius placitus
Species montanus - Teretrius montanus
Species obliquus - Teretrius obliquus
Subfamily Saprininae
Genus Aphelosternus
Species interstitialis - Aphelosternus interstitialis
Genus Chelyoxenus
Species xerobatis - Gopher Tortoise Hister Beetle
Genus Eremosaprinus
Species falli - Eremosaprinus falli
Species hubbardi - Eremosaprinus hubbardi
Species minimus - Eremosaprinus minimus
Species unguiculatus - Eremosaprinus unguiculatus
Genus Euspilotus
No Taxon subgenus Hesperosaprinus
Species assimilis - Euspilotus assimilis
Species auctus - Euspilotus auctus
Species azurescens - Euspilotus azurescens
Species conformis - Euspilotus conformis
Species cribrum - Euspilotus cribrum
Species placidus - Euspilotus placidus
Species rossi - Euspilotus rossi
Species scissus - Euspilotus scissus
Species simulatus - Euspilotus simulatus
No Taxon subgenus Neosaprinus
Species scrupularis - Euspilotus scrupularis
Genus Geomysaprinus
No Taxon subgenus Geomysaprinus
Species goffi - Geomysaprinus goffi
Species rugosifrons - Geomysaprinus rugosifrons
No Taxon subgenus Priscosaprinus
Species castanipennis - Geomysaprinus castanipennis
Species cheyennensis - Geomysaprinus cheynnensis
Species floridae - Geomysaprinus floridae
Species formicus - Geomysaprinus formicus
Species moniliatus - Geomysaprinus moniliatus
Species parumpunctatus - Geomysaprinus parumpunctatus
Species posthumus - Geomysaprinus posthumus
Species triangulifer - Geomysaprinus triangulifer
Genus Gnathoncus
Species barbatus - Gnathoncus barbatus
Species rotundatus - Gnathoncus rotundatus
Genus Hypocacculus
Species metallescens - Hypocacculus metallescens
Genus Hypocaccus
No Taxon subgenus Baeckmanniolus
Species dimidiatipennis - Hypocaccus dimidiatipennis
Species gaudens - Hypocaccus gaudens
No Taxon subgenus Hypocaccus
Species bigemmeus - Hypocaccus bigemmeus
Species bigener - Hypocaccus bigener
Species brasiliensis - Hypocaccus brasiliensis
Species estriatus - Hypocaccus estriatus
Species fitchi - Hypocaccus fitchi
Species fraternus - Hypocaccus fraternus
Species iris - Hypocaccus iris
Species lucidulus - Hypocaccus lucidulus
Species patruelis - Hypocaccus patruelis
Species seminitens - Hypocaccus seminitens
Species sparsus - Hypocaccus sparsus
Species propensus - Hypocaccus propensus
No Taxon kincaidi or lucidulus
Genus Neopachylopus
Species sulcifrons - Neopachylopus sulcifrons
Genus Philoxenus
Species desertorum - Philoxenus desertorum
Genus Saprinus
Species discoidalis - Saprinus discoidalis
Species distinguendus - Saprinus distinguendus
Species felipae - Saprinus felipae
Species impressus - Saprinus impressus
Species lugens - Saprinus lugens
Species oregonensis - Saprinus oregonensis
Species pensylvanicus - Saprinus pensylvanicus
Species profusus - Saprinus profusus
Species subnitescens - Saprinus subnitescens
Genus Xerosaprinus
Species acilinea - Xerosaprinus acilinea
Species ciliatus - Xerosaprinus (Vastosaprinus) ciliatus
Species coerulescens - Xerosaprinus coerulescens
Species fimbriatus - Xerosaprinus fimbriatus
Species ignotus - Xerosaprinus ignotus
Species lubricus - Xerosaprinus lubricus
Species martini - Xerosaprinus martini
Species orbicularis - Xerosaprinus orbicularis
Species psyche - Xerosaprinus psyche
Species vestitus - Xerosaprinus vestitus
Species vitiosus - Xerosaprinus vitiosus
Subfamily Dendrophilinae
Genus Anapleus
Species marginatus - Anapleus marginatus
Genus Dendrophilus
Species kiteleyi - Dendrophilus kiteleyi
Species opacus - Dendrophilus opacus
Species punctatus - Dendrophilus punctatus
Species xavieri - Dendrophilus xavieri
Tribe Bacaniini
Genus Bacanius
Species acuminatus - Bacanius (Gomyister) acuminatus
No Taxon subgenus Bacanius
Species globulinus - Bacanius globulinus
Species hatchi - Bacanius hatchi
Species punctiformis - Bacanius punctiformis
Species tantillus - Bacanius tantillus
Genus Geocolus
Species caecus - Geocolus caecus
Tribe Paromalini
Genus Carcinops
Species opuntiae - Carcinops (Carcinopsida) opuntiae
Species pumilio - Carcinops pumilio
Species tejonicus - Carcinops tejonicus
Species viridicollis - Carcinops viridicollis
Species wenzeli - Carcinops wenzeli
Genus Paromalus
No Taxon subgenus Isolomalus
Species complexus - Paromalus complexus
Species durangoensis - Paromalus durangoensis
No Taxon subgenus Paromalus
Species bistriatus - Paromalus bistriatus
Species debilis - Paromalus debilis
Species mancus - Paromalus mancus
Species seeversi - Paromalus seeversi
Species seminulum - Paromalus seminulum
Species teres - Paromalus teres
Genus Platylomalus
Species aequalis - Platylomalus aequalis
Genus Xestipyge
Species conjunctum - Xestipyge conjunctum
Species geminatum - Xestipyge geminatum
Subfamily Onthophilinae
Genus Onthophilus
Species alternatus - Onthophilus alternatus
Species deflectus - Onthophilus deflectus
Species giganteus - Onthophilus giganteus
Species intermixtus - Onthophilus intermixtus
Species kirni - Onthophilus kirni
Species lecontei - Onthophilus lecontei
Species nodatus - Onthophilus nodatus
Species pluricostatus - Onthophilus pluricostatus
Species wenzeli - Onthophilus wenzeli
Genus Peploglyptus
Species belfragei - Peploglyptus belfragei
Subfamily Tribalinae
Genus Caerosternus
Species americanus - Caerosternus americanus
Genus Epierus
Species cornutus - Epierus cornutus
Species decipiens - Epierus decipiens
Species mehicanus - Epierus mehicanus
Species pulicarius - Epierus pulicarius
Species regularis - Epierus regularis
Genus Idolia
Species gibba - Idolia gibba
Genus Plagiogramma
Species subtropica - Plagiogramma subtropica
Genus Pseudepierus
Species gentilis - Pseudepierus gentilis
Genus Stictostix
Species californicus - Stictostix californicus
Subfamily Histerinae
Tribe Omalodini
Genus Omalodes
Species grossus - Omalodes grossus
Tribe Exosternini
Genus Baconia
Species venusta - Baconia venusta
Species aeneomicans - Baconia aeneomicans
Genus Phelister
Species brevistriatus - Phelister brevistriatus
Species haemorrhous - Phelister haemorrhous
Species mobiliensis - Phelister mobiliensis
Species subrotundus - Phelister subrotundus
Species vernus - Phelister vernus
Genus Operclipygus
Species geometricus - Operclipygus geometricus
Species marginellus - Operclipygus marginellus
Species striatellus - Operclipygus striatellus
Genus Strigister
Species tecolotito - Strigister tecolotito
Genus Yarmister
Species barberi - Yarmister barberi
Tribe Platysomatini
Genus Eblisia
Species carolina - Eblisia carolina
Species nigra - Eblisia nigra
Genus Platysoma
No Taxon subgenus Platysoma
Species aequum - Platysoma aequum
Species aurelianum - Platysoma aurelianum
Species leconti - Platysoma leconti
No Taxon subgenus Cylistus
Species attenuatum - Platysoma attenuatum
Species cylindricum - Platysoma cylindricum
Species deficiens - Platysoma deficiens
Species gracile - Platysoma gracile
No Taxon subgenus Cylister
Species coarctatum - Platysoma coarctatum
Species parallelum - Platysoma parallelum
Species punctigerum - Platysoma punctigerum
Genus Eurylister
Species carolinus - Eurylister carolinus
Species niger - Eurylister niger
Tribe Hololeptini
Genus Hololepta - Clown Beetles
No Taxon subgenus Hololepta
Species aequalis - Hololepta aequalis
Species lucida - Hololepta lucida
Species populnea - Hololepta populnea
No Taxon subgenus Leionota
Species minuta - Hololepta minuta
Species quadridentata - Hololepta quadridentata
Species vernicis - Hololepta vernicis
Species vicina - Hololepta vicina
Species yucateca - Hololepta yucateca
Genus Iliotona
Species cacti - Iliotona cacti
Tribe Histerini
Genus Atholus
Species americanus - Atholus americanus
Species bimaculatus - Atholus bimaculatus
Species falli - Atholus falli
Species minutus - Atholus minutus
Species nubilus - Atholus nubilus
Species perplexus - Atholus perplexus
Species relictus - Atholus relictus
Species sedecimstriatus - Atholus sedecimstriatus
Genus Hister
Species civilis - Hister civilis
Species curtatus - Hister curtatus
Species depurator - Hister depurator
Species dispar - Hister dispar
Species furtivus - Hister furtivus
Species incertus - Hister incertus
No Taxon servus group
Species comes - Hister comes
Species defectus - Hister defectus
Species indistinctus - Hister indistinctus
Species servus - Hister servus
No Taxon militaris group
Species humilis - Hister humilis
Species lucanus - Hister lucanus
Species militaris - Hister militaris
Species sarcinatus - Hister sarcinatus
No Taxon coenosus group
Species abbreviatus - Hister abbreviatus
Species coenosus - Hister coenosus
Species laevipes - Hister laevipes
Genus Margarinotus
No Taxon subgenus Margarinotus
Species guttifer - Margarinotus guttifer
No Taxon subgenus Paralister
Species cognatus - Margarinotus cognatus
Species ephemeralis - Margarinotus ephemeralis
Species faedatus - Margarinotus faedatus
Species lecontei - Margarinotus lecontei
Species purpurascens - Margarinotus purpurascens
Species umbrosus - Margarinotus umbrosus
No Taxon subgenus Promethister
Species confusus - Margarinotus confusus
Species felipae - Margarinotus felipae
Species marginicollis - Margarinotus marginicollis
No Taxon subgenus Ptomister
Species brunneus - Margarinotus brunneus
Species egregius - Margarinotus egregius
Species harrisii - Margarinotus harrisii
Species hudsonicus - Margarinotus hudsonicus
Species immunis - Margarinotus immunis
Species merdarius - Margarinotus merdarius
Species stygicus - Margarinotus stygicus
Species thomomysi - Margarinotus thomomysi
No Taxon subgenus Stenister
Species obscurus - Margarinotus obscurus
Genus Merohister
Species osculatus - Merohister osculatus
Species arboricavi - Merohister arboricavi
Genus Psiloscelis
Species abnormalis - Psiloscelis abnormalis
Species corrosa - Psiloscelis corrosa
Species subopaca - Psiloscelis subopaca
Species perpunctata - Psiloscelis perpunctata
Species planipes - Psiloscelis planipes
Genus Spilodiscus
Species arcuatus - Spilodiscus arcuatus
Species biplagiatus - Spilodiscus biplagiatus
Species flohri - Spilodiscus flohri
Species gloveri - Spilodiscus gloveri
Species instratus - Spilodiscus instratus
Species sellatus - Spilodiscus sellatus
Species ulkei - Spilodiscus ulkei
Subfamily Haeteriinae
Genus Aritaerius
Species pallidus - Aritaerius pallidus
Genus Haeterius
Species californicus - Haeterius californicus
Species blanchardi - Haeterius blanchardi
Species brunneipennis - Haeterius brunneipennis
Species exiguus - Haeterius exiguus
Species morsus - Haeterius morsus
Species tristriatus - Haeterius tristriatus
Species wagneri - Haeterius wagneri
Species zelus - Haeterius zelus
Genus Hippeutister
Species californicus - Hippeutister californicus
Genus Pinaxister
Species decipiens - Pinaxister decipiens
Species setiger - Pinaxister setiger
Genus Renclasea
Species falli - Renclasea falli
Genus Reninus
Species salvini - Reninus salvini
Genus Terapus
Genus Ulkeus
Species intricatus - Ulkeus intricatus